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As someone that has played just about every FromSoftware Souls title, and just about all the other Souls clone out there for good measure. I feel that I know a thing or two about this game format. I still don’t know how to avoid getting pummelled on a regular basis, but that’s part of the sadistic fun, I suppose. With all of this experience, I have the ability to weigh up all the Souls titles on the market and objectively decide which one is the cream of the crop, and while I love them all, I always come to the same conclusion. Bloodborne is by far and away the best example of a Souls title, at least in my humble opinion. It invites new players into the series with fast-paced, reactive gameplay, yet equally offers the quintessential Souls experience that veterans crave. Not to mention that the gothic setting of Yharnam is breathtaking.

I could wax lyrical about why Bloodborne is untouchable as the king of Souls games, but that’s not what we are here for today. We are here to find cool and interesting ways to show our love and devotion to this stellar game through the medium of ink. It will come as no surprise to Bloodborne fans that thousands upon thousands of players have decided to go under the needle and grant Bloodborne an eternal spot on their bodies. Allowing friends and passing bystanders alike to know that you survived the hunt, and that you are not to be trifled with.

However, you may be pondering what is the most unique and captivating way to showcase this adoration. Is it through depicting a particular boss battle, a beautifully chilling vista of Yharnam, or perhaps a creepy little lantern? God knows we spent a lot of time there after being ground to a pulp by a variety of bosses. Okay, enough chat; let’s look at some magnificent body art. Here are RPG Informer’s Best Bloodborne Tattoo Ideas.

Before You Get Inked

When I first sat in the chair to be inked, I was sixteen, I was anxious, and I was alone. I had no idea what to expect, I had no idea what I was doing, and if I had the chance to roll back time, I would have made sure I knew what I was getting myself in for. Sadly time travel isn’t a possibility, so I have to live with my naive adolescent decisions, but I can prepare you if this is one of your first tattoos. Here are some key considerations for newbies below:


Firstly, you want to select a style of tattoo that works for you. You need to consider the source material involved in the tattoo, your art style preferences, and also, you want to consider what blends with other styles if you want to get more tattoos in the future. It’s very hard to make a realistic portrait look good beside a traditional Japanese style, for example.

With reference to Bloodborne, I would personally say that Blackwork, Dotwork, Surrealism, or Neo-Traditional would be the way to go. However, don’t take my word for it, be sure to research each style below and see what floats your boat.

  • Stick and Poke
  • Realism
  • Blackwork
  • Japanese
  • Dotwork
  • Traditional
  • Neo-Traditional
  • Geometric
  • New School
  • Surrealism

Color vs. Blackwork

You then need to consider if you want the tattoo to be produced in color or with blackwork. This essentially means whether you want to load the design up with various colors of ink, or if you want to go for a more muted, monochrome design. When it comes to Bloodborne, I would argue that blackwork is probably your safest best, as this will allow you to do justice to the gothic architecture and general gloominess of Yharnam. However, you can play around with this and add pops of color here and there. After all, there is quite a lot of blood knocking around, so some red wouldn’t go amiss. It’s in the name, for goodness sake!

Just bear in mind, color tattoos tend to be slightly more expensive than blackwork designs, so if you want to keep this Bloodborne tattoo budget-friendly, then that could be a big factor.

Size and Placement

You then need to consider the size and placement of your upcoming Bloodborne tattoo. If this is your first tattoo placement isn’t too much of a worry from an aesthetic perspective, because you have no other designs that will clash with your Bloodborne piece. However, you do need to consider that you may want others in the future. If you place this tattoo in the middle of your arm, for example, then you need to find ways to work around it when getting future tattoos. So try your best to be a few steps ahead of yourself.

Then for newbies, it is important to consider that placement can affect the pain you must endure. If you get a tattoo on a nice fleshy area like your thigh or arm, for example, the pain is pretty mild, relatively speaking. However, if you opt for a tattoo on more tight-skinned areas like your wrist or ankle, then you will find that the level of pain rises. In particular, if this is your first tattoo, I would urge you to avoid any Rib or Back tattoos. Do yourself a favor and ease yourself in. You’ll thank me later.

