Elden Ring Margit Boss Guide

Elden Ring is one of those games that is pretty unbelievable when you think about it. The hype for this game was even bigger than the historical flop of Cyberpunk 2077, and it didn’t seem possible that any game could live up to it. Elden Ring not only lived up to the hype, but it also surpassed it, delivering one of the highest-rated games of all time and creating a cultural phenomenon as well.

I’ve been a souls-like veteran since Dark Souls in 2011, so I thought I would be prepared for the challenge Elden Ring had in store. Despite many efforts to make this one more manageable than other games in the series, this is one of the hardest games I’ve ever played. I’ve poured hours into some fights, and with this comes new strategies, trying out different weapons, tactical items, and whatever else I could find to overcome them. This all started when I came across the first true story boss of the game, Margit, The Fell Omen.

To say this boss is difficult is an understatement. There is nothing that can really prepare you for the difficulty of this fight as it’s pretty much a welcome to the game; now, prepare to die simulator. I advise you to jump in once to get a look at what’s in store for you. Once you inevitably die, that’s where this guide will come in. We’re going to figure out just how to fell Margit.

Preparing for the Fight

Going in to face Margit at the very beginning of the game is absolute insanity. Although you’re directed there right after you’ve found your first Lost Grace (checkpoint) in the world, you are going to be woefully under-leveled, weak, and you’ll likely not have anything close to a good enough weapon to make the impact you want.

In order to remedy some of that, we’re going to explore the land of Limgrave. This is a huge area, so to focus you a bit, we’re going to be looking for a few things that can make this fight far easier.

Murkwater Cave

Murkwater Cave

The first area you will want to explore is Murkwater Cave. You’ll find this area underneath the Lake Agheel Bridge, and after facing off against some fairly weak enemies, you will find the boss of the area, Patches. He is pretty weak, and you’ll have little trouble whittling his health down. Once you get him around halfway dead, he’ll beg for mercy. Accept this plea, and Patches will become a merchant. He sells a few useful items, but the most important item he sells is Margit’s Shackles. These cost 5000 runes to get, but they’re incredibly helpful as they can be used to paralyze Margit twice during the opening stages of the coming boss fight.


Talismans are incredibly crucial to success in Elden Ring. There are tons of different ones to acquire, and each one has a unique effect on your character, from increased damage done with charge attacks to things like lightning resistance, increased spear damage, and so much more. 

You acquire Talismans from exploring and defeating bosses. One of the most important ones to have early on is the Green Turtle Talisman. This causes your stamina to recover way faster, allowing you to dodge and attack more often. You can find this in Summonwater Village.

You can find this area by using the Wind Spring to the far right of the Stormveil Castle Walls. Travel along the path to the right up here, and you’ll run across it as well as the boss Tibia Mariner. You don’t need to defeat the boss, though, so just run into the underground area on the southeast side of the village, unlock it with a Stonesword Key, and the item will be yours to equip. 


You can play most of Elden Ring with a friend or stranger, and that is true as well for the boss fights. Other players can be particularly helpful against Margit, but keep in mind that you will need a Furcalling Finger Remedy item in order to summon them, and these items will run you 1000 runes from Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh.

You cannot use Spirit Summons or NPC summons while you have another player in your game, so keep this in mind. The skill of who you summon is completely random, so you’re either going to get a seasoned player who knows what they’re doing or someone completely lost, making the act of summoning a bit of a risk. 

Spirit Calling Bell

Spirit Calling Bell

The Spirit Calling Bell is arguably the most important item you can find in Elden Ring as it allows you to summon spirits to fight alongside you in battle. They can draw aggro from a boss and open them up for a variety of big damage attacks. To get it, you have to travel to the Gatefront Ruins and rest at the Lost Grace point there. Once you do this, you will be visited by Melina and get your steed Torrent. Once you have Torrent, travel back to the Church of Elleh Site of Grace which you likely came across on your path. When you get there, a witch named Renna will appear, and you’ll be given the Spirit Calling Bell as well as the summon Lone Wolves.

You will use FP each time you summon the Lone Wolves, but you can counter this by refilling your FP with a flask, and during the Margit fight, having these summons at your side is incredibly important.

Weapons and Armor and Ashes of War

There are a ton of things to find in the area of Limgrave, and you’ll likely come across a bunch on your own, so I’m going to point you towards the most important ones to have for the Margit fight.



