Baldur’s Gate 3 Legendary Items Guide: How to Get Every Legendary Item in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 features a massive world based on Dungeons & Dragons for you to explore. Throughout the world, you’ll find many items of various rarities to collect. Of the items in the game, the most coveted are the legendary items, which have the highest rarity and some of the most powerful stats. To find out all about them, you are in the right place with this Baldur’s Gate 3 legendary items guide.

There are so few legendary items in Baldur’s Gate 3 across the weapons and armor. It is honestly possible for you to go throughout the entire game without experiencing a single one of these. I know I was pretty far into the game before I found my first legendary item myself, excluding a certain one. But if you find one, you’re in for a treat, as you’ll see in this Baldur’s Gate legendary items guide.

legendary item baldur's gate 3

Bottom Line Up Front

Baldur’s Gate 3 only has 17 legendary items for you to find in the game. They are spread across weapons and armor, with a few options for each. Since this is such a limited category in general, you won’t find options for every single weapon type in the game, which is unfortunate.

That said, there is something for every type of player and class in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, you’ll likely have to go through quite a lot of the game and do some rather specific content to unlock even one of the legendary items. Even still, they are more than worth the effort for the unmatched stats and abilities they offer you.

How to Get All Legendary Items in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are many legendary items for you to collect in Baldur’s Gate 3. With the 17 available, I have you covered for each of them. Below, you’ll find them in no particular order with what type of legendary item it is (weapon, armor, etc.), what its general stats are, and what special abilities make it so legendary in the first place. Plus, I’ll even let you know how to get it yourself. Let’s get started.

1. Blood of Lathander Mace

blood of lathander mace baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Weapon (Mace)
  • Stats: 1d6 bludgeoning plus your Strength modifier plus three extra damage
  • Special Abilities: Sunbeam, Lathander’s Blessing, and Lathander’s Light
  • Location: In the Rosymorn Monastery past the Githyanki Crèche

If there is a single legendary weapon on this list, every player should pick up, it’s the Blood of Lathander mace. It is by far the best overall weapon for all types of players and has some incredible stats that are more than worth its legendary status. For starters, it deals some solid damage, especially given the guaranteed points.

But it gets better when you include the special abilities, which are the best of any legendary weapon. You get Sunbeam, a high-level and heavily powerful spell, plus Lathander’s Light. This ability gives you holy light for a six-meter radius around your character while you use it. All fiends and undead enemies experience blinding while there.

But the most powerful ability of them all is the nearly broken Lathander’s Blessing. This is the perfect survival ability, as it causes the user to regain two to 12 health points once per long rest when they would otherwise die, which is already impressive. Better yet, all allies within nine meters also get healed for one to six points.

There is nothing like the Blood of Lathander mace from a gameplay perspective, and you should absolutely of out of your way to get it. Fortunately, you can get it relatively early in the game compared to the other legendary items here. Head to the Rosymorn Monastery on the Mountain Pass and under it to the Githyanki Crèche.

Meet with the inquisitor there and then complete the statue puzzle in this area after the main fight here to progress deeper and find the legendary mace.

2. Bloodthirst

bloodthirst baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Weapon (Dagger)
  • Stats: 1d4 plus two guaranteed piercing
  • Special Abilities: Improved Critical, Exploit Weakness (main hand only), and True Strike
    Riposte (off-hand only), one extra AC point
  • Location: Orin the Red in Bhaal Temple

If you play as a Rogue character, this is one of the best options for your build. You get some pretty meh damage, which gets better when you include this legendary weapon’s various abilities. Improved Critical ensures you have an easier time landing a critical hit.

Meanwhile, if you use this in your main hand, enemies will have a vulnerability to piercing, which makes your attacks even more potent. In the off-hand, instead, you can retaliate and gain True Strike whenever an enemy misses hitting you.

This dagger makes for a solid addition to a critical-heavy Rogue build. I wouldn’t recommend it to most other players, though. You can find it by defeating Orin the Red and getting the drop from her when you visit Bhaal Temple late in the game.

3. Balduran’s Giantslayer

balduran’s giantslayer baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Weapon (Greatsword)
  • Stats: 2d6 slashing damage
  • Special Abilities: Giant Slayer, Giant Form, Pommel Strike, Lacerate, and Cleave
  • Location: Wyrmway from Ansur

This legendary greatsword already has some solid damage, which is among the best in its class, but then it offers players a ton of action moves that not every weapon has available to them. But where it truly shines is in its two abilities, Giant Slayer and Giant Form.

Giant Slayer increases your damage even more, doubling the Strength modifier you have and then adding that damage on top of whatever you rolled. Better yet, you get an Advantage in any rolls against large, huge, or even gargantuan creatures you face in the game. There aren’t many, but those unique bosses are suddenly less dreadful.

