Dark Souls 3 Cathedral of the Deep Guide

The Cathedral of the Deep baffles me. After all the violence I had suffered upon the Road of Sacrifices, I thought maybe a place of worship would offer refuge; I was, most evidently, wrong.

To put it bluntly, the Cathedral of the Deep is as far from a holy place as we’ll find in Dark Souls. Despite the enemy’s robed attire and catholic symbolism, we’ve entered a church that venerates corruption and the darkness itself.

In this Dark Souls 3 Cathedral of the Deep guide, I’ll review how to find, navigate, and defeat the Cathedral of the Deep. As a bonus, I’ll detail how to access Rosaria’s Bedchamber so we can respec and how to rescue Siegward from Patches.

Bottom Line Up Front

Make your way from the Cleansing Chapel into the Cathedral’s outskirt and traverse its scaffolding until we can enter the Cathedral of the Deep from the top. After entering, head downwards, past a giant, and defeat the Deacons of the Deep boss to obtain the Small Doll, the key for entering Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

Cathedral of the Deep: The Holiest of Hollows

A site of physical decay and moral ruin, the Cathedral of the Deep worships darkness and corruption, shepherding sacrifices to Saint Aldrich and extolling the corruptive influence of the Deep. Though this Church was initially devoted to the gods, as we can see Slave Knight Gail worshiping Velka in the Cleansing Chapel, its Archdeacons Royce, McDonnell, and Klimt became avid followers of Alrich the Devourer and corrupted the Church.

Dark Souls 3 Cathedral of the Deep
Even if it’s not holy, we can still meditate in peace. / Image by JT Hussey

After betraying the gods it once worshiped, Alrich lead the Church in making a pact with Pontiff Sulyvahn and cornering off Dark Sun Gywndolin, assisting Alrich in consuming the God of Moonlight. While their alliance gives them strength, it also seals their doom by giving us access to a key item, a small doll, in possession of Archedeaon Royce that we can use to enter Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and destroy Aldrich.

  • Quest Location: Cathedral of the Deep
  • Quest Giver: Shrine Maiden 
  • Requirements: Defeat the Crystal Sage
  • Length of Quest: 2 Hours
  • Difficulty: Easy

Cathedral of the Deep: Equipment and Rewards

Dark Souls 3 Cathedral of the Deep
Well, they won’t be needing their hat anymore. / Image by JT Hussey


