Wellspring Crystal Kingdom Hearts Guide: Where to Farm Wellspring Crystals for Ultima Weapon

Part of the fun of the Kingdom Hearts series is tricking out your inventory with the best Keyblades and upgrades that you can find.

To do this, though, you generally need some unique items and materials to help you out, like the Wellspring Crystal. That particular rare material item is the focus of this Wellspring Crystal Kingdom Hearts guide.

The Wellspring Crystal is one of the most complex materials to find in games like Kingdom Hearts 3 where it plays a significant role in building out your equipment. If you want some of the best weapons in the game like the Ultima Weapon Keyblade, you’re going to need to find some of this material.

Thankfully, I beat Kingdom Hearts 3 soon after it came out and found the best ways to get this material as you will see below in this Wellspring Crystal Kingdom Hearts guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Wellspring Crystal is but one of many materials that fall under the same Wellspring category. There are other versions, such as the stone, shard, and more, but the Wellspring Crystal is the rarest version. It is also the most powerful since it is available for crafting items and various Keyblades.

The Wellspring Crystal is available in a few games, but the most prominent one is Kingdom Hearts 3 where it plays an active role as a material necessary for crafting several valuable assets in that game. Unfortunately, it is pretty difficult to farm for since there are three enemies that will drop it.

Wellspring Crystal Kingdom Hearts Overview

kingdom hearts wellspring crystal and wellspring gem

There’s a lot of depth to the Kingdom Hearts series that may not be immediately apparent when you are first starting out. This goes doubly so for a game like Kingdom Hearts 3 where there are many different items you can synthesize and Keyblades for Sora to acquire and wield in fights.

To get all of these items throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, you need a specific base material to make it. There are many items out there, but none are as special or powerful as the Wellspring Crystal. It is one of the best materials in the entire series.

Though it is only featured in a few games, its presence is certainly known in those titles, especially in the case of Kingdom Hearts 3. If you want the best Keyblade, best items, and more to have the best chances of dominating some of the most brutal fights in the action RPG, you’ll need the Wellspring Crystal.

In fact, you’ll likely need several of them. The worst part is that the game doesn’t make it clear how or where you can quickly get this item, either. For everything you need to know about how to farm for the Wellspring Crystal, you’re in the right place.

Before we dive further into the Wellspring Crystal’s farming location in Kingdom Hearts 3, you should know which games even feature it in the first place. Here are the Kingdom Hearts games where you will find the Wellspring Crystal present as one of the material types:

  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: It is one of the primary materials in this game. It is challenging to find, but there are some solid farming spots for it.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: This is the main game that the Wellspring Crystal is crucial in. It is only available from a few places, and the chances are generally low there. It is necessary, though, for a lot of various items.

Oddly enough, the Wellspring Crystal is only in those two games in the entire series. This is odd since there are other Wellspring and energy-type materials that exist in some of the other mainline games like the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. But they don’t use the crystallized version.

What it’s for

The primary purpose of the Wellspring Crystal is to use it as a crafting material in Kingdom Hearts 3. You want to gather it up so that you are able to make various items that you can use in fights to recover, such as healing items.

In addition, there are more valuable assets, such as Keyblades, that use the Wellspring Crystal at the same time.

Its purpose is the most important in the entire RPG, making it the single most valuable item you can find in that game. If you want to be able to freely make some of the best items and create the best Keyblades, you’re going to need quite a lot of these crystals.

Wellspring Crystals vs Shards and Others

wellspring crystals vs shards

Before we head deep into the farming part of this guide, you should know the difference between all of the various Wellspring materials. It can be quite confusing since there are so many throughout the series, especially most recently in Kingdom Hearts 3. This can make the entire situation more confusing than it should be.

Let’s begin with the least important and least rare of the types: the Wellspring Shard. There are a lot of enemies that drop this item or at least have a chance to.

While the chances aren’t that great, they are higher than most of this list’s other materials and won’t take too long. You can use the Shard to make essential items like the Ether and some Keyblades.

The next one up is the Wellspring Stone. It also has a lot of enemies that drop it. Oddly enough, despite being the more powerful version of the Shard, the Stone material has some enemies that will drop it at relatively high rates of even 30%. It is used in slightly better items, such as the Hi-Elixir and, of course, some Keyblades.

The third version of this material type is the Wellspring Gem. Far fewer enemies can drop this item than the other two and at generally low rates, though there is the occasional 20% drop chance. The Gem is necessary for much stronger items like the stat boost items and some Keyblades.