There is also Giant Form, which is spectacular. It makes you a giant character, gaining Fearsome, extra health for a short time, and even more damage. This is the perfect weapon for a melee warrior or tank in the game. You can get it by heading to the Wyrmway and defeating Ansur, then looting the sword.

4. Crimson Mischief

crimson mischief baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Weapon (Shortsword)
  • Stats: 1d6 piercing, 1d4 Necrotic, and 1d4 additional piercing damage (conditional)
  • Special Abilities: Prey Upon the Weak, Redvein Savagery, and Crimson Weapon
  • Location: Orin the Red in the Bhaal Temple

Right from the start, you might notice the several rolls you can get to deal some severe damage with this otherwise innocuous short sword, but it doesn’t stop there. For one, you get the extra conditional damage if the opponent has 50% health or less, which is great for Rogues and other melee warriors.

In addition, Redvein Savagery means you’ll deal an extra seven damage if this is in your main hand and you have Advantage. Sneak attacks become even better this way. But if you have it in your off-hand, you gain the Crimson Weapon ability, which adds your ability modifier to the attack to deal extra damage.

This is a must for Rogues, and you can get it deep in Act 3 of the game by defeating Orin the Red at the Temple of Bhaal.

5. Devotee’s Mace

devotee's mace baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Weapon (Mace)
  • Stats: 1d6 bludgeoning and 1d8 Radiant damage
  • Special Abilities: Healing Incense Aura plus some weapon actions
  • Location: Divine Intervention: Arm Thy Servant Cleric class option

To get this legendary mace, you must be a Cleric, which is quite specific for a legendary weapon. You’ll need to reach level 10 as a Cleric and then pick the Divine Intervention: Arm Thy Servant option. This allows you to get this weapon.

Its damage is fine, with the additional Radiant damage being a nice touch. What makes this legendary, though, is the Healing Incense Aura ability. It grants you and your nearby allies one to four health points of healing at the start of each turn for a grand total of ten turns.

It is also a bonus action, so you can still hit enemies for some of that sweet Radiant damage and then put this regen-style healing spell on your entire party for a huge portion of the fight. This is a must for healer characters. It is only unfortunate you have to be near the end of the game at level 10 even to get this legendary weapon in the first place.

6. Duelist’s Prerogative

duellist's prerogative baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Rapier
  • Stats: 1d8 piercing and 1d4 Necrotic damage
  • Special Abilities: Elegant Duelist (main hand only) and Withering Cut. Ability to challenge characters to duels.
  • Location: Complete the quest Save Vanra near the Basilisk Gate

Besides the amazing fact you can challenge random characters to duels, which not precisely most weapons can do in this game, this sword allows you to use a couple of unique skills. Elegant Duelist is only available in your main hand and when your off-hand is empty, but your critical hits work even when you land a 19, and you’ll have an extra reaction each turn.

If that isn’t enough, you also get Withering Cut. The crux of this particular skill is dealing even more Necrotic damage beyond the initial amount this sword is known for. How it works is anytime you hit the enemy with a melee attack with this sword, you can use a reaction to deal the extra Necrotic damage based on your current proficiency bonus with this weapon.

There is, unfortunately, only one way to get this sword, and it is as a reward for completing the side quest Save Vanra. You can start this quest at the Basilisk Gate and earn the weapon that way.

7. Gontr Mael

gontr mael baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Longbow
  • Stats: 1d8 piercing damage
  • Special Abilities: Promised Victory, Celestial Haste, and Gontr Mael: Glowing
  • Location: Defeat the Steel Watcher Titan in the Steel Watch Foundry

This is the longbow you should consider for my Ranger, Druid, and other ranged physical fans in this game. Its damage is meh, but its impressive abilities make up for that. Celestial Haste is a fun free spell that will help you maneuver around the battlefield more easily.

Gontr Mael: Glowing lets you create a light to brighten up the entire area within a radius of six meters around you. This is helpful not only in darker locations like various dungeons and the Underdark, but it is also solid if you trek through the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

But my favorite ability for this bow is Promised Victory, which has a chance of automatically casting Guiding Bolt on any enemy you hit. This fairly powerful spell also increases the accuracy of your team’s next hit on the foe. You can get this longbow when you defeat the Steel Watcher Titan at the Steel Watch Foundry during the Disable the Steel Watch quest.

8. Helm of Balduran

helm of balduran baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Medium Armor (Helmet)
  • Stats: One extra AC point
  • Special Abilities: Stun Immunity, Balduran’s Vitality, and Balduran’s Favor
  • Location: Can be looted by Ansur

This legendary helmet can be found in the Wyrmway by taking out Ansur there and looting it off his body. It doesn’t add much to your defense outside of the one extra AC point, and the additional chance at a saving throw you get from Balduran’s Favor.

