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Tower of Fantasy recently launched its unique open world that features a blend of sci-fi and anime. With a dazzling mix of Cyberpunk-esque themes to its world, the game allows players to continuously invest in their characters and equip legendary gear to increase their power levels. Similar to a cybernetic world of the future, the game has all sorts of mechanical monsters that will keep you on your toes, but only once you have the courage to battle them will you be rewarded with exquisite items.

I’ve been playing the Tower of Fantasy since its global launch and investing in my characters whenever I get time to play. Although being a game that features Gacha as its core mechanic for progression, the game requires you to put constant effort into enhancing your overall combat experience. Sure, there are sources in the game that will reward you with rare items and chances to get SSR characters from the exploration. But what if you want to take those characters to a whole new level of power and obliterate even the most challenging bosses of the game?

It’s not a game where you can finish everything in one go but one where you need to be patient, wait for your character and strike flawlessly. Vitality is one of the game’s core components and isn’t something you can ignore. Players are required to expend this resource periodically to farm for unique gear to increase their combat score and reach new heights of power.

Gold, Gear, Matrices, or EXP, you name it; vitality plays a crucial role. In this Vitality Dungeon guide, I’ll be your guide to vitality in Tower of Fantasy and discuss its important uses that can enhance your character to a whole new level. Hold onto that Cyber superbike of yours, and let’s ride onto all the modes where vitality can be used and get to know what vitality actually is.


If you have been playing Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact, or Punishing Gray Raven, then you must know what Resin or Energy is. Usually, this is a model implemented by Gacha games to prevent players from speedrunning the whole game in one go and progressing at a limited pace. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to level up, but the core is that you won’t be maxing out everything in a single day.

I should clarify that I’ve been playing both Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy since their global launches and will use a few analogies to clarify the concepts. But worry not, if you haven’t played Genshin Impact, you will able to understand everything without a doubt because I’m also a Tower of Fantasy player. A combination of Adventurer and Wanderer!

Please tap on the Vitality icon to learn more about it. Image From Himanshu Verkiya

Vitality in Tower of Fantasy works like the resin system in Genshin Impact. In layman’s terms, consider vitality a currency you can use to exchange for rewards from dungeons. But there’s a twist. You don’t get all the vitality in one go. This currency regenerates after some time, and there’s a limit to how much you can hold. Currently, the cap on vitality is 180 units; every 8 minutes, a single unit of vitality replenishes. Once you hit the 180/180 cap, the extra vitality points will be wasted and cannot be restored by exceeding their maximum amount.

Click on the crossed swords icon to open up the Adventure screen. Image From Himanshu Verkiya
Select Menu
On the select menu, you can notice all the modes give crystal dust; also, check your vitality in the top right corner. Image From Himanshu Verkiya

In my opinion, vitality or resin, whichever way you put it, helps a player prioritize necessary upgrades and progress at a consistent pace. Now being a game based on the gacha model, Tower of Fantasy also features an option to buy Vitality potions that restore 60 units of vitality. With a daily limit of 4 potions, you can generate 240 units of vitality. But to get these potions, you must use Dark crystals that are also used on character banners.

Tap on the + icon next to vitality, and you can see a menu where you can purchase Vitality potions and other consumables. Image From Himanshu Verkiya
You can buy a maximum of four potions daily. Image From Himanshu Verkiya

Dark crystals have a limited supply in the game, but you can purchase them by spending money on them. Most of the player base is Free-to-play, so it’s rare that they will be using this option. I’m also a F2P player for the time being and didn’t find myself wanting to buy the potions. But ultimately, if you can afford to purchase Vitality potions, you will surely have an extra edge in farming materials and stacking unique resources in your inventory.

Purchase Reward
You can also purchase dark crystals with real-world currency. Image From Himanshu Verkiya

Coming to Vitality uses, there are five game modes that you can use to exchange for different rewards. All of these game modes have different materials that the players can challenge. But, before we move onto the game modes, I’d like a few minutes to glance over the Crystal dust store and Support store, which are equally important regarding vitality. Let’s glimpse over them super quick before we dive deeper into Vitality!

Crystal Dust Store

Crystal dust store, as the name sounds, is a store where you can exchange the crystal dust you obtain after consuming vitality. All the modes where you spent vitality to claim chests or rewards will give you any of three types of crystal dust. This store features two sets of SSR relics and three sets of SR relics that rotate weekly in each rotation. In return, you can obtain Fine equipment boxes, Gift boxes, Booster modules, and Advancement modules. All of these are usable in upgrading your character’s equipment and unlocking their traits by gifting them unique items.

