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Tower Of Fantasy began its journey a few months back with its global launch, and players worldwide hopped onto the servers to try this fusion of the futuristic open world and the cybernetic universe. The game features mechanics, exploration, and a world inspired by popular ones in the genre and presents an astonishing vast world to explore. Being a player of many other games like Destiny 2, Borderlands, Genshin Impact, and many more, I found this game quite similar and gave it a shot. I downloaded the game the first day and waited in queues to glimpse its new world.

As soon as I entered the game, I was welcomed with the story quest, customized my character, and after a few encounters, the time came to explore the world. I’m not saying that it’s a complete duplicate of some games, but it gives me a vibe of deja vu that I’ve played something like this somewhere, yet it’s unique. The game has its’ own unique aspects that make it distinguishable from others. Slowly, I explored its world and started leveling up my character. Still, a few hurdles always stopped me from completing a specific task.

Sometimes it was a puzzle I didn’t know a solution to or just a movement trick that reduced my stamina consumption. I got to know them quite early in the game, all thanks to social media, but even to this day, I get to know new tricks that get added to my arsenal. To ponder on those tips, tricks, and thoughts, in this Tower of Fantasy Beginner’s guide, I’ll join you on this adventure to explore one of the essential tips that beginners can take advantage of to ace through the content. 

Tower Of Fantasy, The Journey Begins

Indeed, Tower of Fantasy is a unique game that features mechanical creatures, exquisite puzzles, and rare equipment that you can switch your character to. There are so many distinctive features to this game that an average player, at first, might get overwhelmed with the amount of information. Not only this game has a lot of game modes, combat mechanics, and a unique open world but minor details that we tend to overlook.

The game has all sorts of features, surprises, and mechanics that the player needs to pay attention to achieve a specific goal. Whether it’s a chow-chow puzzle or a cannon puzzle, you have to hop around here and there to gain a reward successfully. To give you a headstart, I’ll share tips from my experience and research that have helped me quickly go through the content and achieve 100 % exploration on the map. Not only will I share common tricks but also some unique ones that’ll make you cool among your peers and admire you for your game knowledge.

You can confirm the exploration objectives by clicking on a region on the map – Himanshu Verkiya

Before diving into the sections, I would like to clarify that it might be possible that some tricks which are viable today may be patched in future updates. But, so far, to my testing and other players’ experience, they’ve been working flawlessly. So, I highly recommend you practice them and pay attention to them.

Know Your Relics

First and foremost, Relics are gadgets you can equip on your character, and the best thing about them is that you can equip 6. Yes! You read that right. You get three sets of relics with two slot options where you can equip them and use them to solve overworld puzzles. Some relics are suited for PvE mode and others for PvP mode.

Press the ESC key and tap on the Relics menu option to see your relics and deploy them in different sets – Himanshu Verkiya
Deploy your relics in three different sets and use the G key to switch between them – Himanshu Verkiya

I’ve been exploring the overworld to reach 100 % exploration and collect every exploration objective, supply pod, and nuclei. Without these relics, it would have been impossible for me to do so. Some relics help you solve the overworld puzzles, which I will come onto in the later sections. I highly recommend you have a predefined set of relics. You can switch between the relic sets by pressing the G key. Remember that you cannot change them if you are in a battle, so stray away a bit, change your artifact to offensive ones, and fight!

Choose Your Server & Tweak Settings

Once you are in the game, you will be presented with the welcome screen where you can choose the server region and server you want to proceed to. Let me be clear that you cannot cross-save your progress, so if you switch to another server, you must restart your progress. I know it sounds a bit boring, but it is what it is. I’m currently in the Southeast Asia region on the Stardust server, well, because I really liked the name back then. But, if you want to choose, then go with the server that has a yellow color on it, as that means there are plenty of players on that server. Even a red one is good enough if you want to have a lively world, and there are different channel lines in which you can switch back and forth to collab with other players on the server.

Choose the Yellow or Red servers to ensure the crowd’s longevity. – Himanshu Verkiya
Customize the settings to your needs – Himanshu Verkiya

After finalizing, I would recommend you tweak your game settings to your needs. Like I have the auto-climb option on, which means my character will auto-attach them to the wall, but if you want to turn it off, feel free to do so. There are options to reduce and increase player density on the screen, camera movement, and such. I would highly advise you to change these settings or map keyboard shortcuts to your favorite keys. Additionally, you can turn off simulacra animations as well.

