Starfield Best Starborn Powers Guide: Best Starborn Powers Ranked

Starfield is full of surprises and wonders for players to explore throughout the massive game. Massive spoilers ahead for the game’s main story and some of the gameplay features Bethesda didn’t want players to know about, but there are powers you can get in this game, similar to the shouts from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. These Starborn powers are pretty intriguing, but here are the ones you need to know about in this Starfield best Starborn powers guide.

The Starborn powers are ones you start to unlock pretty early into the main story, assuming you do it early enough. It is possible to go hundreds of hours into the game without even touching these powers if you ignore the main story. I did just that and played the game for about 40 hours before realizing there were even powers in the game to begin with. But I recommend unlocking them as soon as possible, as they can make the game easier. Especially the ones in this Starfield best Starborn powers guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Starfield has many secrets for players to encounter and uncover throughout their time traversing the gigantic galaxy. One of the best-kept secrets is the powers you can get from the Starborn, which would make the Dragonborn proud. These powers vary considerably from one another, with some allowing you to manipulate gravity while others help you affect enemies you face.

Still, more are capable of being wielded like weapons, and so on. If I had to pick a single power that I think rises above the rest as the best one for most players, it would be the Personal Atmosphere power. This makes it so you have unlimited oxygen for a relatively lengthy period. This is perfect for all types of players and in various scenarios.

Selection Criteria

There are around 24 powers you can get for your Starborn character in Starfield. That is quite a lot, and it can take quite some time to unlock every single one. With so many, I cut the number to less than half for this list, so I had to have some strict selection criteria to come up with this list:

  • Strength: First, the power in question must have some solid force behind it. Whatever the purpose of the power is, it needs to do so in a substantial manner, such as dealing a lot of damage or affecting a wide area.
  • Utility: The powers on this list must be helpful in various scenarios or frequently enough to warrant inclusion. Some powers are highly situational, and you’d rarely use them for this reason.
  • Variety: I tried to include some variety on this list of the powers. I included some of the more offensive-focused powers while also including ones that are great for exploration and moments outside of fighting.
  • Unlock Method: Though this plays only a minor role in the overall grand scheme of things, it is worth mentioning if a power requires you to do much more to unlock it than others, such as beat the game first and start over on New Game+. This can be annoying and render some powers not as helpful as others.

Tips for Using the Starborn Powers in Starfield

Starborn Powers in Starfield

Before we take a look at the Starborn powers you need to know about and use often in this game, there are some tips I have for you regarding how to get the most out of your powers in this game:

  • You can map your Starborn powers to the hot bar. This hot bar can be brought up on the controller using the D-Pad. You can set several items and powers to this bar, so you can instantly switch to them in the middle of combat or wherever you are. This is great for when you like multiple powers and want easy access.
  • It is possible to level up and make your powers more powerful. However, this requires you to beat the main story and start over using the New Game+ feature. Once you unlock those powers again, you’ll get their upgraded versions.
  • Don’t waste your quantum essence. This replenishes your power meter so you can use your powers again without having to wait as long for it to refill. This only lasts briefly, so only use them in dire situations.
  • You get more quantum essence from taking out the Starborn enemies in the game. There aren’t many of these—usually one per temple you visit and in a couple of other places—which is why you should use your essence sparingly.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your powers often, though. I always use my Personal Atmosphere power when I am exploring since I want to go fast or if I am over-encumbered. Your meter fills up pretty quickly, so there is no reason not always to use your powers in the game.
  • Unlocking the powers in this game is confusing. While I can give you the temples they are found at, each temple location is completely randomized. I might have a temple in the Cheyenne System, for instance, while you might have the same one in the Bel System and so on.

Top 10 Best Starborn Powers in Starfield Ranked

Without further ado, I have taken ten of the 24 powers you can get from the Starborn in Starfield and ranked them from the least impressive to the most impressive below. These are my personal picks, but I find that these ten powers cover most players out there. These are the ones you should use the most in Starfield.

10. Phased Time

Phased Time Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Time
  • Power Effects: You phase through time and slow down the entire universe for a short time.
  • Cost: 45
  • Location: New Game+ (at least for me)

There is something to love about slowing down time for a period. This is a classic gameplay mechanic, and Starfield doesn’t have enough of it, to be honest. This valuable power is helpful in the middle of combat since you can use it to slow down time and give yourself a strategic edge.

There are a couple of ways to use this power to the fullest. The first is to slow down time to reposition or get the drop on an enemy who is not able to react as well to you now. On the other hand, you could use it to recover quickly or even run away from a losing fight.

Regardless of how you use Phased Time, there’s no denying it is one of the most helpful powers in the game. Unfortunately, you seemingly have to get it in New Game+ (at least, that’s how I found it the first time) because this is one that you could use much earlier in the game.

