Jedi Survivor Fish Guide: Where to Find All Fish

There is so much you can miss out on in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor if you forget to stop and smell the Koboh roses. This town is full of characters and content for you to unlock over time, including what I have to tell you about in this Jedi Survivor fish guide.

While Jedi Survivor doesn’t include typical fishing mechanics seen in other titles, there is a fishing collectible quest in this game nonetheless.

It has to do with an aquarium in Rambler’s Reach that you can fill up with all sorts of fish from various planets, with the help of a particular resident of the town. If you want to fill up your aquarium, you’re in the right place with this Jedi Survivor fish guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

To collect fish, you’ll need to find Skoova, recruit him, and this will begin the fish-related side quest.

There are 12 fish in total that you can add to your collection in the aquarium in Rambler’s Reach on Koboh.

Some of these require you to meet other prerequisites first or complete certain parts of the story to reach them. In other cases, you’ll need to complete puzzles or even take on various enemies to reach the areas where these fish are located.

How to Unlock Aquarium Fishing in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Before you can start “fishing” in this game, you need to find the NPC who does all of that for you: Skoova. To do this, you want to progress through the main storyline until you reach the community of Rambler’s Reach on Koboh and meet back up with your old pal Greez there.

Once you do this and the story takes you to other places on the planet, you’ll unlock the chance to add other settlers to Rambler’s Reach, which the game will inform you about. At this point, all you need to do is track down Skoova and add him to the growing list of residents in town.

You can find Skoova in the Foothill Falls area near Rambler’s Reach. This smaller location is only roughly southwest of the town and right near where the hub area is located.

Check out the cliff ahead of you, which is accessed via a zipline. Ride the zipline, and you’ll arrive at the top to find a person near a floating old-looking boat. This person is none other than Skoova.

What you want to do is speak with Skoova a bunch of times, and after humoring him for a while, he will agree to join your ranks. This unlocks the aquarium back at Pyloon’s Saloon and begins the quest.

All Fish Locations in Jedi Survivor

Here’s where to find every fish and any requirements you must meet in the main story to unlock them, ordered generally based on when you are first able to access these fish in the main storyline progression. Also, quick tip, remember to access every meditation point you come across to make finding these a breeze!

1. See Fish

fish locations in jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: None other than being able to reach Rambler’s Reach and unlock Skoova for the town. This is the first fish you can get.
  • General Location: Foothill Falls

This first fish is by far the easiest one for you to find in the game. This is because all you need to do is locate Skoova in the first place. The See Fish is right there in the Foothill Falls area, where you first meet Skoova. There is honestly no reason not to grab this one as soon as you meet him.

After talking to him, you will automatically gain the first fish in the collection and this pal as part of the Rambler’s Reach community.

2. Fingertip Garpon

fingertip garpon jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: None. This is one of the first additional fish you can collect.
  • General Location: Rambler’s Reach Outpost

This second fish is another rather easy one to collect. The best part is you don’t have to do much to unlock it since you pretty much have automatic access to it as soon as Skoova joins the town.

What you want to do is head to the side of the town where there is a big building next to the river. It is difficult to see the river on the map, so be wary of that.

You’ll find Skoova parked here by the river, where you can speak with him again. Do so, and he will catch the Fingertip Garpon.

3. Barbed Hookfish

barbed hookfish jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: None whatsoever.
  • General Location: Smuggler’s Tunnel on Koboh

This third fish is another one that players can access as soon as they unlock Skoova for their community. The Smuggler’s Tunnels is a massive dungeon-like area that is right underneath Rambler’s Reach Outpost.

It is found under Pyloon’s Saloon, and can be picked up as you complete the ‘Find the Gyro Module’ quest. If you already did this mission, you’ll have to trek back through this large but mostly linear area to find him.

Follow the mostly linear path through the tunnels until you reach a clearing in this underground area, where you’ll see a small body of water.

This is right along the main path, and the water is quite obvious on the main holo map, so you can reference that, if necessary. Skoova is hanging out on a rock right near this pond, so be sure to speak with him once more, and he will catch you a Barbed Hookfish..

