Starfield Traits Guide: Which Is Right for You?

Fans are in for a roleplaying treat with Bethesda’s latest massive RPG, Starfield. Players have the chance to create the space explorer of their dreams, and a huge part of that reason is from the traits. You can pick a few traits that determine some intriguing gameplay changes for your character, as you will see in this Starfield traits guide.

Traits are by far my favorite part about creating a character in Starfield. Unfortunately, the character creator isn’t the best or most detailed, so elements like your background and traits help to make up for this. But you can only pick so many of these, so you must be picky about which ones to get. In this Starfield traits guide, I aim to help you decide what ones are best for you.

Bottom Line Up Front

Starfield is an incredible and gigantic sci-fi space game that features a plethora of options to pick your path throughout the cosmos. A huge part of the roleplaying and character creator experience is picking the traits you want for your character. While there are 17 of these, you can only pick three for your character.

Even still, that is much more than the singular background you can pick. Each of the traits usually comes with a positive aspect, such as a free home, and a negative to balance it out, such as a mortgage to come with it. Or bounty hunters who come for you every so often.

With how varied and unique the traits can be, you can honestly miss out on some of the best parts of Starfield if you don’t pick the right traits. Fortunately, you have me on your side with what each trait does, who it is for, and the ones you should certainly not miss out on.

All Starfield Traits Explained

There are 17 traits in total for you to pick in Starfield. While it isn’t much, you do get to pick three of these 17 for your playthrough. Or only one or none at all; it’s truly up to you. But to help you figure out what works best for you, I have broken down each of the traits below, including who I think they are for if they are worth your time, and even some tidbits the game doesn’t tell you about some of them.

Alien DNA

Alien DNA starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Stat Boost
  • Trait Effect: Your overall health and endurance increase, but your healing items are meh.
  • Trait Rating: 6.5/10
  • Background Description: You were experimented with alien DNA integrated into your body. This resulted in some enhanced biological stats.

There is something so fascinating about the idea of playing a character who was experimented on and now carries around alien DNA. This boosts your health and endurance, too, which is quite nice in the earlier parts of the game. However, the negative is quite a massive one.

Your healing items, such as med packs, won’t be as effective anymore. This might not matter much at first, but it could result in a situation where the bonus you get to your health becomes pretty useless at a certain point in the game, but the healing items’ inefficiency starts to rear its ugly head. If you max out the medical skill, it won’t be too bad, but that is the only way to offset this issue.

Dream Home

Dream Home starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Progression
  • Trait Effect: You get the home of your dreams on a planet in the cosmos, but you have a mortgage to pay off first.
  • Trait Rating: 9/10
  • Background Description: You already bought the home of your dreams before the start of the game. Unfortunately, as you might expect, there is a hefty loan to pay off to the bank for it.

This is one of my favorite traits and one of the three I picked for my character. I can tell you right now you won’t regret this one. While there are plenty of properties in this game, and you can create an outpost anywhere you want, within reason, there is nothing like this tried-and-true home.

Even the penthouse suite on Neon doesn’t even come close to the luxury of this rather fancy house. Of course, this comes with some negatives related to it, such as the colossal mortgage that this game’s version of Tom Nook has for you to pay off. Unfortunately, you have to pay it off in full (125,000 credits) before you can enter the home.

There is some help with this, such as the bank lender allowing you to take on some jobs to collect people’s debt for some solid bit of cash (this seems to be available to everyone anyway) so I was able to pay off my house early on the second day of playing this game. And, honestly, that’s not a bad negative at all.

The house has a couple of rooms on the second floor and a massive kitchen, dining room, and living room combo on the first floor. You can customize all of this to your liking. But the rooftop hang-out spot is the best part about this house, as it looks lovely, especially at nighttime. The only other downside is your house is in the middle of nowhere, but at least the planet is beautiful in some areas.


Empath starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Temporary Stat Boost
  • Trait Effect: If you choose options your companions like, you’ll get a massive combat boost for a time. But if you pick options your companions dislike, you’ll get a hefty temporary nerf.
  • Trait Rating: 3/10
  • Background Description: You are heavily affected by what others think of you, and you understand their feelings quite well.

I like the idea of being an Empath and understanding your party members better, but the negatives far outweigh the positives in this situation. Sure, that combat boost for a time is nice, but it hinges on making the choices your party members will like. Especially early on in the game, this can be tough, especially without a guide.

