Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save Sazza – The Absolute’s Favorite Goblin Barbie

If one aspect needs a lot of praise in Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s the commitment to long-running quests. Even when a quest finishes, you may see the characters involved down the line. Or that the consequences of the quest might reveal themselves several hours after the fact. It makes your choices feel like they have an actual impact on the world.

One of the ongoing quests that runs from Act I to Act II is the Save Sazza quest line. You meet the troublesome goblin early in the game, and since she’s a hound for trouble, you have several opportunities to save her. That said, saving her isn’t easy.

Follow this guide to see the key moments you must intervene to save Sazza and how to pull it off.

Quest Details Up Front

  • Quest Locations: Emerald Grove, Goblin Camp, Moonrise Towers
  • Quest Length: 1 Hour-1.5 Hours
  • Quest Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • Rewards: Assassin’s Touch Dagger, She Cannot Be Caged! Achievement

Save the Goblin Sazza Synopsis – A Test for the True at Heart

synopsis Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save Sazza
Presenting Sazza the troublemaker. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Sazza is trouble. A lot of that trouble she brings on herself. Considering she has a tadpole in her head controlling her beliefs, however, it’s worth cutting her some slack.

You first encounter Sazza in the Emerald Grove as a prisoner. She’s one of the key players who can help you enter the Goblin Camp without having to fight your way inside from the start. She also introduces you to Minthara, a drow tasked with destroying the Emerald Grove.

Sazza’s big mouth tends to get her into trouble, and it’s up to you to convince others not to kill her. You literally have to convince three different people not to kill her. You’re also tasked with escorting her through a dangerous cave, which brings this quest to about an hour to complete. That includes the conversations you must have with other people to keep her alive.

Battle takes up most of the time; however, so depending on how many you run into while with Sazza, that can stretch the quest line to the 1.5-hour mark.

The quest line is relatively easy if you don’t care what happens to the druids in the Emerald Grove. However, keeping Sazza alive is more complicated if you want to save them. Persuading the key characters involved in deciding whether she lives or dies can be difficult, too, if you don’t have high Charisma stats or poor rolls.

All this trouble does give you a decent dagger, however. You also earn a rare achievement that only some players have been able to claim due to the complexity of keeping Sazza alive. So, if you’re a completionist, then keeping her alive is in your best interest.

Brief Walkthrough – The Quick Rescue

how to rescue sazza step by step baldurs gate 3
Sazza starts to realize she’s in trouble. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Step 1: Find Sazza in the prisoner section of the Emerald Grove and keep Arka from killing her.
  • Step 2: Help Sazza escape from the Emerald Grove by leading her through a hidden cave.
  • Step 3: Defeat the goblins who want to kill her, then exit the cave on the other side.
  • Step 4: Meet with Sazza at the Goblin Camp and speak with her and Minthara.
  • Step 5: Agree with Minthara’s plans or rescue Sazza from the spiders.
  • Step 6: Arrive at Moonrise Towers and find Sazza in an audience with Ketheric Thorm. Tell Thorm to spare the goblins.

Save the Goblin Sazza Full Walkthrough – Three Time’s the Charm

sazza sweet-talks the goblins Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save Sazza
Sazza sweet-talks the goblins. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

There are three critical moments where Sazza needs your help to stay alive. The first occurs in the Emerald Grove when you first meet her. The second is in the Goblin Camp when she’s speaking with Minthara. The third and final time is when you stumble upon her audience with General Ketheric Thorm.

Each moment requires some careful diplomacy and a few successful rolls. Take a look at the extended steps to keep Sazza alive in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Emerald Grove

arka Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save Sazza
Arka in the Emerald Grove. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

If you’re paying attention to the Tieflings after the battle outside the Emerald Grove gates with the goblins, you may hear a conversation between a brother and sister. The sister is horrified and angry that her other brother was killed during the raid. She takes her crossbow and stalks off deeper into the Grove. Follow her to arrive at the prisoner area of the Grove.

You’ll still find her in the prisoner area if you don’t hear the conversation. Either way, she’s standing in front of a cage with a goblin inside. The goblin, Sazza, is egging her on, so you must intervene to save her.

Choose the option to step between the crossbow and Sazza. This option will allow you to talk Arka, the tiefling, down. You can choose a few options to keep Arka from shooting Sazza.

One of the best is to use your Illithid Powers to search Arka’s thoughts. That unlocks the choice of asking her what Kanon would think of her. Arka won’t like it, but it will keep her from shooting Sazza.

If you don’t want to use your Illithid Powers, then you can try a skill check. The options for this particular dialogue are as follows:

  • DC 10 Intimidation Check
  • DC 10 Persuasion Check
  • Barbarian Only – DC 10 Intimidation Check
  • Cleric Only – DC 10 Persuasion Check
  • Monk Only – DC 10 Insight Check

Specific classes have some extra options you can use. The DCs are low, so you should be able to pass them unless you roll poorly. Arka will leave, which allows you to perform a DC 10 Sleight of Hand check to unlock her cage door.

At this point, you need to help Sazza escape from the Grove. The best option is to head toward the cliffside and jump across a small gap. There’s a secret cave door that will appear when you near it. Head through the door to enter the cave.

There are two significant dangers inside the cave. The first is a collection of Guardian Statues. They’re active, so you’ll need to make everyone hide to avoid their detection. There are also glowing glyphs that you can press to deactivate the statues.

glyph Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save Sazza
A glyph powering one of the Guardian Statues. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The second danger is a group of goblins inside the cave. You might think they’d be friendly toward Sazza, but they’re not impressed that she was captured. You’ll have to kill them while keeping Sazza alive. I typically keep Sazza far from the fight since she only has a few hit points.

