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Ah, the Witcher 3 Blood and Wine. The expansion brought us a colorful, sunny map, new mobs, and a villain that could have been sympathetic but ended up becoming a homicidal bastard last minute. I am talking about Dettlaff, the ladies’ favorite higher vampire.

For an expansion named Blood and Wine, and from a franchise of the likes of The Witcher 3, you clearly cannot expect anything else than a DLC about vampires. And fancy medieval dresses, I guess? However, far from being a vampire-themed DLC such as the likes of RRD’s Undead Nightmare or Infamous’ Festival of Blood, Blood and Wine brings a fully integrated and fleshed-out storyline in which you will get to know love and hate (in that exact order) our vampire villain Dettlaff. This guy, by the way, packs quite a punch in battle.

There is absolutely no way I spent an unreasonable amount of time pacing Geralt around the gorgeous scenery of Toussaint, falling in and out of love with Dettlaff, to not have you hear me out. So, in this guide, I will go over Dettlaff’s backstory before The Witcher 3 and show you how you can easily defeat him.

My Bottom-Line Up Front

Dettlaff is an overpowered higher vampire with some anger issues. That being said, I think he’s one of the easier enemies to defeat… if you know what to do, of course.

  • Phase 1: Quick encounter in which you’ll need to dodge, counter, and roll away
  • Phase 2: One-hit killer attacks that need to be dodged
  • Phase 3: Gross beating organs need to be destroyed

The Lorey Bit

Who Is Dettlaff?

Dettlaff van der Eretein
Image from Wiki Fandom

Dettlaff is a higher vampire who, like every higher vampire, possesses unique abilities. We are currently unsure of his unique abilities, but the monster form he has may be one of them, as we see no other higher vampires in the game take that form.

We see a higher vampire in the Witcher 3 take a monster-esque form, but it’s different. Dettlaff’s higher vampire form may be unique, so that could be his possible unique ability.

He is also responsible for the regeneration of Regis. He fed Regis his blood and nursed him back to health. Due to this act of kindness, Regis is currently at least, well, at the start of the game, indebted to Dettlaff.

Where Did Dettlaff Come From?


As for his history, not much is known about this character before meeting with Regis in one event. And this is an event that Regis tells the player about: a story in which Dettlaff shows compassion to a human and how he has quite a quick temper.

Some time ago, Dettlaff encountered a boy who, for no reason other than kindness, offered Dettlaff an apple expecting nothing in return. Eventually, however, this boy was slain by a fiend known as the Brute of Lyria. Hearing of this, Dettlaff became so enraged that he killed the fiend and, in the process, gave the corpse of the fiend and a dagger to a local hunter, therefore creating a legend and avenging the fallen boy. It said that he flew into a rage and killed the creature, so he’s very quick-tempered and emotional, even more so than most humans.

What About Dettlaff’s Love Life?

Dettlaff and Syanna Romance
Image from Wiki Fandom

Anyway, now we skip much further into the future, and this is the next event we know of Dettlaff’s life before the games. So, Dettlaff meets a woman with who he becomes infatuated. This woman is, of course, Syanna.

She helps him find a place in the world and helps him to exist in human society. And also, he completes her every desire. He loves her, and she acts as if she loves him. But one day, she disappears just out of nowhere. Registellso Geralt that he doesn’t know why she left,t and Dettlaff never told, but he assumes that potentially Dettlaff flew into a rage and showed her his more monstrous side.

What Are Dettlaff’s Motivations?

Vampire Regis
Image from Wiki Fandom

Dettlaff encounters a vampire known as Regis, who had been almost destroyed by a powerful sorcerer known as Vilgefortz. So, after stumbling upon the fall of the vampire, Dettlaff took it upon himself to revive him.

He spent years feeding Regis his blood and nursing him back to health. After Dettlaff restored the vampire, at least partially, he became indebted to him. It’s stronger than having a family member. He lives off Dettlaff’s blood. So, a bit of time after reviving Regis, Dettlaff receives a letter that if he doesn’t travel to Beauclair and kills five humans in three days. His lovely Syanna will be sent to him piece by piece. So Dettlaff begins the killing, at which point the witcher Geralt of Rivia is paid to stop the killings.

You know the rest, Dettlaff was blackmailed by a more excellent villain and decided on his right to attack a city full of innocent people, which includes an orphanage full of children, because his feelings were hurt. So now, it’s up to you to make justice.

Quest Walkthrough

The Night of Long Fangs
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Basics

  • Zone: Toussaint
  • Recommended level: 49

The Routes

You will have up to three options based on what quests you have completed before getting to this point.

Route A: Orianna’s route

In case you have chosen during The Night of Long Fangs to continue with Orianna’s quests, when you get here, you will have to fight Dettlaff; you have no other choice.

Route B: Damien’s route

If you chose Damien’s route during The Night of Long Fangs, you have two options.

  • Option 1: If you give the lasso to Syanna in Beyond Hill and Dale…, you will have to fight him.
  • Option 2: If you didn’t give the lasso to Syanna in Beyond Hill and Dale…, you will have the option to fight him or let him go. If you let him go, you will have to do the quest Burlap is the New Stripe.

