Mixed Demon Soul Guide: What to Use the Mixed Demon’s Soul for

Demon Souls is one of the most fascinating FromSoftware games for a few reasons, including kickstarting the entire Soulsborne genre and franchise. Part of why I love this original entry, especially its PS5 remake, is for the various bosses and items you can find. One such item is the star of this Mixed Demon Soul guide.

The Mixed Demon’s Soul is a unique item you can only find once per playthrough of Demon Souls. It has a couple of different purposes available to it, none of which are too obvious when you first acquire the item. So, not only does it have the position of being hard to find, but it is a challenge to know what to best use it for. As such, I have your back on figuring that out with this Mixed Demon Soul guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Demon Souls features a lot of various items for players to collect, not least of which is the uniquely named Mixed Demon Soul item. This unique drop only comes from a single boss enemy in the action RPG, whether you are playing the original PS3 version of the FromSoft game or the PS5 remake.

The Mixed Demon’s Soul item has two primary purposes to it. The first is consuming it for a ton of souls to help you level up and improve in the game. However, the other purpose is far more intriguing and lucrative, allowing players to obtain one of the best swords in the entire game.

Mixed Demon Souls Overview

Mixed Demon Souls Overview

My favorite part about the FromSoftware games is that you have such freedom in these games to create whatever type of character you want. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not here for the difficulty and euphoria that comes from overcoming challenging bosses like others.

Instead, I am mainly all about games like Demon Souls for the freedom to make the type of character I like and use them to the fullest. That is why I love that these games consistently offer players plenty of unique items and weapons to help them make the build of their dreams.

One of the items that are to thank for helping to make my build in the PS5 remake of Demon Souls is the Mixed Demon’s Soul item. This item, also known as simply the Mixed Demon Soul, is one of the more mysterious and elusive items that you can find in the action RPG.

It is hard to find, there is only one in the entire game, and there are two primary purposes behind it. Players who acquire this intriguing item may be confused about what to do with it. Thankfully, I’ve got your back on how to get it and what you should do with the Mixed Demon Soul.

Where to Find the Mixed Demon’s Soul

To start with, you need to first acquire the Mixed Demon’s Soul item in the first place before you can do something with it. To do this, you’ll need to take down one of the more challenging bosses in the game, known as the Maneater. The Maneater, Prison of Hope, is one of the most formidable enemies in the game.

To find Maneater and acquire the Mixed Demon Soul, you’ll need to head to Fool’s Idol Archstone in Upper Latria. For those who are looking at the various world maps in Demon Souls, this location is known as the World 3-2 map.

Where to Find the Mixed Demon’s Soul

In this particular area of the Upper Latria region, you’ll find some stairs that will take you all the way to one of the classic Soulsborne fog boss doors. This particular fog door will lead you to an arena where you’ll take on the Maneater in a duel to the death.

How to Defeat the Maneater

Maneater is a bizarre enemy, which is not too strange for a game like Demon Souls. He is a flying enemy that has sinister wings and a tail, all of which he will gladly use to add to his man-eating diet. The worst part about it all is that you are dealing with not one but two Maneaters at once.

This boss fight is challenging because of the two enemies that will overwhelm you if they are too close to one another. Your first goal should be to get some distance between both Maneaters once the second is summoned and focus on one at a time. It will be way too hard to take down both simultaneously and survive their relentless attacks.

How to Defeat the Maneater

The tail is what you want to focus on first for taking down your first Maneater. You can think of the tail as a weak point of sorts, which will significantly weaken the enemy if you can destroy it.

That said, I will be honest with you: if you can opt for a non-melee build here for this particular boss fight, you’ll be better off. Melee fighters have to worry about both constantly and ensure that one is gone after swooping in to be able to fight the other.

On the other hand, if you are a ranged physical user or a magical player, you’ll have a much better time in this particular boss fight. The distance between you and these two boss enemies will help you focus on one at a time and not have to deal with their devastating attacks.

Once you defeat the first Maneater, it is the same rinse and repeat of dodging the second boss’s flying attacks and then taking it down over time. The final tip I have for you is the brazier that is lit in the middle of the arena. You can use it like a shield in a way to help you dodge attacks and avoid getting pushed off the edge of this arena area.

Maneater Rewards

Maneater Rewards

Take out both Maneater bosses, and you’ll get three rewards in return:

  • 13,880 souls
  • The Mixed Demon’s Soul
  • An added 45% to the White World Tendency

Unfortunately, even though there are two Maneaters that show up during the boss fights and you have to defeat both, you only get a single Mixed Demon’s Soul item. For the purpose of this particular guide, though, we are going to focus only on this item, as it is the one that you want to get the most for its versatility.