Vida Vitality

Vida? What does that mean? Well, It means life in Spanish or Portuguese. Indeed, vitality is a mechanic in this game that regenerates over time, and you have to spend it to obtain decent rewards from game modes. This is a concept core to some gacha games, and Tower of Fantasy capitalizes on it to set up a progression pace for its players. Sure, this mechanic has pros and cons, but if you are playing the game, you must know about its uses.

You can check vitality-consuming modes from the combat menu. – Himanshu Verkiya

We’ve compiled a brief guide about Vitality Dungeons that I highly recommend you check out. You will learn about vitality in detail, its uses, do’s, and don’ts that will help you set a pace for your account progress. In a nutshell, vitality is similar to the concept of energy or resin in games like Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact. You must spend this regenerating currency on a timely basis to farm for materials.

Character Composition

Before we move, tweak your character with the best equipment, gear, weapons, and Matrices. I would suggest you put in all the time you need and design a beautiful character. Or, the one that you think is the most beautiful. I’ll be honest; I spent numerous hours experimenting with all features of the character creation menu and finally landed on a design I agreed with.

You can customize the presets or design them brand new – Himanshu Verkiya
You can also choose from the popular ones made by the community – Himanshu Verkiya

Once you start progressing in the game, you will obtain equipment, weapons, and matrices that you can equip on your character. I won’t recommend maxing out weapons or matrices unless you really love to play with those characters or they are SSR in rarity. Feel free to enhance your equipment or gear, whichever way you find suitable, but don’t advance your low rarity gear. I would advise you only to advance the highest rarity gear and invest your resources into that.

Farmed for legendary gears to equip my character – Himanshu Verkiya
Types of gifts are mentioned on a character’s page – Himanshu Verkiya
You can use the Simulacra trait after reaching certain levels in Awakening points – Himanshu Verkiya

Coming to characters again, you will notice that they have Simulacra traits that can be unlocked once you have enough companionship with them. Quite similar to the concept of Friendship in Genshin Impact, but here you will unlock additional buffs once you reach specific points. You can head to the black market to play a game or to Cetus island for gifts. You can also buy gifts from a shop that resets weekly and gift them to your characters.

Interact with Hopkins to receive a gift daily – Himanshu Verkiya

Team Play Matters

Tower of Fantasy focuses on multiplayer game modes where you have to beat world bosses, clear dungeons, and perform overworld challenges in a party. Sure, there are modes that you can perform on a solo mode or go through the story by yourself, but there are many other game modes where you need other people. I do get it that sometimes it may be a bit hesitant to add people who are strangers. Still, if they are helping you and improvise the overall gameplay in a better way, it’s a no-brainer to reject their friend requests.

Here’s a video of me playing Void rift game mode with other people. The game modes need you to help out each other and ace through challenging bosses. Make sure to help out each other!

I’ve met a couple of randoms during some fights, and our synergy was so good that we usually play together. I remember playing a Raid boss, Scarlet Apophis, in a boss fight, and only three of us were remaining. But those players knew how to dodge boss attacks, heal others and position themselves on the battlefield so that everyone could contribute to the damage. If you get to add these players, they surely will help you in completing challenging content.

You can go to the lobby to match up with other players – Himanshu Verkiya

Another point you should take into notice is to pay attention to enemy buffs. Sometimes enemies have buff where they are able to resist specific damage by whooping 50 % or more. In that case, you are better off using other elemental weapons. If the enemy has a volt resistance, then taking Samir into the battle might be counterproductive. Well, unless you have a maxed-out Samir and heavily invested character, then, by all means, go ahead. Otherwise, better to stick with effective elemental weapons.

Experience Limit

The fact that you cannot stack EXP in this game hit me really hard. I was grinding for numerous hours in the beginning only to realize that I’d hit the EXP cap and all the extra EXP would be wasted. Unlike Genshin Impact, where your extra experience stacks up, in Tower of Fantasy, that will be wasted. Now, there’s a way to avoid this from happening in main story quests where you get plenty of experience.

Check your EXP and blue EXP bar at the bottom while playing – Himanshu Verkiya

Suppose you are about to reach level 25 and currently at level 24; I would highly suggest you farm experience from world exploration rather than the main story quest, as that experience gets wasted. You can notice the blue EXP bar at the bottom that fills up as you gain experience.

