Jedi Survivor Legendary Adversaries: Where to Find and Defeat All Legendary Adversaries

Star Wars Jedi Survivor features a ton of content for players to enjoy across the multiple planets in the galaxy far, far away that Cal Kestis explores.

One of the more intriguing parts of the game and also among the most challenging are the Jedi Survivor legendary adversaries. These are optional challenging foes that you can come across in the world and take on for additional challenges and rewards.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor legendary adversaries are some of the most challenging optional enemies you’ll find in this game. Many of them even rival some of the mandatory bosses you have to face in the main story of Cal trying to find a hidden world to hide away at from the evil Empire.

To help you out, here is where to find every legendary foe, tips for how to defeat them, and so much more.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor legendary adversaries are some of the most formidable enemies that players can find and face in the entire game. In general, there are around 13 of them for players to find. They are all optional, meaning you can avoid interacting with them if you like.

But if you want to engage in some of the most brutal boss battles in this game that will test your lightsaber, blaster, and Force skills to the max, you should consider finding these foes.

They are all hidden and spread throughout most of the various planets and locations that Cal visits in Jedi Survivor.

These legendary enemies are generally monsters and separate from the bounties you can take on the game, which primarily focuses on human and robotic foes. These fights include some of the most popular Star Wars enemies.

Each one is hidden in a different location on their respective planet and may require you to progress through the main story to a certain point to access them. But if you can take them out, you’ll be able to unlock perks for each one that can radically change your gameplay.

Where to Find and Defeat All Jedi Survivor Legendary Adversaries

Let’s jump right in and take a look at all 13 of the legendary enemies in Jedi Survivor. For each one, I will note where you can find them, including their location on the map and what planet they are found on. In addition, I’ll be sure to tell you if there is a special upgrade or skill you need to find them.

Beyond that, I’ll also break down some quick tips for how to beat each foe and what rewards you get for defeating them, including details on how each perk works.

I should finally note that this is going to be heavily spoiler-filled for all of these optional adversaries. If you don’t want to know some of the iconic monsters you can face, turn away now.

1. D-L1T

jedi survivor D-L1T

  • Location: Hangar 2046-C, Coruscant
  • Reward: Slice: DT Sentry upgrade for BD-1
  • Required Skill: Electro Dart upgrade for BD-1

First up, starting on the planet you begin the game on (Coruscant), we have a legendary foe that you’ll have to return to this planet to take on. First and foremost, you’ll need the Electro Dart upgrade for BD-1. Once you have this from the story, return here, and you can find this foe in the Hangar 2046-C area behind a locked door.

Unlike some of the other foes on this list, there is no Rumor side quest you must start to find it. Simply go to the location in the screenshot above, and you’re good to go. This sentry droid enemy is one of the most versatile and flexible foes you’ll meet.

It has two different weapons and fighting styles, with a couple of unblockable moves. The goal here is to dodge these unblockable moves, and you’ll often have an opening to deal damage.

Take your time and be patient to win this fight. For doing so, you’ll earn the DT Sentry Slice upgrade for BD-1. This lets you now slice and convert other sentry droids to fight for you temporarily.

2. Frenzied Jotaz

jedi survivor frenzied jotaz.png

  • Location: Undercity Meat section, Coruscant
  • Reward: Health Essence
  • Required Skill: Electro Dart for BD-1

Right around the same time that you take on the previous legendary enemy, you can travel over to the meat department in Coruscant’s underbelly and take on the next one. This one also requires you to have access to the Electro Dart upgrade for BD-1 so you can get inside the locked area.

Once you are in there, you’ll be up against a massive monster. While it might look a little scary and it is pretty fast, this is a two-trick pony. It has only two attacks you need to worry about, which is the one where it tries to slam down on you and the other where it will throw boulders at you.

Both of these are red attacks you can’t block, so you’ll have to react and dodge them quickly. But if you can read these moves well, this is a relatively easy fight to deal with. Take your time, strike after these red attacks while you have the chance, and you should win this one.