  • Astora Greatsword (STR: 16, DEX: 18) – A remnant of the ruined land of Astora, Astora’s Greatsword’s low dexterity and strength requirements with light weight make it reasonably easy to use across most playthroughs. I advise employing Astora’s Greatsword if we’re playing with a dexterity and strength build or plan to use a blessed gem and invest in faith. We can find Astora’s Greatsword in the Graveyard of the Cleaning chapel in a small clearing by the naked white hollows. 
  • Executioner’s Greatsword (STR 19, Dex 13) – A unique weapon that regains fp on kills, the Executioner’s Greatsword is perfect for making heads roll. While this weapon is excellent for strength and dexterity builds, I recommend leveraging it with skills, miracles, and blessings when exploring environments for a limitless source of FP. We can find the Executioner’s Greatsword near Astora’s Greatsword in the Cleansing Chapel graveyard.
  • Saint-Tree Bellvine (STR: 3, FTH: 18) – A wicked-looking chime for quickly casting miracles, Saint-Tree Bellvine is excellent for faith builds in fast-paced combat. While the Saint-Tree Bellvine pales in comparison to other faith chimes with higher spell buffs like Yorshka’s Chime, I recommend it for the quicker cast speed to keep us safe amidst fast-paced boss battles Like the Abyss Watchers or Pontiff Sulyvahn. After exiting the cleansing chapel, we can find Saint-Tree Bellvine, heading right and down into the water with the writhing maggots and searching a nearby tree stump.
  • Saint Bident (STR: 12, DEX: 12, FTH: 16) – A double-pronged pike with a deadly charge, Saint Bident’s offers more significant damage and reach than regular pikes. I advise leveraging this weapon if we enjoy attacking our foes at a distance or performing heroic charges. We can find Saint Bident inside the Cathedral beside the chained Giant at the room’s far end.
  • Arbalest (STR 18, DEX 8) – The largest crossbow we can obtain, the Arbalest is excellent for taking foes apart from a distance. While I don’t recommend crossbows against most bosses, the Arbalest is an effective tool for safe exploration and multiplayer summons. We can find the Arbalest in the rafters at the Cathedral’s top.
  • Drang Hammers (STR 18, DEX 16) – A pair of hammers that look like Maracas, the Drang Hammers are decent enough twin blades for aggressive playthroughs. While these hammers are easy to find and great for Strength/Dexterity playthroughs, I advise the Sellsword Twinblades (“win blades”) instead, which we can obtain earlier in the swamp and deal absurdly high DPS. We can find the Drang Hammers in the Cathedral by the Giant guarding the stairs to the upper lever.
  • Notched Whip (STR: 6, DEX: 19) – One of the better weapons for bleed builds, Notched Whip is fantastic against bosses weak to bleed. I highly recommend the notched whip as a utility weapon against bosses like Dancer of the Boreal Valley or in PVP to provide bleed from a safe distance. We can find the Notched Whip after opening the doors to the Cathedral and looking for a corpse in a corner.
  • Barbed Straight Sword (STR: 11, DEX: 11) – A fine sword with a nice bleed, the barbed straight sword is excellent if we enjoy roleplaying as the infuriating Longfinger Kirk. While the weapon the starting straight sword outclasses this weapon, the Barbed Straight Sword’s low dex and str requirements make it a decent enough bleed weapon if we can’t afford the notched whip or a bleed stone. We can find the Barbed Straight Sword after defeating Longfinger Kirk inside the Cathedral of the Deep near the floor by the giants.
  • Crest Shield (STR: 14) – The best shield in the game for blocking Dark, the Crest Shield is fantastic for traversing the Cathedral of the Deep. While I advise the Shield of Want for its increase of soul gain instead, the Crest shield offers a decent enough protection against dark enemies. We can find it by heading up the Cleansing Chapel stairs and interacting with the gravestone.
  • Spiked Shield (STR: 12, DEX: 12) – A pointy shield for only the most devout of pricks, the Spiked Shield offers decent protection and a usefully bleed attack. While this shield compromises some of its protection for its bleed attack, it’s a nice addition for bleed builds and looks excellent with the Armor of Thorns Set. We can obtain the Spiked Shield after defeating Longfinger Kirk.
  • Curse Ward Greatshield (STR: 34) – A massive greatshield that does not ward off curses despite its name, the Curse Ward Greatshield is likely a reference to the Pursuer’s Greatshield in Dark Souls 2. I don’t recommend this weapon unless we enjoy playing as Dark Souls 2’s meanest reoccurring enemy. We can find the Curse Ward Greatshield after crossing the bridge from the Cathedral’s Graveyard and heading inside the nearest building.


  • Seek Guidance (FTH: 12) – A fun spell used more for our enjoyment; Seek Guidance allows us to see more signs from other players and even hidden signs from the developers. While this Spell doesn’t have much utility, it’s fun to see more joke messages to lighten up the Cathedral’s grim mood. We can find Seek Guidance on the 2nd floor of the room before the Giant’s ground level on a dark ledge.
  • Deep Protection (FTH: 20) – An all-around boost in all of our attributes, Deep Protection slightly increases our attack power and protection. If we’re playing a faith playthrough, I highly recommend using this Spell before any challenging boss fights or for exploring deadly environments. We can get Deep Protection by giving Irina the Deep Braille Divine Tome we get from killing a mimic in inside the Cathedral of the Deep before fighting the giants on the lower level.
  • Gnaw (FTH: 18) – An excellent spell for gnawing our enemies to shreds, Gnaw allows us to wear away enemies vulnerable, to bleed and dark damage. I recommend leveraging this spell against boss weak to these statuses, ideally the Dancer of the Boreal Valley a though boss that this trivializes. Like Deep Protection, we get this spell from giving Irina the Deep Braille Divine Tome.


