Outer Worlds Don’t Bite the Sun Guide

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Outer Worlds is heralded as the next fallout-like game but in space. Boy, did it meet those expectations and even go beyond that in some aspects. This open-world ARPG has you exploring planets, and without any spoilers, you take the role of someone who changes the future of the Halcyon colony. 

Honestly, between grinding, finding companions, and looking for gear, this game has a lot to offer and an in-depth world to explore with a rich, fulfilling story. If you aren’t here for the story, then the action part of the game is quite exemplary as well. I like the feel of the different guns and the melee combat, as it feels smooth. 

That’s enough flowery descriptions, though.

Let us get into the nitty-gritty of “Don’t Bite the Sun.”

Quest Name Don’t Bite The Sun
Quest Giver Parvati
Quest Location Unreliable
Requirements Drinking Sapphire Wine Completed. Parvati is not dead. 
Length of Quest 1-2 Hours 
Difficulty  Easy

What is a Companion Quest?

Companion Quest

In Outer Worlds, Companion Quests are missions you can undergo to either unlock or progress with companions. These NPCs travel with you, fight with you, and share their lives with you as you go around. 

Usually, you must complete some criteria to begin the quest, such as meeting the right NPC or having a certain level or stat before you can accept the quest. Doing so leads to gaining a companion, allies who can accompany you, like in Skyrim or Fallout. 

Quests range from fetch quests to escort quests to elimination quests. So depending on how you have been playing, these may become more difficult or impossible if certain key NPCs are dead or have become enemies with you. 

These are optional and unnecessary to complete the game, but they add a sense of realism and depth to the NPCs within the game. 

What is a Companion? 

Aside from following you, they are kind of like pseudo players. They have their Perks and Alignments. While you cannot romance them, you can befriend them as they have their own opinions and insight into the world around you. It livens up the adventure and makes the world feel much more alive. 

These are the companions you can acquire in the game

  • Ellie
  • Felix 
  • Nyoka
  • Parvati
  • SAM
  • Vicar Max.

Each one starts with a few different Perks, but when they join you, they level up alongside you so long as you bring them along. Even when they are on the ship, they still add a quarter of their adjusted skill value to yours, and this stacks if you get two companions who share the same skill. 

On a side note, you double this value when your inspiration score reaches sixty or higher. 

Keep in mind that companions have their likes, dislikes, and Flaws. So depending on what actions you take, they may leave your party; worry not, though, because they will stay on the Unreliable. So once you have recruited them, the worst they can do is refuse to join you in the field. 

Don’t Bite the Sun


Let’s talk about this quest then. I will put the short version here first if you are already in the game and need a guide. These will be the in-game objectives given to you one at a time. Afterward, I will explain what needs to finish after that. So skip ahead if you are looking for the objectives. 

Don’t Bite the Sun is the second quest in Parvati’s companion quests to accomplish. To access this, you should have already finished Parvati’s first quest, “Drinking Sapphire Wine,” and have gotten her as your companion. You must have already reached the mission “Passage to Anywhere” and landed at the Groundbreaker to start this quest. These are part of the main story, so please continue the main scenario if you do not know what these are. 

Moving from that, Parvati must have already spoken with Junlei during the “Drinking Sapphire Wine” quest. Many bugs happen during these events, so make sure that Parvati is still alive when accepting this quest and that you have not attacked anyone on the Groundbreaker. Doing so ensures that you can complete the other steps of the quest. If key NPCs are dead or enemies, they will not speak with you to progress the questline—the Short Version. 

  1. Shop for Cleansing Products
    1. Parvati wants to smarten herself up for her date with Junlei. She’s after specific supplies from a vendor on the Groundbreaker
      1. Head to Gladys’ shop and choose a soap that will impress Junlei
  2. Speak to Parvati.
    1. You and Parvati found the cleanser she wanted. Check with her to see if she’s ready to go on her date with Junlei.
      1. She is back on the Unreliable and has new instructions for you to follow. 
  3. Buy a Dustback Casserole
    1. Purchase a Dustback Casserole from Chef Raymond in Stellar Bay
      1. It would cost 3000 Bits or 2000 Bits if you invested in intimidation. 
  4. Find Sweetheart Cakes
    1. Find Sweetheart Cakes in the old Rizzo’s facility in Cascadia, Monarch.
      1. Your cake hides within a bar counter on the building left of the Bottling plant sign.
  5. Give Parvati the Food
    1. You should let her know that you’ve squared away the fine doing a portion of Parvati’s big date.
      1. Return to the Unreliable to continue this questline. 
  6. Find Parvati Fancy Clothes
    1. Parvati is feeling self-conscious about her attire. Help her find something with more flair at Celeste Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery in Byzantium.
      1. Buy the dress for 6000 Bits or 3500 Bits if you invested in intimidation or persuasion. 
  7. Speak to Parvati
    1. You helped Parvati find a striking outfit for her date with Junlei. Talk to her and see if she needs anything else.
      1. Talk to Parvati; this continues the quest automatically. 
  8. Talk to Parvati on the Ship
    1. Once Parvati gets herself together, she can invite Junlei back to the ship for their date. Check with her to see if she’s ready.
      1. Encourage Parvati one more time. 
  9. Check-in on the Date.
  10. Head to the kitchen and see how the date is going.
    1. Parvati and Junlei seem to be having a great time. You should leave the ship and let them enjoy their date together.
      1. Once you have heard enough, leave the vessel and come back to Parvati. 

