Jedi Survivor Bounties Guide: Where to Find All Bounty Marks

One of the most surprising parts of optional content in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is the bounty hunter targets. Despite Cal Kestis being on the run for his life from the Empire, that doesn’t mean he can’t take some time out of his day to hunt down the various bounties in the galaxy.

Find out where to find all of the bounties and how to take down all of them in this Jedi Survivor bounties guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

There are about 17 different bounty targets for players to take on in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. They are found throughout many of the main planets that you visit during your time trying to find Tanalorr with the crew on the Mantis.

Each bounty boss fight is quite different from the others, both mechanically and in terms of location.

They are all bosses that you have to fight, including some battles that involve more than one target for you to fight at the same time. These are some of the most exciting and fun bosses that you’ll encounter in the entire game.

How to Unlock Bounties in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

First and foremost, we need to start the Bounty Hunting questline, which can be accessed mere hours into the game if you hustle. But chances are that Koboh will serve as a big distraction.

Once you arrive on Koboh, the second planet in the game, you want to keep following the main storyline until you get more info about the mysterious planet of Tanalorr.

You’ll eventually get to the point where you must solve a gliding puzzle on Koboh, and around then, a mandatory boss fight happens. You encounter the bounty hunter target, Korej Lim.

This jetpacking bounty hunter is one of the many required bosses in the game. Once you defeat him, Caij Vanda appears. She’s a bounty hunter too, and she gives you the chance to take on other targets if you want. Thus begins your quest for pucks and credits.

Where to Find All Bounty Hunter Targets

Below, you’ll find all 17 of the bounty hunter targets, where to find them in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and how each of their boss’s fights goes down. Since there are so many, I’ll just give you some light details and tips on how to defeat each one.

Let’s get started with these boss fights and learn everything you need to know about them.

1. Korej Lim

 jedi survivor korej lim

  • Location: Koboh
  • Requirements: Start ‘Research Tanalorr’

Korej Lim is a fairly straightforward main story boss that you fight on Koboh in the middle of the Research Tanalorr mission. You must defeat him before you can unlock the other bounties. What you have here is a jetpack bounty hunter who you’ll have to take down.

The most annoying part about him is that he flies around. Thankfully, the blaster stance can help with this fight while also using the Force to pull him in and slice at him. If you can get him grounded for a bit, you can deal some serious damage.

Always keep an eye on him as he flies around so he doesn’t surprise you with a powerful attack.

2. Kip Ostar

jedi survivor kip ostar

  • Location: Koboh
  • Requirements: N/A

To find Kip Ostar, you want to head to the Derelict Dam area on Koboh. When you reach here, enter the large cave that is near the fast-travel spot. This cave has mines that will roll toward you, so watch out for those.

Follow the mostly linear path into the cave, and there will come a point where Kip will attack you out of nowhere. This is one of the easiest bounty targets in the game, even easier than the previous boss fight, to be honest.

The target only has a blaster and a shield that they use to fight you. The shield can be a bit annoying, but if you can keep within close range of the target, you can make short work of them.

3. Raz

jedi survivor raz

  • Location: Koboh
  • Requirements: N/A

Head to the Forest Array meditation point and then head left through the shortcut. You’ll find Raz in this clearing area, causing trouble. This is another quite easy fight. They move around quite a bit and use fast ranged attacks, but your lightsaber can deflect those shots easily.

There is only one non-blockable attack that Raz uses against you. You’ll need to simply dodge that one and then close the distance. Three down, loads to go.

4. Meyen Corr

jedi survivor meyen corr

  • Location: Koboh
  • Requirements: N/A

Fast travel to the Boiling Bluffs meditation point. From here, turn around and head back towards Rambler’s Reach Outpost, and you’ll find your next target. She looks tough, but she is a one-trick pony.

She has some powerful blaster shots, but you can dodge them and get close to her. If you do, her close-combat attacks are pretty ineffective, making the rest of the fight a doddle.

5. Mash

jedi survivor mash

  • Location: Shattered Moon
  • Requirements: Finish ‘Research Tanalorr’

Head to the Automated Forge meditation point on the Shattered Moon of Koboh. From there, go into the nearby room, and you’ll find Mash. Mash has a partner, which makes this one a bit more annoying than some of the others so far.

Take out the fodder enemies, then focus on Mash. This bounty hunter is slow and powerful, but you can easily dodge most of their attacks. Have patience, and he will go down pretty easily.

6. Kili Oso

jedi survivor kili oso

  • Location: Jedha
  • Requirements: Finish the ‘Locate Brother Armias’

Teleport to the Timeworn Bridge meditation point on Jedha. Then keep following this path, and Cal will comment on how it doesn’t seem like the bounty target is here. Soon after, you’ll be attacked by this target’s companions. Take them out and continue until you get to Sanctuary.

Just past the meditation point, which you can’t teleport to directly right now, you’ll find Kili Oso. The problem with this guy is he almost always has additional foes. In general, I focus on Kili because of this.

