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I remember doing my first gacha pulls in Tower of Fantasy, hoping to get King, but I ended up getting Samir. At that point, I had no clue how she was in the meta or even who King was. The only reason I wanted to get King was his similarity to Diluc of Genshin Impact. But, now Samir was here, and I thought about giving her a try and started fighting some enemies. I must admit, I was really impressed with her moveset and ability to go in the air and shoot guns while hovering over enemies.

But as the game progressed, I figured that I won’t be able to pass damage checks in stages if I didn’t come up with a strategy to build a good team and perform rotations in an optimal sequence. I started digging guides here and there, read character kits, Matrices, and everything related to team building that I could get my hands on. Finally, I’m in a position to write a brief guide on team building in Tower of Fantasy and present them in a way that even a beginner will be able to comprehend. Worry not; I’ll not be giving vague opinions as I’ve tried all of the characters in the game except for Claudia, which I played on my friend’s account.

I was fortunate enough to get all the characters besides Claudia, and I even have 6 stars on Samir on my free-to-play account. I mean, I can’t stop myself from maxing her out because I really love her playstyle and put up a team that suits my requirements.

To help you achieve the same, in this Tower of Fantasy Best Teams guide, I will go over all the characters in the game and help you put up teams that will aid you in covering unique game modes. Whether it’s a PvP mode or a PvE, these teams won’t disappoint you and will yield satisfactory results. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the world of Aida and build the best teams!

Categorizing Characters

Before we dive into team compositions, we have to know the broad categories under which existing characters can be classified. These categories will help you to understand a unit’s dedicated role and build around a certain character in the team. There are team compositions that solely focus on DPS units or healing units but also the ones that encompass the current meta. Also, a unique specialty of Tower of Fantasy is that you summon weapons instead of characters. Once you get a weapon, you automatically get that character’s skin and can freely use them to your heart’s content. Even if you have a different character, you can use easily use other characters’ weapons or traits. I will refer to weapons with characters’ names so that you can easily identify them. Honestly, weapon names are a bit complicated.

You can see your available characters on the Simulacra page

There are a few terms that I’d like to present before we move on to team-building concepts because if you want to analyze teams further, you will encounter these terminologies. There are different shield types, combos, and attack patterns whose discussion requires niche guides of their own.

For simplicity, I will focus on the fact that you can choose one SSR character and will form teams around that character. Also, as you explore more and gain more gacha currency, you are bound to get more unique characters. So, this guide will pave a path to your team-building skills, after which you can easily form teams on your own and clear any challenging content with a dedicated investment.

  • DPS or Charge: Usually referred to as Damage Per Second, a character whose sole focus is to output the maximum possible damage. These characters’ skills are offensive in nature and sometimes have crowd control effects to group up or stun enemies. In Tower of Fantasy, these units can also feature a high Charge rate that can help you recharge weapons’ ultimate skill.
  • Shatter: In Tower of Fantasy, most enemies have shields, and you have to break them to deal better damage. Failing to do so will lead to reduced damage output and may result in failure in time-limited game modes like Bygone Phantasm. So, shatter characters are a must-have in a team because of their potency to break enemy shields; after that, you can switch to DPS characters.
  • Utility / Healer: A role that’s dedicated to supporting characters that can heal, buff, or de-buff your characters from external effects. Most of these characters have passive skills that reinforce your DPS or Shatter characters to boost their skills.

Weapon Resonance Effect

In Tower of Fantasy, the usual team size is three characters, where you can only take advantage of a single buff. If you have two characters of the same type, then you get an additional buff. Otherwise, a default buff gets applied to the team. Also, these buffs behave differently when you are in a co-op mode, further enhancing their effects.