Save Your Resources & Check the Stores

I highly recommend you not to waste your resources in the early game because it may happen that there isn’t enough supply of them in the late game, and you have used them on an item that you no longer find use of. One fine example of this case is leveling up a weapon that falls off in damage in the late game. Suppose you leveled up Frost spear to the maximum level and got an ice SSR character like Meryl, Tsubasa, or Frigg; then those resources have ended up getting wasted. Currently, I’m using purple Matrices on my characters because I’m waiting for SSR Matrices to drop and level them up. I’ve invested in a few SSR Matrices and saved up extra resources to max out an item in the future.

The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward – Himanshu Verkiya

Once you reach a higher level where you get better drops from the Joint Operation, like on Difficulty 7, then you can pump those Joint Supply chips to increase your chances of getting better rewards. Before that, there was no use in wasting those precious resources. An important tip is to save up your blue and purple password chips because they might be used on the future planet Vera and reward you with the gacha currency. However, this is only speculation from my side based on my sources, but there’s no harm in saving them for now. You can quickly go with forced decipher to unlock them and reap better rewards later in the game.

In-game store – Himanshu Verkiya

Another important thing is to check the stores because they feature decent rewards that you can exchange weekly. Not only do some of them feature SSR rarity materials, but they periodically rotate items that can be used to upgrade your character. In my game experience so far, most of the items I’ve invested in my characters are from stores, and I will keep doing it until I reach a high combat score.

Events, Events, and More Events

Gacha games feature many events where players can collaborate, participate and obtain event-exclusive currency to exchange for rewards in event shops. If you have been playing gacha games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact, you will notice that these games get back-to-back events, with major ones sometimes launching a new area. Similar is the case with Tower of Fantasy, where you can hop onto the events and participate in both PvE and PvP challenges to obtain decent rewards.

Orienteering event in the road of the strife event where I had to race other players – Himanshu Verkiya
I got the Mechbird vehicle after exchanging its parts from the event shop – Himanshu Verkiya

I remember playing the Road of Strife event, where we had this Orienteering mode where you can compete with other players to reach the final destination on a vehicle. I hopped online and really enjoyed playing with other competitors, but hey, it’s not fair play always. Some players deployed Omni hand cannon walls in front of the finish line, and I had to get off my bike and dash to the final line. It’s just a part of the process, but overall I really enjoyed that event and exchanged a new vehicle from the shop.

Exploration Tips & Tricks

Let’s go over some exploration tips and tricks that can help you to save time and efficiently explore the area. These tips have been helping me for quite a while, and I have taken out some time to record them. Let’s hop onto them!

Infinite Stamina Climb

It sounds cliche, but it is a fantastic trick to climb. This trick consumes a tiny amount of stamina that you can call the Infinite stamina climb trick. All you have to do is to press CTRL + SPACE + SPACE + W to drop, jump up and re-attach yourself to the wall. At first, it may seem like an extra step, but it helps you save a lot of stamina, and even if you climb a little bit, you can cover a great height.

I actually discovered this trick from a Reddit post, and since then, I’ve been using this to climb even the highest of the mountains. Remember that you can use three charges of a dash in the air to navigate, which recharges over time. So, even if you run into a corner or a wall that’s not climbable, you can turn around and latch yourself to another one.

Terrain Data

Once you unlock an Omnium tower, you won’t be able to see the whole map like you do when you unlock a Statue of the seven in Genshin Impact. To unlock the map, you must sync with a small computer on the top of the tower and download the terrain data. Once you do that, all the Omnium tower areas will be visible.

Interact with a small computer to download the terrain data – Himanshu Verkiya

Exploration Journal

There are plenty of puzzles in the game that you have to solve to obtain rewards like Gold nuclei or black nuclei. Tap up the information icon on your gameplay screen, and you can see all the ways to solve a puzzle and other details like Weapon combos and much more. This will help you to solve typical puzzles and get an idea of the relics you need to use to solve them. Also, you can use the Tower of Fantasy interactive map to sync your exploration objectives and track them while exploring the overworld.

Tap on the information icon to open up a survival guide – Himanshu Verkiya
You can check the ways to solve a puzzle or general tutorials – Himanshu Verkiya

Jetboard Dash, Jetpack Dash & Pause in the Air

Both of these relics are my go-to relics in the relic set combos because of their sheer exploration benefits. With Jetboard, you can glide over water bodies, and Jetpack helps you to reach greater heights.