4. Frilled Newt

frilled newt jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: None
  • General Location: Gorge Crash Site on Koboh

Head to the Gorge Crash Site meditation point on Koboh. This is one of the easiest fish to find since you can just teleport to the fast travel point, and you’re pretty much good to go.

You just need to head a short distance west from the meditation point, and you’ll find the tar pit area that you likely had trouble traversing earlier in the game. It just so happens that Skoova has his boat right near this area and is ready to catch you another critter. Speak with him to get the Frilled Newt.

5. Blue-Finned Crayfish

blue-finned crayfish jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: None
  • General Location: Bygone Settlement on Koboh

The Bygone Settlement is an area that will take you some time to reach during the main story, as it is tied to one of the longer plot points. There is a Bygone Settlement meditation point you can fast-travel to, if you have access already.

However, the problem is that the meditation point is about as far away from this fish as you can get without being in another area of Koboh entirely. You want to head through the Bygone Settlement’s linear but wide path south, then up, and then east until you reach the end of this region.

It is here at the end of this path that you’ll find another water location where Skoova is hanging out. Once again, speak with him, and he will now catch the Blue-Finned Crayfish for you.

6. Big Mouth Faa

big mouth faa jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: None
  • General Location: Rift Passage on Koboh

Keep going along the main story of Jedi Survivor, and you will soon have to head to The Forest Array. This lengthy venture takes you throughout Koboh, including the Rift Passage area.

This is a fairly small location that you could almost consider to be a hidden one in the game. Head to the larger Basalt Rift area, and then you want to take the path west and up until you reach the Rift Passage.

There is a meditation point that you’ll soon see. Unlock it, of course, if you have not already, and then look next to it to find another water area. It is here, of course, that you’ll find your old pal Skoova. Speak with him, and you’ll collect the Big Mouth Faa.

7. Blinding Ray Fish

blinding ray fish jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: Relter mount and BD-1’s Koboh Grinder unlocked.
  • General Location: Devastated Settlement on Koboh

For this one, you must be quite far into the main story. You need to have done or be in the middle of the ‘Research Tanalorr’ main story mission, where you are exploring the ruins on Koboh, specifically.

Work through the weird platforming and gliding puzzles until you get to the top of this region where the ruined settlement is located. Once you arrive here at the top of this massive area, there is a Relter mount, found near the entrance to the Grand Courtyard.

All you need to do is hop on the Relter, and it will guide you to another location that is on a large rock nearby. Once you arrive, speak with Skoova, who somehow got himself up here, and add the Blinding Ray Fish to your ever-growing collection.

8. Snakefish

snakefish jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: Get to Cere’s Archives in Jedha
  • General Location: Arid Flats on Jedha

Finally, a fish that isn’t on Koboh! The desert planet of Jedha is where Cere has been hanging out all this time. When you arrive on this planet, your goal is to travel across the desert and reach her base.

Thankfully, this Skoova location is relatively close to the home base where Cere is staying, so just head on your path there.

It is likely that on your way, you’ll grab the Arid Flats meditation point, which is in the general region of this particular fish. Right near the meditation point is a cliffside that you can see above you. Use the ledge to jump up there, and you’ll find a small body of water—an oasis—in this desert.

Skoova will be hanging out up here, waiting for you. Speak with him, and the Snakefish is now yours.

9. Fantailed Laa

fantailed laa jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: Reach the Crypt of Uhrma in the main story
  • General Location: Crypt of Uhrma on Jedha

This particular fish requires you to go a bit further in the Jedha main storyline. This is a required spot during that main story mission, so just keep following the story until you reach here, if necessary. Once you get to the crypt of Uhrma, there is a massive puzzle you’ll need to complete to continue the story and find the fish here.

Complete the puzzle, and you can unlock the next area, which features a small pond in the middle of this crypt for some odd reason. As for how Skoova got past the puzzle, who knows? Speak with him as always, and you’ll now get the Fantailed Laa.

10. Mee Fish

mee fish jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: Merrin’s Charm and the Air Dash ability
  • General Location: Mountain Ascent on Koboh

I recommend waiting until you reach the main story mission, ‘Confront Dagan’ to do this one.

