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Roundtable Hold is the citadel, the headquarters, the Pokémon Center of Elden Ring. It is the best place to afk or log out. You can reach the area early in the game and what meets you is well worth the time it takes to get there. I recommend traveling there as soon as possible. The NPCs you meet and the shops you can unlock at Roundtable Hold will make the game ten times more enjoyable and will always offer solace whenever you need a break from areas you are under-leveled for. 

What Is Roundtable Hold In Elden Ring?

  • Location – Its own realm
  • Accessed Via – Fast Travel Only
  • NPC That Takes You There – Melina
  • Required Region – Stormveil (traditional), Liurnia of the Lakes (alternative)

In Elden Ring, Roundtable Hold is known as the “bustling hub area that exists outside of the Lands Between.” At this hub, there are merchants, artisans, and even NPCs that will upgrade your weapons and ash summons. 

How To Get To Roundtable Hold

Roundtable Hold

To reach Roundtable Hold for the first time, you have to talk to Melina near Stormveil. At the Site of Grace south of Stormveil, Melina will give you Torrent. But at the Site of Grace north of Stormveil, she will offer to take you to Roundtable Hold. This is the traditional way to reach Roundtable Hold and the method most players choose. However, if you want to mess around a bit before defeating Margit, that’s completely understandable. It is also possible.

How To Reach Roundtable Hold Pre-Margit Fight

You can reach Roundtable Hold by going around Margit for now. This will not progress the story, but it will allow you to reach the Hold before your fight with the first official boss of the Elden Ring. You can do so by going to the end of the broken bright where the Palm Reader is found. This is north of Stormhill Shack and difficult to miss (you can even see it on the map). 

When you reach this bridge, you will be able to see broken pieces of bridge and wall leading down the cliff. Stick right, and you will eventually be led to Liurna of the Lakes. Rest at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, and Melina will appear to offer to take you to Roundtable Hold. 

How To Reach Roundtable Hold From Anywhere

This rarely happens, but if you explore a lot, then it will trigger. Some players have found that after visiting twelve traditional Sites of Grace (the ones out in the open), then Melina appears to offer you the trip to Roundtable Hold. 

NPCs Of Roundtable Hold

Every NPC at Roundtable Hold is special. Talk to them at every opportunity and pay attention to what they say. Most of them have questlines that unlock items that you don’t want to miss.

Gideon Ofnir

Gideon Ofnir

Gideon is the leader of the hold. No, he’s not the one chilling at the round table, but the one in his office doing paperwork, which is an accurate representation of a war leader. The first time you speak to Gideon, he is sure to tell you, in full Jedi Master Mace Windu fashion, that you are not a true member of the Roundtable. Not until you earn a few things first. 


Corhyn is the Holy Practitioner of Roundtable Hold who sells Incantations. In truth, he prefers protection Incantations, Defense Against The Dark Arts Incantations. If you can’t remember his name, you’re not alone. He’s the guy with the strange cage-like necklace. Corhyn isn’t at Roundtable Hold for long. After you reach Atlus Plateau, he journeys across the map.


This guy is easy to miss at first because he stands there in the hallway at Roundtable Hold, minding his own business. He doesn’t serve a purpose early on, but he is later part of the new quest with the newest NPC to Elden Ring in 1.03. 



Roderika is an important NPC who you will first encounter at Stormhill Shack. She can provide you with many goodies and will eventually allow you to tune Spirit Summons, upgrading your fighting buddies. 

D, Hunter of the Dead

This zombie hunter helps you find Gurranq, Beast Clergyman, helping you teleport to north Caelid. D is one of the NPCs that you can kill whenever you want. If you do, you can get his armor and a Bell Bearing.

Smithing Master Hewg

This useful blacksmith can upgrade any weapon. Master Hewg is a prisoner of the Hold who never moves from his spot, no matter what happens around him. He can upgrade any weapon to max level and is a master with Ashes of War.



This creepy Deathbed Companion really likes hugs. She wants to hold you every time that you meet. The embrace will give you a debuff. However, she also gives you an item that works as the counterpart buff, Baldachin’s Blessing.

Nepheli Loux

Nepheli Loux is an important NPC if you like to summon helpers in fights. If you help her out, then you can summon her when you fight Godrick the Grafted. After you fight Godrick, she will be at Roundtable Hold. She can reward players with an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and a talisman that raises max equipment load. 

Sorcerer Rogier

Rogier is a polite and dapper mage that you first meet at Stormveil Castle. Later on, he sells Ashes of War. After visiting Black Knife Catacombs, Rogier will reward you with a Bell Bearing and his armor set. After you defeat Godrick the Grafted, talk to him as he will give you his Rapier, which comes pre-leveled to +8. 