  • Maiden Set – A White Robe for only the most virtuous of Maidens, wearing the Maidens set is akin to a self-imposed challenged mode. Specifically, the low poise and damage resistances mean we’ll be incredibly vulnerable, so I only recommend wearing this set if we want to test ourselves. We can find the Maidens Set inside the Cathedral beside the Giant at the room’s far end.
  • Drang Set – Armor of a treasonous branch of Sellswords, the Drang set offers decent protection at the cost of poise. Despite the adequate protection, we’ll be more vulnerable to staggers so I only recommend this armor if we feel confident in dodging and parrying enemy attacks. We can find the Drang set in the Cathedral of the Deep by the Giant blocking the stairs we need to progress.
  • Armor of Thorns – One of my favorite sets from Dark Souls 1, Armor of Thorns, damages enemies we roll into, essentially turning our body into a weapon. While we won’t deal much damage with this set, I suggest leveraging the armor of thorns to stun enemies and agitate invaders in PVP. We can find the Armor of Thorns in Rosaria’s Bedchamber after defeating Longfinger Kirk.
  • Archdeacon Set – For any wannabe Dark Souls popes, the Archdeacon set offers us a near-perfect match. Despite its poor performance, the Archdeacon set has excellent curse resistance and had me cackling as we fought bosses with a pointy hat and massive robe. We can obtain this set after defeating the Deacons of the Deep boss, resting at the nearby bonfire, and interacting with the corpse before us.

Rings and Keys

  • Poisonbite Ring: Our most loyal friend for the next poison swamp level, the Poisoinbite ring increases our resistance to poison (shocking, I know!). We can find this useful ring after exiting the Cleansing Chapel, heading right, dropping down into the muck, and looking inside the second building for the ring.
  • Aldrich’s Sapphire – A malicious ring that recovers FP for critical hits, Aldrich’s Sapphire is fantastic if we enjoy riposting and backstabbing and incorporate spells and skills in combat. We can find this ring by defeating the Accursed Deep (the giant spider monster) in the Cathedral of the Deep in the backroom before we enter the room with the giants.
  • Lloyd’s Sword Ring – Perfect for hitless players (like us of course!), Lloyd’s Sword Ring increases our attack power if we’re at full health. If we’re particularly confident in our dodging ability, I recommend Lloyd’s Sword Ring until we take a single point of damage. We can obtain this ring from the corpse on the upper balcony while the giant attempts to crush us with its hands.
  • Deep Ring – For the darkly pious dark souls player, the Deep Ring increases our attunement slot by 1, allowing us to wield an additional spell or miracle. We can find the Deep Ring by heading up the elevator from the cleansing chapel’s left side and heading up a ladder where we can fight a robed hollow that drops the ring.
  • Small Doll – A relic of the Painted World of Ariamis, the Small Doll is required to enter Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. While I think it’s rather strange to use Small Dolls as keys, I gave up questioning Dark Souls lore when we fought Sif, a giant wolf wielding a sword in its mouth, in Dark Souls 1. We earn the Small Doll after defeating the Deacons of the Deep at the Cathedral’s end.