Once you are ready, head toward the observatory until you get to the Mountain Ascent area. There are several levels to this area, and you won’t immediately notice the pond unless you jump down from the main path.

The Holo map is honestly really great in this situation. You can see the large pond on this mountain there. Head to the water and find Skoova by the waterfall that feeds into the pond. Speak with him to acquire the Mee Fish.

11. Glottsamcrab

glottsamcrab jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: Relter mount, and Air Dash
  • General Location: Viscid Bog on Koboh

Complete all of the story content on Jedha and then return to Koboh. At this point, you’ll immediately get the main story mission to ‘Rescue Zee From the Lucrehulk.’ Follow this mission until you reach the Viscid Bog area of Koboh.

Jump down to the ledge that is a bit hidden but near the house on the island. Here, you’ll find Skoova hanging out in the middle of this mysterious bog. Speak with him, as always, to gain the second-to-last fish in the game, the Glottsamcrab.

12. Viscid Lurker

viscid lurker jedi survivor

  • Ability Requirements: Merrin’s Charm, Air Dash, and Force Lift abilities
  • General Location: Phon’Qi Caverns on Koboh

It is now time for the grand finale. For this one, it is time to go back to where it all began in Foothill Falls, where you first met Skoova. It is recommended to do the Abandoned Shack Rumor first because this will lead you directly from the Foothill Falls to the Phon’Qi Caverns.

Once you reach these caverns, the goal here is to follow the primarily linear path in this area down and down until you reach the bottom. This will require you to use your Air Dash, Merrin’s Charm, and Force Lift abilities.

Once you get to the bottom, you can find a small path that will guide you around a wall to a hidden area that is right next to a tiny body of water. It is here that Skoova has once again shown off his extraordinary exploration skills.

Speak with him one last time to catch the final fish, the Viscid Lurker, which is, oddly enough, not lurking in the Viscid Bog as you might expect. Now your aquarium is finally complete.

How to Clean the Aquarium Fish Tank in Rambler’s Reach

Now that your aquarium collection is finally complete, there is one final aspect of this venture that you need to know about. Collecting fish is fun and all, but what’s the good in collecting these fish only to find them swimming around in a dirty tank?

That is no good, so you should clean it up. When you first see the aquarium tank in Rambler’s Reach Outpost, you’ll notice that it’s quite nasty. The only way to clean it up is to continue the Skoova storyline and catch more fish. For some reason, he cleans it up only after you’ve collected a certain number of creatures.

There are three levels of cleanliness to the tank following the initial stage:

  • Dirty: You’ve only collected three or four fish in the game
  • Clean: This requires you to collect seven or eight fish in the game
  • Perfection: This is the final stage and requires you to get all 12 fish to have the cleanest possible tank


Question: How Do You Get Fish in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: You can get fish in Jedi Survivor by first locating Skoova and unlocking the fish side content. Once you’ve done this, you can find fish by locating them in the world wherever Skoova is, and then speaking with him.

Question: How many Fish are there in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: There are 12 fish in total that you can find and collect in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Question: Where is Skoova in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: There are quite a few locations to find Skoova in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. The initial spot where you need to find him to start the fishing content is in Foothill Falls near the outpost of Rambler’s Reach on Koboh.

Check Out what we Thought about Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The entire fishing storyline in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one element of this game that you can entirely miss if you aren’t careful.

I know that I was trying to finish the game up quite fast for work purposes, so I honestly missed the entire fishing part until I was more than two-thirds of the way through the storyline.

Don’t be like me and miss out on reaping the benefits of the surprisingly deep fishing storyline and collecting all the various aquarium fish.

You can start all of this pretty early in the story of Jedi Survivor, so be sure to visit Skoova and start collecting all of the various fish around the planets in this game.

And if that isn’t enough for you, maybe you should check out Callum’s thoughts on the overall Star Wars Jedi Survivor experience.

There is so much more to this game than what is found in this tiny bit of side content that players can do, and this guide doesn’t even touch upon the general gameplay, so find our reviewer’s thoughts there.

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