This is a starting item for the Samurai class, but if you went another route, you can find this weapon in the Death-Touched Catacombs located in Northern Limgrave. You can reach this area by using one of the wind springs on the right side of the castle and launching yourself up to the cliffside area. You’ll find it tucked underneath the broken bridge-looking area on the map in the north most part of Limgrave. Exploring this dungeon will net you this weapon, and with it, you get some solid attack power, incredible speed, and one of the best Ashes of War attacks in the game in Unsheath.

Godrick Soldier Set

Getting armor in Elden Ring is a bit of a crapshoot. You can often find it in chests or hidden in plain sight on the ground, but the other way you acquire it is through looting the corpses of your enemies. To get this set, you will need to head to the Gatefront Ruins, which are directly behind the Lost Grace at the Stormveil Castle Gate, where you got Torrent earlier. Fighting the soldiers here enough times will grant you this full set. 

Kaiden Helm

You can find this piece of equipment east of Limgrave Lake. There will be an enemy knight here wielding a large sword, and while he’s not the easiest to defeat, you can face him on horseback or just use ranged or magic attacks to whittle his health down from afar. The Kaiden Helm is a bit better than that of the Godrick Soldier helm, and you’re going to need all the physical defense you can get when it comes to Margit.

Raya Lucarian Robe

Raya Lucarian Robe

For magic-focused players, you can gain both magic offense and defensive effectiveness with this robe. You’ll find this on the back of the wagon that’s located at the Gatefront Ruins. Margit has a number of magic attacks that hit hard, so if you’re going to be using a magic-based character, you’ll need to defend against these ranged and physical magic attacks.

Ashes of War: Quick-Step

The Quick-Step is one of the most important Ashes of War you can find in the entire game. For those unfamiliar, the Ashes of War system in Elden Ring gives you a special attack to use for each weapon or shield you have. You can only equip one at a time, but you can interchange them between weapon types opening up a ton of variety.

To get this special move, we need to get to the Warmasters Shack on Stormhill. You’ll find this shack on the road down to the right from the Artists Shack, and you’ll know you’re in the right place if you see a forest. The shack will be on your right. In this shack, there will be a knight who will sell you this Ash of War, and it’s equippable to any kind of weapon you have. Quickstep gives you a speedy dash as your special move, which will be incredibly important when facing off against Margit and his insane speed of attacks.

Great Epee

The Great Epee is an excellent weapon you can get in the starting area that has big damage potential and great defensive abilities as well. You can find it at the South of the map behind where the starting area Lost Graces are. You’ll see a bridge called the Bridge of Sacrifice, and to the left of it, you’ll see a group of enemies around a chest. Defeat the enemies, and the chest is yours. This weapon is pretty heavy, but for those with the endurance to wield it, you will have a big advantage in the Margit fight.

Lordsworn Greatsword

Lordsworn Greatsword

This weapon hits a lot harder than the Uchigatana, but it’s also far slower, so it’s up to you whether you’ll find the tradeoff worth it, but since you can get it pretty easily, you might as well, right? In the Gatefront Ruins, there will be a large wagon-looking device. There is actually a chest located on the front of it. Once you defeat the surrounding guards, simply jump up on the wagon and open the chest in front of you to get the Lordsworn Greatsword. Charge attacks against Margit work great with this weapon, as does its hard-hitting Ash of War attack. 

Golden Halberd

This is an incredibly tough one to acquire, but if you can pull it off and don’t mind grinding a good while, you can find yourself with a very easy fight against Margit. To get this, you need to defeat the Tree Sentinel, who you likely saw and ran past as soon as you walked out into Limgrave for the first time. 

This is a really tough fight, but the reward is worth it. You will need 30 strength to wield this weapon, so that means a lot of leveling up is in order to do so, but if you can handle the grind, you will decimate Margit with this weapon. 

Bloodhound’s Fang

You can find this weapon in the Forlorn Evergaol in Limgrave. This area is marked on the map as a gray circle, and you will find several throughout the game. In order to get the item, you need to defeat Bloodhound Knight Darriwill, which will be a fairly tough fight early on in the game. 

If you defeat him, you’ll have an incredibly unique weapon that comes equipped with the Bloodhound’s finesse Ash of War that acts as an upgraded version of Quickstep. 

Alright, we’ve got everything we need to do battle with one of the most dangerous first bosses in any game I can remember. This is the true test to find out if you’re worthy of becoming the Elden Lord.