  • Estus Shard – Used to increase the amount of Estus and Ashen Estus at our disposal, Estus shards are vital to our survival. We can find this particular shard after heading out to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire and interacting with the monument several undead are worshiping.
  • Undead Bone Shard – Burned at the Firelink Shrine Bonfire to increase the amount of health Estus refills; Undead Bone Shards are one of our best friends in Dark Souls 3. We can find this shard after crossing the bridge from the Graveyard and interacting with the corpse atop a tomb that looks like it’s about to hurtle into the muck below (look out for giant flinging arrows from his tower!)
  • Deacons of the Deep Boss Soul – Rewarded for defeating the Cathedral of the Deep’s main boss, we can covert the Deacons of the Deep Boss Souls into the Cleric’s Candlestick weapon or the Deep Soul with Ludith if he has the Transposing Kiln we obtained from the Curse-Rotted Greatwood. Frankly, I don’t recommend the candlestick, it’s relatively weak compared to other boss weapons, but the Deep Soul can be an effective spell in ranged combat.
  • Paladin’s Ashes – Unlocking several faith-related weapons and consumables at the shrine maiden, the paladin’s Ashes are a superb find if we’re considering switching to a faith-build mid-playthrough. Specifically, we can find the Paladin’s ashes at the bottom end of the stairs to the area preceding the Cleansing Chapel, guarded by a dexterous undead.
    • Unlocks:
      • Undead Hunter Charm
      • Duel Charm
      • Morning Star
      • Crescent Axe
      • Canvas Talisman
      • Lloyd’s Shield Ring.
  • Deep Braille Divine Tome: Great for learning Dark Miracles, we can give Irina the Deep Braille Divine Tome at the cost of her sanity. Frankly, I found the Gnaw spell dealing massive bleed and dark very useful against the dancer of the Boreal Valley, and the Deep Protection was an all-around excellent protection buff too. We can find the Deep Braille Tome in the Cathedral of the Deep after escaping the Giant’s fist and heading down and right where we can kill a mimic who drops the book.
    • Unlocks:
      • Deep Protection
      • Gnaw

Cathedral of the Deep Quest

To access the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, we’ll have to brave the Cathedral’s Horrors and defeat the corrupted priests that rule over this fallen faction. While the boss fight to obtain this key item is relatively easy, the process for getting there is somewhat convoluted, so let’s stay vigilant in the steps below.

Part 1 The Creepy Cleansing Chapel

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Starting from the Cleansing Chapel bonfire, we’re going head right and up to get on a path towards the Cathedral. / Image by JT Hussey

 After we’ve reached the Cleansing Chapel, essentially a straight shot from the crystal mage, we’ll exit the rotting tomb and proceed to our right, following the stairs upwards.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Keep heading up the stony steps that are in dire need of renovation. / Image by JT Hussey

After reaching the top, we’ll enter a small graveyard brimming with Hollows we can quickly run past by clinging to the right edge.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Cling to the rightmost path but look out for the dead rising from their graves! / Image by JT Hussey

Up ahead, we’ll reach a bridge guarded by a worm-infested hollow. If we get hit by this foe and get the passive bleed build-up, we can equip a torch to get rid of the worms before proceeding to the next area.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
If we get hit by this infested hollow, equip a torch to eliminate the worm’s status effect before it bleeds us to death! / Image by JT Hussey

Much like the Graveyard, this stone island is brimming with hollows guarded by a dangerous blade-wielding enemy. I recommend aggressively removing this foe to open up the ladder shortcut in the nearby tomb without being harassed.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Before we continue, head into this inconspicuous tomb and kick down a ladder shortcut so we can forgo retreading this way. / Image by JT Hussey

From here, we can leverage this shortcut by exiting the Cleansing Chappel to the right, dropping into the muck, and climbing this ladder to avoid retreading our path.

Part 2 Scary Scaffolding

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Look out for this ambush! A hollow is beside these stairs, and a crossbowman aims to snipe us from a distance! / Image by JT Hussey

After traversing that Graveyard, we’ll find ourselves in the room and scaffolding surrounding the Cathedral of the Deep. To progress, we’ll head upwards and right through a narrow passage into a small section with three foes, a crossbowman on the far front, a swordsman lying in wait, and an ambusher right behind us.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Watch for the scaffolding running across the cathedral; we’ll have to go some wacky distances to get inside. / Image by JT Hussey

I recommend dealing with the ambusher and swordsman so we don’t have to worry about them knocking us off the rafters, then following the wooden ramparts across the roof of the Cathedral.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Take special care to avoid arrows and gremlin strikes. Even if their attacks don’t kill us, gravity certainly will. / Image by JT Hussey

Make sure to keep heading right and downwards and dash past a set of flaming crossbowmen before their flurry of bolts can stagger us and give the gremlin behind us the opportunity it needs to tear us apart.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Even if the path ahead is relatively straightforward, it’s riddled with deadlier hollows. I recommend running and rolling past them to find our way inside. / Image by JT Hussey

Once we reach the bottom, we can follow a relatively straight shot past several hollows to a set of two massive doors. While it may seem dangerous to have all these enemies chasing us, opening the door makes us invincible for a brief few seconds, allowing the flaming suicide hollow hounding us to detonate, removing our foes while we’re temporarily safe.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Worry not; even if we have a horde of enemies chasing us, opening the door should protect us from their attacks and allows the exploding hollow to detonate and safely remove our foes. / Image by JT Hussey

Upon reaching the interior, we’ll head straight downwards past two fireballing priests and take an elevator back to the cleansing chappel. Congratulations, we’ve finally entered the Cathedral of the Deep!

