Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Gummi Ships: Which Ones to Use in the Ocean Between

Kingdom Hearts 3 is filled to the brim with so many various Disney-themed worlds for you to visit and spend time in. To do that, though, you need a Gummi Ship that will teleport you through the Ocean Between the worlds to your destination.

This comes with all sorts of content on its own, such as enemies to face in space, items to collect, and more. To help you out, I’ve come up with the Kingdom Hearts 3 best Gummi Ships.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 best Gummi Ships are here to help you out when it comes to determining what space vessel you wish to use for traversing the various galaxies in the game.

If you’re struggling to take down certain bosses or you simply want to have the fastest ship around, these are all of the best unique blueprints for Gummi Ships that you should consider using.

Bottom Line Up Front

The best Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts 3 come down to a number of factors. The main one is the stats and how each of the various stats of HP, Offense, Power, Speed, Mobility, and Rolling play into everything. In addition, any special abilities that each ship has are noteworthy, too.

Overall, if you are looking for the best Gummi Ship right now to traverse the Ocean Between in Kingdom Hearts 3, look no further than the Golden Highwind ship. It is the best overall ship in terms of stats, nailing everything from health to attack to speed in a way that no other ship is capable of.

Selection Criteria

When it comes to picking the best Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts 3, it’s somewhat straightforward. After all, all the ships can be compared by their stats, which is the biggest determining factor for the best. But there are some other selection criteria that factor in:

  • Stats: This is the most crucial factor. If a ship excels in certain areas, it is going to be more beneficial than others.
  • Drawbacks: Some of the ships not only have no points in specific stats, but they might even have a negative score. This can impact where it stands on this list.
  • Special Abilities: Some ships have unique abilities that let them do things that others aren’t able to do. This helps some ships to stand apart.
  • Design: I would be remiss if the visual appearance of a ship didn’t apply somewhat to its placement. Some ships generally look better than others, which only moderately plays a factor.

Gummi Ship Tips

kingdom hearts 3 - gummi ship

There are also some tips I have for you when it comes to picking the best Gummi Ships for you that I learned throughout my couple of playthroughs of Kingdom Hearts 3:

  • Always be willing to change ships. Some ships aren’t unlockable until you get to later galaxies, so be flexible and willing to change when possible.
  • Special blueprint ships are generally better than you making your own original ship, so try to collect blueprints as soon as possible.
  • Prioritize the stats that matter the most to you. For me, I appreciate a nice mix of mainly speed and some attack. If you can dodge most attacks with speed, that might help you. However, others might want to prioritize HP to stick around for longer.

Best Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ships

Let’s dive right in and take a look at the best Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ships ever made. These are the ships that players should consider using if they want to dominate the various galaxies in this game.

I ranked these from least impressive (but still good) to the best-prebuilt ship in the game, so you can find the best one for every scenario and situation you find yourself in. Let’s get started.

10. Necho Cat

  • Where to Unlock: Misty Stream

Necho Cat is a strange case of one of the oddest ships in Kingdom Hearts 3. To be fair, it isn’t a bad ship by any means and is well worth your time, like the Airship (more on it in a bit), as an earlier ship for your playthrough. However, Necho Cat suffers from some weird give-and-take situations.

For one, let’s start with what it excels at, its health is phenomenal at more than 2500, and its offense is impressive for how early in the game you could theoretically get it. Outside of that, though, it lacks considerably with horrible speed, power, and generally lackluster rolling stats.

That said, it is an adorable purple and white robot cat design, so you are looking at one of the best ship appearances around. The general idea with this ship is like the Airship in you should unlock it as soon as you get to the Misty Stream and use it to acquire some of the better ships.

You can get Necho Cat by finishing the Countdown 9 challenge in Misty Stream. Your rank doesn’t matter in this case.


  • You can’t go wrong with this adorable cat design
  • Its HP is one of the highest in the game
  • It has solid attack power for this point in the game


  • Its complete lack of speed is a disgrace
  • Its rolling and power stats are also relatively meager
  • This is a filler ship until you get a better one

9. Airship

  • Where to Unlock: Misty Stream

There is nothing inherently wrong with the Airship in Kingdom Hearts 3. It is true to its name, being a stalwart companion in space. I would recommend this ship to players earlier on in the game, such as the ones who just reached the Misty Stream Galaxy.

It is a decent ship that will tie you over until you unlock better ships like the Endymion and Golden Highwind. Its health is quite good, its speed is among the best in the game, and its offense stat is not too shabby. Everything else, though, is lackluster, which is why you would want to switch it out as soon as possible.