The Long Version

dont bite

Step 1. Speak with Parvati on the Unreliable; she will tell you that she wants to visit Gladys on the Groundbreaker to purchase cleansing products. To get to Gladys, you go to the central area of the Groundbreaker and take a left to a rest-n-go, she resides within. When you visit this particular shop, you get the option to buy either apple, rose, or’ scrub.’ According to reports, Junlei appreciates the smell of apple over the other scents. Return to Parvati with the soap to begin the next step. 

Step 2. She then asks you to acquire a Dustback Casserole and Sweetheart Cakes. You find Dustback Cassaroles in Chef Ray’s shop in Stellar Bay (you can see this shop in front of the town’s apartments). He sells it for 3000 bits, but if you have intimidation of 50 or higher, you can bring it down to 2000 bits. 

Step 3. Rizzo’s Facility in Cascadia, Monarch, houses Sweetheart Cakes. You can loot the Sweetheart Cake from the building left of the Bottling Plant sign, inside a bar counter. Be ready for a fight because this is within Maradeur territory. Make sure to read the terminal next to the cake. It has the code to open the locked gate in the middle of the town. 

Step 4. When you return to the Unreliable and speak with Parvati, she will give you the next part of the quest to get an outfit for her to wear. It would be best to travel to Byzantium, specifically Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery (It has a giant glowing sign). You speak with Celeste Jolicoeur, who will give you the quest “Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel” once you have accomplished the first half of the quest. You can speak with Celeste again and buy the new outfit for 6000 Bits or with a Persuasion or Intimidation of 65 and higher 3000 Bits. 

To be more specific, once you have modeled an Iconoclast, Marauder, and Spacer gear, you can purchase the Fancy Evening Wear Collarless for Parvati. 

Step 4b. In case Jolicoeur was killed during the task Makes Spacesuits Won’t Travel,” you speak with Malini Gupta and buy the outfit for the same price. 

Step 5. Speak with Parvati once again, and she will try to send you off on another errand for her date with Junlei. You will tell her that she needs to “get on with it.” It would be best to travel back to the Unreliable to speak with Parvati again, then to Groundbreaker to talk to her to progress the quest. 

Head to the Groundbreaker kitchen, listen in on their date and leave and re-enter the ship. Parvati has finished her date by then, so speak with her to hear the good news. She announces that they are a couple now, which completes the quest.


rewards 2

Completing this awards you 28,000XP and 2500 Bits, a picture of the new couple, and unlocking Parvati’s Enchanted Evening perk. Finishing the quest also opens Parvati’s Companion ending at the end of the game, assuming that Parvati lives until the end. This changes based on which ending you, as the player, choose. 

Why Pursue Parvati? 

Parvati as a companion has a unique set of skills to offer to your adventures. 

At max level, she has 

Persuade 74
Lockpick 84
Engineering 88.

A quarter of this value adds to the player’s stats. With 60 inspiration, you add half to the player’s stats instead. 

Her Ability is called Overload, wherein she smashes her hammer, creating a shockwave that stuns auto mechanical and shocks enemies. 

For Unique Perks, she has Bonus Support Engineering (+10 Engineering), Mod Finder (+10% Chance to Extract Mods in the field), Synchronicity (+25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter), Enchanted Evening (Increases food and drink effect by 25%). 

If you have the Peril on Gorgon DLC, she also has these Perks; Rust Bucket Resistance (-20% Automechanical damage received) and Chrono-Harmony (+25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter).


Question: Why does Parvati randomly die in the Unreliable? 

Answer: This bug was rampant for a long time, and even after a few patches, it still occurred.
People have figured out that there is a ladder glitch while in the Unreliable. To solve this, talk to Parvati before anyone else, then make sure that Parvati has finished moving wherever the AI sends her.
The glitch is caused by the AI continuing to climb while you are conversing with someone else. Due to this, the AI leads Parvati to rise outside the spaceship and instantly hit the death plane. 

Question: What smell should I pick for Parvati? 

Answer: Honestly, the choice does not matter. However, there is unique dialogue per choice, and the most favorable option is Mock-apples and Synthanon, with Junlei complimenting the scent. Rose leads to her sneezing, and ‘Scrub’ leads her to ask if there are new parts on the ship. 

Question: Is Parvati a good companion? 

Answer: Yes, she is the first companion you encounter in the game. She has a well-rounded kit and personality and assists you with persuasion and lockpicking in the early game. She also gets you mods early in the game and increases your time dilation meter while you are still adjusting to the game. Even later in the game, you can still use her to significant effect, as a total of 50% increase to that meter means you get to stay in that slow-mo action for even longer to plan out your abilities and attacks. 


This quest is quite simple to accomplish. It is a fetch quest if you have already completed other side missions. If you have not, this quest gets slightly longer as you must complete, or at least partially complete, one other side quest. There you must fight a few times and collect more materials to complete. Overall it is an excellent conclusion to Parvati’s story and is quite profitable for the amount of work you need to put into it.

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