Finally, there is the rarest and most powerful of the bunch: the Wellspring Crystal. This one is the hardest to find, with only three enemy types that drop it, and each of them has pretty low odds. It allows you to make the best items in the game and the best Keyblades, too.

In the past, these Wellspring materials went by other names like the Power Crystal in Kingdom Hearts and the Energy Crystal in Kingdom Hearts 2. It has the same general function in those games of crafting stuff like the Ultima Weapon.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Wellspring Crystal Drop Rates

As mentioned, there are only three enemy types in all of Kingdom Hearts 3 that drop the Wellspring Crystal. This effectively means that you’ll have to grind quite a bit in the same general areas in hopes of picking up this valuable material.

To help you, here are the three enemies that drop it and their specific drop rates:

  • Helmed Body: This enemy type only has a 4% chance of dropping it, so be prepared to fight possibly 25 or more of them to find a single crystal.
  • Anchor Raider: Only an 8% chance of finding a Wellspring Crystal
  • High Soldier: Only a 12% chance of finding a Wellspring Crystal. This is the highest option with the potential to find the material every ten enemies or so.

How to Best Farm for the Wellspring Crystal

The general idea is to farm for the Wellspring Crystal at the spots where you can find the above three enemies the easiest and most. As such, there are only a few places in the entire Kingdom Hearts 3 game where you will be able to grind for the Wellspring Crystal sufficiently.

Here are the spots where you can farm for the Wellspring Crystal. These are the general spots themselves. Check further below for more details about where to find these spots and how to use them properly for grinding:

  • Frozen: Arendelle. This first location starts near Elsa’s frozen castle.
  • San Fransokyo: Big Hero 6 world. Throughout the city at nighttime.
  • Battlegate 12: San Fransokyo. This challenge is on top of one of the skyscrapers in the city.

Best Locations to Farm

kingdom hearts locations to farm wellspring crystals

Below, you’ll find all of the details you need to find and farm at the three main Wellspring Crystal grinding spots in Kingdom Hearts 3.

1. Arendelle: Frozen World

The first of the best locations to farm for the Wellspring Crystal is going to be in Arendelle, the Frozen world. This is one of the earlier spots you can reach in the game, so it makes this one a more viable option for players who would prefer to have something like the Ultima Weapon much earlier on.

What you want to do is fast-travel to the spot near Elsa’s frozen castle. There is a cave path that is near the castle on the right side of it. If you follow this path, it will take you through the mountain passage and down it, with a bunch of Heartless enemies along the way.

This presents you with plenty of chances to encounter some of the enemy types that drop the Wellspring Crystal. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many of the three above, so you’ll likely have to grind this route several times over. The most common of the three here are the Helmed Body enemies, so get ready to take on dozens of them.

2. San Fransokyo: Big Hero 6 World

The other popular and valuable farm location is in San Fransokyo, the world of Big Hero 6. This is much later on than Arendelle, but it also allows you to grind more efficiently without needing to beat the game. The goal here is to head to the city during nighttime to increase the chances of getting certain mobs.

If you head to the northern side of the city during this time, you can head south from here through the town and encounter a ton of Heartless.

Among the enemies are the chances of finding enemies like the three types that drop the Wellspring Crystal. If you can do this over and over, you have slightly better opportunities of grinding for crystals than in the Frozen world.

3. Battlegate 12: San Fransokyo

Finally, if you don’t mind beating the main story in Kingdom Hearts 3 first, there is an excellent place to grind for Wellspring Crystals, which is the best of the entire RPG. As you may know, some optional Battlegate missions appear throughout the various Disney-themed worlds.

These missions offer some intense combat scenarios that will push you to your limits. Battlegate 12 is a location that is found in the Big Hero 6 world in the North District. It is on top of one of the more prominent skyscrapers with rails that go around it.

Look for the blue symbol that marks the Battlegate 12 location and interact with it to begin the memorable arena fight. There are a lot of enemies in this particular arena that has a chance of dropping the Wellspring Crystal.

As such, it is the best option for completing in a couple of minutes and repeating until you have as many crystals as you need.

The unfortunate part about this one is that it requires you to have the story completed. This can be daunting for those who want the Ultima Weapon or other items as soon as possible. Or even those who wish to be able to beat the final section of the main story with it in hand.

Best Wellspring Crystal Farming Keyblade

There is one quick tip I have for you when it comes to grinding for this item in these places. What you want to do is beat the Toy Story world and then acquire the Favorite Deputy Keyblade. With this one, one of its skills is increasing the chances of obtaining items.