9. Inner Demon

Inner Demon  Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Summon
  • Power Effects: You summon a direct copy of the enemy you are currently facing, which fights for you and keeps the attention of their original.
  • Cost: 35
  • Location: New Game+

What you’ll find in Starfield is that there are surprisingly a lot of summon-style powers in this game, and each of them is pretty impressive. Inner Demon might be the weakest of the bunch, but only because of its limitation. How it works is you summon a copy of the enemy you’re targeting.

That copy fights for you and will focus on attacking their original version. This is a great way to get the aggro off your character and onto someone else. Though there are better ways to summon allies to fight for you using powers (more on those in a bit), this one has some compelling situations.

For instance, if you are facing a legendary enemy, boss, or a creature like a Terrormorph. Creating a copy of them is outrageously overpowered and can make those tough fights much easier than they would otherwise be. Plus, the cost of this power isn’t awful.

8. Alien Reanimation

Alien Reanimation Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Summon
  • Power Effects: You summon a dead alien to fight alongside you as your ally for a period.
  • Cost: 35
  • Location: Temple Phi

The next summon power you get in this game is similar to the previous one but a bit better and more versatile. Alien Reanimation is pretty much the Necromancy skill in Starfield. You can summon a fallen alien enemy to now reawaken as an ally fighting for you.

The problem with this is that it’s a bit situational in its own right since you need an alien life form to do this with. It will have to be an alien creature like a Terrormorph or any other random critter you come across during your exploration.

I like this one more than the last because the summon does not exist just to fight their original version, and that’s it. This is a summon that will fight alongside you for a decent bit of time. It also is available in your first playthrough, making it more useful for more players. And if you do happen to play New Game+, you can upgrade it there to last for a longer time.

7. Grav Dash

Grav Dash Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Movement and Buff
  • Power Effects: You dash forward using gravity and gain a temporary damage bonus for any damage you inflict.
  • Cost: 15
  • Location: Temple Zeta

If there is a power you can use over and over without too much worry, it is the Grav Dash ability. It is one of the lowest-costing abilities in the game, with only 15, which is a fraction of some of the other ones. The dash ability is a solid one, which will give you some great movement for exploring planets faster and the like.

But the actual use of this power is in its second effect, which is a damage buff. Having extra damage in this game is vital to your survival. If you die, you get a game over, and the game will simply reload your latest save, which could be a while ago. Staying alive is imperative; that damage buff can mean the difference between winning a fight and a game over.

You can also pair the two effects well with one another. You can dash into a fight and then start mashing away with your weapon. This makes it especially perfect for those daring melee-only players out there who only like to use knives and the like in combat.

6. Life Forced

Life Forced Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Healing and Attack
  • Power Effects: You drain the life force of a target enemy and then heal yourself with that life.
  • Cost: 25
  • Location: New Game+ (at least for me)

There aren’t many attacks I have found for the Starborn powers, at least in the first playthrough, as most of them are in the New Game+ feature. That said, one of the best attacks is the impressive Life Forced, which is the basic drain power you can use in the game.

Since there are no traditional magic spells in this game, there is no other way to drain the life energy of a creature and heal yourself without this. This two-fold action is wonderful, as you not only get to damage your opponent for a decent amount, but you can heal yourself at the same time.

This makes your fights quite a bit easier, and its relatively low cost compared to some of the other powers make it so you can use it reasonably often within battles. This is a power I wish could unlock sooner in the game, but I am grateful for it nonetheless since it is one of the ones I use the most right now.

5. Void Form

Void Form Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Form
  • Power Effects: You use this power to make yourself essentially invisible for a short time.
  • Cost: 45
  • Location: TBD

There are a couple of different transformation powers you can use in Starfield, but the best of the bunch has nothing to do with combat, for the most part. Void Form turns your character nearly invisible, perfect for players with nice stealth ranks and even those who haven’t touched it.

There are even some main story quests where you’ll want some stealth to make the entire thing much easier for you, so this power is essential for those moments. Need to break into a room or steal a particular item for a quest? Void Form has your back.

It is unfortunate that the duration is a bit short, but you can upgrade it to last longer. This, paired with the high cost of this ability, puts it a bit lower than it might have otherwise been. You have to use this sparingly and at the right exact moment when you are making a move to get the most out of it.

4. Gravity Well

Gravity Well Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Damage and Crowd Control
  • Power Effects: The player creates a gravity well that pulls in everything in the surrounding area and crushes them.
  • Cost: 45
  • Location: New Game+

This is by far one of the most powerful offensive abilities you can use in Starfield. It doesn’t do the most impressive amount of damage to the surrounding enemies, but that isn’t the true draw here. Instead, it is all about the crowd-control nature of this ability in how it pulls every enemy to this central location.

This makes it worthwhile for temporarily immobilizing enemies so you can readjust or blast away at them. In addition, it is perfect for melee players who want to gather up all of the enemies so they can swing away. This crowd control maneuver makes it perfect for groups of foes you are taking on but can even be useful for single enemies.