However, it makes up for this in the fact you can’t get stunned by an enemy in battle, nor will they be able to land a critical hit on you. These both ensure you aren’t surprised by sudden massive damage or stun that could ruin your entire turn.

Balduran’s Vitality is even better, as it allows you to regain two hit points at the beginning of every turn with this helmet on. It isn’t much, but that can mean the difference between life and death in some situations. If you want a legendary helmet, this is a solid option.

9. Helldusk Armor

helldusk armor Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Armor
  • Legendary Item Type: Heavy Armor
  • Stats: 21 AC
  • Special Abilities: Helldusk Armor, Infernal Retribution, Fly, and Prime Aegis of Fire
  • Location: House of Hope

By far the best armor in the entire game and arguably among the best legendary items in general in Baldur’s Gate 3, Helldusk Armor is a must for any character. That’s because, despite being a heavy armor item, any character is proficient with using this armor while wearing it.

Prime Aegis of Fire assists with the strange Infernal Retribution skill, which makes any caster who uses a spell on you that you save against be now burned for three turns. In addition, you yourself can’t be burned while wearing this, and you’ll have resistance to fire damage.

If that isn’t enough, you also take three less damage from everything. This armor is overpowered, and it lets you even fly away if the situation somehow gets dire. Helldusk Armor is by far the most powerful armor and legendary item in this game, so it sucks you have to go all the way to the House of Hope, which is hard to do before reaching level 12 in the game to unlock it.

10. Gloves of Soul Catching

gloves of soul catching baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Gloves
  • Stats: Plus two points to Constitution (up to 20 in total)
  • Special Abilities: Soul Fist and Soul Catching
  • Location: House of Hope

Like the previous item, you’ll have to reach and traverse the House of Hope to get this legendary item. This is something no player should attempt before reaching level 12, as it is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. But if you can get it, these are some rightfully powerful gloves.

Soul Fist boosts your unarmed attacks to get an extra one to ten Force damage. On the other hand, Soul Catching makes your unarmed attacks also either get ten hit points back instantly once per turn or trade that in for an Advantage on all of your rolls until the end of the next turn.

This is the single best armor and item in the game for Monks and other characters who might use unarmed attacks. But if you don’t use those types of attacks, this is useless to you. But in the right hands, this can help make a broken Monk build.

11. Markoheshkir

markoheshkir baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Quarterstaff
  • Stats: 1d8 or 1d6 bludgeoning damage
  • Special Abilities: Arcane Enchantment, Kereska’s Favor spell, and Arcane Battery
  • Location: Ramazith’s Tower

This weapon is for you if you are a magical spellcaster and feel left out so far. If you need an extra melee punch in close-range, this legendary quarterstaff gives you alright damage that is boosted by having access to the elemental buff spell, Kereska’s Favor.

Arcane Enchantment helps keep you alive, too, offering an extra point bonus towards saving throws from spells. Better yet, once per rest, this gives you a boost when you want to where your next spell won’t use up one of your spell slots to cast it.

You’ll need to visit Ramazith’s Tower to get this legendary quarterstaff. Head to the lowest part of this tower and then deactivate the shield there to find this quarterstaff hiding inside.

12. Nyrulna

nyrulna baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Magic Weapon
  • Stats: 1d6 piercing (one-handed) or 1d8 (two-handed) plus 1d6 thunder damage
  • Special Abilities: Glowing, Veil of the Wind, and Zephyr Connection
  • Location: In the Akabi genie’s jungle

This unique weapon deals some solid damage for spellcasters and is one of the best options for classes like Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock, Druid, and Cleric. To get it, you’ll need to find the circus in Rivington and pickpocket or use a Bard to distract the genie Akabi. This will let you spin a wheel, which will take you to a jungle where you can find this weapon in a chest there.

Besides its impressive magical damage, you have Glowing, which allows you to use this weapon as a light source. Veil of the Wind gives you three extra meters to jump or move during battle and makes you immune to any falling damage.

Finally, Zephyr Connection lets you throw the weapon and have it automatically return to you afterward. Throwing it deals an impressive three to 12 thunder damage in a six-meter radius around the target you land it on.

13. Orphic Hammer

orphic hammer baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Warhammer
  • Stats: 1d8 (one-handed) or 1d10 (two-handed) bludgeoning plus three guaranteed
  • Special Abilities: Unshackling Strike
  • Location: House of Hope

This is one of the weaker legendary weapons in the game. It has some decent base damage, but the trip to House of Hope is certainly not worth the effort to pick this one up unless you adore only hammer weapons. Unshackling Strike is a nice move, but this is far from the only weapon to have this action.

