Starfield Sarah Morgan Romance Guide: How to Recruit and Romance Sarah in Starfield

As part of the player freedom in Starfield, one of the best parts is picking if you want to romance someone or not. There are a few different characters you rizz up in this massive space Bethesda RPG, and one of the most important ones is Sarah Morgan.

Despite her seemingly older status, she is one of the core characters you can get to know better, as you’ll see in this Starfield Sarah Morgan romance guide.

Sarah Morgan is the character I went after when deciding to romance someone in the game. Though I would argue that the romance options aren’t great in this game, to be honest, I will say that Sarah is a fascinating character and a unique one to romance. I’ll let you know all about why that is and how to romance her yourself in this Starfield Sarah Morgan romance guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Sarah Morgan is the current leader of Constellation, the mysterious group of explorers who haven’t lost their core idea of wonder regarding space and the great unknown. As the leader of the leading group that is at the center of the main story in Starfield, she is one of the most memorable characters you can romance in this game.

You’ll find that she is a hard-to-get person as well, having a lot of baggage and past trauma that is holding her back from opening up to the player in a way that could be romantic. That is why it takes some serious patience and effort to get Sarah to like everything you do and eventually want to spend her life with you.

How to Recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield

sarah morgan in starfield

Before you can ever think of wooing Sarah Morgan in Starfield, you first want to recruit her to your team of explorers in this vast galaxy. Fortunately, she is one of the first companions you can get in the game, so this part is relatively easy to do. That is, of course, if you don’t spend too much time doing other frivolous things.

The requirements for recruiting Sarah start with completing the prologue mission in the game on Vectera. Once you leave that moon, you’ll want to immediately head to New Atlantis on Jemison and speak with Sarah and the rest of the Constellation members at their Lodge to join their group.

Once you do this, Sarah will offer you the next mission in the main story known as The Old Neighborhood. At this point, if you embark on this mission, she will be your active companion for the entirety of this mission until you complete it. This is both a great and bad thing.

For instance, if you try to go off and do other quests like faction and side quests, she will stick by your side constantly. While this can be a great thing for getting her approval and the like in the game, it is also a bit annoying since it likely means you won’t be able to romance her during this time.

That is why it is best you streamline and do The Old Neighborhood’s main story quest in Starfield. Once you complete this and return to the Lodge on New Atlantis, Sarah will formally join your party as a crew member and potential active companion.

If you want to romance her, you want her to always be your active companion from this point forward until you complete her romance storyline.

Sarah Morgan’s Background and History Explained

Sarah Morgan herself is the current leader of Constellation and seemingly the third leader of the entire organization since its founding. She appears to be a middle-aged woman who has a love and passion for exploring the unknown and learning the secrets of the vast galaxy, which is why she’s part of the group.

However, her past is shrouded in secret prior to joining Constellation. As you’ll learn over time, she has an entire history and background that doesn’t involve this group.

In fact, she had an entirely different career before she joined the group of explorers in the main story. You can see hints of this when you interact with certain people like Commander Tuala of the United Colonies Vanguard.

Sarah’s Approval and Likes Explained

starfield sarah’s approval and dislikes

When it comes to romancing Sarah Morgan in Starfield, it is all about appealing to the likes of the person in question. If she likes and approves of the decisions you make in the game, her approval will go up with you. This will, in turn, allow you to get to know her better over time.

That is why it is so crucial you get to know her likes and dislikes as soon as possible. Here are the likes that I have come up with so far for Sarah Morgan in Starfield based on my time romancing her myself:

  • Choose any conversation options and choices that agree with Sarah on whatever point she’s trying to make
  • Constellation is her number one priority, so making decisions that benefit the group and uphold their principles is best
  • She is all about being a generally good person. This means not choosing violence and the like. It is always supposed to be about peace and doing the right thing in every situation
  • She likes it when you help out those in need, including sacrificial choices like forsaking a reward for a quest and the like
  • If you are able to resolve a situation without fighting, such as persuading the person to back down, she will like that even more
  • She won’t dislike it if you flirt with her every time you get this option in the game, so be sure to go for it.