Your Artist

If you are interested, the three artists that I allow to draw all over my body are Bad Tooth, Brittney at Zombie Doll Tattoo, and Giraffe Stairs Tattoos, who always do an amazing job and make the whole process fun and enjoyable. So get yourself an Em, Brittney, or Andy!

Selection Criteria

Okay, so before we jump into the ideas, let me just lay down some quick ground rules, which, in turn, will make sure that this list is all killer and no filler. Here are the criteria that has allowed me to curate this incredible list of Bloodborne Tattoo Ideas:

  • Every tattoo must be in some way related to Bloodborne (duh!)
  • All tattoos must be of the utmost quality and do justice to the aspects of the game it’s aiming to capture
  • All tattoos must be unique, so no duplicate ideas here
  • I will be providing a range of art styles to accommodate everyone

Okay, Saw Cleavers at the ready, folks. The Hunt begins!

Bloodborne Tattoo Ideas

Small/Medium Bloodborne Tattoo ideas

Bloodborne Runes Fingers Tattoo

Let’s kick things off with a minimalist tattoo that is infinitely better than getting ‘Love/Hate’ on your knuckles. This set of finger tattoos allows you to have the power of Bloodborne’s runes at your fingertips, quite literally. It’s a much more understated design than most which will act as a conversation starter for both those in the know, and those who want to know. Plus, you can customize the chosen runes to boast only the runes that you tend to use on your character build. If you are looking for a fun, small design, this is excellent.

Father Gascoigne Smirk Tattoo

It didn’t take long for Father Gascoigne to appear on the list, did it? Father Gascoigne, despite being one of the earlier bosses in the game, is arguably the most well-known within the entire game. His battle serves as the first real challenge, as the Cleric Beast is a bit of a pushover, but setting the blood and gore to one side, it’s his story that many remember. The tragedy and the hysteria that has befallen him make him a memorable and tortured character. The smirk depicted in this design is something I remember so vividly. That unsettling grin could be an amazing way to immortalize this iconic Bloodborne boss.

Gascoigne’s Music Box Tattoo

On the subject of Father Gascoigne, many will remember that the battle can be made much easier if you happen to get a music box from Gascoigne’s daughter in Central Yharnam. Its melody has been used by his mother and daughter to bring him out of his bloodlust-induced trance and help him remember them, and in turn, can be used to stagger him so you can get a few free shots in. If you want to show your love for this boss and his haunting story in a more subtle way, then this music box design is just the ticket.

Saw Spear Tattoo

Next up, we have this wonderful Saw Spear design that showcases one of the many Trick Weapons you will likely use to spill gallons of blood in Bloodborne. While I have chosen to showcase a Saw Spear design, there are so many to choose from, and a few tweaks would allow you to change it up. Maybe you are more of a Kirkhammer user, or perhaps you get a kick out of the Whirligig Saw. Whatever your blade of choice is, you can immortalize it in ink forever, keeping it close at hand in case some Scourge Beasts are lurking in the shadows.

Astral Clocktower Tattoo

One thing that I personally fell in love with throughout my time in Yharnam was the architecture. All those Gothic churches and buildings. So eerily beautiful. However, it can be a little tricky to capture that architectural wonder in tattoo form. Unless you go with a point of interest like the Astral Clocktower. For those gluttons for punishment that took on the Old Hunter’s DLC, you will be acutely aware of Lady Maria’s domain, and how strikingly beautiful it is. For those that have revealed the secret of the nightmare, this design could be a way to look back fondly on your time spent batting Lady Maria among the scattered Lumenflower petals.