Weapon resonance effects
Weapon resonance effects in the game
  • Balance: A fundamental resonance that grants an increase in all the basic necessities your characters will need in the team. An increase in damage, healing, shatter, and damage reduction is beneficial for a team that has characters with unique elements. Further, if you are in a co-op with other players, you will obtain an increase in damage output and damage reduction.
  • Attack: With two DPS characters, your damage output is slightly increased, but if you are in a co-op mode, then a 40 % damage boost is quite immense in its sheer scale.
  • Fortitude: I would say this is more oriented for players who love to face tank enemies and take them head-on in battles. You benefit from massive shatter increase, damage reduction, and the ability to build up aggro against the enemy to lure it toward you. Also, in a team co-op, you get an additional 20 % damage reduction that significantly reduces incoming damage.
  • Benediction: The best option for players who love to play support characters and assist their teams in challenging battles. You get a 100% healing increase that scales up to 200% in team co-op. At that point, well build supports can heal a lot of characters in a short duration of time.

Elemental Resonance Effect on Limited Characters

Usually, you won’t find this resonance on standard characters as it’s limited to promoted characters. As of now, Three limited characters, Claudia, Nemesis, and Frigg, have been launched in the Global version, and each of them features a separate elemental resonance. Besides the Elemental resonance effect, there are other passives that characters feature in their kit, but those characters aren’t confirmed yet to launch in the Global version and are out of the discussion until confirmed.

Nemesis: Volt Resonance

Volt resonance
Volt resonance

Increases volt attack by 15 % and volt resistance by 25 %; you can activate it by equipping two or more volt weapons. The effects of this set don’t work with others.

Frigg: Frost Resonance

Frost resonance
Frost resonance

Increases frost attack by 15 % and frost resistance by 25 %.This set’s effect doesn’t stack, and you can obtain the resonance by equipping two or more frost weapons. The best thing about this set is that it works with weapons in the off-hand slot.

Claudia: Physical Resonance

Physical resonance
Physical resonance

Increase physical ATK by 15% and physical resistance by 25%. Activate by equipping 2 or more physical-damage weapons. This set also works with weapons in the off-hand slot. This effect does not stack repeatedly.

It may seem like not much of a damage boost with resonances but trust me, once your damage starts to scale up in hundreds of thousands, 15 % will become a massive chunk of that damage. Building a team around these resonances is highly recommended if you can get your hands on these characters.

Team Compositions

Current Team Structure ( Charge, Shatter, Utility)

Global SSR characters
All Global SSR characters categorized under their categories

If you are a new player, then you can easily obtain one SSR character from the SSR box. But, even if you miss that out, exploration rewards will yield you enough gacha currency with which you can pull for an SSR character. You have to take advantage of triggering Phantasia, which will slow down enemies for a brief moment once you dodge at the perfect moment and charge your other weapons’ skill. Now, Phantasia has a cooldown of 15 seconds which gives you plenty of time to perform team rotation and charge your skills again. With a combination of skill charge and Phantasia, you can trigger two weapons’ ultimate.

Enemies have different shields that you have to break in order to deal better damage. Until their shields are broken, you will deal reduced damage and possibly exceed the time limit. So, the usual team composition consists of a Shatter, DPS, or Charge, and a Utility character. A DPS character can help you to charge your skills, and a Shatter character can break enemies’ shields pretty fast. As for the Utility characters, you can always rely on them to buff or heal your characters.

Another consideration that I’ll take into account is assuming the characters to be without advancements to keep it free-to-play friendly. Nonetheless, with advancements, the characters really show their true potential, and if you can get hands-on with them, then that’s quite a cherry on top.

Now, I can’t possibly go with all team combinations here, but I would advise you one thing. Follow the current team structure that I’ve mentioned and build your team around a Shatter character. You need to break shields and then deal damage, so Shatter characters take priority. Just follow the SSR tierlist I’ve created, and you are good to go. Feel free to replace the characters I’ve mentioned, and you easily have a viable team comp to go ahead with.