Margit, The Fell Omen

Margit, The Fell Omen

Margit is a pretty large boss, but that should not cause you to put your guard down because he’s actually incredibly fast for his size and can close the gap between the two of you in the blink of an eye. He’s also incredibly strong and can end you in two hits or less depending on what your Health level is at by now.

I approached this fight as a melee user with a focus on Dexterity and Endurance, but it will not change all that much regardless of the build you choose to use

Upgrading Your Weapon

You do not have access to any weapon upgrading ability at first, but it’s crucial to victory not only against Margit but any enemy in the game. You will find the ability to upgrade in the Church of Elleh. You will see a merchant here, and next to him in is the Smithing Table. 

Activate it, and you’ll find the option to Strengthen Armament. Using Smithing Stones, you can increase your weapon to +3, but to go any further, you need to get to the Roundtable Hold.

You can access the Roundtable Hold after visiting the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace. Here, Melina will invite you to the Roundtable Hold, and there you’ll find the blacksmith Hewg who will upgrade your weapons further.

You can find Smithing Stones in many of the mine locations throughout Elden Ring, but the place to start harvesting them is the Limgrave Tunnels. You will find this area to the northwest part of Agheel Lake on your map, and it will be signified by a small black hole on the map. 

Upgrade your weapon of choice to at least +2 before taking on Margit, or else you’re going to be in for a very long and difficult fight. 

Level Suggestion

While it obviously will vary between players, I was finally able to beat Margit around level 18-23, so if you’re in that area, you should be pretty well prepared. Keep in mind that this means you’ll be exploring an awful lot, which in my mind is the best part of Elden Ring, so don’t rush the story bosses at any point during this game. You’re encouraged to explore the secrets of the world around you, and doing so will make many of the game’s toughest bosses much easier.

Before You Walk Through the Fog Gate

Before You Walk Through the Fog Gate

There is something very, very important that I missed when I walked through the fog to fight Margit for the first time. Directly to the right of the fog is a summon sign for an NPC called Rogier. He’s a sorcerer character, and while he is not going to be doing a ton of damage to Margit, he’s incredibly important in keeping the heat off you during the fight, so you should summon him each time you fight Margit.

This has a bit of a caveat to it, though. See, in Elden Ring, whenever you summon either an NPC or a multiplayer companion, the boss’s health will increase by a whopping 50 percent. This means that you’ll have a solid companion by your side, but the fight will be much longer.

Flask Alignment

If you’re using the Uchigatana for this fight, you’re going to want to use the Unsheathe Ash of War a whole lot, and that costs FP. In order to refill that FP, you need to use a Cerulean Tear Flask, and at this point in the game, you likely won’t have a ton of flasks to allocate to health or FP, so I’d recommend leaving most of the flasks you have for health and 1 or 2 for your Ashes of War attacks or magic attacks.

Weight Management

Margit hits very hard and very fast, and while you might want to be stacked up with the best defensive armor, having the heavy load status will make you significantly slower with your movement as well as your rolls. Go with a medium load of weapons and armor here so you can have the ability to roll away from Margit’s attacks. You can mix and match good armor with magic defense armor to achieve this, or you can lose the helmet part of the armor altogether. Being slow in this fight is a death wish.

Margit’s First Phase

Margit's First Phase

At the start of the fight, Margie is going to rush you pretty fast. If you’ve got Roger with you, he should take some of the focus off you to start. Take that time to circle around him and try to get in some charged-up attacks early. Margit’s massive swipes with his sword will cover a crazy amount of space, but the one spot that seems to be unreachable for him is directly behind him.

You can get off a few big attacks here, but be wary because Margit has a tail that can hit you from this spot, so you want to get in and get out quickly. If you’re using the Lordsword Greatsword or Uchigatana, you can actually get Margit staggered pretty easily using either charge attacks or jump-heavy attacks. Staggering Margit will open him up for a critical attack which should take a huge chunk of his health off.

You want to protect Rogier at this point because he’s likely going to be low on health when Margit hits the halfway point. Try and draw the attention to you if you’ve learned his patterns and soon enough. Phase two will begin. Get ready because this is where the toughest part of the battle takes place.

Margit’s Second Phase

The first time I fought Margit, I actually didn’t think the fight was that hard. I was using an Uchigatana with a Godrick Soldier Armor set, and I managed to take him down to the last 3rd of his health without using any summon. I thought things wouldn’t be tough from there. I was very wrong. I must’ve got really lucky on that first try because 6 hours and multiple days later, I was still fighting this monstrosity. The reason is that his second phase is an absolute nightmare.