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare Tattoo

Ah, Micolash. He wasn’t a tough boss, but he was an interesting, and damn annoying boss. Many will remember taking on Micolash in his labyrinth within the Nightmare of Mensis, and chasing him from room to room like a chump. The battle isn’t why Micolash is beloved. It is because of the lore that surrounds him. He is a student of Byrgenwryth who has given himself to the nightmare. He is a prisoner of the Mensis Cage, and only upon death is he truly free. Micolash is just another meticulously crafted strand of Bloodborne’s rich tapestry, and if you loved enduring the nightmare, then this is a great way to showcase that.

Lesser Amygdala Church Tattoo

Bloodborne’s insight system is something truly unique. A system that would gradually reveal all the things you couldn’t perceive, but were there all along. One of the biggest revelations that comes with more insight is that a Lesser Amygdala is draped right across the roof of the Grand Cathedral. It’s your ticket to The Hunter’s Nightmare if you have the right item, and overall, it’s just plain unsettling to know that their beady little eyes were watching you all this time. This design pays homage to this shocking discovery, and looks badass to boot!

Bloodborne Lantern Tattoo

If I do go out and get myself a Bloodborne-related tattoo, I think it would be something like this. Being a Souls game, Bloodborne will have the player, die, die again, and then die some more. That’s part and parcel of the Souls experience. For that reason, you will become intimately familiar with the Lanterns in this game that serve as welcome checkpoints in the devastatingly punishing city of Yharnam and beyond. Even from an aesthetic perspective, I love the way the lantern looks, with all the undead spirits clawing at the light below. It’s an incredible design and a great way to pay homage to this challenging title.

Bloodborne Flash Sheet

Are you someone that likes to see a lot of options in front of you before you make a choice? I assume so, because you have read this far. Well, you might want to take a look at this fun little Bloodborne flash sheet. There are lots of tattoo artists out there that love nothing more than putting together thematic flash sheets, and if you ask super nicely, maybe your local tattooist will design a Bloodborne flash sheet. Plus, flash designs tend to be a little cheaper too, for those on a tight budget.

Grant Us Eyes Tattoo

Jumping back to ol’ Micolash again, you may remember his insane ramblings, asking Kos to ‘grant us eyes.’ Well, this relates to insight, and through the blessing of this greater sight, you truly perceive the world as it is, truly terrifying. In the Nightmare of Mensis, you’ll find jars of eyes scattered all over the joint. It seems that a lot of the crazies in contact with The Great Ones really had a thing for eyeballs. So if you want to share in this fascination, get a little jar of eyes for yourself.

Large Bloodborne Tattoos & Sleeves

Yharnam Blood Moon Leg Sleeve 

If you want something that showcases multiple aspects of this incredible game, then you might want to build a Bloodborne sleeve, and this leg sleeve is a great example of how to do that. Here you can see the incredibly striking blood moon up top, the Astral Clocktower dial down below, and you also have Lady Maria peeking out the side. You could go in any direction with a sleeve like this, but this is an example of how to throw vibrant colors into a Bloodborne piece and have it feel authentic to the source material. A stunning work of art!

Vicar Amelia Half Sleeve 

You rarely get to meet a boss in a Souls game before they become a demonic behemoth. We meet Patches all the time, but that hardly counts. However, we did get to know Vicar Amelia, a cleric of the old blood that awaits her fate. Eventually, the player will find her transformed, overcome with bloodlust, and you will be forced to strike her down and end her suffering. Her beast design is animalistic and yet bizarrely human. It’s a little like that scarring scene in Full Metal Alchemist. You know the one. It’s tragic, iconic, and well worth capturing in tattoo form.

Winter Lantern Tattoo

With so many iconic bosses dotted across the Soulsborne catalog, it’s almost unfair how many cool common enemies get forgotten. However, there are a few that stand out from the crowd and get mentioned just as much as the bosses themselves. You have the Ritual Pots in Elden Ring, you have Mushroom people within Dark Souls, and then you have the Winter Lanterns in Bloodborne. Akin to the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, these guys inflict frenzy on everyone in their line of sight. I guess they have to put that big bulging mass of eyes to good use somehow. These things are genuinely horrifying, and very Chtulu-esque, making them ideal for a cool, unsettling new tattoo.