His two main attacks are a flashbang, which blinds you, and a shield red attack you’ll need to dodge. Watch out for these and keep up the chase on him until you defeat him.

7. Gatt Medo

jedi survivor gatt medo

  • Location: Coruscant
  • Requirements: Finish ‘Pursue Rayvis’

Teleport to the Freight Handling Depot meditation point on Coruscant. Once you get here, jump down and head through the nearby building to find the target. The target has some extra foes that you’ll need to take out first. She has a habit of red attacks and using a flashbang to get some distance.

That said, these two gimmicks are mostly for show. Once you know your way around dodging and avoiding these problems, she is honestly quite easy to take down. It is mostly a rinse-and-repeat situation once you have her partner taken out.

8. Vaslyn Martz

jedi survivor vaslyn martz

  • Location: Koboh
  • Requirements: Finish ‘Confront Dagan’

Head to the Fogged Expanse meditation point on Koboh. When you arrive here, continue along the path from the fast travel point until you reach the pit. Here, you will find the target. Take out the two additional enemies that the target has first to make this fight a bit easier for you.

There is nothing all that unique about this character other than the overwhelming force of foes she has and the weird fog in this area. Once you have her pals taken out, she is quite easy to deal with.

9. Selfin Jook

jedi survivor selfin jook

  • Location: Koboh
  • Requirements: Finish ‘Confront Dagan’

Teleport to the Observatory Understructure meditation point. Once here, jump down to the platform below. Instead of those enemies from before in the story, you’ll now find the bounty target and their pals.

The problem is that all of them have jet packs, which makes this fight a bit annoying. The same general strategies of other fights still apply, though: take out the other foes first, and everything else falls into place. The one great thing about this fight is that you don’t have to break the enemy since they have no guard.

Once you have the other enemies taken care of, it is a matter of avoiding the powerful flamethrower the boss has and then whittling them down.

10. Yuhong

jedi survivor yuhong

  • Location: Jedha
  • Requirements: Finish ‘Confront Dagan’

Next up is one of the oddest bounties yet: a droid. Head to the Desert Ridge meditation point on Jedha and then walk a bit into the small Path of Restoration region. Here, you’ll find Yuhong the droid and a bunch of other foes. Take the extra enemies out first, and then go after Yuhong.

They are extremely slow in the fight, but they have powerful attacks. Thankfully though, you can dodge them quite easily and then follow up with rapid hits. Take your time, dodge as necessary, and you’ll win this with ease.

11. Fenn Finau, Masi Finau, and KLE-0

jedi survivor fenn finau, masi finau, and kle-0

  • Location: Nova Garon
  • Requirements: Finish ‘Locate the Traitor’

Make sure to have done the main story stuff here on Nova Garon. Once you are ready, return here and head left from the Mantis through the shortcut. Go to the elevator, ride it down, and then continue on your path through the troops until you reach a long hallway.

It is here that you’ll see your next target, which is a fascinating one. It is now time to take down your first set of multiple bounty targets. They are each a boss in their own right, with big HP bars, and unique fight styles.

The narrow hallway is your arena, which is unfortunate since there are so many enemies. That said, the three fight like every other shield, droid, and jetpack bounty hunter enemy you fought before.

Fenn is the jetpack enemy and the one you should take out first. After that, the next most annoying enemy is Masi, the shielded enemy. Try to dodge both his and the droid’s attacks, and use what you can to take Masi out.

With that one finished, it’s all up to the droid now. This is another case where the droid is slow but has powerful attacks. Use your methods from before to dodge, then attack, and then dodge again until you defeat this droid and vanquish all three bounty hunter targets.

12. Corde the Half and PR-85T the Other Half

jedi survivor corde the half and pr-85t the other half

  • Location: Jedha
  • Requirements: ‘Locate the Traitor’

For this next fight, you have yet another duo of targets to take out at once. The best part is this means you get two Bounty Pucks for the price of one, essentially.

Once you arrive in the Halls of Ravenell, use the nearby shortcut that takes you up a ledge and then drops you down into an arena where you fight these two. Both the droid and its companion are quite fast here, which can overwhelm you quickly.

Focus on one target at a time. I recommend Corde, as she is slightly more annoying. Be careful of her flash bangs and her unblockable hits. Dodge them and continue swinging away at her until you defeat her.

From there, this fight becomes a lot easier. The droid is rather fast but not too deadly on its own. Dodge his powerful hits and take your time.

13. Jo the Cannibal

jedi survivor jo the cannibal

  • Location: Koboh
  • Requirements: Finish ‘Locate the Traitor’

This final main target is in the Lucrehulk, however, you’ll find that you can’t fast travel here. Go to the Loading Gantry meditation point and fight your way through Jo’s army to reach the core’s green gates. Go through there until you reach the central arena.

Take out the two additional enemies first before Jo appears. She is honestly the same as every other droid boss you’ve fought before, but more powerful. So long as you take out the other enemies first, this should be a relatively easy fight.