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Frankly, I find opening up shortcuts more satisfying than defeating bosses. That relief of conquering our environments is almost palpable. / Image by JT Hussey

Part 3 A Gigantic Greeting

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Don’t stop for anything! Even pausing for a second can mean a brutal thwack from an aggrieved giant! / Image by JT Hussey

After resting at the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire to regain our estus, we can proceed back and take a right this time to find ourselves in the massive space of the Cathedral. Unfortunately, there are two giants guarding this enormous room, and one of them will try to smash us with their hands while we’re navigating this top section.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
I’ve made a terrible mistake. Never ask a giant for a fist bump. / Image by JT Hussey

I advise running as fast as possible to the corridor at the other end to avoid this Giant; we can come back here after defeating the Giant on the ground level.

Cathedral of the Deep Quest Dark Souls 3
Ensure we take a left at the end of this room to avoid the giant spider monster in the other room. / Image by JT Hussey

Upon entering this corridor, we should head left and downwards into a small section of pews with a Greatsword-wielding foe at the room’s end. I recommend running past this foe to the left into the massive chamber of the Cathedral of the Deep and preparing for Longfinger Kirk’s invasion.

Invasion: Longfinger Kirk

Invasion: Longfinger Kirk
Keep Kirk Away! He may not deal much damage, but his attacks and rolls can bleed us apart! / Image by JT Hussey

Boasting a spiky set of armor ripped from Dark Souls 1, Longfinger Kirk can deal some sneak bleed damage if we’re not careful. While Kirk is relatively easy to take down and vulnerable to most status effects, their armor of thorns allows them to damage us by rolling, so keep a wide berth between us and the frustrating foe.

Invasion: Longfinger Kirk
We won! Now we can roleplay as Kirk and make players feel confused and frustrated in turn! / Image by JT Hussey

Upon our victory, we receive Kirk’s weapons and can now obtain his armor if we make it to Rosaria’s Bedchamber in the path through the Cathedral’s rafters.

Invasion: Longfinger Kirk Dark Souls 3
One last shortcut, and we’re ready to face down some evil popes! / Image by JT Hussey

After dealing with Kirk or running past him, we can head straight to find a small corridor at the room’s end that takes us back to the Cleansing chappel. After resting, we can continue our last foray into the Cathedral of the Deep!

Part 4 The Diabolical Deacons

Invasion: Longfinger Kirk Dark Souls 3
If we’re having trouble fighting the giants in the muck, we can lure them out with a ranged weapon and trap them in the water! / Image by JT Hussey

Once we’ve rested in the Cleansing Chapel and returned, we’ll find ourselves in a room with two giants, one at a far end by two massive doors and the other guarding a set of stairs. While they’re both particularly easy foes to defeat and offer Large Titanite Shards when defeated, we’ll have to fight them while fat rolling in the muck.

To begin, we’ll head towards the Giant guarding the stairs and decide between running past or fighting the Giant in a slog fest. While I generally prefer running past this foe to save myself a hassle, we can defeat the Giant in the muck by dodging away from their stomping feet or luring them into the shallow water and pulling the switch to raise the lock and keep the giants in this stone enclosure.

Invasion: Longfinger Kirk Dark Souls 3
We can head up these stairs tucked behind the Giant to reach the promontory housing the Deacons of the Deep. Don’t mind the grub people. / Image by JT Hussey

Regardless of our decision to fight them, we’ll head up the stairs past a grub enemy and into the second level of the Cathedral.

