Dark Souls 3 Slegward Guide

Everyone’s favorite onion-shaped knight makes a spectacular return in Dark Souls 3. Join up with Siegeward, the spiritual successor to Siegmeyer from Darksouls 1, as you two embark on a grand adventure to drink beer, slay demons, and take long naps amidst decadent ruins.

In this Dark Souls 3 Siegward Guide, I’ll be going over the universally loved onion man and how to complete his wacky quest. As a bonus, I’ll detail obstacles and roadblocks that endanger the most beloved knight in all of Dark Souls.

Bottom Line Up Front:

Assist Siegward with a demon in Undead Settlement, Return his armor to him in the Deacon’s Deep well, and join him for a toast in Irithyll. After breaking him out of prison in the Profaned Capital, he’ll join you in your fight against Yhorm. Fighting Aldrich before Yhorm or killing Siegward will end his quest.

  • Quest Locations: Undead Settlement, Cathedral of the Deep, Irithyll Dungeon, Profaned Capital
  • Quest Giver: Siegward
  • Requirements: Catarina Armor, Old Key
  • Length of Quest: 1 – 2 Hours
  • Difficulty: Easy

The Man, the Myth, the Onion.

I know I’m not alone in my adoration of Siegward. His jovial tone and pleasant demeanor provide some much-needed relief from the bleak, desolate world of Dark Souls 3. A fan of post-battle naps and toasting new friends, Siegward rewards you with gestures, beer, spells, and titanite slabs for your efforts. Although his trust in strangers can land him in sticky situations, like fighting a two-story demon or waking up naked in a well, Siegward can depend on us to have his back through thick and thin.

Equipment and Rewards


  • Catarina Armor Set: Boasting some of the highest defense around, the Catarina Armor set is an excellent choice for players who can afford the heavy equipment load it entails. I’d advise equipping the armor in the late game once you can spare the points into vitality. Alternatively, wearing Havel’s ring or the Ring of Favor can sufficiently raise your equip load to wear this armor without fat rolling. The Catarina Armor Set drops after finishing Siegward’s questline or killing Siegward. Buying the armor off of Patches is also a viable alternative.


  • Zweihander: A decent weapon for strength builds, the Zweihander is an excellent early option to demolish foes. While killing Siegward will drop the sword, you can also purchase Zweihander from Greirat for 6000 souls after sending him to pillage the Undead Settlement.
  • Storm Ruler: An excellent greatsword with a skill that demolishes giants, Storm Ruler is a late-game weapon obtained in the fight against Yhorm the Giant. Storm Ruler’s skill, Storm King, can be charged up to stagger Yhorm the Giant. With Siegward wielding the same weapon and skill against Yhorm, the fight should end within a minute.
  • Pierce Shield: A passable shield that skewers foes when bashed. While I consider Pierce Shield’s skill and damage resistance unremarkable, its ascetic of a pointed onion cap completes the look for Siegward cosplayers. You can obtain Pierce Shield after completing Siegward’s quest or killing him early on.


  • Siegbräu: German for a brew, Siegbräu recovers about a 1/3 of your health on use. Alternatively, Siegbräu can be traded to the crow’s Pickle Pee and Pump a Rum in the rafter of the Firelink Shrine for the Armor of the Sun, Solare’s armor from Dark Souls 1. Siegward rewards you with Siegbräu every time you share a toast during his quest. I recommend saving Siegbräu for a late-stage boss, the Soul of Cinder or Nameless King, as you can only obtain three during the entire game.


  • Emit Force: This excellent spell is a godsend for Faith builds as it wrecks foes’ physical defense, tearing shielded enemies asunder! In addition, Emit Force scales with Flynn’s ring, which inversely scales with your equip load, enabling you to deal more damage if you’re lighter. Siegward rewards you with Emit Force in a Small Kitchen beneath Irithyll for saving him.

Upgrade Material

  • Titanite Slab: The most valuable upgrade material throughout the entire game, Titanite Slabs enable you to upgrade regular weapons and special weapons to their max limit. These slabs are extremely rare and valuable to every player regardless of their build. Siegward rewards you with a titanite slab for rescuing him from a dungeon in the Profaned Capital towards the end of his quest.


  • Toast: Take a seat and make a toast! Siegward gives this gesture to you after saving him from the fire demon in the Undead Settlement.
  • Sleep: Squat down and take a deserved nap. “Only thing to do, really, after a nice toast” as Siegward would say. The onion knight gives you this gesture after falling asleep following the fire demon battle.
  • Rejoice: Throw your arms up in the air and rejoice! Siegward rewards you with this gesture after returning him his armor.

Siegward’s Quest

Step 1: Elevator Trouble

We first encounter Siegward as we finish the Undead Settlement and enter the Road of sacrifices, approaching a tower where a giant shot great arrows at us earlier. As we open the doors to the building, we can see Siegward ascend an elevator to meet us.

After talking With Siegward, we learn that he was shot at from this very tower and would like to have a word with the offender. After taking the elevator down, Siegward disappears. To reach Siegward’s new location, we’ll have to return to the previous room where we met the onion knight, trigger the elevator to head downwards, then take the now descending elevator upwards. Before we reach the top, jump out to a small wooden platform, then go through the new opening to see Siegward confusing the archer giant for a fire demon. Although Siegward wants to talk things out, we’ll have to take on the Fire Demon to proceed.