Crystal Dust Store
Purple and Orange dust unlocks after reaching levels 40 and 50, respectively. Image From Himanshu Verkiya
Crystal Dust Store
Tap on the shop icon to open up the Crystal Dust store. Image From Himanshu Verkiya
Crystal Dust Store
The three types of Crystal dust and items in the Crystal dust store that you can exchange. Image From Himanshu Verkiya

Currently, there are three types of Crystal dust that you can obtain of varying rarity and exchange them for a somewhat similar level of rare items. I’ve visited this store quite often as you need Gifts to unlock character traits and upgrade your relics. Whichever mode you are targeting, you should exchange the dust to obtain the items that are scarce in your inventory.

Support Store

You can obtain support points from battles where you assist lower-level players in clearing content and exchanging these points for rewards in the store. Although the items featured aren’t of that higher quality but still good enough to invest in your vehicles, weapons, or overall character progression. I’m a strong supporter of using in-game resources and always trying to get them if possible because they are free, and, secondly, they are investable. Sometimes, it may happen that you might not need an item at that time, but it’s likely that a future character or a weapon may need that item. That’s why I always recommend saving resources in the early game.

Support Points
Support points that you get in the game. Image From Himanshu Verkiya
Support Store
The support store is in the same menu where you can see all the items. Image From Himanshu Verkiya

Also, the best part about assisting lower-level players is that enemies are easier to fight, and you can easily earn some praise for helping newcomers. Whether it’s Genshin Impact or Tower of Fantasy, I’ve made many friends just by helping others.

Joint Operation

The joint operation is a challenging mode where you can either participate in a team or go solo to fight enemies. The mode has four chests, out of which three can be opened only by spending Vitality points. The mode already lists that opening all the boxes cost 90 Vitality, but you can choose to open one only if you are running low. I’ve been participating in them for quite a while. Once you start to level up, the enemies will become formidable and fierce. Honestly, my character isn’t weak at all, but I wouldn’t take a chance to do this mode on a solo mode unless I want to spend an hour or more fighting enemies.

Joint Operation
Details of the Joint Operation game mode. Image From Himanshu Verkiya
Joint Operation
The areas are available on certain days of the week. Image From Himanshu Verkiya
Area Name Availability Rewards ( RNG Dependent )
Deepsea Stronghold Tuesday, Saturday Handguard, Legguards


SSR Matrix

( King, Crow )

Hyenas Arena Wednesday, Sunday Spaulders, Helm


SSR Matrix ( Cocoritter, Shiro )

Quarantine Area Monday, Saturday Bracers, Armor


SSR Matrix( Tsubasa, Shiro )

Spacetime Training Ground Friday, Sunday Bracers, Armor,


SSR Matrix ( Huma, Samir )

Deepsea Proving Ground Thursday, Sunday  Sabatons, Belt


SSR Matrix ( Zero, Meryl )

The mode has five areas you can go in and are available on certain days. Once you choose an area, you will notice that there will be eight levels of difficulty for an area which will become available according to your level. Each area features availability, combat score requirements, enemy buffs, and rewards that are visible to the player. However, keep in mind that rewards aren’t guaranteed as they are RNG dependent, and it may happen that many runs don’t yield anything. Still, the higher the difficulty, the better the drops are.

Joint Operation
You can see an overview of a difficulty level after clicking on it. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
3/4 chests require 30 Vitality each to be claimed. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.

The rewards consist of Matrices and Equipment that you can equip on your characters. Equipment is the gear you can equip on your character, like boots, belts, bracers, etc. I find it similar to the gear system of Destiny, where you can wear unique equipment to enhance your overall stats. Similar is the case of equipment in Tower of Fantasy. As for the Matrices, they are unique items that you affix on your weapons to boost their stats. Just like the artifact system of Genshin Impact, these Matrices boost weapons stats and feature unique bonuses that your character can benefit from.

I would advise co-op with other players with the Find Team option and ace the content. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
Weapon resonance effect
The weapon resonance effect also helps you in optimizing the team composition. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
You get support points for helping other players in lower difficulty levels of the Joint operation. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.

You can also use the Joint Supply chip to get better rewards, as it boosts the chance of getting the materials. But you only can claim the chests once you have defeated the enemies in each area. Although you can still participate in helping out your friends and ace through without using vitality, it’s always better to wait for a reward after a tiresome fight. The mode has tanky bosses that are equally fierce and deal a ton of damage once you are in their claws. So, I highly advise you to focus on helping each other out if a teammate gets injured because, who knows, maybe the next time they might need to help you? This has actually happened with me a lot, and although you may party up with randoms, keep a spirit of helping each other out.