People like Barrett may seem unhinged, but he is a bit more heroic-style than he may act sometimes, for instance. Make the wrong choices, and good luck doing well in the next fight you’re in. While I like the roleplay potential of this class, it is far too risky for anyone not using a guide to know what their teammates like ahead of time.


Extrovert starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Stat Boost
  • Trait Effect: You use up less oxygen when you are traveling with someone else, but you use up more if you are alone.
  • Trait Rating: 7/10
  • Background Description: You love to be around others and exploring space just isn’t the same without a companion by your side.

This is a rare trait where the negative isn’t too bad. If you’re like me, you’ll probably spend 98% of the game with another person attached to your hip. This could be for the simple pleasure of knowing you aren’t alone on a remote planet or because you want to romance that person over time.

Regardless of the reason, it should be rare that you are alone in this game, minus a couple of story quests, so you should be able to benefit from this perk all the time. And, trust me, having more oxygen in this game is always a good thing, as it can get rough, especially if you carry around too many items to sell. Just note if you pick this one, you’re locked out of Introvert.

Freestar Collective Settler

Freestar Collective Settler starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Faction
  • Trait Effect: You unlock special Freestar Collective rewards and dialogue options, but you have an increased bounty if you mess up with other factions.
  • Trait Rating: 6.5/10
  • Background Description: You are a citizen born and raised in the Freestar Collective, giving you an edge with this faction.

There are several factions in Starfield and you, ultimately, should get to know each of them and do all of their story quests. But traits like this one focus on a single faction and make you a citizen of them. The Freestar Collective might be interesting to aspiring rangers or Akila City fans like myself, so it can be worth picking this up for the special rewards there.

You also get some solid conversation options, which will make dealing with Freestar Rangers and other citizens a bit easier sometimes. That is, so long as you never get caught in other factions doing something terrible like stealing or murdering. Also, note that picking this trait locks you out of Neon Street Rat and United Colonies traits.

Hero Worshipped

Hero Worshipped starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Companion
  • Trait Effect: The Adoring Fan will show up and give you gifts and also join your crew. But the Adoring Fan is relentless and annoying.
  • Trait Rating: 8.5/10
  • Background Description: You have an Adoring Fan who has heard of your exploits and wishes nothing more than to follow you around.

It is hard to beat a trait that gives you an exclusive companion. Since companions are so limited in this game, having an extra one is already a welcome experience. The Adoring Fan isn’t nearly as bad as he is made out to be, either. He can be annoying, but there are some charming and hilarious parts about him as well.

The best part is he can join your crew, and he has some solid skills, without having to be your active companion at all times. I loved having him sit on my ship, and he would give gifts or comment on everything whenever I was on board. He is a fun guy, so there is no reason not to pick him up. Plus, if he annoys you too much, you can put him on a remote outpost where you’ll never see him again.


Introvert starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Stat Boost
  • Trait Effect: You’ll have better endurance in the game while you are alone but decreased endurance if you travel with other humans.
  • Trait Rating: 2/10
  • Background Description: You prefer to be alone and enjoy exploring the galaxy in your way.

As an introvert, there is a massive problem with how this trait is handled. While it makes sense that you might want to be alone, you need or should at least have companions with you most of the time. If you aren’t, you’re missing out on entire storylines, romances, and even the benefit of an extra fighter on your side.

So, while the benefit is excellent here, the negative is outrageous, as you should always be encouraged to have a companion in this game, not discouraged from it. There are very few people I would recommend this trait to except those who might want to do some strange but exciting solo explorer roleplay experience.

Kid Stuff

Kid Stuff starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Roleplay
  • Trait Effect: Your mom and dad are alive, and you can visit them anytime you want, but they take 2% of your money each in-game week.
  • Trait Rating: 10/10
  • Background Description: You are the child of a mom and dad who live in New Atlantis.

If there is a single trait every player should get, no matter who you are, it’s Kid Stuff. You can visit your parents on New Atlantis at their apartment and hang out with them anytime. There is so much rich lore to learn about your character’s past, and you can even sleep in your bed at home there, too.

The 2% you give to your parents is nothing and won’t affect you in the grand scheme of the game. Better yet, there are some special rewards you’ll obtain through this particular trait that I dare not spoil, which will certainly more than make up for the money you give to your parents over time.

And that is all before considering your parents themselves. They are such wonderful people and some of the best characters in the game. They genuinely care about your character and want the best for them. There were even some conversations later on with my parents in this game that made me tear up, but that might be a result of my real-life background.