Pair it with other abilities that deal more damage or further control the enemies, and you can dominate the entire battlefield during the fight. There is a lot to love about this particular power and its versatile functions.

3. Parallel Self

Parallel Self Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Summon
  • Power Effects: You summon an alternate version of yourself from another dimension to fight alongside you for a time.
  • Cost: 45
  • Location: New Game+ Only

This is by far the most powerful and incredible summon power you’ll find in Starfield, and for a couple of amazing reasons. The one downside to this power is that you must make it to New Game+ to unlock it in the first place. But if you can look past that, you are in for a real treat.

How it works is you pull in an alternate version of yourself from another universe to fight alongside you. Think of it like making a copy of yourself with all of the weapons and gear that you already have. That makes it likely more powerful than any other summon you’ll find in the game, minus maybe a Terrormorph.

It is available anytime and anywhere, which is already a blessing, and you’ll be able to deal essentially double the damage per usual with your fellow self fighting alongside you. The duration is fairly lengthy enough, too, to be worth using in pretty much every single fight you come across in the game.

2. Supernova

Supernova Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Damage
  • Power Effects: You blow up an entire mini-supernova in the area around you, dealing tons of damage to every foe in the vicinity.
  • Cost: 45
  • Location: New Game+ Only

If you want nothing more than to deal tons of damage all at once to every enemy in the fight, there is no better skill to use than Supernova. You create an entire explosion in the area around you, which will deal incredible damage to basically every enemy that happens to be in the fight.

The large size of this explosion is already welcome enough on its own, but it gets better with the sheer force of this attack. It will deal enough damage to blow entire chunks out of enemies’ health bar and even defeat some lower-level enemies than you, depending on their overall HP.

The Supernova ability is one you can’t use too often due to its high cost, but it can turn the entire tides of a battle with a single use. This is definitely one of my favorite abilities to use in this game since it is one of the few truly viable pure damage powers that make you feel like a wizard. Too bad it is only available in New Game+ and forward, which is somewhat understandable given its overpowered nature.

1. Personal Atmosphere

Personal Atmosphere Starborn Powers starfield
  • Power Type: Exploration
  • Power Effects: You create a personal oxygen space where you have unlimited oxygen for a short time.
  • Cost: 45
  • Location: Temple Alpha

When it comes to the best power in Starfield that is useful in basically every single situation, look no further than the one I use the most in this game: Personal Atmosphere. When you use this power, you gain unlimited oxygen for a short time, which is so incredibly necessary.

When you sprint in this game, it doesn’t use a sprint meter but an oxygen meter. Use up all your oxygen, and your space suit starts to fill up with carbon dioxide. If you are over-encumbered in this game, which is very likely to happen quite often, you’ll drain your oxygen nearly constantly.

Managing the oxygen meter is arguably one of the most annoying parts of this game because it is constantly eating away at you. I have spent 80% of most quests in the game over-encumbered, for instance, since I want to sell items that I found. With this skill, you never really have to worry about oxygen as an issue. Better yet, it is one of the first powers you unlock, so any player can benefit from it throughout the entire game without having to beat the story first.


Question: Do you get powers in Starfield?

Answer: Yes, spoiler alert, but you can get powers in Starfield. They weren’t officially announced or advertised that well before the game came out, but you can get some special powers known as Starborn powers in this game. Each of them helps you to radically change the gameplay in some way for a short time.

Question: How many powers does Starfield have?

Answer: There are 24 powers in total you are able to unlock and use in Starfield at this time. These powers are split across various planets, temples, and quests. It seems that some of them are also only available on later playthroughs like New Game+, as I was unable to find the quest to unlock them on my initial playthrough. There is also a chance more could be added in future DLC.

Question: How do you unlock powers in Starfield?

Answer: You can unlock powers in Starfield by first doing the Into the Unknown main story quest. Once you do this quest, you’ll end it by going to your first temple in the game and unlocking the first power for your character. After that, go to Vladimir often, and he’ll have new locations for you to visit to get new powers, which involve investigating the source of the anomaly, finding the temple, and completing the same general puzzle.

Pick the Best Background for Your Character in Starfield Next

Starfield has many amazing gameplay features that are either not well-explained by the game itself or are even kept secret. While I hope you aren’t here spoiling everything for yourself, it’s worth noting how important the Starborn powers can be for you while you explore the galaxy.

There are 24 powers for you to choose from in the game, and they each can radically change up movement, battles, and overall gameplay when you use them. They are far more interesting than the similar shouts from Skyrim, and they are best unlocked as soon as you can in the game.

Of the 24 powers available in Starfield, my favorite has to be the Personal Atmosphere. Not only is it one of the earlier powers you can get, but it works well for every type of player and background in the game since it provides you with unlimited oxygen for a short time.

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