Jedi Survivor Force Tears Guide: How to Find and Beat All Force Tears

When it comes to a fantastic sequel like Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the one thing that can be said about the developer Respawn Entertainment is that it packed this second Cal Kestis game full of content. There is so much to see and do in this game, and by far one of my favorite pieces of optional content has to be the focus of this Jedi Survivor Force Tears guide.

Force Tears are unique because they are some of the most varied content that you’ll find to do in this game outside of the main story.

Unlike the fish, optional legendary enemies, and bounties, they are mostly standard. You go to a new spot and do the same old thing. But the Force Tears keep their objectives and gameplay fresh, being one of my favorite things to do. Because of that, I aim to help you complete all of them in this Jedi Survivor Force Tears guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Force Tears in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are some of the best objectives players could tackle in this entire game, being rips in the Force where Cal can train to be a better Jedi. These are 15 optional missions (if you want to call them that) you can take on that are found throughout the planets and locations you visit as Cal Kestis.

At every single one of these locations, players have the option to take on a specific challenge. They are all so varied and different from one another, including challenges that have to do with taking on a mini-boss enemy. Others, though, might have you take on a massive wave of foes.

Still, others might give you a specific lightsaber stance that you have to use to complete the mission. And yet even more (arguably the best ones) are platforming sections where you have a limited amount of time to jump, flip, and glide your way to the end of the race-like area. Each one is worth checking out, though, for their immense fun factor and incredible reward.

All Jedi Survivor Force Tears Locations

As mentioned, there are 15 of the Force Tears in total in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. That is much more than some of the other optional content in this game, such as the legendary adversaries. To help you out with these pieces of content, I’ve broken down each one below for you.

I’ll let you know how to get to each location, what the mission entails for that particular Force Tear, some general tips on how to do it, and more. Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the various Force Tears and how to beat each one in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

1. Fractured Malice

jedi survivor force tears factured malice

  • Location: Rooftops, Coruscant
  • Force Tear Type: Boss Battle

Starting off is a Force Tear, which is a pretty standard one. You have two Rancors to take on, which are slightly more straightforward than the ones you face in the legendary adversaries version. Since there are two of them, the main idea here is to dodge as much as possible and focus on a single one.

Pick the Rancor you want to take out first (it doesn’t matter which) and then dodge through their attacks before finding an opening to start swinging. As long as you take advantage of attacking after dodging their glowing red unblockable attacks, you should be able to take them out. This fight gets considerably easier, too, once you defeat the first one.

2. Fractured Resolve

jedi survivor force tears fractured resolve

  • Location: Swindler’s Wash, Koboh
  • Force Tear Type: Platformer

This is one of my favorite Force Tears and the one I found first in the game (you can do them in any order you like, so long as you have unlocked that area). This one is found just near Rambler’s Reach on Koboh, and you pass by this area on the way to one of the main story quest destinations, so it is hard to miss.

The idea here is that you want to run and jump to the other side of the platforming mission without dying once. The catch is that half of the screen is covered in this red laser force field that will instantly eliminate you. But you can manipulate the screen to switch from the left side to the right side and vice versa by jumping.

Each jump you do, which is necessary for platforming, will switch sides. So, at first, you want to take your time and time your jumps perfectly. But it gets a bit more on-rails and harder to time later on, so you really have to pay attention to how many jumps you’ll need to make it and which side you should aim for.

3. Fractured Burden

jedi survivor force tears fractured burden

  • Location: Gorge Crash Site, Koboh
  • Force Tear Type: Arena Battle Force Tear

The goal here is to head to the Gorge Crash Site meditation point. This Force Tear is right near it. This is one of the most straightforward challenges you can take on since it has to do with defeating all of the enemies within the arena. The problem is that you aren’t dealing with regular foes here.

You have to take out a Bilemaw, Gorocco, and Mogu all at once. The Bilemaw and Gorocco are pretty slow, so you can fairly easily dodge them. However, the Mogu, despite its size, is quite a bit faster, so this is one that I suggest you take on first.