Neon Street Rat

Neon Street Rat starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Faction
  • Trait Effect: You get unique conversation options and rewards from the city of Neon, but you have a higher bounty if you mess up with the other factions.
  • Trait Rating: 7/10
  • Background Description: You are a street rat kid who grew up in the slums of Neon and knows how to survive.

This is pretty much identical to the Freestar Collective version, but the difference is that Neon is one of the best cities in the entire game. This is a lovely city, so having an edge here will get you quite far when dealing with the faction Ryujin you can tackle in this area.

That is, so long as you avoid breaking the law in the other faction territories and giving yourself a massive fine to pay off. Like with the Freestar Collective one, if you pick the Neon Street Rat trait, you’ll be locked out of picking the Freestar or United Colonies ones as well. So, choose your faction history wisely.

Raised Enlightened

Raised Enlightened starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Items, Religion
  • Trait Effect: You get access to a unique chest full of valuable items from the House of the Enlightened religion, but you won’t get the Sanctum’s version.
  • Trait Rating: 4.5/10
  • Background Description: You were raised as a House of the Enlightened Religion member.

There are three core religions you’ll find in Starfield, and one of them is the atheistic-based group, House of the Enlightened. With this one, you were raised as a member of this religion, and you get a special chest of items to give you a massive boost at the start of the game. The items you get in the chest are undoubtedly welcome.

However, I will admit this and the other chest versions are pretty throwaway perks. The items are nice at the start, yes, but I didn’t pick this trait, and I was able to amass hundreds of thousands of credits within a short time without the need for those beginner items. There are better traits to spend your limited slots on.

Raised Universal

Raised Universal starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Items, Religion
  • Trait Effect: You get the Sanctum Universum chest, but you miss out on the Enlightened chest.
  • Trait Rating: 4.5/10
  • Background Description: You were raised in the Sanctum Universum religion.

Like the previous trait, it is the same story. You were raised in this religion, which focuses more on finding God somewhere at the end of space. But the result is the same: you get some chest items at the cost of missing out on the chest from the other religion.

It isn’t honestly worth it, in my opinion, but I will note that this trait may give you some interesting conversation options deeper into the main story when this religion’s leader has some roles to play in the plot. But even then, I don’t recommend wasting your precious trait slots for this one, especially when there is a better religious perk.

Serpent’s Embrace

Serpent’s Embrace starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Religion
  • Trait Effect: If you grav jump often, you’ll have temporary better health and endurance, but you lose that if you don’t jump enough. Plus, you are in with House Varuun.
  • Trait Rating: 6.5/10
  • Background Description: You are a member of the hated House Varuun.

With this trait, you are part of House Varuun, and I have heard there are some unique perks with this, such as their heretical members not attacking you onsite. But you also have the chance to get a temporary stat boost so long as you appeal to your grav jump addiction, which isn’t too hard to do.

This locks you out of the other religion traits, but it is better worth your time.


Spaced starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Stat Boost
  • Trait Effect: You get better health and endurance in space, but they are decreased when on a planet.
  • Trait Rating: 3/10
  • Background Description: All you’ve ever known is space.

This is a problematic option. The better health and endurance are excellent, but only having it in space is an issue. Sure, sometimes you visit a space station or ship, but they are rare. Most of the time, you’ll be fighting from your ship in space, so this is almost useless. Don’t waste your time with this trait.


Taskmaster starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Companion Boost
  • Trait Effect: Crew members can repair your ship systems automatically, but they cost double to hire.
  • Trait Rating: 7/10
  • Background Description: Your companions are masters of their craft.

This is one of the most fascinating traits you can acquire, and it works surprisingly well. Crew members have a chance of repairing parts of your ship, such as the grav drive or engine, once they reach 50% or less. While the chance makes it less viable than it could be, it more than outweighs its negative.

Sure, the crew members you hire will cost double, but, in my experience, you should never have to hire crew members until you have more than enough credits to afford them so that it won’t bother you. There are free crew members and companions you can get, so this shouldn’t be much of an issue. If you like space combat, you should certainly consider this trait.

Terra Firma

Terra Firma starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Stat Boost
  • Trait Effect: You have increased health and endurance on the surface but worsened in space.
  • Trait Rating: 6/10
  • Background Description: You grew up on a planet and know it much better than space.

This is the far better version of the Spaced trait. You’ll spend much more time walking around on planets, so you want that boost there. Even still, though, I’m not the biggest fan of this trait in the first place.