Damage Team ( Samir, Nemesis, King)

Samir, King, and Nemesis
Samir, King, and Nemesis
Claudia, Shiro, and Zero
Another team example (Claudia, Shiro, and Zero)

I’ve used this team since the beginning because of how well they synergized. You can take advantage of Nemesis’ volt resonance and have King’s abilities break enemy shields. King’s ultimate skill deals off-field damage to enemies and is one of the best shield breakers in the game. As for Samir, she’s a really good character who can charge your characters’ skills and dish out serious damage with her combos.

Team Showcase in Bygone Phantasm (Samir, King, Nemesis)

Tank Team ( Meryl, Huma, King)

Meryl, Huma, and King
Meryl, Huma, and King

I would suggest you go with this team in a world or raid boss fight. You can direct the boss’s aggro toward you and have your team support you by healing. Although it’s quite rare to find teammates that can perform roles with dedication, you can bet your luck and go ahead. But here’s one thing that you should follow when playing Meryl. Please, just for other players’ sake, don’t use her ultimate near the boss when it’s about to attack. You will lock other players inside the ultimate zone, and everyone may get one shot. As for Huma and King, both of them are really good at breaking enemies’ shields.

Healer Team (Cocoritter, Zero, Nemesis)

Cocoritter, Nemesis, and Zero
Cocoritter, Nemesis, and Zero

If you are someone who loves to support their team and participate in Raid or world boss fights, then this team will really outclass any healing team out there. Coco Ritter is an amazing healer who can heal in an area and burst-heal the team in her ultimate. Zero shines well in supporting other team members by giving them damage buffs and healing at the same time. Nemesis is a character who can deal off-field damage and heal characters with her electrodes while also giving volt resonance if you wish to pair her up with Pepper.

Team Showcase in Raid Boss fight ( Samir, Nemesis, Cocoritter)

Free-to-Play (Ene, Pepper, Bai Ling)

Ene, Pepper, and Bai Ling
Ene, Pepper, and Bai Ling

Ene (Pummeler) is a really good option to break the shield, and her kit gives crowd control immunity that will help you to keep the moves going. For heals, you can rely on Pepper, and the DPS slot can be filled by Bai Ling or Echo. The best thing about SR characters is that you can easily obtain their advancements in the game and max them out quite early in the game. For these teams, I presume that you will be able to get their advancements and don’t have to buy them for the exchange shop. But, as soon as you get an SSR character, do take a look at that character’s feasible team compositions.

Wormhole ( Coco Ritter/Nemesis, Samir, King)

Cocoritter, King, and Samir
Cocoritter, King, and Samir

Wormhole is a mode where you have to keep a check on your health as you progress through levels. There are elemental buffs but also healing reductions that make it a challenging mode. You need a dedicated healing character to fill up your character’s health so you can churn out damage within a time limit. As you move up, the challenges will become tough and require you to put more will and focus on attack combinations. Samir and King will fill their usual roles for Charge and Shatter, whereas Coco Ritter or Nemesis can heal them. Alternatively, you can use other Charge or Shatter characters like Crow, Meryl, Shiro, and Tsubasa to achieve the same. Tsubasa is an amazing character who can provide damage buff to your team while also acting as a quick-swap DPS character.

Apex League ( Coco Ritter/Nemesis, Zero/Huma, Frigg/Meryl)

If you ask me what team I don’t want to go against in Apex League, then sure shot, it’s a freeze team that has Frigg and Meryl in it. If you have no knowledge of this game mode and going against opponents, then it’s a death wish. It’s not that you will be outclassed, but it demands skill that comes with experience. You must execute your skills and relics at perfect moments to counter your enemies and win a flawless victory.

Frigg, Meryl, and Cocoritter
Frigg, Meryl, and Cocoritter

Or, you can choose to reach an agreement and dance for a little while unless one of you gives up patience and decides to settle things once and for all.

Coming to teams, Frigg, Mery, and Coco Ritter is an absolute nightmare to go against in this mode. I think Frigg is a sheer monster because of her insane kit and potential damage. Her AoE is mind-boggling, and combine that with Frost resonance, and you have pure insanity. I tried my best to get her and finally got her in my account from a limited exchange shop, and I could finally freeze my enemies to death.