You can unlock the Airship by defeating the Space Worms boss in the Misty Stream Galaxy.


  • Impressive in its health and speed
  • Decent bit of attack power
  • A nice design, looking like a classic Final Fantasy airship


  • This ship is only suitable for the earlier parts of the game until you can get one of the top two ships
  • Its other stats are subpar

8. Sweet Wheels

kingdom hearts 3 gummi ships sweet wheels

  • Where to Unlock: Eclipse Galaxy

Sweet Wheels is a ship that is decent enough in just about every category you can think of. It has a pretty good design, the stats are all relatively balanced, and its health is extraordinarily high at over 2600. That health alone is impressive and brings it close to Ultros (more on it in a bit).

While everything sounds decent with Sweet Wheels, there are a couple of problems that balance it out. For one, it is the prime example of the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none idea. It is good at everything, but it isn’t great at anything other than health. That means there are generally better ships out there for nearly every play style.

This would be fine if you could use the Sweet Wheels ship early on, but that isn’t the case with this one since you have to be near the end of the story to get it. You’ll need to get an A rank in the Speed Skirmish 11 in the Eclipse Galaxy.

That said, look no further for those who want the most balanced ship around other than the Golden Highwind.


  • One of the most balanced ships in the game
  • Decent stats across the board
  • Its HP is amazing


  • Other than its health, there is nothing too impressive about this ship
  • It doesn’t excel at any one playstyle
  • It should’ve been made available much earlier in the game

7. Ultros

  • Where to Unlock: Eclipse Galaxy

Going from one of the best designs for a Gummi Ship in KH3, we now arrive at one of the most disturbing ship designs. The Ultros ship is modeled after the classic villain character from Final Fantasy 6. Except the weird pinkish-purple blob looks much better in the usual pixel art.

In this ship version, it is a horrifying mess that looks like a Tangela Pokemon was smushed down and turned purple for some reason. Ignoring the design for a moment, though, Ultros has one of the most unique stat lines you will find in the game.

It has the highest health out of any ship in the game at over 3000, which is absolutely bonkers. Other than that, though, it doesn’t stand out in anything else except rolling, which is nice but not necessary when you have this much health. In fact, its speed is somehow even slower than the Tonberry.

In general, only certain players who want to be a crawling space tank that is unstoppable in terms of health will want to play this ship. Or fans of Ultros, if those people exist. To get it, find its constellation and take a picture in the Eclipse Galaxy.


  • One of the most unique designs (for better and for worse)
  • The best health stat you’ll find in the game
  • Surprisingly good rolling stat


  • This design could give you nightmares
  • Its negative speed is painful to see

6. Tonberry

  • Where to Unlock: Misty Stream

When it comes to the winner of the best-themed ship design in all of Kingdom Hearts 3, that award has to go to the Tonberry ship. Designed after the classic Final Fantasy enemy, it is in the style of the cutesy little green monster dude with a cloak, lantern, and knife.

While flying around in a ship that looks like a Tonberry may seem weird, it is pretty unique and powerful, too. The Tonberry is another one of those ships that have oddly distributed stats. This is a ship that is far from balanced but can appeal to certain players.

You have an overwhelming health stat that is relatively high and an offensive stat that is decent at the same time. Rolling is okay, but that’s about it, as the speed is at zero. You won’t be able to move that fast, just like the Tonberry, but you will slice and dice foes when you hit them.

This can be a fun ship to use if you’re a Tonberry fan. All you need to do is locate its constellation in the Misty Stream Galaxy and take a photo.


  • The cutest design for a ship in the entire game
  • Its attack stat is rather good
  • It has some of the best health in the game


  • The completely empty speed stat means you won’t move fast
  • You may not like the design of the ship since you are a little green monster moving through space

5. Dino Soarer

kingdom hearts 3 dino soarer

  • Where to Unlock: Countdown 9 in the Misty Stream Galaxy

With a decent design and some intriguing stats, the Dino Soarer ship is an all-around mostly balanced Gummi Ship. You have some of the best health in the business at over 2100, which is only eclipsed by pretty much the Ultros, and that’s it.

Then you have everything else being reasonably good in the speed and rolling categories. The offensive stats are a bit meh at only 126 attack, which is far from the other ships on this list. But it more than makes up for its lacking attack but having a solid amount of versatility and survivability.

