Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Deal with the Githyanki Creche

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Deal with the Githyanki Creche

Baldur’s Gate 3 has so many quests to discover that it can almost be overwhelming. Depending on which characters you recruit and which paths you take, you can miss out on entire story threads and have would-be friends turn into enemies.

With so many permutations happening everywhere you look in this game, it can be easy to be nervous about making choices. One of those areas that has many outcomes is the Githyanki Creche. It’s an intimidating mission, to say the least, so let’s figure out how to deal with the Githyanki Creche.

Quest Details Up Front

  • Quest Location: Githyanki Creche
  • Quest Length: 1-2 hours
  • Requirements: Lae’zel in the party in order to have all options open
  • Rewards: Blood of Lathander

Quest Synopsis

The Githyanki Creche is the home of the Githyanki, and you are there for one reason: to get the tadpole removed from you and your party’s brains. It’s easier said than done, though, as the Githyanki are led by a megalomaniacal leader, and none of her servants have your best intentions in mind.

Brief Walkthrough

  • Step One- Talk to Zorru in Emerald Grove
  • Step Two- Find the Githyanki Creche
  • Step Three- Attempt to remove the tadpole
  • Step Four- Destroy the Zaith’isk
  • Step Five- Take on the Githyanki Inquisitor or Submit to them
  • Step Six- Do battle with the Inquisitor
  • Step Seven- Confront Vlaakith
  • Step Eight- Enter the Prism
  • Step Nine- Confront your Guardian and learn the truth
  • Step Ten- Get the Blood of Lathander

Extended Walkthrough

Finding the Creche

baldurs gate 3 Finding the Creche

To start, we need to figure out where the Githyanki Creche is. If you have Lae’zel in your party, take her to Emerald Grove where you’ll find Zorru. He will reveal the location of the Githyanki Creche after a short dialogue. Getting there is quite the trek, and you’ll encounter the area along the mountain pass right next to Rosymorn Monastery.

To get there, head to the Risen Road area and make your way past Waukeen’s Rest, and you’ll eventually run into a massive battle involving the Githyanki and Flaming Fist members. You don’t have to fight here, and I advise against it at this point in the game. Instead, use Lae’zel’s conversation options to get through this encounter without a fight and continue without issue.

You will have the Githyanki Crech marker on your map so you can follow it along to the destination. When you get there, you will encounter the Rosymorn Monastery. It’s right on top of where we need to go. You’ll find a cable car that will zip you right over there, granted you pass a strength check.

Into the Monastery

into the monastery baldurs gate 3

After the short car ride, you’ll be in front of Rosymorn Monastery, and the Creche lies within. To get inside the Monastery, jump through the window and get ready with a lengthy and somewhat hilarious battle against a bunch of creatures called the Kobolds. If you fight them normally, this battle can drag on. Please don’t do that; instead, take advantage of the tons of barrels filled with alcohol and set them ablaze to cause this fight to end faster.

There is an opening in the back to progress after it’s done. One thing of note is that a Ceremonial Mace can be found on one of the corpses of the Kobolds, and we will need this for an upcoming puzzle. Continue on and walk up the rocks to get to the top of the area.

You will find a barricade blocking your way, but it’s nothing a weapon or a spell can’t handle. You will come upon a gap that you and your party will need to leap over. Continue on, start to descend via the stairs, and you’ll see yet another barricade to take down. Eventually, you’ll hit the door that leads to the Monastery basement, which is where the Githyanki Creche resides.

Before you do this, we have some unfinished business in the Monastery, which, while optional, will make the process of receiving a legendary weapon in the Creche way easier.

Finding the Ceremonial Weapons

Ceremonial Weapons baldurs gate 3

Head to the middle of the first floor of the building, and you’ll find a bizarre room with three tomb-like structures. The idea here is to collect three ceremonial weapons, but luckily, we already have one in the Ceremonial Mace. If you don’t have the mace, any mace in your arsenal will do because of a glitch here, so don’t fret.

Head up to the roof of the Monastery by heading outside and climbing the roots on the side of the building. There will be two large eagles defending our prize. You can fight them if you want, but the fight is a massive pain as they will often try to launch your party off the roof, which can cause massive damage or knock them out completely, and you’ll have to find the spot they fell to revive them. It’s a minor annoyance but one you won’t need to worry about if you pass a few checks. Any character that can talk to animals is a massive help here and can make this exchange go very easily.

However, you decide to go about it. Grab the Ceremonial Warhammer, head down the roots again, and head forward to find a mysterious door. This is a door locked by magic, and you’ll need to pick it to continue. I would save here and just try your luck at picking it and reload if you fail. Once you’re inside, another fight awaits. The Divine Guardian has an interesting gimmick. He can only attack you if you’re inside his circle, and he also damages himself when he attacks you. It’s a strange fight but an easy one at this point in the game. After the fight, grab the Ceremonial Battle Axe and return to the room with the three tombs.

Once there, place the weapons in their proper places, and you’ll be gifted the Dawnmaster’s Crest. This item is vital in the future and key to getting arguably the best weapon in Act 2. Return to the Monastery Basement, and it’s time to get into the Githyanki Creche.

Infiltrating the Creche

creche baldur's gate 3

We are in hostile territory here, and despite Lae’zel having our back, one wrong statement can set the entire Creche against you. The key here is that we have the artifact that they are looking for. That’s our leverage at all times. Keep this in mind.