Mixed Demon’s Soul Purpose Explained

The odd part about the Mixed Demon’s Soul item is that it has two core purposes to it. On the one hand, it is an item you can use to gain souls in Demon Souls. As you likely already know, Souls is the “currency” you use to buy items in the game and, more importantly, level up.

It is basically the experience you find in other RPGs, and consuming the Mixed Demon Soul item gives you souls back. Using it for this purpose will gain you 19,600 souls. That is a fair amount and will likely give you a level or two, depending on what level you are currently at.

On the other hand, there is another purpose for the Mixed Demon Soul. If you’d like, you can also use this item to trade it in as a crafting material to make a new weapon. This weapon is none other than the Needle of Eternal Agony, and it is far more valuable to some players than using the item for souls.

The Needle of Eternal Agony Sword Explained

Needle of Eternal Agony Sword

The Needle of Eternal Agony is a unique sword you can only acquire one of in an entire playthrough of Demon Souls. The only way to get it is to take a +7 dagger item and then use the Mixed Demon Soul as a crafting material at the Blacksmith to turn it into the Needle of Eternal Agony.

This is a thrusting-style sword weapon that is relatively fast and has the unique status of giving you 20 extra souls for every hit you land on someone. That alone seems quite valuable for some players since you usually only get souls from defeating an enemy, not just hitting them.

However, there is a significant trade-off for this item that might bother some players. While you do get the extra souls, this comes at the cost of the damage. In all honesty, the Needle of Eternal Agony might have a fire name and an elusive unlock method, but its damage is relatively paltry compared to other similar thrusting weapons.

You get some pitiful stats from this weapon, which I guess is to make up for the fact that it is meant to be used to gain souls quickly. After all, you could just endlessly mash away at some bosses and grind for souls if you’d like. But that might not be worth the effort for most players.

However, if you are someone who would like to create the Needle of Eternal Agony for either meme purposes or to complete your weapon collection, here are the daggers you can use to create it with the Mixed Demon Soul:

  • Estoc +7
  • Mail Breaker +7
  • Parrying Dagger +7
  • Rapier +7
  • Secret Dagger +7

Any of those weapons is capable of creating this weapon.

Should You Consume the Mixed Demon Soul?

Maneater Fight

The big question, above all else, when it comes to the Mixed Demon’s Soul item is what you should do with it. Now that you know the full situation, should you consume it for the souls or use it to create the Needle of Eternal Agony?

Well, this question will differ for most players, but I will be honest with you: the Needle of Eternal Agony is pretty useless. Sure, it gives you souls back for every hit you land, but there are much better ways to get around grinding for souls in the game, and this isn’t the best way to do it.

If you want to grind for souls, you’re better off looking elsewhere. Now, if you want to add to your weapon collection and ensure that it’s completed, that’s a different story. Or, perhaps, you want to make some hilarious trending videos to show off online to others, which is entirely valid.

If none of those rules apply to you, it might be controversial, but this is one situation where I would recommend to most players just to consume the Mixed Demon Soul and be done with it. The amount of souls you get is reasonably impressive, being just a tad bit more than the amount you get from the Maneater boss fight.

Being that it could be equal to a level or two or be used to purchase much more valuable equipment in the game, I find this is much more beneficial for this item in most cases. I’ll be honest that I would never get the Needle of Eternal Agony and use it in battle. There are just much better weapons out there in Demon Souls.


Question: What do I do with the Mixed Demon Soul?

Answer: There are two things you can do with the Mixed Demon Soul. First off, you can consume it to gain some souls, which you can use to level up your character or buy items. On the other hand, you can use the Mixed Demon Soul to upgrade a dagger into the Needle of Eternal Agony.

Question: Who to give Mixed Demon Soul to?

Answer: If you would like to turn the Mixed Demon Soul and a dagger into the Needle of Eternal Agony, you’ll need to take it to the Blacksmith.

Question: Is the Needle of Eternal Agony good?

Answer: No, the Needle of Eternal Agony isn’t that good. Despite being a unique weapon in the game, its only benefit is gaining souls from every hit. But other than that, it is rather terrible at damage.

Find Out More About the Demon Souls Boss Weapons

The Mixed Demon Soul is one of the most unique items you’ll find in Demon Souls. It is a one-of-a-kind item that lets the player choose between gaining some new souls to level up or buying stuff and creating a special thrusting weapon.

If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t recommend the Needle of Eternal Agony to most players if there is anything you take away from this. It is a primarily useless weapon that doesn’t do all that much stat or damage-wise and certainly won’t help you to take down some of the most formidable foes in Demon Souls.

Even still, this weapon has some utility in completing your collection or for its unique skill of gaining souls for every hit you land. If those don’t interest you, I suggest using the Mixed Demon Soul to consume and gain more souls to help you level up. Either way, there are some much better boss weapons in Demon Souls that will treat you better than the Needle of Eternal Agony.

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