How to Beat Dettlaff

Dettlaff Boss Fight

First Phase

The first phase can either be a piece of cake or get frustrating quickly. You need to dodge his first attack, take advantage of the opening, make five quick attacks, and then roll away. Rinse and repeat. Do not get cocky and try to get more than five.

Second phase

Let’s go straight into the second phase; there are three things that you need to be careful of.

  1.      Bat Launcher
    The first one is the bats. He goes up high, gathers a swarm of bats, and launches them at you. Initially, you might feel like this attack is impossible to dodge, but it is doable. It would help if you dodged it because it does much. So, what should you do if he starts gathering the bats? First, you start running away from him. Then, when you see a cloudlike animation, start rolling to the side and dodge it.
  2.   Blood Drowner
    The second thing you need to be concerned about like a pool of blood or something that appears beneath you. He emerges from it. It would help if you dodged to the sides to stay away from it when he emerges. Because he does damage and then pauses for a while, regaining his strength, you can usually get in two or three attacks, and then you must go back again because he will do a minor AoE again and fly up. You might think that’s the only time you can damage him, but that’s not the case.
  3.  Air Lunger
    And here’s the third thing. The third act he does is this lunge at you. During that lunge, what you can do is use Art as soon as he closes in. You will knock him out of the air and get another chance to attack him. This opening lasts nearly as long as the previous one, so you can damage him for a long time before he recovers.

These are the three things you need to worry about in the phase. And if you do them correctly, which is not that hard, he cannot hit you. You will not take any damage.

So, once you know these three things, the second phase becomes the easiest.

Third Phase

Transformed Dettlaff Fight

  1. The Normal Way
    Now, moving on to the third phase, you can do it the usual natural way of once again fighting him by mostly dodging and counterattacking. And then, when he goes into one of the three hearts, you start attacking the heart, but that’s not how I like to do it.
  2. The Fun Way
    That’s a time-consuming way. I like a more elegant solution, maybe a little cheesy, to destroy the hearts without attacking him. What you need to do is lock on your target on one of the weirdly shaped hearts, which honestly begs the question: are those hearts? Anyway, one of the three weird-looking thingies locks on target and alternates between a roll and a strong attack. You can find this rhythm where you can attack the heart and then dodge until you kill all three hearts.

Sometimes you’ll get hit; sometimes, you won’t work as smoothly. That’s fine. Here’s where your specialization can come into play so far.

I specialized in bombs and alchemy, and you can make your life easier in this phase if you have high stamina regeneration. So, if you’re using a signed build, a set of light armor, or maybe even both, you can cast Quen very often and not worry too much about being hit.


Question: How Can I Get The Good Ending for Blood and Wine?

Answer: Here’s the recipe to get the “Good Ending” for Blood and Wine:
• Follow Damien’s route.
• Complete Beyond Hill and Dale… getting Syanna’s Lasso.
• During Tesham Mutna, you will have to defeat Dettlaff.
• In Pomp and Strange Circumstance, you must investigate with Regis and find out Syanna’s motives for doing what she did.
Regardless of which ending you choose, the primary mission, Be It Ever So Humble, will be activated after watching it, which works as an epilogue. What you see during this primary mission, which is a sequence, depends on several factors, including whether you have finished the game’s story (not the DLC) or not.

Question: How to Romance Syanna In Blood and Wine?

Answer: I’ll tell you how to succeed in your attempts to flirt with Syanna. A strange relationship, but no judgment here.
In Blood & Wine, you only have one romantic option to take to the end during the main story missions. Unfortunately, you will not have the chance to get it once we have reached a certain point in the story, so if you want to have a romance and sex with Syanna, listen up.
• Choose Damien’s route
First, you must choose Damien’s route during the mission Night of the Long Fangs. You can’t have an affair with Syanna if you choose Orianna’s route.
• Be nice to her during the story
You don’t need to do anything for things to end up in bed. It would help if you simply chose polite answers while talking to her. You won’t have the option to get intimate with her later on, so this is your only chance.

Question: How to start the Blood and Wine DLC?

Answer: There are two ways to start the Blood and Wine DLC. First, you don’t need an extremely advanced game if you don’t want to. There is an option only to enjoy the experience offered by this expansion if you do not want to use your saves for any reason.
• You can only launch the DLC from the main menu if you don’t want to load any previous saves.
• You can load the save you have already created and access the region of Toussaint to experience the story of Blood & Wine.

Parting Words

Dettlaff is often ranked as one of the Witcher’s most difficult-to-beat villains, not to mention one of its most controversial ones. This higher version can transform himself into a beast and summon his minions into battle, not to mention he can kill you in one hit in Deathmarch difficulty.  Story-wise, he is introduced as a kind-hearted and empathetic vampire whose hands seem cleaner than ours.

But let’s face it: he can be beaten. You can get through his most deadly attack with the right strategy – the flying bats. Once phase 2 is over and done with, your path towards victory has been cleared.  Plus, he is a walking, overreacting and overpowered child who needs to be put down. At the exact moment he decided to raid Toussaint, every aspect of complexity that flooded this character just faded away.

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