In this way, the Dino Soarer is an excellent ship for exploring the cosmos and taking on various challenges. Speaking of which, if you want to unlock this ship, you must complete the Countdown 6 challenge in the Misty Stream and earn an A rank or higher.


  • With the exception of attack, its stats are quite high
  • Decent visual design
  • Great for exploration and most content
  • It can survive and maneuver for a long time


  • The attack stat is woeful and requires the player to be a skillful fighter
  • There are better ships you can get once you reach this galaxy

4. Omega

  • Where to Unlock: Eclipse Galaxy

Omega is one of the strangest ships you can use in Kingdom Hearts 3. Like the Sirius ship before it, this is one ship that is not for everyone. But if you like a particular style, it could be for you. It has strange stats that include one of the highest offensive stats in the game, plus some bulky health.

But the weirdest part about the Omega ship is that it has no speed stat whatsoever but this is countered by a whopping 250 rolling stat. That is the highest for that category, essentially making this a slow-moving space tank that hits hard and sticks around for long.

While your speed isn’t up to par, you can at least dodge quite well with the Omega, making some boss fights fairly manageable. Like I said, this ship is for an acquired taste — not me, personally — but it will be a favorite for some players. You can unlock it by taking a picture of the Omega constellation in the Eclipse Galaxy.


  • This ship can take a few solid hits and survive
  • It dishes out just as much damage as it can take
  • There is no better evasion ship out there
  • Great for most bosses


  • The lack of speed and general movement outside of dodging can be off-putting.
  • This is a risk-and-reward type of ship.

3. Sirius

  • Where to Unlock: Misty Stream Galaxy

Sirius is another ship that is for a specific type of player. If that’s not you, it may not appeal to your particular tastes. The Sirius is similar to the previous two ships in that it dominates when it comes to offense and speed techniques. It is fast, and it hits hard at the same time.

Its health is decent, too, ensuring it can withstand hefty attacks. But some trade-offs are notable, and they come in the form of movement and mobility. It has negative stats in both rolling and power, which is the most significant detriment to this ship.

If you can ignore this part and go for a brute force method of fighting, though, with your speed and attack, the Sirius can be a devastating ship for much of the content that exists in the Ocean Between.

But this makes it far more niche than some of the other ships since it won’t work for every playstyle. You can unlock it by finding and collecting its parts in the Misty Stream Galaxy.


  • It is one of the fastest and strongest ships you’ll find
  • The health is also relatively decent
  • This ship will help you complete most of the Gummi Ship content


  • No special abilities
  • It severely lacks in the rolling and power departments
  • This ship is not for every playstyle

2. Endymion

kingdom hearts 3 gummi ships galleon

  • Where to Unlock: Misty Stream Galaxy

Endymion is essentially the filler ship you need to get the best ship in the game. That said, it is one ship that will serve you well through most of the content that exists in Kingdom Hearts 3, including the Schwarzgeist boss fight in the Misty Stream Galaxy.

This boss fight is best done with the Endymion ship due to its plethora of special abilities and solid stats across the board. It is almost like the younger sibling of the Golden Highwind, doing quite well in most stat categories, including health, offense, and speed.

It has excellent evasion, too, which is why it is the best option for taking on the most demanding boss in all of the galaxies. If you want to unlock this ship for you, all you need to do is ensure you have access to the Misty Stream Galaxy and take pictures of its constellation there to unlock it.


  • Solid overall stats across the board
  • It is almost like the junior version of the Golden Highwind
  • It is relatively easy enough to unlock
  • The best ship for the Schwarzgeist boss


  • The visual design leaves something to be desired, especially in the facial part of the ship
  • Its power stat is extremely lackluster (only one of them to be poor)
  • Once again, some players may not like teeny ships

1. Golden Highwind

  • Where to Unlock: Misty Stream Galaxy

The Golden Highwind is the epitome of a Gummi Ship. When it comes to stats across the board, there is no better ship. Sure, there are ships like the Ultros much further up on the list that might have more health, but the Golden Highwind is the only ship that is superior in every single stat around.

It has some of the best health to keep you alive and one of the most robust offensive stats to take down foes. Its speed is near the top of the list, ensuring it is fast. And, hey, it’s a teeny ship, too, so this means that it won’t be as bulky or unappealing visually as some of the other ships.

Unfortunately, unlocking the Golden Highwind in the first place requires players to take down Schwarzgeist, the most challenging boss in all of the galaxies. But if you can somehow win this brutal fight, you will earn the right to blast through all of the galaxies in Kingdom Hearts 3 without a care in the world.


