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Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods, is a member of the Executioners, a covenant with heavy connections to the Healing Church, and is a summonable NPC in Bloodborne. In this guide, we’ll be talking about Alfred’s lore, his locations, summon locations, questlines, and everything you need to know about him!


A Mentor And His Idea of Justice

Alfred’s primary mission is to assassinate the Vileblood Queen Annalise and set the Executioners’ former leader, Martyr Logarius. Martyr Logarius happens to be a hunter of Vilebloods and is the master of Alfred. Alfred’s dialogue seems to imply that he had a personal relationship with Logarius. Logarius led a group of warriors called the Executioners. The Executioners wore a gold helmet called the Gold Ardeo, which serves as the symbol of their faction. The helmet represents their will and resolve to face the impurity. Their motto, as stated by Logarius, is:

Acts of goodness are not always wise, and acts of evil are not always foolish, but regardless, we shall always strive to be good.

Alfred Bloodborne Kill Vileblood Queen Annalise

The quote represents their belief and faith in the justice that they believe in, murder. Logarius further justifies this “justice” by deeming this as a way to sever the impure. An act of goodness by sparing their lives would not be wise, while committing a crime and murdering them would not be foolish. This ideology is what Logarius believes in, and he fights every single day to prove that he is right.

Alfred: The Fountain of Knowledge

Alfred The Fountain Of Knowledge

Alfred is eager to spit facts about everything he knows regarding the city of Yharnam and the Healing Church. He also admits to the player that even he is unaware of the Healing Church’s ultimate motive. Histories of Byrgenwerth, the founding of the Healing Church, and even their blood ministration, Logarius, and the Vilebloods, Alfred will tell you everything about these. Alfred also admitted that he started like the player, a hunter. He became a hunter for the Healing Church; however, upon the discovery of the church’s history, he went another way by joining the Executioners without any hesitation.

Meeting Alfred and Pressing On With His Mission

The player will find Alfred praying at an altar outside a small church. The church most likely represented the honor of Logarius and his Executioners, although inside the altar is a secret entrance that leads to Old Yharnam. Alfred presents himself as a friendly ally and offers the information stated above. However, upon the subsequent encounter in his second location near the Forbidden Woods, Alfred revealed that he wanted to enter the Forsaken Castle Cainhurst to finish the ruler of the Vilebloods, Queen Annalise. In his mindset, if he can kill Annalise, Master Logarius will be raised as a martyr for his movement.

After you beat Logarius, you will find the Cainhurst Summons in Annalise’s throne room. Finding these summons will permit Alfred to hop onto the castle through the ghostly coach at the Hemwick Crossing and finally get to the throne room of Queen Annalise (previously hidden by the Crown of Illusions). Alfred begins to decimate Annalise with his weapon called the Logarius Wheel.

Alfred Bloodborne Logarius Wheel
Image from Fandom

Alfred believes that he finally was able to achieve what Logarius could not; however, unbeknownst to Alfred, Logarius actually used the Crown of Illusions to protect everyone from accessing Queen Annalise and her corrupted blood. It is until then that we see Alfred never understood Logarius’ sacrifice.

Alfred Bloodborne
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Alfred’s Martyrization

After Alfred finally became triumphant, he gloated and made his way back to his first location, the altar. There are theories that he killed himself due to his body position when the player finds him. There’s blood on his chest and a piece of twisted metal with blood on his hand. We can assume that after “killing” Queen Annalise, Alfred wants to die as a martyr and join Logarius in that prestigious rank.

There are other theories stating that remaining loyalists to Queen Annalise hunted and killed Alfred. This theory is unlike since there are only two Vilebloods left, Queen Annalise and the player.

Location and Summoning Alfred


You can find Alfred in the Cathedral Ward at the entrance, where there is a tomb. You would need to go to the left side of the building near the lever to open the tomb and go through the door, and you will find him standing there.

Here’s a video guide of where you can find Alfred for the first time:

Later on, if you’ve already killed Vicar Amelia, Alfred is still in the Cathedral Ward; however, he is now on the balcony with a view of the entrance to the Forbidden Woods.

Here’s a video guide where you can find Alfred’s second location in the Cathedral Ward:

Summon Against Bosses

Prior to summoning Alfred, you need to meet him first in the Cathedral Ward and agree to help him with his quest, essentially accepting his questline at the same time.