14. Mask of the Shapeshifter

mask of the shapeshifter baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Helmet
  • Stats: None
  • Special Abilities: Shapeshift
  • Location: Digital Deluxe Edition

If you don’t buy the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game or upgrade to it, you won’t have this item. It’s a shame since it is immensely powerful. It lets you shapeshift into so many different things. You can be pretty much any race in the game, numerous sizes, and more. Think of it almost like a way to change your character’s appearance all over again.

It doesn’t have much use outside of that, and it takes up a helmet spot, so it may not be for everyone.

15. Shar’s Spear of Evening

shar's spear of evening baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Spear
  • Stats: 1d6 (one-handed) or 1d8 (two-handed) piercing
  • Special Abilities: Blind Immunity, Shar’s Darkness, and Shar’s Blessing
  • Location: Gauntlet of Shar

There are two main paths for a legendary spear for Shadowheart. This one requires you to make the worse choice during the Gauntlet of Shar and Nightsong incident in Act 2. Its damage isn’t impressive, but you at least get the Shar’s Darkness spell, which is alright, and immunity to being blinded while using it.

Shar’s Blessing is quite lovely, though, since it gives you an Advantage on throws when you are lightly or heavily obscured, plus some extra damage to enemies in the same situation.

16. Selune’s Spear of Night

selune's spear of night baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Spear
  • Stats: 1d6 (one-handed) or 1d8 (two-handed)
  • Special Abilities: Moonmote, Moonbeam, Darkvision, and Selune’s Blessing
  • Location: Gauntlet of Shar

You can only get this particular legendary spear for Shadowheart if you pick the much better, more heroic option for Shadowheart during the Gauntlet of Shar and Nightsong incident in Act 2. Stats-wise, it’s the same, but it has better skills with Darkvision, the powerful Moonbeam spell, and the decent Moonmote action.

Selune’s Blessing is pretty similar to its counterpart, giving you the Advantage against any Wisdom and Perception rolls. This is the slightly better option overall for Shadowheart to wield in battle.

17. Viconia’s Walking Fortress

viconia’s walking fortress baldur’s gate 3 legendary items
  • Legendary Item Type: Shield
  • Stats: Three bonus AC points
  • Special Abilities: Warding Bond, Reflective Spell, Spellguard, and Rebuke of the Mighty
  • Location: House of Grief

For the final legendary item with Viconia’s Walking Fortress shield, you’ll need to visit the House of Grief and defeat Viconia during the Daughter of Darkness quest. Besides its nice boost to your defense with three extra armor points, you also get the solid Warding Bond spell and Reflective Spell, both of which are terrific for protecting your character.

In addition, you get Spellguard, which gives you the Advantage in pretty much every spell-related situation. If that still isn’t enough for you, Rebuke of the Mighty is a reaction you can use to deal some solid Force damage and potentially knock them prone.

This is the premier legendary shield for tanks, as they will be able to be nearly unstoppable with it. Pair this with the Helldusk Armor from Act 3 as well, and this tank character will pretty much be a literal walking fortress, as the name states.


Question: What is the most versatile weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Answer: The most versatile weapon in all of Baldur’s Gate 3 is easily the Blood of Lathander mace. For one, quite a few classes can learn how to use this weapon, including even some spellcasters, and it is easy to learn for everyone else. Then you have its surprisingly good stats and incredible ability, which can revive the player and heal at the same time.

Question: What does Wrath do in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Answer: Wrath in Baldur’s Gate 3 causes the player to have adrenaline run through their veins, boosting their overall attack. This means you’ll experience a permanent plus one in damage to all of your melee attacks, making it an excellent option for melee warriors like Barbarians, Fighters, Rogues, and Paladins.

Question: What is the best legendary item in BG3?

Answer: The best legendary item in BG3 is unequivocally the Helldusk Armor, and there is no match in the slightest. Unlike almost everything else, it is meant for every single character, class, and type of player in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is the most powerful and versatile armor, so don’t miss out on it.

Do Legendary Weapons Equal the Best Weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3?

There are a lot of legendary weapons in this list, ranging from hammers to spears to maces and more. While not every weapon is, sadly, represented on this list at this time, there are more than a few options to fit every type of player, from the spellcasters out there like Wizards and Sorcerers to the more melee-focused characters like Paladins and Barbarians.

And that is all before including the Helldusk Armor, which is honestly for every class. But you might be wondering if the weapons are for you or not and if they are worth the trouble in the way the Helldusk Armor certainly is. After all, you have to go through so much effort even to find these weapons in the first place.

For the most part, I would, sadly, say that most of the legendary weapons in this game aren’t necessarily the best in the game, or at least not worth it for the effort involved. Instead, you should find out the best weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3, and try to focus on adding those to your inventory.

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