The Eyes of Amygdala Tattoo

There are plenty of Lesser Amygdala floating around Yharnam, but the player does get to fight the mother of all Amygdala on their travels through the Nightmare Frontier. This boss isn’t the toughest by a long shot, but its design is one of the creepiest you will find in any video game. It’s an H.P. Lovecraft fan’s wet dream. This tattoo really brings the devilish intent of the creature to life through the choice to have the mass of eyes glow blood red. If you look deep into the lore, you may uncover that this deity is not all bad, but in my book, a 50-foot spider coming at me isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt. An awesome tattoo for any fan of this enigmatic creature.

Lady Maria Traditional Tattoo

Lady Maria may be a character that we only get to know in The Old Hunters DLC, but she has managed to leave a lasting impression on the masses of Bloodborne fans that had the pleasure of meeting her in the Astral Clocktower. Maria is the inspiration for Gehrman’s Doll, so players will immediately recognize her upon finding her, but only true hunters will know the story of her time as Gehrman’s apprentice. She’s one of the coolest human characters in the game, and this traditional design captures her beauty and grace expertly.

Eileen The Crow Half Sleeve

Speaking of cool human characters, they don’t get much more badass than Eileen the Crow. In Bloodborne, it can sometimes feel like you are the only one fighting the good fight, but Eileen, while in Yharnam with ulterior motives, is there to slay blood-lusting beasts, too, serving as an ally in this crazy, hostile world. Eileen aesthetically isn’t too far removed from a plague doctor, so many non-bloodborne fans may mistake them for an old-school physician. However, the real fans will know that this character doesn’t heal pain; they inflict pain.

Amygdala Astral Clock Tattoo

We have discussed the creepiness of Amygdala, and the sheer magnificence of the Astral Clocktower. So what if you combined them? Well, you would end up with something like this design. You still get the creepy vibes from Amygdala, but you also get to represent a primary point of interest in Yharnam. I would personally tweak it a little to add the 13 different rune symbols, but I’ll leave the decision in your hands.

Bloodborne Snail Woman Tattoo

Like I said above, common enemies in Souls titles need to be truly nightmarish and otherworldly to stand out, and in the case of the Snail Woman, FromSoft hit the nail on the head here. These creatures are essentially frail women that have been polymerized with snail shells, resulting in a horrifying and creepy combo. What’s worse is that they blend pretty seamlessly into the scenery of the Fishing Hamlet and will often catch the player off guard. A very memorable enemy well worth considering for your next BB-inspired piece.

Call Hunters Tattoo

Souls games are hard. That’s the understatement of the century, but they can be made much easier if you take on the adventure with a group of pals. Each game has a different commodity that allows you to call upon other players to aid you in battle, and in Bloodborne, it’s the Call Hunters Bell. A bell that signals to other players, I’m here, I’m scared, and I need a fellow hunter to take down this beast. It’s a nice way to showcase the togetherness of the Souls community while equally showcasing your love for Bloodborne.

‘Cursed Beast’ Tattoo

Even if you are a player that has only managed to make it through the initial sections of Central Yharnam, you will know what this tattoo is making reference to. The villagers carrying torches will try to burn you, all the while calling you a ‘cursed beast.’ It’s the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me, but then again, considering the amount of blood you spill in this game, it is worth considering who the monster really is. Twisted philosophy aside, this is a fun tattoo that just about any Bloodborne fan will appreciate.

Mergo’s Wet Nurse Tattoo

Then we can finish off the larger Bloodborne tattoos with a funny one. All you Bloodborne veterans will remember Mergo’s Wet Nurse. A terrifying beast that looks like the Grim Reaper and moves at the speed of light, a devastating combo. From a design perspective, Mergo’s Wet Nurse is pure nightmare fuel, and because they are a mandatory boss to get your hands on all the Umbilical Cord pieces, every Bloodborne player can relate to this design. The fun comes from the fact that this piece has them pushing the stroller and rattling an assortment of baby toys in their creepy little hands. It’s equal parts fun and horrifying and killer design.