Once you kill the goblins, you can proceed to the end of the cave. Exit the cave, and when you appear on the other side, Sazza will tell you she’s headed for the goblin camp and will meet you there to introduce you to the woman in charge.

You’ve successfully saved Sazza for round one.

The Goblin Camp

goblin camp Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save Sazza
The goblin camp. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

When you arrive at the goblin camp, you’ll find Sazza waiting for you just outside. She’ll talk to one of the guards who will grant you entry to the camp. She keeps on moving, so you can follow her or spend some time with the goblins who are partying.

The goblin camp rests just outside of a defunct Selune cathedral. When you enter the cathedral, Sazza will talk her way through a few more guards and proceed deeper within. It’s best to follow her now, but you can take care of other matters inside the temple if you do so discretely.

Sazza will lead you to Minthara, a drow True Soul following The Absolute’s commands. Sazza attempts to betray you at this point, but Minthara realizes that you’re a True Soul, too, and aims to kill Sazza for suggesting your death.

Now, here’s where things can get a bit tricky if you want to save the druids and tieflings in the Emerald Grove while also saving Sazza. There are three ways to handle the situation with Minthara.

The first option is to tell Minthara that you’re going to end her. This will launch you into a fight. Sometimes, Sazza will be hostile if you don’t stand up for her first. Otherwise, she becomes a neutral party member who will join the fight. Due to her low hit points, you’ll want to focus on the enemies targeting Sazza to keep her safe. It’s tough to keep her alive, but it is possible.

The second option is to let Minthara send Sazza away. She’ll be taken down to where Minthara keeps her spiders so they can eat her. You’ll have an opportunity to save Sazza, but you’ll need to act quickly. As soon as the cutscene with Minthara is over, follow Sazza (and the guards, if there are any) to the pit. Drop, climb, or use the gate to enter the area and fight the spiders. If Sazza stays alive, then she’ll escape on her own from here.

The final option is to go along with what Minthara says. She’ll ask you to join her in destroying the Grove. You can tell her that you have some things to do first. She’ll be annoyed and ask you to hurry, but you can leave the cutscene and safely ensure Sazza leaves the room. Again, siding with Sazza is vital when Minthara asks what should be done with her. At that point, you can fight Minthara or choose to fight her back at the Grove.

By siding with Sazza and choosing one of these options, you can ensure Sazza survives the goblin camp.

Moonrise Towers

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save Sazza quest rewards
Ketheric Thorm awaiting your sentencing. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The final time you must save Sazza is when you arrive at Moonrise Towers in Act II. You’ll find the goblin with a few others inside the audience chamber. There’s a conversation about killing the goblins since they failed to complete General Ketheric Thorm’s mission.

Thorm is there, too, and this is your first look at one of The Absolute’s Chosen. He asks you your opinion on handling the goblins who failed him. You might feel pressure to appease him, but he ultimately doesn’t care what you choose if you don’t threaten him.

Since that’s the case, when the dialogue option presents itself, you should choose to let the goblins go. This will allow Sazza and the others to leave Moonrise Tower alive. Any of the other options will result in her death.

Although you don’t see Sazza afterward, you can assume she made it safely out of the Tower.

Quest Rewards – Achieve What Few Can

reward Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Save Sazza
The Assassin’s Touch dagger. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Assassin’s Touch Dagger
  • She Cannot Be Caged! Achievement
  • Satisfaction that you saved her when a lot of players haven’t

Saving Sazza is challenging, especially since it can sometimes interfere with your goals for a particular playthrough. The rewards you receive can be helpful, however. The first reward that you receive comes after rescuing her in the goblin camp.

You’ll receive the Assassin’s Touch dagger after you convince Minthara not to kill her or save her from the spiders. The dagger has an uncommon rarity and deals extra damage to sleeping targets. Its damage is roughly between 2 and 5 piercing.

The other reward you receive when you save her from Moonrise Tower. After saving her, you’ll acquire the She Cannot Be Caged! achievement. Few players have been able to save Sazza to this point, so it’s a rare achievement to unlock.

Finally, there’s also the satisfaction of knowing that you saved her when many other players have failed to do so. Those are some bragging rights you earned.


Question: Should you save Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Answer: Personally, yes, you should because Sazza is amazing. Strategically, if you want a new dagger or are an achievement hunter, then it’s also worth saving Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Question: Can you save Sazza and the Tieflings in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to save both Sazza and the tieflings in Baldur’s Gate 3. You must either fight Minthara, tell Minthara you’re busy, or defeat her at the Grove to save both Sazze and the tieflings.

Question: Can you save Sazza from the spiders in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Answer: Yes, you can save Sazza from the spiders in Baldur’s Gate 3. You need to act quickly, however, as they’ll attack her as soon as they notice her. It may also be possible to reason with some of them if you have Animal Speaking.

You Can Save Sazza But Not From Herself

By all accounts, Sazza is a walking disaster. She goes from one bad situation to the next. Without you, she’d have likely died long ago. You can’t save her from herself and her unfortunate choices, but you can save her from the situations she finds herself in. If the rewards aren’t quite enticing enough, then I’m sure a modder will one day make it possible to romance Sazza. So, rescue your potential future bride, if nothing else!

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