JT Hussey

JT is a gamer that usually sticks to the more indie offerings out there, however, if he does go mainstream, it's usually because a huge-scale RPG has sunk its hooks right in. This usually leads to JT binging FromSoft's latest offerings and taking on the challenging bosses within.

Undecember Review

Action RPGs satisfy a very personal urge for destruction. Building a character into a walking machine of death can make each violent battle and bloody skirmish satisfying on an intimate level. While most Action RPGs have gravitated towards high-quality encounters with a few enemies, like Weird West and Path of Exile, most refrain from mass …

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Humanity Dark Souls Guide

Dark Soul’s humanity is valuable. Whether you’re kindling bonfires, summoning help, or healing, humanity is extremely useful and painfully scarce. Despite its usual connotation, the best means to acquire humanity is through evil means. Ironically, the more humanity you have in Dark Souls, the worse of a person you are. In this Dark Souls Humanity Guide, …

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Elden Ring Godfrey Guide

Godfrey is a behemoth of a man. Standing nearly the size of a house and possessing the unstoppable force of a freight train, the first Elden lord is a terrifying sight to behold and our leading contender for the throne. In this Elden Ring Godfrey Guide, I’ll review the arduous process of locating and defeating …

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Lautrec Dark Souls Guide

Dark Souls‘ Lautrec is the poster boy for suspicious-looking characters. Boasting a golden set of armor, a maniacal laugh, and a penchant for ruining your Dark Souls run, this evil knight is best killed on sight. In this Dark Souls Lautrec guide, I’ll be going over the universally loathed golden knight and how to complete …

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Dark Souls Gwynevere Guide

Gwynevere is the loveliest lady in Dark Souls. Occupying gigantic size and projecting blinding motherly warmth, this Freudian caricature is the comfort character of our desolate Dark Souls journey. In this Dark Souls Gwynevere guide, I’ll be detailing how to find, serve, and worship the lady of sunlight. As a bonus, I’ll go over how …

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Priscilla Dark Souls Guide

Pricilla is a strange boss. Boasting a lizard tail with a fluffy coat, this humanoid snow queen is one of the more dangerous yet peaceful bosses throughout Dark Souls. In this Priscilla Dark Souls Guide, I’ll be going over the complicated process of finding and defeating Pricilla. As a bonus, I’ll detail my theory regarding …

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Dark Souls 3 Slegward Guide

Everyone’s favorite onion-shaped knight makes a spectacular return in Dark Souls 3. Join up with Siegeward, the spiritual successor to Siegmeyer from Darksouls 1, as you two embark on a grand adventure to drink beer, slay demons, and take long naps amidst decadent ruins. In this Dark Souls 3 Siegward Guide, I’ll be going over …

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