Bloodborne Crossover Tattoos

Bonfire x Lantern Duo Tattoos

If you like Bloodborne, then chances are that you love Dark Souls too. Without Dark Souls, Bloodborne simply doesn’t exist, and you have to respect what came before. So if you want to pay respect to these games in equal measure, then why not dedicate a space on each wrist for this Lantern/Bonfire combo? There is no feeling of relief quite like finding a Bonfire or Lantern and finding a port in the storm. There aren’t many truly safe places in Souls games, but these areas offer that brief moment of respite, and that alone makes them work inking on your skin forever more.

Kirby x Bloodborne Tattoo

Bloodborne bosses are tough, right? Well, have you ever considered morphing into an androgynous pink blob and eating them whole? It would be a little strange if you had considered that, but it seems that at least one BB fan has, and the crossover is weirdly cool. If you are a Nintendo fan that often swaps vibrant colors and whimsy for the dark and dingy world of Souls titles, then this crossover piece might be right up your alley.

Courage The Cowardly Hunter

Any Cartoon Network fans in the chat? No, not current Cartoon Network, the OG fans. If you’re out there, you will immediately recognize this timid doggo. Courage’s whole vibe was that he was cowardly, and I’ll admit, when playing Bloodborne, I often found myself sharing in that disposition. So if you love old-school cartoons, and also find yourself sweating buckets when playing Souls titles, this might be a match made in heaven.

Hollow Knight x Bloodborne Tattoo

Fans of Hollow Knight will be well-accustomed to a dark and dingy world shrouded in mystery, which makes this pairing with Bloodborne all the more apt. Both of these games offer a truly challenging experience, and teeming with hidden lore and environmental clues, and their respective settings are nothing short of sublime. They both embrace dark and ominous themes, making this a collaboration I can really get behind, and I reckon a lot of you guys will too.

Soulsborne Tattoo

soulsborne tattoo
Image from Pinterest

If you have played Bloodborne and you managed to see it through to the end, then chances are that no other FromSoft title will have you stumped. You’re a player that craves challenge, and Soulsborne games are the drug you need to inject into your veins regularly. I get it, I really do. So if that’s the case, you might find it hard to pick between the various Fromsoft options out there as your one true favorite. So don’t limit yourself, and instead consider something like this design that takes all the key symbols and runes from each title and molds them together for a final design that screams ‘I got Gud’.

FMA x Bloodborne Tattoo

Then lastly, we have this FMA crossover tattoo that honestly doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, because I fail to see the link, but I’m inclined to include it regardless because I love both properties. This design showcases Alphonse Elrich in all his metal glory, and just above the FMA-inspired design, you’ll see a Bloodborne rune hovering in the sky, with a bunch of eyes staring down below.

The Most Beautiful Battle Scars

As you can see, there are so many unique and incredibly striking ways to showcase your love for all things Bloodborne. It’s a game that was the introduction to Souls titles for many, and for that reason alone, it deserves its place among all of your other classy tattoos. I hope that this list has given you some inspiration as to how you will make your Bloodborne tattoo a reality, and as always, thank you for reading RPG Informer!

FAQ Section

Question: Is Bloodborne Only On Playstation?

Answer: Yes, Bloodborne was a PS4 exclusive, and it has never received a visual upgrade, remaster, and has never been ported to any other system. Despite the outcry from PC players that would love to experience this game. Maybe sometime soon, that will become a reality.

Question: How Long is Bloodborne?

Answer: It depends on how skilled you are when it comes to Souls games, and how long you stop to smell the roses. However, I would estimate that the average player would be able to finish this game in around 30-40 hours.

Question: When Did Bloodborne Release?

Answer: This game was released on the 24th of March, 2015, and if it wasn’t for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, I reckon this title would have scooped every GOTY award going.

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