You could summon Alfred to help you fight the Blood-Starved Beast if you spoke to him in the Cathedral Ward. While descending towards the chapel upon the first staircase, a note will be placed on the right-hand side saying that he is available for summoning. You can then use the Beckoning Bell on the message, and Alfred will appear as an NPC Summon, fighting alongside you against the Blood-Starved Beast.

Here’s a video demonstration of where to find his summoning message and how to summon Alfred for the Blood-Starved Beast:

You can also summon Alfred to fight the Cleric Beast, one of the game’s earliest bosses. If you’re struggling with defeating this optional boss, I highly recommend summoning Alfred to help you get through the Cleric Beast.

To summon Alfred, go through the gate right next to the Central Yharnam lamp and go down the stairs where you will find a messenger with a note. You just need to use the Beckoning Bell there, and Alfred will aid you against the Cleric Beast.

Here’s a video demonstration of where to find his summoning message and how to summon Alfred for the Cleric Beast:

One thing to note about Alfred is that he does not use a summon slot. Summoning him first will make it possible for you to summon two more players, creating a four-man team against the Blood-Starved Beast. If you decide to kill him in his second location at the Cathedral Ward, he will give Wheel Hunter Bade (if you already have this, Fire Paper will replace this item) and the Radiance Rune, which is something that you will get once you finish his entire questline. However, if you decide to kill him upon meeting him, Alfred will only drop Fire Paper.

Alfred’s Questline Guide

  1. After finding Alfred at the entrance of the Old Yharnam through the Cathedral Wards, you need to accept his invitation for cooperation, and he will then provide you with 3x Fire Paper and the Pray Gesture.
  2. Get through the Cainhurst Castle and defeat Martyr Logarius at the top of the castle. If you’re having a hard time with Martyr Logarius, get to BL 80+ then come back to Logarius afterward. Use the obstacles to break Logarius’ line of sight, especially with his spells. Try to do a hit and run tactic, doing 2-3 hits and then dodge left. As a last tip, you can backstab him while he charges his first buff, which causes him to stagger.
  3. Pick up the Crown of Illusions lying on the ground and equip it. This action will trigger a cutscene that reveals Queen Annalise’s throne room.
  4. On the right-hand side of Queen Annalise, there is a table with some summon letters. Deliver the letter to Alfred on his 2nd location at the balcony at the Cathedral Ward, which oversees the entrance to the Forbidden Woods. Doing so will allow Alfred to gain access to the Cainhurst Castle, and he will then reward you with a Church Bow (Male) Gesture and a Wheel Hunter Badge.
  5. Alfred will continue his mission to eliminate the Vileblood Faction for the sake of Logarius to become a true martyr. He needs to kill the queen to have Logarius ascend to that rank.
  6. You can find Alfred in Queen Annalise’s throne room with the queen’s decimated body. Talk to Alfred there, and he will reward you with the Roar Gesture.
  7. Go to the queen’s throne to get the Queenly Flesh item.
  8. Return to Alfred’s first location, where you met him to complete his quest. You will find his lifeless body with the Radiance Rune (Effect: Increases the amount of HP recovered by Blood Vials).

Here’s a video representing the entire questline of Alfred:


Alfred is an interesting character in Bloodborne with comprehensive lore and an unusual personality. Whether you stand with his and Martyr Logarius’ beliefs, we can not deny that both of them are martyrs for the justice they believe in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is It Worth It To Finish Alfred’s Questline?

Answer: Based on the amount of lore and the story that you will get while playing through Alfred’s questline, for me, it’s worth playing through his quests. Even if Alfred does not provide any meaningful items (except the FIre Paper), it’s still a good sidequest. It gives you a lot of knowledge regarding the Executioners, the Healing Church, etc.

Question: Did Alfred Succumb To Beasthood?

Answer: At the end of his questline, Alfred dies; however, a close-up picture of his eyes shows us that he is beginning to collapse. The eye of a blood-drunk hunter has his pupils collapsed, which is what the game indicated for Alfred. Regardless, he was close to becoming a beast prior to killing himself.

Question: What Weapon Does Alfred Use Against The Blood-Starved Beast?

Answer: Upon summoning Alfred in the Blood-Starved Beast fight, he will wield a Kirkhammer. The Kirkhammer is a simple straight sword on one side, and on the other is a giant stone hammer that provides a blunt strike. However, while killing Queen Annalise, he will be using the Logarius Wheel in hopes of honoring his mentor.

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