Invasion: Longfinger Kirk Dark Souls 3
If we’re deadset on completing Siegward’s quest, we’ll have to open these doors to trigger Patches spawning as an imposter Onion Knight. / Image by JT Hussey

While we can go up an elevator, open the two massive doors at the Cathedral’s top, and create a shortcut from the Graveyard’s area’s shortcut to here, it’s ultimately quicker and easier to head straight for the boss.

Invasion: Longfinger Kirk Dark Souls 3
If we talked to Anri and Horace beforehand on the Road of Sacrifices, we can find their summons here! / Image by JT Hussey

After passing by the massive statue and running past a few greatsword-wielding foes and a few fireball-casting priests, we’ll find the boss doors to the Deacons of the Deep. Before entering, we can summon Anri and Horace if we want to do their quest and prepare to fight one of the easiest bosses in the game.

Deacons of the Deep

Deacons of the Deep Dark Souls 3
Aim for the Hollow with the Red Hue in the 1st phase; we’ll have to methodically kill those Hollows to progress the fight. / Image by JT Hussey

Unlike other bosses, we’ll fight nearly 30 enemies at once when battling the Deacons of the Deep. While this may sound daunting, the Deacons deal minimal damage and are easy to kill. Still, this fight can be lethal if we drag it out, so I advise applying a few tips to keep ourselves safe.

Deacons of the Deep Dark Souls 3
Time for the final confrontation with Archdeacon Royce: the evil pope of Dark Souls 3. Your hat will be mine! / Image by JT Hussey

Upon bringing the Deacons of the Deep to half health, the second phase spawns in Archdeacon Royce, who we’ll have to target for the remainder of the fight. We’ll be fine if we put enough space between ourselves and the rest of the mob.

Deacons of the Deep Tips

Crowd Control

Deacons of the Deep
I recommend attacks with large areas of attack (i.e. hammers, scythes, and greatswords) to keep a safe berth between us and the Hollow Horde. / Image by JT Hussey

While the fight only requires us to hit the given deacon possessed by the red light for a given moment until we fight the Archbishop, we can make the battle much easier for ourselves if we limit the size of the crowd. 

Therefore, I recommend weapons with a large AOE, like Halberds or Vort’s Hammer, over daggers and short swords.

Target the Purple People

Deacons of the Deep Dark Souls 3
When the Deacons start spewing black gunk into the sky, we must end the fight now! If we need more time, try to defeat a few of the purple hollows to delay our doom. / Image by JT Hussey

Once we reach the second phase and start battling the Archbishop, the ruling deacons start curse attacks that instantly kill us at their zenith. While it can take nearly 40 seconds for this attack to kill us, it’s still quite lethal, so I recommend periodically taking out these foes if we cannot reach the head archdeacon.

Beware Big Hollows

Deacons of the Deep Dark Souls 3
Even if they can’t practically kill us, the big enemies’ force attack can still prove frustrating if we get too close.

The Large Deacons we’ll encounter during this fight can perform force miracles that stun and knock us down. While this attack is mildly annoying, it can stun-lock us in a death spiral if used in quick succession. Overall, I recommend avoiding the large deacons to give ourselves a better time during the fight or taking them out from a distance.

Deacons Victory

Deacons of the Deep Victory Dark Souls 3
With this victory, we can genuinely say we’ve conquered the Cathedral of the Deep! / Image by JT Hussey

Upon dealing the final blow, we’ll find an empty tomb with a small doll we can use to enter the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley! We may not have saved the Cathedral of the Deep, but we sure gave those evil priests a righteous whopping!

How to Find Rosaria’s Bedchambers

How to Find Rosaria's Bedchambers Dark Souls 3
I don’t blame you if this covenant makes you feel slightly queasy; giant worm people can have that effect. / Image by JT Hussey

In the upper reaches of the Cathedral, we can talk to Rosaria in her bedchambers to respec our character five times per playthrough by giving her a pale tongue (performing a 6th time or more turns us into a grub!). While I highly recommend interacting with Rosaria to to optimize our build, reaching this destination can be tricky, so I advise paying head to a few steps.