Dimensional Trials

Dimensional Trials are more focused on Weapon enhancement material and Matrix EXP material. The mode features two sub-modes, Weapon Drill and Matrix Drill, that have varying difficulty levels and are unlocked once your character reaches a certain level. This mode is quite short and sweet if you have a team and there aren’t any bosses that you have to fight. With a maximum of 4 people in a team, you can easily clear this mode but beware of enemy buffs. Suppose an enemy has a buff who resists 50 % Volt damage. In that case, having Volt characters like Samir or Nemesis won’t be that valuable. Although you can still clear the levels, the damage output will drastically reduce, and you might need more time. Unless your characters are well-built, I won’t recommend going against the buffs, as this mode is time limited.

Dimentional Trials
Dimensional Trials game mode description. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
The mode is available all the time. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
Dimentional Trials
Check for enemy buffs before proceeding. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
Rewards for completing a Dimensional Trial of Difficulty level 5. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.

The best thing about Dimensional Trials is that they are available 24/7. So whenever you feel like it, you can participate in them. It rewards Weapon Augmentation boxes in the Weapon Drill sub-mode and Matrix data packs in the Matrix Drill sub-mode. Weapon augmentation boxes have unique weapon enhancement materials that can be used to level up weapons beyond a certain level. Quite similar to the weapon ascension mechanic of Genshin Impact. And, as for Matrix data packs, they have Matrix chips that can be used to level up Matrices and feed EXP to them, analogous to Artifact leveling in Genshin Impact.

Interstellar Exploration

Interstellar Exploration
More details are available once you access a Star gate. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.

Interstellar exploration is a game mode that appears in the overworld, and you have to reach them to initiate the challenge. With a total of 6-star gates, you can only enter the same Star Gate once, where you have to defeat waves of enemies. The unique thing about the Star Gates is that the rewards are clearly mentioned, unlike Dimensional Trials, where you get Augmentation boxes. With Augmentation boxes, you can choose the type of material you want. Still, in Star Gates, the rewards are specifically mentioned. So, if you want to choose a particular Weapon material, then you have to find another Star Gate.

Interstellar Exploration
Interstellar exploration game mode description. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
Interstellar Exploration
You can get the location and rewards overview of the Star gates on the map. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
Interstellar Exploration
You can either recruit team members or go solo in this mode. Image From Himanshu Verkiya
Interstellar Exploration
You will see the wave number that’s currently running with enemies spawning over the arena from specific locations. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.

Once you reach the gate, you can either go solo or recruit team members. As you enter the challenge, you will reach an arena where you fight waves of enemies, and a boss may appear if you collect a Starseed. Once you deconstruct the Starseed, a hidden boss will appear that you can defeat a bonus reward.

Omnium Beacon Event

Omnium Beacon Event
Omnium Beacon mode description. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.

The Omnium Beacon event is a rather bit complicated-looking mode, but it’s fairly straightforward. Though it looks like it has a lot of complexity to it once you go through the conditions, it’s not that daunting a mode. You can deploy an Omnium collector that costs 30 Vitality to claim and can be placed anywhere in the overworld. Now, as with most of the items in the game, the collectors come in different rarities, Blue, purple, and orange. The higher the quality, the higher the rewards.

Omnium Beacon Event
You can claim the collector and deploy it at a place. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
Omnium Beacon Event
After claiming the Omnium collector, you can deploy it at a place. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
Omnium Beacon Event
You can see the location of your Omnium collector on the map. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
Omnium Beacon Event
This is how the beacon looks like once you have deployed it at a place. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.

But here’s a bit tricky fact about the collector. Once you have placed the collector, other players can also collect it. The time limit is 24 hours, but if another player collects it, they get complete rewards, and you only get a part of it, though you placed it. But if the player is from your crew, both players will get complete rewards. You can relate it to a game of hide and seek where anyone can obtain rewards and have to keep a check on their surroundings. Who knows, maybe you will be able to find a collector? Remember that after you have placed the collector, it can catch signals from other players, which also applies to you.

Spacetime Domain

Spacetime Domain
Spacetime Domain menu description. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.

Spacetime Domain is quite a straightforward domain that you can challenge for gold. The mode has five levels of varying difficulty with increasing rewards once you clear the domain. Unfortunately, you cannot participate with a team in this domain and have to go solo to fight the enemies. Some enemies are mandatory to defeat so you can progress to another domain area.

Spacetime Domain
The game mode offers gold and features different sub-modes of varying difficulty. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.
Spacetime Domain
You will eventually enter a domain where you have to fight a boss to claim the rewards. Image From Himanshu Verkiya.