14. Caij Vanda

jedi survivor caij vanda

  • Location: Koboh
  • Requirements: Defeat all other bounty targets

Spoilers, Caij is the final boss of this storyline. Meet her near the Devastated Settlement meditation point where you first talked with her and fought Korej Lim. She has a mix of techniques and flies around, so you always want to close the distance between the two of you.

Dodge all of her glowing red unblockable attacks, as they deal insane damage. Other than that, the only other thing to watch out for is her grenades. Besides that, always get up close and swing away until you finally defeat her. This is going to take some patience to win, but the reward at the end is worth it.

Jedi Survivor Bounty Hunter Rewards

There are quite a few valuable rewards you can get for completing the various Star Wars Jedi Survivor bounty hunter missions which can be purchased with the Bounty Pucks you gather. Bounty Pucks are given to you for every single target that you take out in the game.

There is a total of 18 Bounty Pucks you can collect in this game; no more and no less. That is all you need to get all of the rewards that come from completing this quest.

To trade the Bounty Pucks for rewards, all you need to do is head on over to Caij Vanda at Rambler’s Reach Outpost and speak with her to trade them in.

Here are all of the rewards you can get from Caij for completing the bounty hunter missions:

  • B1 Battle Droid Slice: This costs two Bounty Pucks. This upgrade for BD-1 lets him slice B1 Battle Droids in the middle of battle.
  • Slice B2 Droid: This costs two Bounty Pucks and lets BD-1 slice and hack B2 Droids you come across in battle.
  • Slice Probe Droid: This costs two Bounty Pucks to unlock. It lets you slice those pesky Probe Droids that fly around the battlefield.
  • Charge Shot Area: This upgrade for Cal’s blaster costs two Bounty Pucks and requires you to have unlocked the blaster combat stance. This upgrade lets the Charge Shot ability hit the target and the enemies that are near them.
  • Ricochet: This costs two Bounty Pucks and is another upgrade for the blaster. This ability lets your special rounds ricochet off any surface that it hits until it lands on an opponent. This means you could miss like a Stormtrooper and not have to worry since it will eventually land on a target.
  • Stun Shot: This costs two Bounty Pucks and is another upgrade for Cal’s blaster and lightsaber combat stance. This skill lets you shoot a blaster shot that will stun not just the target but anyone too close to them.
  • K3 Vindicator Body: This costs one Bounty Puck and is a cosmetic upgrade for the blaster.
  • Model 13 Barrel: Costs one Bounty Puck. This is a cosmetic upgrade for the blaster.
  • Model 13 Grip: Costs one Bounty Puck. This is a cosmetic upgrade for the blaster.
  • RSKF-44 Grip: Costs one Bounty Puck. This is a cosmetic upgrade for the blaster.
  • Showdown Barrel: Costs one Bounty Puck. This is a cosmetic upgrade for the blaster.
  • Showdown Body: Costs one Bounty Puck. This is a cosmetic upgrade for the blaster.

If you complete all of the bounty targets, you’ll be able to unlock all of these rewards, but I do suggest going in the order of the upgrades you want the most.

I suggest leaving the cosmetic upgrades for later on since the initial six rewards are quite valuable in combat, especially if you like to use BD-1 or the blaster and lightsaber combo combat stance for Cal.


Question: How many Bounties are there in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: There is a total of 17 bounties in Jedi Survivor if you include the very first one you get in the game and complete as part of the main story. As for the optional ones, there are 16 in total, but some of the bounties are bundled together.

Question: Are there any Jedi Bounty Hunters in Star Wars?

Answer: Yes, there are some Jedi who become bounty hunters in Star Wars. Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one of them, able to optionally hunt down bounties for rewards. In addition to Cal, some bounty hunters were trained, specifically, to take down Jedi, such as Aurra Sing.

Question: How do You Unlock Bounty Hunter Missions in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: You can unlock bounty hunter missions in Star Wars Jedi Survivor by continuing the main storyline until it comes time to investigate the ruins of Koboh to find out the truth about where Tanalorr is. This is maybe 10 or so hours into the game (can be much earlier for some fast players).
During this mission, you’ll take on Korej Lim in a mandatory boss fight. After winning, you’ll unlock the ability to take on bounty hunter missions.

See Our Thoughts on Star Wars Jedi Survivor

One of the best parts of Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the bounty hunter side storyline. It is so expansive and filled with many missions and bosses for players to optionally take on.

While some of them may not be the hardest bosses in the game, especially depending on where you are in the story, they are well worth checking out.

Plus, these bounties give some great rewards and even lead to one of the most surprising rewards you could get in a game that I dare not spoil right here in the closing section.

But what I will include is our thoughts on Star Wars Jedi Survivor. In the review for the game, Callum gave the game a fairly great score, calling it a “bigger and better version of what fans loved before.” You can find out more about Callum’s thoughts in our official review of Jedi Survivor.

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