United Colonies Native

United Colonies Native starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Faction
  • Trait Effect: You get special rewards and dialogue options when dealing with the United Colonies but higher bounties of other factions.
  • Trait Rating: 7/10
  • Background Description: You grew up in the United Colonies.

Like Neon Street Rat, there’s not much else to see here. If you love the city of New Atlantis and the United Colonies, this is the one to pick. If I had to pick, I would choose between this one and the Neon Street Rat.


Wanted starfield traits
  • Trait Type: Roleplay, Stat Boost
  • Trait Effect: You deal a lot of damage when your health is low, but bounty hunters are always after you.
  • Trait Rating: 7/10
  • Background Description: You are wanted in the cosmos, and bounty hunters won’t stop to get you.

This is a fascinating roleplay trait. I like the extra damage, but even the negative of having bounty hunters show up to kill isn’t that bad. After all, that means free XP, items, and credits. It is one of the better perks to pick in this game, but you should keep in mind that these mercenaries will show up at any time when you’re exploring, which means it could be an inopportune moment or relatively weak, for instance.

What Are the Best Starfield Traits?

At the end of the day, the problem with traits in Starfield is you can only pick three of them. There are so many of them, so it can be pretty overwhelming picking which ones work for your character. But I will be honest: some traits are immensely better than others.

I would honestly say that there are some traits that I don’t think any player should go without. Regarding the best traits you can’t go wrong with, the three I recommend to every player are Kid Stuff, Hero Worshipped, and Dream Home. Those are the three most impressive traits I have seen in this game so far.

They each have excellent bonuses, and the negatives don’t do much to detract from the overall benefit of each of them. Plus, I felt like I got so much more out of the game because of picking these traits.

Tips for Picking the Right Starfield Traits

I have beaten Starfield from start to finish (but not to 100% completion yet), so I have much experience with the various traits you can pick in Starfield. Here are some of the final tips I have for you when it comes to picking and using traits in Starfield so you can find the right one(s) for you:

  • At the end of the day, you can remove a trait if you don’t like it. This is a shame, though, as it would be like a waste. So, loving the traits you pick from the start is best.
  • Focus on what type of player you want to be. Sometimes, roleplaying can determine what traits to go with.
  • For the most part, don’t pick traits that lock you out of other ones.
  • Make sure you are okay with the negative aspects of a trait.

How to Get Rid of Traits You Don’t Want

The question you might be wondering is, what can you do if you end up hating your trait? For instance, you pick the Hero Worshipped one, but you get too annoyed with the Adoring Fan at some point. Well, you can stick him on an outpost somewhere, but you can also remove the trait entirely by asking him to leave or eliminating him.

There is an option to eliminate every trait from what I can tell in Starfield. For instance, you can foreclose on your house with Dream Home. You can even tell your parents you don’t want to send them money anymore, and that, tragically, ends your Kid Stuff trait. While I recommend sticking with and loving your traits, there is an option to rid yourself of them.


Question: What are Starfield’s traits?

Answer: Starfield traits are aspects of your character that are entirely optional but add a lot of value to the experience. You can pick up to three of these, and each one changes things, such as making your character stronger in specific scenarios or worse in others. You can even get an exclusive companion, house, and more through the traits.

Question: How many traits are there in Starfield?

Answer: There are 17 traits in total you will find in Starfield. This is quite a lot to choose from, but to be fair, you can pick up to three of these to add to your character in the game. You can even choose not to pick any at all or only one if there is a single trait you like, and that’s it.

Question: What is the Dream Home trait in Starfield?

Answer: The Dream Home trait in Starfield does just what its name states: it gives you an entire home of your right from the start of the game. You don’t have to do anything to unlock the home, as it is already available to you. However, you must spend a whopping 125,000 credits to pay off and own the mortgage.

Prepare for Starfield With Its Deep Lore

Starfield doesn’t have to be overwhelming when it comes to creating your character. This is a person you’ll likely spend hundreds of hours with, so it is a tough choice to make since you can change some visual appearance features but not something like your trait (outside of removing it).

That is why it is so essential you pick traits you’ll enjoy and fall in love with. If I had to pick three for you, I would pick Dream Home, Kid Stuff, and Hero Worshipped. Those are the three with the best benefits you won’t find anywhere else and negatives that only make them better in some ways.

But traits are only a single part of creating your character in Starfield. If you want to be fully prepared for this game, you should also check out the 300 years of fictional history the game stands on, which plays a direct role in the game’s storyline and the various characters you meet through the galaxy.

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