Disapproval and Dislikes Explained

On the other hand, there are the dislikes that Sarah Morgan has in Starfield. She is a pretty specific and sometimes hard-to-read person, but her dislikes are quite obvious. So long as you avoid these problems and choices when playing the game, you should be good to go.

  • Anything villainous, evil, or shady. If it feels a bit corrupt or problematic, chances are she won’t like that decision
  • No stealing, no lying, no cheating people out of money, and so on
  • Being a bad person in any way, shape, or form will make her mad
  • Never ever murder or assault an innocent person
  • That said, while she does hate evil things, she also wants to see enemies get justice. That is why if you have the chance to let someone go who did something wrong, making that choice will not result in a positive response from her

In general, there are going to be moments in the game where you want to pick a computer to find out some information about someone or break into a room to change the debt someone owes, for instance.

These moments will likely make Sarah dislike you a bit more so it is best to remove her as your active companion for a time while you do those things.

That said, this game is quite generous. There were many times when I picked a lock, and she got mad or let a bad person run away free because I felt sorry for them, and she disliked those actions. But it seems the game is forgiving, and the times she liked my actions far outweighed the times she didn’t, so don’t worry too much.

How to Romance Sarah

romance sarah starfield

When it comes to romancing Sarah, the keyword here is patience. She is one of the slowest burns in the game when it comes to romancing her. You not only want to make the choices she likes in the game, but you have to be patient enough to let her understand your feelings for her and come to terms with them. That said, there is a way to speed this all up.

Suppose you are able to level up enough in the game to unlock the Social skill Leadership. This expert-level skill requires you to spend eight skill points in the Social category alone (so you’d want to be level nine or higher to even possibly unlock it) before you can start ranking it up.

The Leadership skill is all about your companions, and the first rank alone gives you 25% more affinity with companions for each of the decisions you make, which is a nice touch. With this skill, some of the pacing issues with romancing Sarah Morgan can be alleviated if you have this.

Outside of that, romancing Sarah Morgan is all about getting to know her on a deeper level. Throughout your adventure, she will tell you moments when she wants to have a deeper conversation with you. Stop whatever you’re doing when this happens and talk to her each time to get closer to her and closer to romancing her.

Getting to Know Her

The critical point about romancing Sarah Morgan and any other character in the game is to go through all of their significant conversations with you. Sarah only has a few of these, but they take a lot of time and approval to unlock eventually. At first, she begins to tell you about the group’s previous leader, Aja.

This is the first significant conversation you have with her once your approval is high enough. The key here is to listen carefully and pick choices that she agrees with or lift her up.

Don’t question her too much or disagree with her, and flirt whenever you get the chance during this initial conversation. Keep it up, and you’ll learn more about this mysterious other member of Constellation that Sarah looks up to.

Finding Out More about the Previous Constellation Leader

As time goes on and you start to get more approval from Sarah after the initial conversation, you’ll begin to learn even more about Aja, the previous leader of Constellation. You’ll start to learn more about why Sarah pretty much worships the ground she walks on and how their relationship was never romantic in any way.

Instead, Aja picked Sarah up off the ground and helped her to find a new place in the galaxy. It is vital here to continue to inquire more about Sarah’s past but not push too much. And it is also essential to flirt more and be honest with your feelings but give her space to think about them.

If you are diligent enough in all of this, you’ll eventually learn more about the tragic past that Sarah has. She will tell you about her time as part of the UC military and her role in the Colony Wars.

This is a vital moment in her storyline, so you want to be careful not to put the blame on her and comfort her as she tells you about these challenging events.