  • The best all-around stats of any ship in the game
  • You can stay alive for a long time and dish out some severe damage
  • One of the best visual designs for a ship
  • Super fast


  • It is a teeny ship, so some players may not like that factor
  • Since you’ll have already taken down the toughest Gummi Ship boss to get this ship, some may wonder what the point of having the best ship is then.
  • No special abilities

Best Custom Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ships

A huge part of the Gummi Ship exploration in Kingdom Hearts 3 is building your own custom ship. This option is always available to you and is essential in the earlier parts of the game when you don’t have the above blueprints yet in your arsenal.

With customization, you can make some of the whackiest and weirdest ships around, even within the confines of the limited ship costs. To help you out, here are three of the best custom ships — in terms of design, utility, or simply weirdness — you can make in Kingdom Hearts 3, so you can put all of the items together and make them your own.

Classic Donut Gummi Ship

  • Ship Cost: 1300

iProGamer shared on YouTube one of the best Gummi Ships you can make, and a highly nostalgic one at that. It is the return of the classic donut custom Gummi Ship and this version is extraordinary for a custom ship. For some, it may not be the prettiest design around, but it doesn’t have to be.

The round design and beloved crown on top of the cockpit makes for some nice touches. But the real star here are the stats. It has some of the best stats for a custom ship, especially if you are offensively focused. The health is great at 536, but the offense is unmatched for a custom ship at a whopping 1735.

But all of this power comes at a cost since your speed is meager at best, and there is no rolling to speak of. However, this is a fine goofy custom ship to start your journey with.

Broken OP Custom Gummi Ship

  • Ship Cost: 1300

The YouTuber who made this custom ship considers this Gummi Ship to be broken, and I am inclined to agree. They stuck to the strict limit of 1300 that you can unlock later in the game and was able to make a ship that fully makes use of all of the possible items it could have.

In turn, it is solid across the board with excellent health, unbelievable offense, and some of the finest speed you’ll find for a custom ship. In turn, this is a ship that will certainly get you well on your way to unlocking the better ships like the Endymion and Golden Highwind.

It may be an ugly ship in its design, but it offers the best stats out of a custom ship and honestly would be better than most of the prebuilt ships on the above list.

Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter Ships

  • Ship Cost: 872 (X-Wing version-only)

Part of the problem with some of these custom ships is the strict ship cost limit you have in KH3. What I adore is when someone creates a viable ship using the custom parts they have that looks great, too. It will probably take you a while to make, but this Star Wars-themed X-Wing-style ship from the YouTuber Walscheti is utterly fantastic.

They put up a video of them making X-Wing and Tie Fighter ships from Star Wars in this also Disney-themed game. The X-Wing looks surprisingly close to the real deal, and you can paint it however you like to make it your own.

The stats are excellent for a beginner custom ship, with a healthy 412 offense attack and decent 368 health.

There is also a Tie Fighter version that is a tiny ship with solid health and offense. It is a great companion ship to the main X-Wing, and these ships will certainly get you well on your way to unlocking some of the better blueprints above.


Question: What is the Best Gummi Ship Build in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Answer: The best Gummi Ship build in Kingdom Hearts 3 is to use the unique Golden Highwind blueprint. This is already made for you and has the best overall stats out of any ship. Plus, it looks rather stylish when flying around in it.

Question: What is the Best Gummi Ship for Schwarzgeist KH3?

Answer: The best Gummi Ship for taking on the Schwarzgeist boss in KH3 is none other than the Endymion ship. This is why it is the second-best, in our opinion, since it can finish off the boss necessary for unlocking the best ship in the game.

Question: What is the Best Gummi Ship Special Weapon?

Answer: The best Gummi Ship special weapon attachment is the Ultima G laser gun. It is the strongest stat-wise and certainly the most devastating. The problem here is that it has a staggering ship cost of 400 points, so you are unlikely to use it with the most quality ships.

All of the Worlds You Can Visit With Your Gummi Ship

In the end, there are so many unique blueprints that exist for Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts 3 that it can be tough to figure out which is the best. That is all before including all of the various parts and creations that players can come up with on their own.

But if you want to know the best ship out there, it is the Golden Highwind by a long shot. Sure, it may not win in every category of stats — there are ships with more HP, for example — but it is the only ship that excels in every category at the same time.

In addition, the Golden Highwind looks fantastic with its sleek design. While it is tough to acquire, it is worth it for the ability to dominate every aspect of exploring the various worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. If you want to know more about all of the Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds, by the way, we’ve got you covered on that, too.

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