After your victory, you’ll obtain a Health Essence. This upgrades your max health for Cal Kestis, so it is worth picking up as soon as you can.

3. The Rancor

jedi survivor the rancor

  • Location: Sodden Grotto, Koboh
  • Reward: Shatter Perk
  • Required Skill: None

To start with this legendary enemy encounter, begin by heading to Ramble Reach and speaking with the prospector near the meditation point in town. She will offer you a rumor side quest involving some missing prospectors you need to find.

If you follow the steps and guidance of this side quest, it will bring you to the Sodden Grotto where you will encounter the legendary Rancor, which Star Wars fans will likely instantly recognize. This is a tough fight, as it should be, but this is another situation where you only really have two moves to worry about.

There is a red attack where the Rancor launches at you to try and grab you. This, plus the shockwave attack, are ones that you have to dodge, or else you will lose a massive chunk of health. If you can avoid those, you can usually run circles around the slow Rancor.

For winning the fight, you get the Shatter perk, which makes your attacks much better at breaking the enemy’s guard.

4. The Sutaban Alpha

jedi survivor the sutaban alpha

  • Location: Crypt of Uhrma, Jedha
  • Reward: Gambler Perk
  • Required Skill: None

If you have fought a Sutaban enemy before, you’ll pretty much know exactly what you need to do here. If you haven’t, they are fast and deadly creatures. The main thing you want to look out for here is the combo it uses against where it slashes and attacks four times in a row.

This is often followed up by a red attack, which you will have to dodge. Either way, it concludes with the enemy falling over and having a massive window of opportunity for you to unleash whatever attacks you want against it. Take advantage of this window each time, and you have this fight in the bag.

In exchange for winning this fight, you get the wild Gambler perk. This is one of the riskiest but most rewarding perks you can find. You’ll get much more experience than before, but the trade-off is you won’t be able to get your lost XP back if you happen to die. So, be sure to stay alive, at least until you earn another skill point.

5. The Mire Terror

jedi survivor the mire terror

  • Location: Viscid Bog, Koboh
  • Reward: Stim Canister
  • Required Skill: None

First and foremost, you’ll want to grab the Defeat the Mire Terror rumor side quest from Mosey at the saloon on Koboh.

This will lead you directly to this beast somewhat near the Gorge Crash Site, which happens to be the most brutal fight yet. For this one, you not only have to worry about a single extremely tough Mogu but a second one, too.

For the most part, both of them use the same moves you might be used to from fighting other Mogu foes. The key here is to focus on the additional enemy, which is weaker and more easily defeated. This Mogu does not have horns on its head, so target it and take it out so you can free yourself up some.

Once that is done, focus on the main one, and you only have to worry about its usual attacks, plus a couple of unblockable moves and combos. After you defeat it, you’ll get a Stim Canister, which will grant you another Stim that you can carry around whenever you’re in need of some HP.

6. The Vile Bilemaw

jedi survivor the vile bilemaw

  • Location: Fogged Expanse, Koboh
  • Reward: Fortitude Perk
  • Required Skill: None

Head to Mosey again in the saloon to learn about this rumor, which will take you to this boss fight. This is similar to other Bilemaw, but this one is absolutely massive on a scale you have not seen before. You mainly want to watch for its poison attack, charge, and stomp, which all have to be dodged.

In addition, it will summon adds every once in a while, which you will need to take out to make the fight easier. After you win, you’ll receive the Fortitude perk. This one is another gamble. You’ll get much higher lightsaber damage, but you will also take more damage in the process.

7. The Gorocco Matriarch

jedi survivor the gorocco matriarch

  • Location: Dredger Gorge, Koboh
  • Reward: Stim Canister
  • Required Skill: None

Grab yourself the Defeat the Gorocco Matriarch rumor side quest from Mosey, and it will guide you right here near Derelict Dam point. This foe is fast and nimble, but nearly all of its attacks can be parried by you. The only exception is the slam attack it uses, which you’ll need to dodge. Take advantage of your openings, and you should win this in due time.

