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Cassandra O’Malley is one of The Outer World’s more minor characters that feels like she ought to be more important than she is. She’s the leader of a little band of Outlaws in Roseway that have gotten themselves into some trouble – and you need to bail them out, or not. 

Cassandra appears in one sidequest (The Doom That Came to Roseway), makes a memorable impact, and then leaves. Unless you pump her full of lead, that is. Lasers do the job too. You don’t need to kill her, though. There are plenty of ways to resolve her little predicament in Roseway, which we’ll cover in this Cassandra O’Malley guide.

We’re also going to talk a little bit about Cassandra herself. We don’t know much about her – she’s far from a key figure in the story of The Outer Worlds. However, she is a clear example of an anti-Board character and one of the first “rebels” of this nature you can come across in your playthrough. In this way, her presence during The Doom That Came to Roseway can have a significant impact on your decisions for the rest of your playthrough.

This Cassandra O’Malley guide will go over how to complete The Doom That Came to Roseway, where to find Cassandra, Crane’s research data, and more. Any questions you have about Cassandra O’Malley that have answers will be answered here.

Key Details Up Front

Cassandra O'Malley 2

  • Character Location: Cassandra is locked in a room in a covert Auntie Cleo-owned lab on the outskirts of Roseway. This is the only location she appears.
  • Related Quests: Cassandra is a key character in The Doom That Came to Roseway quest. She has Anton Crane’s research data – which you have been tasked with retrieving.
  • Potential Rewards: On top of experience and Bits, you can obtain Crane’s research from Cassandra via a Persuasion check.
  • Important Loot: The only loot of importance that Cassandra has is Crane’s Research. This is a key item for The Doom That Came to Roseway quest.
  • Related Characters: Cassandra is indirectly tied to Reuben Porter through the covert Auntie Cleo lab, and more directly tied to Anton Crane – a scientist she stole research from.

Overview of Cassandra O’Malley

Cassandra O’Malley is an anti-Board outlaw. She holds rebel sentiment towards the Board and the many corporations under its leadership. Cassandra resents how these companies see people as nothing more than numbers, caring only for their productivity. She takes great pleasure in disrupting the operations of Board-sponsored corporations, hence her involvement in the theft of valuable research data belonging to Auntie Cleo.

Despite her belief in the welfare of people, she and her gang of outlaws are responsible for the deaths of many of the corporation employees she claims to be fighting for. She views these deaths as necessary evils and uses her “ends justify the means” stance to justify her murders.

We don’t know anything about Cassandra’s backstory or her competence as the leader of an outlaw faction. However, given that she’s managed to get her crew trapped in a stalemate with Auntie Cleo guards in a covert lab, while there’s an infestation of Raptidons on the loose, and at the same time getting herself trapped in a room away from her crew does not bode well for her abilities.

Cassandra O’Malley and Anton Crane

Anton Crane
Image from The Outerworlds Fandom

The most important thing about Cassandra O’Malley is that she has Anton Crane’s research data. You have been tasked with retrieving that data, making how you deal with Cassandra the focal point of The Doom That Came to Roseway quest.

There are a few ways to resolve her situation, with the choice you make dictating Cassandra’s fate. In typical Outer Worlds fashion, you can kill her as soon as you meet her. You’ll still need to retrieve Crane’s research from her body, and you can still deal with the outlaws, security, and Raptidons if you wish.

However, the ideal method of completing The Doom That Comes to Roseway involves siding with one of the two factions – either peacefully or through violence. The outlaws under Cassandra and Auntie Cleo’s security under Reuben Porter are locked in a stalemate. Porter’s team blocks the only exit from the lab, effectively sieging the outlaws. However, there are other methods of exit that you can make accessible if you want to side with the outlaws while avoiding conflict with Auntie Cleo.

Alternatively, you can talk either side into standing down or blast your way out. Depending on the choice you make, both the fate of Cassandra O’Malley and Anton Crane will change.

The Doom That Came to Roseway

Speak with Anton Crane

The Doom That Came to Roseway

To get The Doom That Came to Roseway in the first place, you’ll need to speak with Gladys aboard the Groundbreaker. Following that, you’ll be sent to Roseway to chase after a distress call. Upon landing, you’ll discover some pretty grim scenes before meeting with an Auntie Cleon scientist named Anton Crane. With some Persuasion, he’ll reveal that his research into Raptidons resulted in a toothpaste formula. Not just any toothpaste, though – this toothpaste is a potent appetite suppressor, which could be marketed as a dietary tool by Auntie Cleo and would likely earn a fortune.

Unfortunately, this research is back in his lab. This lab, though, is not only overrun with outlaws looking to steal the research for themselves – but the captured Raptidons, too. Anton will ask you to recover his data and deal with the outlaws if you can. He also wants you to avoid killing the Raptidons, specifically the Mother.

Find Crane’s Research Data

Following your objective marker will lead you to a covert lab operated by Auntie Cleo. Inside the front door, you’ll be met by Reuben Porter and the Auntie Cleo security team – one of the factions involved in this little power struggle.

He’ll give you some context regarding the ongoing conflict before letting you go on your way – how much you learn or discover from him is up to you.

Continuing through the lab will eventually bring you face to face with Cassandra O’Malley – the leader of the outlaws currently trapped inside the lab – the second faction involved in the stalemate. You can blast her as soon as you see her if you want. You can then loot the research data from her corpse and return to Reuben. Killing Cassandra counts as the outlaws losing the struggle, so this is the easiest way to complete this quest for the board.