But the domain is relatively easier to navigate because you don’t have to solve complex puzzles, but this doesn’t mean the boss will be easy. If you are leveled up enough, the fight will be a cakewalk, but if you are under-leveled and not invested enough in your character, then it’s better to spend vitality elsewhere. I always ensure my power levels are enough to ace a challenge; I’d rather try again with better preparation than torture myself with failing attempts.

Vitality Questions

Question: I’m a free-to-play player. Should I purchase Vitality potions?

Answer: I won’t recommend purchasing Vitality potions if you are a free-to-play player. If you start replenishing your vitality with dark crystals, you won’t be able to exchange them to Red Nucleus for rolling on promoted character banners. Sure there are Gold and Black nuclei, but they will feature the standard characters that can be obtained from many sources in the game. Most of the drops in the game are RNG-dependent, and some of them feature standard characters. I would highly advise you to save up your dark crystals to wish on new characters so that you can get a taste of new abilities. Even if you explore all the areas the game has to offer, you have to consistently complete daily missions to obtain Nuclei as a reward. Ultimately, it depends on how you approach investing your resources in your character, but I would recommend you save up your resources for the late game or new characters that will launch in the future.

Question: How good are the rewards that you get for exchanging the Energy dust?

Answer: Honestly, I would say the rewards are quite decent if you want to exchange your Energy dust. The shop has a periodic reset where you can exchange all three types of dust and get new equipment or items for your characters. All the items there are to help you invest in your character and get a boost in damage output. It’s important to remember that the core of this game is to invest in your characters consistently and progress through the content. Monsters that seem like a hard wall at first will become a cakewalk once your character is invested enough. Games like Tower of Fantasy, Honkai Impact, or Genshin Impact require players to invest time in their accounts to go through challenging content in the end game. Personally, I don’t spend much time on the game, but whenever I get an opportunity to stack up some resources, I always press the collect option and sneak them quietly into my inventory.

Question: What tips do you recommend while challenging these game modes?

Answer: Co-op! The first and foremost tip is to co-op with others to get a feel of multiplayer battles. Honestly, I cannot do Joint Operation solo even if I invest a lot of resources in my character. I’m more like a co-op person who loves to play in a team, and even the game is multiplayer-focused. Not only do you learn about team plays but also the Weapon resonance effects required for a certain mode. They are buffs your character gets for equipping two characters of the same element. Quite similar to Genshin Impact’s Elemental resonance. You can easily go to your character screen and check the Weapon resonance effect.
Suppose you are in a team where you have to play the role of a support and heal your team. Then, it’s quite good to go with double healer characters so that you can take the benefit from Benediction, a weapon resonance effect that helps you to heal more efficiently. In my experience, additional bonuses like these can sometimes make a difference in the results of a battle. So, whenever you see an item, collect it, and lastly, pay attention to details so that you don’t miss out on any buffs.

Question: In your experience so far, which modes have you used the most?

Answer: Ah, interesting question. Truth be told, I’ve rarely used Interstellar exploration and Omnium Beacon. Joint Operation and Dimensional Trials are one of my most used game modes. However, there were a few moments when I ran out of gold and made a few runs to the Spacetime domain but not on a daily basis. Whereas Joint Operation and Dimensional trial’s rewards are something, I cannot ignore. If I had to choose my most used domain, then surely it’s Dimensional trials because the moment I hit a level requirement for ascending a weapon, I farm for Weapon enhancement materials to level them up. I love my weapon to death, and maxing them out is my top priority. Wanna find out where I’ll be if I get teleported to Tower of Fantasy’s world? I’ll be farming materials to ascend Samir, King, and Nemesis.

Vitality, Final Thoughts

Vitality is a crucial part of the game that you cannot ignore. Whether you want to obtain weapon enhancement material, gold or matrices, vitality is a free resource that you can use to get them. I favor the concept of vitality because it gives a player some time to relax from the game. If someone’s a casual gamer, then they can easily log out of the game once their daily quota of vitality finishes and go back to their everyday lives. That way, you can easily manage your time in the game and in real life.

But, if you really want to get a definite build for your character and afford to purchase Vitality potions, then, for sure, you will be ahead of others. Overall, you will be limited by the level cap, but spending might make the game easier to progress. Although it’s not guaranteed that you will obtain better rewards after spending because you still have to factor the RNG for the drops, the probability does increase as you can have more runs.

Altogether this was a brief of Vitality in Tower of Fantasy, and if you want to add me as a friend, feel free to find me on Stardust on the Southeast Asia server. And, if you are interested in more RPG games, then how about you check our other guides? 

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