The first order of business is getting the tadpole out of us via Lae’zel’s suggestion. The main area of the Githyanki Creche is a four-way intersection. To the left is where we need to head for now. Inside is a large machine and a “doctor” who will help you remove the tadpole. You can either go onto the machine yourself or let Lae’zel go for you.

It doesn’t matter which you choose, but your relationship with Lae’zel may be fractured if you let her try it and pull her out of it early. Basically, the machine is a scam, and the purification kills you instead of curing you, allowing the Githyanki to take the parasite out of you after your death.

Allowing the machine to do its thing won’t result in anyone dying, as the Guardian will cause the device to fail regardless. Things are quite tense after that, and the doctor will question you on whether or not the parasite was removed. Save here as failing turns the entire Creche hostile against you, and it’s a fight you likely can’t win at this point in the game.

If you succeed in the roll, you can continue exploring the Creche at your leisure. It’s time to meet the Inquisitor again, whom you encountered earlier during the fight with the Flaming Fist.

Confronting the Inquisitor and the Queen

inquisitor baldurs gate 3

The Inquisitor is located on the right of the intersection in the main area of the Creche. Now is the time to reveal you have the artifact, and you’ll be allowed to see the Inquisitor. If you don’t want to reveal the artifact, you can steal a Gith Shard from the captain to continue or fight them, but I don’t advise that at all.

This will begin a long sequence full of cutscenes and dialogue. If you lied about the artifact, it’s here that you will pretty much be forced to admit it is in your possession. With La’zel in tow, let her take the lead, or else your relations might fracture to the point that she’ll leave for good. Considering she’s the strongest character in the game, we don’t want that to happen.

You’ll learn the truth about the artifact prism you hold and why the Githyanki need it. As it turns out, inside the artifact is an alternate plane of existence where your Guardian resides. The queen of the Githyanki, Vlaakith, will appear and demand that you kill them.

Unlike most options in Baldur’s Gate 3, refusing her here results in an instant death. Whether you want to kill your Guardian or not, you have to agree to help her here. Head into the Astral Plane, talk to your Guardian and decide whether you want to kill them or not. Regardless of your choice, you can’t kill them at this point in time, so head back to the Creche and get ready for a fight.

The Inquisitor and his lackeys are tough, but you should be up to the challenge by this point in the game. You’ll want to focus on the enemies with smaller health pools here, as their long-range attacks can be a nuisance. The Inquisitor himself has a solid amount of health, but it’s nothing Lae’zel can’t handle at this point, and a few turns from her should down him in no time.

The Blood of Lathander

The Blood of Lathander baldurs gate 3

When the room is covered in lifeless bodies, loot everyone accordingly and prepare for one last challenge. To the west of the room, you’ll find two statues. One is stuck in place, and the other can be turned. It’s puzzle time. Luckily, we have the solution. Turn the easy-to-move statue east, and then for the other, you can pass a strength check to face it west or throw a bottle of grease on it or a grease spell to make it move.

This will open a passage forward. You’re now in a high-security area, and you’ll need to take out the energy source for every barrier to continue. The one in the first room is simple enough, but the second room is much tougher. A device called the Dawnbreaker is on guard here, and it can insta-kill your party at this point in the game. You can disarm it with a check, and that’s the right move. Save beforehand and keep trying until you get it.

Walk around the barrier to the left, and you’ll find another Dawnbreaker. Deal with it the same way and destroy the energy source to continue. The next room is a bit baffling at first. There is no energy source in sight. However, if you hop down to the right of you, you’ll find it cleverly pinned up against the side of a cliff. Destroy it and continue on.

The Ultimate Prize

dawnmaster’s Crest baldurs gate

You’ll find a pedestal in front of you. Insert the Dawnmaster’s Crest in it, and you’ll now have possession of the Blood of Lathander mace, a weapon that makes short work of the undead and has one of the strongest spells in the game, Sunbeam, attached to it.

Now, if you decided to skip the earlier guide on how to get the Dawnmaster’s Crest, you still can get the Blood of Lathander mace, though it’ll be a lot tougher. See, going for the mace without the crest activates a security system that locks your character in a cage while the other members of your party are left on the outside. If you don’t act fast, a device activates that will obliterate the entire Githyanki Creche in a few turns. There’s a portal that opens up as well, but we’re going to ignore that and focus on the energy poles that are powering this doomsday device.

You have four turns to destroy each one or the game ends. With that in mind, position your strongest magic user on one side and two other characters on the other. Cast every powerful spell in your arsenal and emphasize spells that hit multiple times, like Magic Missile. Save frequently, and with a bit of luck, you’ll come away from this battle unscathed and with an ultra-powerful weapon in your possession.


Question: Can you get into the Githyanki Creche without Lae’zel?

Answer: Yes, but you will miss out on valuable dialogue and lore reveals

Question: Can Lae’zel betray you in the Githyanki Creche?

Answer: No, but she will leave your party if you act in ways that are clearly against her people.

Question: Can you kill your Guardian in the Githyanki Creche?

Answer: No, even if you try to, you will do no damage and ultimately be sent back to the Creche regardless.

Defying a God

The Githyanki Creche is one of the more entertaining sections of Baldur’s Gate 3’s story. The reveals here are fascinating and really kick the story into another gear. The only thing to worry about is keeping Lae’zel happy throughout, and by following this guide, you should end up leaving with her by your side and a devastating weapon in your arsenal.

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