That’s no fun, although you do need the research data that she’s currently in possession of. Naturally, she’ll refuse to give it to you. Although, it’s possible to obtain it from her peacefully via skill checks. Before that, though, she’ll need you to give her a helping hand. You see, she’s gotten herself stuck in a room and the only way to get out is with a security keycard – a keycard she doesn’t have.

Create an Escape Route

Wipe out Reuben and his security force

As well as needing a keycard, Cassandra tasks you with creating an escape route for her. For your trouble, she does agree to pay you half of what she’s getting for the research data.

There are a few ways to go about this:

  • Wipe out Reuben and his security force. This will also give you the keycard you need to unlock Cassandra but will not go over well with the Board, Auntie Cleo, and Anton.
  • Convince the Auntie Cleo and outlaw forces to come to terms with a ceasefire. This results in the outlaws being allowed to leave the lab peacefully.
  • Kill the Raptidons infesting the Loading Dock. Doing this prevents having to deal with Reuben’s party, but does result in you losing out on a chance for massive reputation gains with Auntie Cleo at the end of this quest.
  • Knock the Raptidons out with three gas canisters. This is, by far, the best, albeit most time-consuming and difficult, way to resolve this quest. Everyone lives, and you get a ton of rewards for your trouble.

This section of The Doom That Came to Roseway takes up most of the quest’s time. How you go about this objective will dictate the fate of Cassandra O’Malley and the other characters involved with this quest.

Unlock Cassandra’s Door

Regardless of how you created an escape route – presuming Cassandra is still alive, you’ll need to obtain a security keycard and unlock her door. You can retrieve this keycard from Reuben or his office.

Once the keycard is in your possession, return it to Cassandra. She’ll thank you, and the two of you will head to your exit of choice, depending on which route you cleared. Once you’re at the exit, you’ll have one final conversation with Cassandra during which you can use a lie, Intimidation, or Persuasion to not only increase the number of Bits she gives you but to convince her to hand over Crane’s research entirely. You’ll need to do this to maximize the rewards you gain from this quest.

Report Back to Anton

Research in hand, you need to head back to Roseway and report to Anton. Keep in mind that there’s a lot more to this quest/area than just these simple steps. When you first arrive in Roseway, make a point of speaking to everyone in the town for some additional sidequests, including one to find Anton’s protege in the lab.

Regardless of how thorough you were, you can return to Anton to complete The Doom That Came to Roseway. Here, you can choose to give him the data for a bunch of Bits, experience, and Auntie Cleo reputation provided the Raptidons are still alive. You’ll also be given the Researcher’s Scrubs unique body armor. Alternatively, you can bring the data back to Gladys for some significantly inferior rewards.

Crane’s Research

Crane's Research

The only item that Cassandra O’Malley is connected to is Crane’s research. Everything else pails in comparison to the importance of that item – it’s the entire focal point of the quest.

While she has no personal interest in Crane’s research, she was employed by a third party to steal it. Being a troublemaker – she jumped at the opportunity to earn a few Bits and stick it to the man. She didn’t count on how much Crane valued that research or how badly things would go in the lab.

The research itself is amusing in a very Outer Worlds way. It’s data on the most effective appetite suppressant that humanity has ever seen – toothpaste. It was being tested on the Raptidons before the lab fell into chaos.

This is worth a fortune to both Anton and Auntie Cleo. However, Anton’s practical views on the data are comically warped. He believes that it could be used on workers to suppress their appetite, making them work for longer without breaks. You can point out that killing the appetites of people working hard labor could have potentially lethal effects – something that he finds despair in discovering.

Either way, there’s little doubt about the value of his data, as amusing as the entire concept and ordeal may be.

How to Find Cassandra O’Malley

How to Find Cassandra O'Malley

To find Cassandra O’Malley in the Outer Worlds, you need to get the distress signal to give you The Doom That Came to Roseway quest. To get that signal, you need to speak with Gladys aboard the Groundbreaker and get the Distress Signal quest. The Doom That Came to Roseway fits into the larger ecosystem of that quest. You can resolve it by giving the data to Gladys rather than Anton.

After getting the quest and arriving in Roseway, follow your objective marker until you reach Anton Crane, then the lab on the outskirts of Roseway. Proceed through the lab, and you’ll eventually find Cassandra O’Malley locked in a room along with Crane’s data. Provided you’re doing this quest, it’s impossible to miss her – so don’t worry about trying to find her.


That’s everything we’ve got for this Cassandra O’Malley guide. She’s a brief yet impactful character that can leave a lasting impression on the player. It’s a shame we don’t have more information on her to discuss – there’s no shred of backstory or anything of that sort, not that we expect that from a side character. Still, the information we have is interesting and well worth discussing.

Hopefully, you found this helpful. That should cover everything you could ever want to know about Cassandra O’Malley. At least, everything you could want to know that we have answers for. If you’re looking for something deeper – you’ll need to contact the Obsidian writer responsible for creating her character. Lord knows why you would want to know what Cassandra eats for breakfast or who her childhood friend was, though.


Question: Who Should I Give the Research to?

Answer: You have two options upon recovering Crane’s research data:
• Return it to Crane
• Return it to Gladys
Returning it to Crane will net you the best rewards, although it is an action looked upon favorably by the Board, so it might not make sense to do so for a rebel character.

Question: What Happens if I Help Cassandra?

Answer: If you help Cassandra, regardless of which method you use, you’ll need to either lie to her, Intimidate her, or Persuade her to hand over Anton’s data. If you cannot pass any of these skill checks, she will leave with the data, and you will receive a handful of Bits for your trouble.

Question: How Can I Get a Covert Lab Security Keycard

Answer: The only two ways of obtaining a keycard for the covert lab are to convince Reuben to hand over his/kill him and loot it or to access his office and print a new one using his terminal.

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