The goal here is to dodge around the edges of the arena, wait for a chance to jump in and start slashing at the target of your choice. You’ll have to take your time with this fight as it can be a lengthy one. But once you have one enemy down, it gets easier. And once you have two enemies down, this fight is nothing at all.

4. Fractured History

jedi survivor force tears fractured history

  • Location: Rambler’s Reach, Koboh
  • Force Tear Type: Boss Battle

Oddly enough, this is one of the only Force Tears that have prerequisites that aren’t necessarily tied to the main story. First and foremost, go through the story until you meet Zee, and then complete the Chamber of Duality part of the main story plot.

Once you are done with that, you’ll need to take on and defeat the legendary enemy, the Spawn of Oggdo on Koboh. That is one of the most annoying fights in the entire game, so good luck. Once you’ve done both of those, head to the Doma’s Outpost Commodities store in Rambler’s Reach to take on the Spawn of Oggdo and its parent, Oggdo Bogdo, at once.

As before, with boss battles where there is more than one enemy, pick an enemy and focus on it. They are nearly identical in moveset, with many unblockable attacks and a tongue that can shoot out at you from across the arena to get you.

The goal here is to avoid all of their unblockable attacks, dodge around the edges of the arena, and dive in for swipes with your lightsaber when you get the chance.

If there is any boss fight you need to take your time with, it’s this one, as even a single unblockable attack that lands on you will likely spell the end of this challenge. Once you have one foe down, you can ease up some but still have to repeat the same maneuvers to beat it.

5. Fractured Punishment

jedi survivor force tears fractured punishment

  • Location: Devastated Settlement, Koboh
  • Force Tear Type: Arena Battle

For this one, you must unlock the Grand Courtyard meditation point during the main story. From there, head east, and you can ride on a Relter to reach this Force Tear. This one is a typical arena battle where your only objective is to take out all of the foes.

This time, you have three Rawka enemies and two Sutaban, which means you can get overwhelmed quite quickly in this fight. The Rawka are tiny but swift and deadly in a group. On the other hand, the Sutaban is reasonably slow and more easily avoided.

As such, you want to focus on the Rawka one at a time. They have a couple of red attacks you’ll need to dodge, but you can slice through them reasonably quickly. Take them out one at a time and then focus on the Sutaban one at a time.

They also have red attacks you need to dodge, but they are combos, so wait until their entire combo finishes before making your move. Once one of these two is down, this fight becomes business as usual.

6. Fractured Duality

jedi survivor force tears fractured duality

  • Location: Roof of the Saloon, Rambler’s Reach Outpost, Koboh
  • Force Tear Type: Forced Arena Battle

This is a unique arena battle. You have a wave of Stormtroopers, including scout troopers, some droids, shield troopers, heavy assault troopers, and so on. They are pretty standard, but the problem with this is that it is a forced parameter fight where you have to complete it only using the double-bladed lightsaber stance.

If you aren’t like me and prefer this stance over the others, you might have a hard time with this fight. Fortunately, the double-bladed lightsaber is terrific for lots of enemies like this with its skills like Gathering Tempest and more. If you don’t use this stance, don’t upgrade it for this fight alone. You should be able to win if you focus on a couple of enemies at a time.

7. Fractured Momentum

jedi survivor force tears fractured momentum

  • Location: Smuggler’s Tunnels, Koboh
  • Force Tear Type: Platforming
  • Prerequisite: Force Dash

For this one, you need first to get the Force Dash ability that you unlock during the main story on Jedha (you’ll know because it’s a wild moment). Once you have it, return to the Rambler’s Reach saloon and head into the Smuggler’s Tunnels. This Force Tear is through a green force field you need to dash through in the nearby area.

This is another platforming one that involves using your Force Dash to dash through various force fields you come across. The tricky part is you are riding a zipline the entire time, and there are both red and green force fields to deal with.