Margit’s Attacks

The second phase of the fight is triggered when you see Margit conjure up a large, golden hammer. He’s going to use it immediately, too, with a massive leaping strike. Run away and get ready to dodge this as it can effectively one-shot some players. If you got the quickstep Ash of War, now is the time to use it. This phase has Margit doing lengthy combos that dish out tons of damage and have little space for breathing room, so the Quickstep ability will definitely help you out here as it gets you away from the fray faster than a roll ever could.

Summoning Time

Summoning Time

Remember how I said earlier you’re going to need that Spirit Calling Bell? Well, now is the time we’re going to use it. You might’ve thought it would make sense to summon the Lone Wolves at the beginning of the fight, but because we brought Rogier along, that wasn’t needed. The second phase of the fight is going to be incredibly difficult without a summon to take the attention off of you.

You cannot summon either Rogier or your Spirit Ashes if you’ve decided to summon a player to help you instead, so keep that in mind. If you summon a player, I suggest getting at least two of them to help your cause, as it’s still a very tough fight with just one at your side. 

Once that golden hammer appears, summon the wolves and immediately get some distance. He usually opens up the second phase very quickly, and unless you’re maxed out on health, this is a very dangerous part of the fight.

The wolves should be taking up a lot of attention right now, and once that happens, glue yourself to Margit’s backside and start unleashing charge attacks and jumping attacks. If you’ve upgraded your weapon enough at this point, two to three jumping or charge attacks should stagger him, and at this point in the fight, only one more critical attack should be enough to finish the job.

Tips/ Things to Watch Out For

While the whole fight has death waiting for you with every second, there are a few things to watch out for so that you don’t get destroyed in the opening minutes.

  • Stay away from the edges of the bridge. Margit is very opportunistic and will launch you off the sides of the level, causing instant death to you. Despite how it may look at points, you cannot do the same thing to him, so stick to the back of the arena or the middle of the bridge.
  • Get him in a corner. If you can manage to back Margit into a corner while he’s attacking either Rogier or your wolves, you can rip into him over and over with charge attacks, and this will make the first half of the fight very trivial.
  • Use Margit’s Shackles if you bought them earlier. This will pin Margit to the ground and render him helpless for a period of time. This makes the first half of the fight pretty simple, but it doesn’t work once Margit takes out the hammer and begins phase 2.
  • You can summon help here from other players around the world. This will make the fight considerably easier, but your chances are limited since multiplayer is tied to a specific item in Elden Ring, so make sure you are ready to go when you summon someone. Rogier, on the other hand, requires no items to summon.
  • Margit can be parried, so if you have confidence In your timing and a shield that can parry, you can end this fight quickly, but it will require an insane amount of concentration on your part and isn’t recommended for all but the most hardcore Souls-like players.

Ranged Attack and Magic-Users

You can approach this fight as a ranged or magic user, but it’s pretty difficult as Margit doesn’t afford you a second to breathe most of the time. What would work is a combo of melee and magic here, wielding a sword in one hand and staff or bow in the other as this will make you versatile and able to deal damage no after where Margit is distance-wise. Only the most skilled players will want to risk fighting this way, though, as it leaves you pretty defenseless most of the time.


Question: Is Margit the hardest boss in Elden Ring

Answer: I think just due to the level you’re at when you first face him and lack of great equipment, yes, Margit is the hardest boss in the game. No boss aside from the Tree Sentinel took me longer to beat, and the final triumph over him is among the most epic in gaming, which is nuts considering he’s the first boss.

Question: What is the best build to use in Elden Ring?

Answer: I was mostly a melee build during my time with Elden Ring, but the most fun way to play is as a magic-user. The spells in this game are insane and incredibly fun to use, and going for a strict melee build won’t let you experience that.

Question: Is Elden Ring the hardest FromSoftware game?

Answer: It’s an interesting question because if you don’t prepare and explore thoroughly, it can be near impossible at some points. Utilizing the summons system and things like multiplayer and NPC summons can make things much more manageable, as can the ability to endlessly grind until you’re strong enough to overcome your foes. I’d say Sekiro is the hardest game still.


Margit, the Fell Omen is an incredibly hard boss to start the game, but trust me, once you take him down, you will feel ready for anything that comes next. There are a ton of tough bosses past him, but he is the barrier that needs to be overcome to show you’re worthy of taking down the rest of them. Hopefully, this guide gives you some help in how to face him.

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