After your encounter with your first demigod, Enia will appear at Roundtable Hold. She is a finger reader who you can buy boss gear from. She also turns the boss’s remembrances into weapons or abilities. 



This strange, ugly mug doesn’t talk to you but instead eerily watches you walk across the room. He will eventually invade you whenever you enter Roundtable Hold, so you do find out that you had a reason to be suspicious of him.

Twin Maiden Husks

This strange set of conjoined twins will become your friend later on when runes become easier to obtain than wild upgrade materials. When you turn in different Ball Bearings, she will let you purchase related upgrade items, Gloveworts, and Smithing Stones, from her shop. 

Dung Eater

His name does him justice, and his quest is one that you don’t want to miss. The Dung Eater looks like an invading NPC, but he will not attack you. Follow his questline for special items and an alternate ending. 

Mad Tongue Alberich

Mad Tongue Alberich

Now, I couldn’t forget this guy. He will immediately invade you if you hop over the balcony that is up the stairs. He is a little tough, but he gives you an item that lures invaders to your world. 

Quests At Roundtable Hold

Roundtable Hold is involved in quite a few crucial (though not necessary) quests. I recommend doing them all, even if it is after you beat the game the first time around. The second time is for full completion, right?

Diallos’ Quest

Diallos' Quest

  1. Talk To Him At Roundtable Hold (edgy dark-haired guy)
  2. Reach Liurnia of the Lakes
  3. Travel To Academy Gate Town Site of Grace
  4. Head North To Find Him On The Rooftops
  5. Speak To Him Until You Exhaust Dialogue (once here and then again at Roundtable Hold)
  6. Access Volcano Manor
  7. Finish Volcano Manor
  8. Return To Diallos
  9. Fight Juno Hoslow (marked on map after Volcano Manor)
  10. Go To Jarbug at Liurna of the Lakes (East of Gate Town)
  11. Speak To Jar-Bairn (new NPC)
  12. Rest at Site of Grace to Re-exhaust Jar-Bairn’s Dialogue (try resting for a whole day if he doesn’t have anything new to say)
  13. Find Diallos Inside One Of the Buildings 
  14. Talk To Them Both Until You Exhaust Dialogues
  15. Defend Them
  16. Pass A Day
  17. Return and Loot Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Diallos’ Mask, and Numen’s Rune

Roderika’s Quest

Roderika's Quest

  1. Visit Stormhill Shack
  2. Talk To Her Until She Gives you Spirit Jellyfish Ashes (a tanky early-game choice)
  3. Get Chrysalids’ Memento From Stormveil Castle
  4. Return It To Roderika At Roundtable Hold
  5. Speak To Roderika Then The Blacksmith, Over and Over
  6. Eventually, Allow Roderika To Spirit Tune Summons

D’s Quest

  1. Meet D At Summonwater Village Outskirts
  2. Defeat Tibia Mariner At Summonwater Village
  3. Take Deathroot He Dropped to D At Roundtable Hold
  4. Follow Red Mark To Portal
  5. Take Portal And Grab Site of Grace
  6. Feed Deathroot to Gurranq, Beast Clergyman
  7. Return To D, Who is Now A Merchant
  8. Optional: Continue Feeding Deathroots to Gurranq
  9. Optional: Kill D and Recieve His Gear

Fia’s Quest (tied to D’s)

Fia's Quest (tied to D's)

  1. Meet Fia At Roundtable Hold
  2. Let Her Hold You Every Time You Visit Roundtable Hold
  3. Eventually, She Gives You Weathered Dagger
  4. Give Dagger to D
  5. Next Time You Return, D Will Have Been Murdered by Fia (oops)
  6. Visit Liurna of The Lakes And The Divine Tower (Cursemark of Death can now be found)
  7. Meet D’s Brother At Siofra River Well
  8. Side With Fia Or D’s Brother
  9. Visit Deeproot Depths
  10. Defeat Fia’s Champions
  11. Let Fia Hold You
  12. Give Her Cursemark of Death
  13. Enter Deathbed Dream
  14. Fight Dragon Lichdragon Fortissax
  15. Find Fia and Loot the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince (unlocks ending)