The red ones will end your run, while the green ones can be dashed through. The goal is to ride your zipline until you reach a green one to dash through and start riding the zipline again. The other element you need to watch out for is the electrical charges on the zipline that occasionally pop up. Jump over these to keep going.

8. Fractured Agility

jedi survivor force tears fractured agility

  • Location: Boiling Bluff, Koboh
  • Force Tear Type: Platforming
  • Prerequisite: Confront Dagan

For this one, you need to unlock the grappling skill that Cal has for the orange platforms. To get this, you have to confront Dagan in the main story. To get here, head to the Boiling Bluff meditation point and ride the nearby animals up to the orange platforms and use that to reach a bird that will take you here.

This platforming challenge requires you to master your grapple technique. You need to worry about two main parts to beat this challenge: the orange balloons you need to move around to grapple to the next one and the red force fields.

For the orange balloons, you need to make sure you can move them around to be able to grapple to the next one. On the other hand, you want to get around the red force fields by wall running on the other side of them. Do a mix of these (it’ll probably take some practice), and you will beat this platforming challenge.

9. Fractured Power

jedi survivor force tears fractured power

  • Location: Fogged Expanse, Koboh
  • Force Tear Type: Forced Arena Battle
  • Prerequisite: Electro Dart, Orange Balloon Grapple

For this one, head to the Fogged Expanse meditation point, where a path leads past some vines. Follow it using the two skills you’ve unlocked to get there. This is a reasonably straightforward arena battle where you must use the Crossguard stance.

Bear in mind that this is the slowest but most purely potent stance, and you should be able to take down the waves of Stormtroopers and beasts.

10. Fractured Delusion

jedi survivor force tears fractured delusion

  • Location: Rambler’s Reach, Koboh
  • Force Tear Type: Arena Battle

For this one, there is a locked room in Rambler’s Reach with some cameras around it. BD can help you get inside. From there, you’ll have to defeat a foe and then unlock the Force Tear outside the building. The actual challenge itself is taking on that foe again, but he has some backup.

The goal here is to focus on the additional monsters and droids he has first. Then focus on him, but be wary of his ranged blaster shots that are pretty deadly.

11. Fractured Tradition

jedi survivor force tears fractured tradition

  • Location: Monastery Walls, Jedha
  • Force Tear Type: Forced Arena Battle

From the Monastery Walls meditation point, you can follow a path down and left to reach some pillars where this challenge is eventually. For this forced challenge, you must use the Single Saber stance to remove all of the droids and troopers in this arena.

Like all of the other similar challenges, take out on enemy at a time and dodge a whole lot since there are so many of them.

12. Fractured Determination

jedi survivor force tears fractured determination

  • Location: Anchorite Base, Jedha
  • Force Tear Type: Platforming
  • Prerequisite: Force Dash

Head to the Anchorite Base meditation point and head left through the force field path toward the Arid Flats, which you’ll need the Force Dash technique for. This platforming section is all about using your dash ability through the green force field to the end.

What you want to do is time these right. Each force field you pass through lets you use Force Dash again, plus it gives you the option to double jump again. These are essential for winning this challenge.

13. Fractured Dexterity

jedi survivor force tears fractured dexerity

  • Location: Crypt of Uhrma, Jedha
  • Force Tear Type: Forced Arena Battle

For this one, head to the Crypt of Uhrma meditation point and then go up the stairs to the door on your right towards the Trailhead Pantheon. Follow this path through and eventually down to find the Force Tear. This one is a simple arena battle where you have to use the dual wield lightsaber stance.

This is a fast stance that is necessary for taking on waves of droids, Gorgers, troopers, raiders, and more. Most of these enemies are pretty fast and can overwhelm you, so it is vital that you dodge constantly and focus on one enemy at a time.

14. Fractured Cunning

jedi survivor force tears fractured cunning

  • Location: Timeworn Bridge, Jedha
  • Force Tear Type: Forced Arena Battle
  • Prerequisite: Force Dash

Once you unlock the dash technique, head to the Timeworn Bridge meditation point and take the path up that goes outside. Follow this path until you reach a force field that has the Tear inside. This is another arena battle where you have to use the Blaster lightsaber stance.