The reward that you get for this more straightforward fight is a Stim Canister. This, once again, grants Cal Kestis an extra Stim to use in the game whenever he needs it.

8. The Spawn of Oggdo

jedi survivor the spawn of oggdo

  • Location: Fort Kah’lin, Koboh
  • Reward: Poncho Outfit
  • Required Skill: None

Perhaps the most infamous boss of them all, this is a legendary foe that people break the game to avoid. If you want to do the same, simply go to the opening above its pit and sneakily force it to open beneath you but let the enemies gather around and fall there instead of you. They’ll almost take it out for you.

If you would rather fight it the usual way, you need to dodge all of his attacks or parry the few you can. There are two unblockable attacks and a couple of combos that you need not be hit by, or else you will take an unbelievable amount of damage.

The goal here is to use the small windows of opportunity you have to deal damage here and there to win this slowly over time.

You’ll get the detailed and unique Poncho Outfit if you win this fight.

9. Beetu Deetu

jedi survivor beetu deetu

  • Location: Southern Reach, Koboh
  • Reward: Only experience
  • Required Skill: None

This legendary foe has no rumor attached to it, and you can only find it by heading near where you first landed on this planet. Near the cliffside, this battle droid will be hanging out.

There are almost no unblockable attacks that it has. It will try to unleash rockets and blasts on you constantly, but nearly all of them can be blocked or easily dodged.

This is a simple test of parrying and dodging, and you will win this one likely much easier than the other fights on this list. In exchange, you don’t get any special rewards this time around; just some experience toward your next skill point unlock.

10. E3-VE3

jedi survivor E3-VE3

  • Location: Untamed Downs, Koboh
  • Reward: Health Essence
  • Required Skill: Force Dash

For this one, head south of Ramblers Reach, and you will see a green force field door. You’ll need the power to dash through the air you get on Jedha for this one. Once inside, you’ll have to take on a legendary foe, which is one of those classic Droidekas that have shields and repeating lasers.

Sadly, it has some other friends to help it out, which you need to focus on first while dodging its speedy laser attacks. What you need to focus on is taking out its shield after that and once its shield is down, this fight is pretty much over. Your reward is a Health Essence, which will grant you more health for Cal.

11. The Massiff

jedi survivor the massiff

  • Location: The Lucrehulk, Koboh
  • Reward: Experience
  • Required Skill: Force Lift

This is in the middle of the Lucrehulk near the Barracks part of the area. This is a particularly powerful Magna Guard droid that is all about dodging and parrying whenever you have the chance. The Magna Guard droid doesn’t do anything special, so keep dodging, parrying, and countering, and you will win this one in no time.

Unfortunately, your only reward for this one is enough experience for a skill point, and that’s pretty much it.

12. Golden Skriton

jedi survivor golden skriton

  • Location: Desert Ridge, Jedha
  • Reward: Unflinching Perk
  • Required Skill: None

You’ll want to grab the Defeat the Golden Skriton rumor from Mosey, and it will take you to Jedha to find this foe near the Anchorite Base point. This is, fortunately, one of the easiest fights on this list. It does almost nothing except guard itself, besides the occasional easily blocked attack and a single glowing red ground pound.

The goal is to dodge its attacks and keep attacking until you destroy its shield claw. Then this fight gets even easier until you win. The perk you get for winning this fight is for the blaster stance players out there. It will allow you to avoid a single hit while you are charging up your blaster.

13. Urgost, Fist of Rayvis

jedi survivor urgost, fist of rayvis

  • Location: Koboh Observatory, Koboh
  • Reward: None
  • Required Skill: None

There is almost nothing you need to do to encounter this fight except continue the main story. He is a mandatory mini-boss encounter at the observatory. He is a reasonably basic enemy who is slow and deals a lot of damage but takes a lot, too.