Option A Kick the Imposter

How to Find Rosaria's Bedchambers Dark Souls 3
If we don’t mind a little character death, we can end this imposter onion knight for a stress-free trip to Rosaria’s Bedchamber! / Image by JT Hussey
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 2 minutes
  • Character Death(s): Patches

The easier, less stressful way to reach Rosaria’s bedchambers, I recommend this route if we’re okay with killing Patches or don’t want to spend souls to get Siegward’s armor back. To reach this route, we can head up the elevator near the Deacons of the Deep boss fight and go leftwards to find an onion knight by a raised bridge. While this may look like Siegward, it’s Patches in disguise and will trap us if we try walking across the bridge.

Stead, we can kick Patches off from the bridge, preventing him from lowering the bridge and allowing for a stress-free straight shot to Rosaria’s bedchambers. After heading across, we can walk past several worms to find a set of closed doors we can open to find Rosaria and perform rebirths.

Option B Rocking Rafters

How to Find Rosaria's Bedchambers Dark Souls 3
Take care to avoid enemy staggers and misplaced rolls unless we’re looking for a quick, albeit fatal, trip to the bottom. / Image by JT Hussey
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Character Deaths: None
How to Find Rosaria's Bedchambers Dark Souls 3
After disposing of this Hollow priest, we can head around this structure’s outside to reach the ladder’s top. / Image by JT Hussey

Though I don’t recommend this method for the sheer stress of navigating the Cathedral’s rafters, if we want to spare Patches’ life or don’t feel like putting in the effort to start Siegward’s quest, this is the quest for us.

How to Find Rosaria's Bedchambers Dark Souls 3
We’ll have to jump onto this ledge below to continue. Let’s try out best not to fall! / Image by JT Hussey

If we don’t want to kill Patches, we can reach Rosaria’s Bedchamber by heading across the Cathedral’s rafters. To get to this area, we’ll have to take the lift on the way from the Cleansing Chapel lower shortcut and climb a ladder to reach the Cathedral’s top.

How to Find Rosaria's Bedchambers Dark Souls 3
Watch for the entrance to the Cathedral’s rafters on the left. We can run past it effortlessly. / Image by JT Hussey

From here, we’ll have to make a dangerous jump onto a platform we’ll follow to enter the Cathedral’s roof. After progressing upwards, look for an entrance into the Cathedral’s top and head across the rafters to reach another dropdown on the other side.

How to Find Rosaria's Bedchambers Dark Souls 3
Don’t worry; we’ll survive this drop-down. / Image by JT Hussey

Take the drop-down and we can follow the path ahead to reach Rosaria’s Bedchamber.

Anri and Horace (Death to Slugs!)

Anri and Horace (Death to Slugs!) Dark Souls 3
Image by JT Hussey

An epic quest for revenge, Anri and Horace have traveled to the Cathedral of the Deep in search of Aldrich to put an end to the giant slug monster for trying to eat them as children. I recommend exhausting their dialogue at the Road of Sacrifices bonfire so we can summon them and give them some violent closure before advancing Anri’s quest.

Siegward (Dude, Who stole my armor?)

Siegward (Dude, Who stole my armor?) Dark Souls 3
Image by JT Hussey

The second part of the Onion Knight’s epic quest, Patches has duped Siegward, stealing his armor and throwing the onion knight in a well by the Cleansing Chapel. To save our jovial friend, we confront Patches, killing the nefarious rogue or purchasing the armor. I recommend killing patches; the armor is rather expensive.

Leonhard (Killing them Violently)

Leonhard (Killing them Violently) Dark Souls 3
Image by JT Hussey

A devoted ringfinger of Rosaria, Leonhard murders Rosaria if we progress his quest and talk to him at Rosaria’s Bedchamber. Frankly, I don’t recommend advancing Leonhard’s quest to lose out on Rosaria’s respec ability and recommend avoiding conversation with him to keep Rosaria safe.

Slave Knight Gail (An Artsy Aside)

Slave Knight Gail (An Artsy Aside) Dark Souls 3
Image by JT Hussey

Following the Fires of Ariandel and Ringed City DLC quests, we can start Gail’s quest for creation by talking to him in the Cleansing chapel. After agreeing to help him, we’ll get sucked into the painted world of Ariamis, so I only recommend it if we’re okay with ditching the Cathedral for an icy adventure.