With it equipped while you farm, you will have the best chances of obtaining the Wellspring Crystal from the above farming locations.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Item Unlocks

battlegate 12 san fransokyo

Speaking of the Ultima Weapon, it is but one of many items and Keyblades that you are able to use the Wellspring Crystal to craft. This isn’t the most valuable material in the entire game for no reason. There are several mighty items that you are able to make using this crystal.

Here are all of the items and their recipes that you can use the Wellspring Crystal for when synthesizing:

  • Elixir: 3 Wellspring Crystals
  • Megalixir: 3 Wellspring Crystals
  • Buster Band: Wellspring Crystal, 2 Wellspring Gems
  • Buster Band+: Wellspring Crystal, 2 Wellspring Gems
  • Blazing Crystal: Wellspring Crystal
  • Frost Crystal: Wellspring Crystal
  • Lightning Crystal: Wellspring Crystal
  • Lucid Crystal: Wellspring Crystal
  • Pulsing Crystal: Wellspring Crystal
  • Soothing Crystal: Wellspring Crystal
  • Writhing Crystal: Wellspring Crystal

Keyblade Unlocks Explained

Beyond the normal battle items and the like, there are also several Keyblades that the Wellspring Crystal plays a part in. Though the Ultima Weapon is the best and most recommended one, it is pretty tough to get since it takes a ton of nearly endgame-level materials to acquire.

But for all of the different weapons that Sora can use in Kingdom Hearts 3 that require this valuable material type, check below:

  • Advent Red: 1 Wellspring Crystal to max
  • Classic Tone: 2 Wellspring Crystals to max
  • Crystal Snow: 1 Wellspring Crystal
  • Dawn Till Dusk: 1 Wellspring Crystal to max
  • Elemental Encoder: 1 Wellspring Crystal
  • Ever After: 1 Wellspring Crystal
  • Grand Chef: 2 Wellspring Crystals to max
  • Favorite Deputy: Wellspring Crystal to max
  • Happy Gear: 1 Wellspring Crystal to max
  • Hero’s Origin: 1 Wellspring Crystal to max
  • Hunny Spout: 2 Wellspring Crystals to max
  • Kingdom Key: Needs 1 Wellspring Crystal to max
  • Midnight Blue: 1 Wellspring Crystal to max
  • Nano Gear: 2 Wellspring Crystals
  • Oathkeeper: 3 Wellspring Crystals to max
  • Oblivion: 3 Wellspring Crystals to max
  • Phantom Green: 1 Wellspring Crystal to max
  • Shooting Star: 1 Wellspring Crystal to max
  • Starlight: 1 Wellspring Crystal
  • Wheel of Fate: 2 Wellspring Crystals to max
  • Ultima Weapon: 2 Wellspring Crystals, 2 Lucid Crystals, 2 Pulsing Crystals, 7 Orichalcum+ (also immensely difficult to acquire). That is only to make. If you wish to max it out to level 10, you’ll need a total of 3 Wellspring Crystals.


Question: Where can I Farm Wellspring Crystal?

Answer: You can farm for the Wellspring Crystal in a few places. The best areas include Arendelle, San Fransokyo, and even the Pirates of the Caribbean world. However, the best site is to do the Battlegate 12 arena repeatedly.

Question: Where to Get Wellspring Crystal BBS Aqua?

Answer: To get the Wellspring Crystal in Birth by Sleep while playing as Aqua, be sure to take on the Scrapper and Triple Wrecker enemies whenever you see them. The former has a 30% (sometimes higher) chance, while the Triple Wrecker has a whopping 90% chance of dropping it.

Question: How do You Get Pulsing Crystals?

Answer: You can get the Pulsing Crystals in Kingdom Hearts 3 by gathering a Wellspring Crystal and synthesizing it. Alternatively, the Pulsing Crystals are sometimes dropped from enemies if you prefer this way. The Battlegate 12 mission is another excellent spot for grinding these out.

Where to Best Grind for XP and Items in Kingdom Hearts 2

The Wellspring Crystal is one of the most complex materials to find in the Kingdom Hearts series, especially in the most recent Kingdom Hearts 3. However, it is essential if players would like to master all of the various Keyblades they have in the game and obtain tons of valuable recovery items.

It is also necessary to craft the best weapon in the entire RPG, the Ultima Weapon. With this Keyblade in hand, Sora is able to have the best possible stats and decimate foes with the most potent attacks. It is even possible to get this weapon before the end of the main story if players use the few but helpful farming locations that exist.

There is much more to grind for farming locations in the Kingdom Hearts series than this single material type. There is also experience you can grind for to get Sora’s level to the max level. We’ve previously covered where to grind for the best experience in Kingdom Hearts 2.

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