Brother Corhyn’s Quest

Brother Corhyn's Quest

  1. Visit Academy of Raya Lucaria
  2. Defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
  3. Talk to Corhyn At Roundtable Hold
  4. Visit North Broken Bridge At Altus Plateau
  5. Talk to Goldmask
  6. Rest Then Talk To Corhyn 
  7. Rest Then Return To Goldmask
  8. Ensure You Have Two Great Runes
  9. Find Them Both Near The Colosseum in southwest Leyndell
  10. Solve Their Riddle (requires 37 intelligence, no pun intended)
  11. Visit Them At Mountaintop of the Giants 
  12. Collect Mending Rune of Perfect Order (unlocks ending)

Nepheli Loux’s Quest

Nepheli Loux's Quest

  1. Meet Nepheli at Stormveil Castle
  2. Visit Her At Roundtable Hold (after defeating Godrick, which she can now help you with)
  3. Reach Village of the Albinaurics
  4. Speak To Her And She Will Help You Fight Omenkiller
  5. Talk To Her At Roundtable Hold (after defeating Omenkiller)
  6. Speak to Gideon (her adoptive father)
  7. Travel To Four Belfries in Liurna of the Lakes 
  8. Get Infused Swordstone Key at the Summit
  9. Open The Second Portal
  10. Visit Chapel of Anticipation 
  11. Receive Storm King Summons
  12. Visit Roundtable Hold And Talk To Nepheli
  13. Travel To Godrick The Grafted Site Of Grace, and She Gives You An Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone(Can Also Now Buy Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones From Gatekeeper Gostoc)

Dung Eater’s Quest

Dung Eater's Quest

  1. Visit Dung Eater At Roundtable Hold
  2. Gain Seedbed Curse (one is in Leyndell, near the East Rampart Site of Grace)
  3. Return Curse To Dung Eater, and He’ll Give You Sewer Gaol Key 
  4. Reach Sewers In Leyndell (down a well, or a crater in Ashen Capital)
  5. Find Dung Eater (he’s past flowers and up a ladder)
  6. Unlock His Cage And Tell Him To Leave
  7. Return To Roundtable Hold And Read Message
  8. Meet Him At Moat And Defeat Him
  9. Feed Him More Curses Until He Gives you Fell Curse (unlocks ending)
  10. Optional: Feel Free To Kill him Now For His Disgusting Armor

Ensha’s Quest

Ensha's Quest

  1. Talk To Ensha At Roundtable Hold (he won’t answer but unlocks an emote)
  2. Receive Half of Secret Medallion (different quest) 
  3. Visit Roundtable Hold And Defeat Him
  4. Receive Royal Remains Armor And Clinging Bone Weapon

Rogier’s Quest (ties to Fia’s)

Rogier's Quest (ties to Fia's)

  1. Meet Rogier At Stormveil Castle
  2. Defeat Godrick The Grafted
  3. Talk To Rogier At Roundtable Hold
  4. Receive Rogier’s Rapier (an amazing weapon at this point as it is upgraded to +8)
  5. Travel To Stormveil Castle
  6. Fight Ulcerated Tree Spirit
  7. View Vision Of Rogier In Area Behind the Spirit
  8. Return To Roundtable Hold And Speak To Rogier
  9. Let Fia Hold You And Keep Talking To Her
  10. Visit Black Knife Catacombs To Get Black Knifeprint
  11. Give Knifeprint To Rogier
  12. Complete Ranni’s Quest (unlocks ending)


Question: How Do I Go Back To Roundtable Hold?

Answer: after you visit Roundtable Hold once, you can visit it any time by going to your map and looking for the Site of Grace at the very bottom left of the map. There will be a circle with a Grace in the center.

Question: Do I Ever Have To Visit Roundtable Hold?

Answer: I do not believe the main quest is directly tied to Roundtable Hold, but the resources there are invaluable. It is extremely difficult to get through the game without at least upgrading your ash summons and weapons.

Question: How Do I Leave Roundtable Hold?

Answer: to leave Roundtable Hold, you have to fast travel. There is no traditional exit, so you have to get out the same way that you got in. I recommend traveling to somewhere like the Church of Elleh if you don’t know where to go.  

Question: Why Is There A Roundtable Hold In Leyndell?

Answer: if you’ve visited the Capital, you may have noticed a replica of Roundtable Hold. The likely story is that this was the original Roundtable Hold before the Shattering. 

The Importance Of Roundtable Hold

Roundtable Hold is one of the key locations in the game. While you can get by with leaving many sidequests, dungeons, and cities alone, Roundtable Hold is a different type of capital. This is where I travel before I log out and the place I visit more often than anywhere else. After leveling, I always take my extra runes to Roundtable Hold to spend. You can level weapons, turn in remembrances, or duplicate ashes of war. Roundtable Hold, undoubtedly, will become one of your favorite places in Elden Ring. 

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