Now, Jetpack does have a cooldown on it, but not in the air. That means you can make a combination of glide and dash to cover a more significant distance without using much stamina at all. Similarly, in Jetboard dash, you can jump continuously to benefit from a speed boost and keep going on the land.

Although it might not be common knowledge, some weapons or relics can help you stay in the air and further dash ahead. I remember using King’s Scythe and Strange cube to jump over a more significant distance in some ruins. It helped me avoid a few tricky mechanics to unlock the path to them.

Wall Dash

This one’s a bit tricky and risky but workable. If you are up for a challenge, then this trick is really a fine contender for that. If you reach a wall that’s blocking your climb, to bypass it, you must dash backward, jump in the air and dash forward. Press CTRL + S (backward key) dash + SPACE + W(forward key) dash. This may look simple, but if you mess this up, it means you might be falling from a high height and have to start again.

Swim Till You Die

I don’t love swimming that much. It’s a fact that in Tower of Fantasy, you don’t drown once your endurance or stamina bar runs out. You die when your green health bar reaches zero. So you can keep swimming, even without stamina.

With this, you can cover a few meters more and eventually reach that hard-to-reach place. But, also, I don’t advocate swimming a river or an ocean with this trick; for that, we have a Jetboard relic that can continue on and on.

A Few Questions








Question: Which character should I pick from the SSR box?

Answer: In my honest opinion, pick the one you like the most. I know it may sound a bit daunting for the players who only want to focus on the meta, but what’s the use if you don’t get a character you like? I got Samir as my first SSR character and really love her gameplay, but I’m currently maxed out on her. I have all her advancements and standing at six stars finally. Whichever character you want to pick, go with them and level them up if you like their gameplay. To make an informed decision, I’d say go on youtube and glance over videos showcasing each character, and if you think you can adapt to their playstyle, go with them.
I still don’t play Samir’s air attack that much because I like to play on the field that rotates on top of the enemies, but sometimes it really serves as a suitable escape mechanism. Foes can deal a ton of damage if you are in their range, but once you are on top of them, some of them won’t be able to do anything to you. It seems I just pitched Samir, but go with your heart.

Question: I’m free to play player. Which relics should I prioritize?

Answer: There are a variety of relics in the game, but if I were to pick one for a beginner, then Cybernetic arm is a sure-shot number-one contender for that. Other relics are obtainable once you grind slowly through the game, but the Cybernetic arm will help you reach the most typical places on the map. You can use this relic on the ground and in the air, which means you can cover some extra distance in a blink of a second. The map has a vast terrain and giant mountains that are tiresome to climb sometimes. Even with the best exploration tricks, you may find yourself a bit tired because of the endless climbing. But if you have this relic, things will be a bit easier, and you can easily reach the most secluded corners. Overall, the Cybernetic arm has pros and cons, but you should get this relic as a beginner.

Question: Tower of Fantasy has two modes, PvE and PvP. Which mode do you recommend the most?

Answer: PvP means you will be fighting other players to ace through the leaderboard rankings. However, I would say that it’s majorly pay-to-win mode because people who have to spend on the game will have an advantage. Unless you are super lucky on the Gacha, you will need insane luck on Matrices to battle against those enemies. I did try PvP mode but couldn’t progress much because of such a high bar. However, PvE modes like Bygone phantasm or the overworld modes, in general, are pretty doable, and you can progress at a steadier pace. I just finished wrapping Floor 100 of the Bygone phantasm, which has a total of 300 floors and didn’t find it difficult at all. I’m sure I can progress more, but I’m currently focusing on upgrading my weapons.


Tower of Fantasy is a good game that expects players to know beforehand about the consequences of their actions. However, this doesn’t matter much to the players who can roll heavily on the game, the players who are free to play need to conserve their resources and invest optimally. Usually, in gacha games, it’s best to save up early-game rewards like Dark crystals because their supply starts to dry up as you progress into the late-game content.

I’m standing at level 63 as of writing cs this guide with a level cap of 64, so whenever a story mission comes in, I will be able to absorb a large amount of EXP. EXP cap, exploration tips, and constructing a level-up strategy will help you consistently organize your inventory and progress. I hope all these tips, tricks, and thoughts will help you jump-start your journey in the game and ace through any boss with ease. But if you feel you are lacking firepower, join someone’s world and beat that annoying boss together.

If you want to know more about Tower of Fantasy, feel free to check out other Tower of Fantasy guides.

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