There are waves of enemies, including shield troopers, Rawka, raiders, and even a bounty hunter. If you don’t use this stance often, the key is knowing when to go in for a swing and when to step back for some blaster shots. Your swings recharge your blaster, so take your time, keep the range, and you can win.

15. Fractured Endurance

jedi survivor force tears fractured endurance

  • Location: Automated Forge, Shattered Moon
  • Force Tear Type: Arena Battle

To reach this one, head to the Automated Forge meditation point and go right into the forge and go down to wall-run your way to this Force Tear. This is a strange arena fight where you have tons of battle droids, and you need to take out 150 of them as fast as possible.

That is quite a lot, and it will take you some time to do this. I recommend using the stance you prefer the most to succeed here.

General Tips for Completing Force Tears

The Force Tears in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are so vastly different from one another. In one of these, you might have a ton of foes to take on. In other, there might be a boss. And yet in others, there may not be any combat whatsoever for you to deal with. That makes each one so unique.

Even still, there are some general tips that you should keep in mind for these Force Tears that I have learned throughout tackling all 15 of them. These tips can help you with certain types of objectives and make some of the challenges a little less frustrating, especially for the timed objectives:

  • Take your time in the fight arenas. If there is any tip you should take from me, it is to be as patient as possible. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple enemies or only one; take your time, look for openings after unblockable attacks, and then make your move.
  • Practice in the platforming challenges. It is alright if you fail on your first try. The best thing you can do is try to get as far as you can, learn the challenge, and then fail. This way, you know what to expect and can master it in the fastest time possible.
  • Focus on one enemy at a time. I don’t care which lightsaber stance you have; if there are multiple foes, go for one at a time. You’ll thank yourself later when the fight becomes considerably easier.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave and come back another time. If it is too hard and you are getting pummeled by the enemies, it might be time to consider stepping back and coming back once you have upgraded Cal some more.
  • Use your ability points as soon as you get them. They are invaluable for helping you to do better in these challenges. In addition, find the two lightsaber stances you prefer and stick to upgrading them only. This will help you save points for what truly matters to you.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears Trophy Explained

There is a trophy and achievement that is related to the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force Tears. If you are someone who is an achievement hunter or trophy fanatic that would like to collect all of them for this game, you’re going to need to go through all of these Force Tears.

Even if you are not one, you should do them, but there is extra incentive for the completionists out there. If you locate and beat all 15 of the Force Tears in this game, you’ll earn yourself the Blood, Sweat, and Tears trophy. This will get you well on your way to 100% completion and that elusive Platinum Trophy.

Force Tears Rewards Explained

What you’ll find that is odd about these Force Tears is that they each give you the exact same reward. Every single one of the 15 optional objectives will reward you with a single skill point for Cal. While that is generally the only reward you get for these, it makes doing them more than worth it.

Skills are hard to come by, especially if you don’t want to spend forever grinding enemies, so these missions can quickly guarantee 15 of them for you. That is more than enough to get on your way to maxing out some of the trees and branches of Cal’s abilities and stances.


Question: How many Force Tears does Jedi Survivor have?

Answer: There is a grand total of 15 Force Tears for players to tackle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. All 15 of them are spread out throughout the various planets and locations you visit in the main story. You also won’t be able to complete some of them until you progress to a certain point in the plot.

Question: What do Force Tears do in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: Force Tears act as optional challenges for players to do in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. They are also the most varied and interesting side content you can complete, in my opinion. Some might be platforming challenges, while others are normal arena fights, while still more have to do with bosses.

Question: What is the hardest Force Tear in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: The hardest Force Tear in Star Wars Jedi Survivor will vary from player to player. However, for me, the hardest one has to be the Spawn of Oggdo, and Oggdo Bogdo fight in terms of boss battles.
Even one of these is already an annoying fight you might want to exploit in the main game, but two of them? It can make you pull Cal Kestis’ hair out.

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