Sarah Morgan Companion Quest Explained

sarah morgan companion quest starfield

After even more time has passed since learning about Sarah’s past, there will come a point in which Sarah will let you know about her companion quest that has to do with her past. This is the turning point in your chance to romance her, and once you get this quest, she will once again be your forced active companion until you complete this side quest.

If you want to romance her, I recommend dropping everything you’re doing and doing this side quest immediately for her, as it will finally set you on the path to romance her for good. This quest has to do with her past, which she already told you about regarding her time as a soldier during the Colony Wars.

How to Complete the In Memoriam Companion Quest

This quest is a bit of a lengthy one, though you could complete it in one to two hours. Fortunately, it isn’t too hard, either. But you should know that Sarah is locked as your active companion once you start this quest, and that won’t change until you complete In Memoriam.

So, if you need to travel with someone else or do something terrible she won’t like, it’ll likely have to wait until you are done with this.

In Memoriam first takes you to the MAST District in New Atlantis where you meet with Sarah’s old officer from the war and learn more about a certain someone. Together, you’ll need to head to the Eta Cassiopeia System to the planet of Cassiopeia I and land near the campsite marker the game gives you.

Here, you will learn more about Sarah’s past comrades and need to follow a beacon that is pointing you somewhere. There are enemies around the beacon, but there aren’t too many, so you should be able to take them out with ease.

From there, the beacon will point you to another spot on the planet, which is the outpost where a girl named Sona lives. She is the surviving daughter of two of her fallen comrades from the war.

For this next segment, you’ll need to collect ten of the dog tags from the forgotten soldiers. The 10th and final one is within the belly of a Greater Silverfish enemy, which you’ll need to defeat.

You can then return to Sona to complete this part of the quest and ask the girl to come along with the two of you instead of staying there alone.

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Spending Forever with Sarah Morgan

sarah morgan starfield

After this and bringing Sona along with you two, you’ll go back with Sarah and have a reminiscent date-like experience with her. After this, you’ll finally have the chance to choose whether to be friends with Sarah or romance her. These are noted on the options themselves, so you know exactly what you are picking.

After choosing to romance her, you’ll have another option to commit to her. This will lead to you marrying one another and spending the rest of your lives together. There will be a cutscene to conclude the romantic journey, with the former leader of Constellation, Aja, commencing your wedding.


Question: Can You Date Sarah in Starfield?

Answer: Yes, you can undoubtedly date Sarah Morgan in Starfield. She is one of the core companions you can add to your team in the main story of the massive RPG, and you are able to date her as well if you follow the above guide. And perhaps even more if you’re lucky.

Question: How Many Companions are in Starfield?

Answer: There are quite a few companions you can have in Starfield, but the exact number is uncertain at this time. I have found nearly ten companions in the game (maybe around seven or eight) depending on who you meet, what traits you pick, if you’re on New Game+, and so on.
However, I have heard that there are even more. I am only talking about active companions, not crew members, which is a bit different.

Question: Can You Have Multiple Companions in Starfield?

Answer: You can recruit many different companions in Starfield to your crew and team. However, if you are asking if you can have multiple companions at once following you in Starfield, no, you can’t do that.
You are locked to a single companion at any one time, minus special missions where you might have someone following you for that quest, plus your usual active companion.

Find the Best Background for Your Character in Starfield

Sarah Morgan is one of the better characters you can make as your active companion in Starfield. As the leader of the Constellation group you join at the start of the game, she plays a vital role in the main story of this massive spacefaring Bethesda RPG.

Better yet, for many of the players out there, she is also someone you can romance in the game as well.

Romancing Sarah Morgan is one of the better options you have in the game, though I would argue that this isn’t necessarily a compliment, as the companions and romances in this game are a bit lackluster compared to similar titles. But this is a solid option for those who want to date and marry a decently important character.

If you want to make your roleplaying experience the best it can possibly be, though, I suggest taking a look at the best backgrounds you can pick at the start of the game. Your background is crucial for the start of the game, as it determines your initial skills in the title and gives you certain conversation options to use in dialogue.

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