Zero, Nemesis, and Huma
Zero, Nemesis, and Huma

On the other hand, if you have Zero, Nemesis, and Huma in your team, then you are assured of having a massive sustain and relying on your other team member to act as a DPS while you facetank enemies. I must say that you can form various teams, but you also need experience with characters to get used to their skills and combos.

Team Building Questions

Question: What is your go-to team for exploration, and how it’s different from the ones you use for modes like Bygone Phantasm?

Answer: I usually run a high damage output team like the DPS team I mentioned above, Samir, King, and Nemesis. But since I’ve got Frigg on my account, I just use her skill to wipe out enemies in one go. So, the team has changed to Frigg, Samir, and King. It’s not the ideal team, but team comps don’t matter much in the overworld because you can get around DPS checks or just try hard enough to defeat enemies. I simply love these characters’ animations and prefer to keep them on my team. In fact, Samir, King, and Nemesis are my most used characters so far. But, for Bygone Phantasm, sometimes I run a team without healers. I remember running Frigg, King and Samir combined with Hologram Projector and Alternate Destiny to clear floors above 100 without a sweat. You don’t need healers when you can just overpower them with absolute power.

Question: Which characters, in your opinion, are best among each class, DPS, Shatter, and Support?

Answer: When it comes to DPS or Charge characters, Samir, Zero, Frigg, and Tsubasa are really decent choices. All of these characters can help charge your skills rapidly when facing a group of enemies. And most game modes like Bygone Phantasm feature enemy mobs that have to destroy in a time-limited environment. As for Shatter characters, King and Meryl are my go-to choices if I have to melt down shields. King, is simply an amazing character to break shields because of his off-field skill damage. Similar is the case with Frigg as her kit allows her to stop stamina consumption in her skill and provides a decent Charge and Shatter simultaneously. Coco ritter and Nemesis are my favorite support characters because I play recklessly and need heals when face-tanking enemies. I kid you not; I’ve played healers as DPS in some games, and that’s the kind of person I am. Keep experimenting.

Question: Should I advance a character to the maximum level by wishing on their banner?

Answer: If you are a free-to-play player, then I don’t recommend getting more than one copy of a character from a limited banner simply because your focus should be on getting newer characters. Eventually, as time passes by, you will get advancements for existing characters that will make them more potent in use. My Samir is at her maximum advancement, and she really cheeses through waves of enemies in Bygone Phantasm. Still, we never know when a character might get outclassed by a future character, so it’s better to save your Gacha currency and eventually get meta characters that can defeat even the toughest bosses in the game.

Team building, Final Remarks

Although it’s better to go with meta team compositions so that you can be secured for future content because the game tends to feature challenging bosses. Not only will you save yourself a lot of time, but you will be playing with teams that can stand the test of time. But, the one thing that I always recommend is to give with your heart and play the character you love the most. It doesn’t matter whether the character is SR or SSR; there will be other players to help you out in team modes and willing to help you in dire situations.

Ultimately, you have to pay attention to enemies’ attack patterns and dodge incoming damage to sustain yourself and eventually win the battle. Usually, you have to rely on a character that can break shields because almost all the enemies in this game have shield mechanics, and you have to break them before their aggro meter can fill up, which eventually will trigger an ultimate move by the boss. So, it’s highly recommended to have a Shatter character like King, Meryl, Huma, or Shiro so that you can easily break shields.

That was a summary of team building, and I’m pretty sure that you can easily forge your own new team after going through this guide. Always remember to pay attention to minor details and take benefit from them. If you want to know more about Tower of Fantasy, then head out to check out other guides on the topic. Relics, Beginner’s guide, or a Dungeon guide, we got you covered! Time’s up, and I’ll meet you soon in another interesting guide.

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