Notable Characters

Patches (Mischievous Scoundrel)

Patches (Mischievous Scoundrel) Dark Souls 3
Don’t let Patches fool you! His pranks often come attached with a violent punchline. / Image by JT Hussey

A returning character in nearly every Dark Souls game, Patches is a mischievous little scoundrel that regularly pulls fatal pranks on us. We can find Patches outside Rosaria’s bedchamber after he hoodwinks us and offers compensation for Siegward’s armor.

Siegward (Jolly Onion Knight)

Siegward (Jolly Onion Knight) Dark Souls 3
Image by JT Hussey

The legendary onion knight of Caterina and my favorite companion across the souls games, Siegward is a jovial knight who often gets into wild predicaments. For example, we can find him at the bottom of a well near the Cleansing chapel and give his armor back to him to rescue him.

Rosaria (Mother of Rebirth)

Rosaria (Mother of Rebirth) Dark Souls 3
Image by JT Hussey

A slug-looking mother that fills me with horror, Rosaria is the leader of the Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant and allows us to respec our stat points for every pale tongue in our inventory. In terms of lore, while Rosaria does not speak, redeeming her souls to Ludlith after completing Leonhard’s quests suggests she might Gwynevere, to my utter horror.

Anri (Determined Hero)

Anri (Determined Hero) Dark Souls 3
Image by JT Hussey

One of the two children that escaped Alrich’s grasp as kid, Anri is a fierce knight on a quest to avenge the many children fed to Aldrich. Despite her violent quest, Anri has a generous disposition, treats us cordially in dialogue, and offers her summons in several boss battles.

Horace (Silent Sidekick)

Horace (Silent Sidekick) Dark Souls 3
Image by JT Hussey

The other of two children who escaped Aldrich’s clutches, Horace is a primarily silent companion to Anri, who has hollowed out. While we can summon Horace with Anri to help in battle, Horace eventually goes mad, forcing us to kill him if we want to save Anri.

Leonhard (Deranged Follower of Rosaria)

Leonhard (Deranged Follower of Rosaria) Dark Souls 3
Image by JT Hussey

A ringfinger loyal to Rosaria, Leonhard is a friendly acquaintance that grows into a violently jealous rival. If we continue Leonhard’s quest, the maddening follower murders Rosaria and steals her soul to keep her away from our grubby little hands.


Question: Why is the Cathedral of the Deep Corrupted?

Answer: After Archdeacons Royals, McDonnell, and Klimt started worshipping Aldrich Saint of the Deep, the Church betrayed the Gods and began worshipping the Deep and Corruption. Also, when Aldrich Linked the fire, it likely corrupted the people Aldrich was associated with (the Church), infesting the Cathedral with corruption, muck, and violence.

Question: How do I Respec in Dark Souls 3?

Answer: After taking the lift on the Cleansing Chapel’s right side, we can climb up the ladder and head towards the Cathedra’s rafters. On the other side of the rafters, we can drop down and head a short distance to find Rosaria, who we can trade pale tongue to respec our character.

Question: How do I get Siegward his armor back?

Answer: After the second door on the upper level of the Cathedral, we can find Patches dressed in Siegward’s armor. We can kill Patches or purchase the armor from him on the other side of the chamber after we walk across the bridge.


There’s a new pope in town, and they’re ready to smite! / Image by JT Hussey

Well done unkindled one! We braved the Cathedral of the Deep and showed Archdeacon Royals and his Deacons of the Deep what for!

From running through a graveyard brimming with Hollows to scurrying across the Cathedral’s rafters, the Cathedral of the Deep took us on a fantastical journey through a corrupted place of worship. While the Deacons may be gone forever, we can honor their memory and wear Royce’s armor so we can roleplay as a Dark Souls pope!

Regardless, with the Small Doll in our hands, we’re ready to enter Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and Pontiff Sulyvahn a righteous whopping! So let’s adorn a pointy pope hat and a magical staff and prove we’re the holiest hollow in all of Lorthric!

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