He blocks often, so the goal here is to stun him whenever you get the chance. Your attacks should deal a lot of damage to him while he’s stunned, and you can win this fight in record time compared to the others. Since it is a mandatory mini-boss, XP is your only possible reward here.

General Tips for Defeating the Legendary Enemies

I know from experience that the legendary enemies in Jedi Survivor can be some of the most formidable foes in the entire game. Just take a look at the Spawn of Oggdo, and you have one of the most annoying boss fights you can find in this entire game. That said, there are ways to make these fights a bit more manageable.

Here are some of the general tips I have learned during my time taking on these foes in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. They can generally apply to more than one fight, so they are worth keeping in mind as you go about taking on all of these enemies:

  • Find your two lightsaber stances and stick to them as early as you possibly can. Like the blaster and lightsaber stance? Great. Like to mix it with the double-bladed lightsaber? Fantastic. Whatever combination you prefer, find them as quickly as possible.
  • The reason for picking your stances early is so you can focus on upgrading and improving those two. Don’t waste your precious points on upgrading stances and abilities you’ll never use.
  • Don’t feel rushed to take out a legendary enemy as soon as you find them. In fact, if you take them on as soon as you can unlock them, chances are it’ll be much more complicated than if you come back later.
  • If you know that a legendary enemy is ahead but can’t reach it, make sure to reference our guide above. There’s a chance you are missing a specific skill or upgrade.
  • Always look out for unblockable attacks. Those glowing red attacks that you can’t block or parry are ones you should always dodge.
  • In general, the defense should be your first priority in these fights. These are tough, drawn-out foes, so focus on defense first and then attack whenever you have the opportunity.

I’m a Living Legend Trophy Explained

One of the reasons that someone might want to take on the legendary adversaries in Jedi Survivor is for the trophy and achievement it can give you. For those who are achievement hunters or want to get the Platinum for this game, you’ll need to take down all of the legendary enemies above.

The I’m a Living Legend trophy tasks players with conquering all 13 of the monsters and enemies that are on this list.

You don’t get this trophy for a single win; you have to take out all 13 of them if you want to complete this trophy and be well on your way to earning 100% completion of this game. It is for this reason that you should consider using this guide to find and beat all of them.


Question: How Many Legendary Enemies are in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: There is a grand total of 13 legendary enemies in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Players can tackle them whenever they want (so long as they have access to the right skills and areas) for a tough challenge. Each one is an optional boss that will test your limits and reward you with a new perk.

Question: What is the Legendary Enemy Trophy in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: The legendary enemy trophy in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the I’m a Living Legend trophy and achievement. This achievement requires players to find and defeat all 13 of the different legendary adversaries that exist in the game. If you are a completionist or want the Platinum, this is one trophy you’ll have to get.

Question: Do Legendary Enemies Respawn in Jedi Survivor?

Answer: It doesn’t seem like the legendary enemies respawn in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. All 13 of them are vastly unique and challenging foes, with a unique reward that is tied to them. They don’t seem to have the same general rules as the other foes that respawn after resting at a meditation point in the game.

Where to Find All Fish in Jedi Survivor Next

There are 13 different legendary enemies for players to take on in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Each of these optional foes will task you with venturing into areas and zones of the various planets in the world that you might not usually come across. And they will truly test your skills as Cal Kestis.

But taking on each of these fights is ultimately worth it for the various perks and other items you are able to get as rewards. While some of the perks are certainly better than others, it is worth considering getting each one for the epic boss fights and monsters that you can take on.

It will take you some time to track down and defeat all 13 monsters and droids on this list, especially since some of them are rather deep into the main story of the game.

But if you find yourself somehow able to take out all of them, there is still so much more for you to do in this game. Next, I would suggest taking a look at where to find all of the fish in this game and collect them for the aquarium.

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