Fire Demon Fight

Despite its low health, the Fire Demon is still dangerous if you fail to avoid its ground slams or fire breath. With Siegward at your side, however, the battle is much easier. If you’re low on health, I advise using an ember and switching to a shield with 100% damage negation. Also, don’t let Siegward do all the heavy lifting. While his armor grants him increased damage resistance, he can permanently die if you fail to participate in the fight.

After the fight, Siegeward takes a seat and toasts our bravery and companionship. He gives us a Siegbräu, german for “brew,” and the “toast” gesture. Unfortunately, Siegward is also a lightweight and promptly falls asleep, giving us the “sleep” gesture. Following our friend’s show of bravery and low alcohol tolerance, head onwards until we reach the Cathedral of the Deep.

Step 2: Stuck in a Well

Following our heroic battle and jolly toast, we next encounter Siegward in the Cathedral of the Deep. After reaching the room preceding the Deacons of the Deep boss, take the lift nearby up to open the two massive Catherdral doors. Nearby, a man sporting Siegward’s armor should appear beside a raised bridge.

Don’t be fooled, it’s a disguised Patches, that no good scoundrel, trying to lure us into a trap. If we kick Patches off the bridge or kill him, he should drop Siegward’s armor. Alternatively, if we walk onto the bridge, Patches lowers it, forcing us to fight a giant. To reach Patches’ new location, we’ll have to take an elevator from the left side of the mini cathedral to get to the immense cathedral’s rafters.

After reaching the top, head across and hop down, in my case belly flop, onto the platform with the Candleabra below. We’ll find Patches apologizing for his past actions and willing to sell us Siegward’s Catarina armor for 15000 souls. If you don’t have enough, I recommend defeating the boss nearby to pay Patches’ fee.

Now that we have Siegward’s armor at hand, head to the mini cathedral, and we’ll hear a voice from a well nearby. Siegward’s been robbed of his armor and thrown in a well! Confessing to being in “quite a pickle,” Siegward ponders how he’ll get out without his armor. Before witnessing this Siegward’s epic climbing prowess, throw the Catarina armor set down to his great satisfaction, and he’ll give us the rejoice gesture.

**Note – If we crossed the rafters before opening the Cathedral doors, Patches will not spawn in the Cathedral of the Deep. We’ll have to complete a short detour in Firelink Shrine to encounter him. To start, we’ll purchase the Tower key from the handmaiden for 20000 souls, open the locked door in the back of Firelink Shrine, and head up and down the elevator only for Patches to trap us on the way out. After escaping, we’ll encounter Patches in Firelink Shrine, apologizing for his misdeeds and agreeing to sell us the Catarina armor set.

Step 3: Food and Nap

Quite a while later, after heading into Irithyll, we reach a crossroads beneath a bridge. Before heading straight and into the Irithyll dungeon, take a left, make your way through a small sewer, and into a cozy kitchen. In this kitchen, we’ll find Siegward napping beside a gentle fireplace. After waking him from his nap, Siegward warmly thanks us for rescuing him and teaches us the faith spell “emit force.”

After another toast, Siegbräu, and estus soup, Siegward tells us of a promise he made to Yhorm the Giant in the Profaned below. While Siegward keeps the details of this promise a secret, he tells us not to worry and promptly falls asleep.

**Note – Killing Aldrich before killing Yhorm will cause Siegward to despawn, failing his quest. Make sure you head back towards the Irithyll dungeon after taking this small detour in the Irithyll Kitchen.

Step 4: Prisonbreak Onion Style!

Following our delightful toast and nap, we next encounter Siegward in a dungeon in the profaned capital. Unfortunately, Siegward’s been captured and put behind bars. To free our friend, we’ll have to head through the Irithyll dungeon until we reach an opening with a sleeping giant. After running past the giant, head straight past a rat-infested tunnel until we get to a room with two chests. The chest on the right contains the key to Siegward’s cell, and the other one’s a mimic.

Continue onwards until we reach the profaned capital bonfire. From here, we’ll head into an opening in a nearby wall and head forwards until we fall into a swamp and see a building jutting out of the muck. After exiting the muck, take the nearby latter up, climb the stairs, and jump from the rooftop into the nearby window.

Inside the window, we’ll see Siegward behind a cell door. Using the key we obtained earlier, unlock the cell door to grateful Siegward, who provides us with sincere thanks and a titanite slab for our troubles.

Step 5: A Giant Promise

For all our hard work, Siegward joins us in the battle against Yhorm the Giant. After entering the fog door in the profaned capital, Siegward appears in the cutscene, swearing to save Yhorm from the monster he’s become.

Yhorm the Giant Fight

With Siegward by your side, Yhorm is a massive pushover. Entering the boss area, you’ll find a sword entitled Storm Ruler. This sword’s skill massively damages Yhorm, staggering him and dealing an incredible blow to his health. Combining this with Siegward’s copy of Storm Ruler can bring Yhorm’s fight to a swift end.

After the epic and relatively easy fight against Yhorm, Siegward sits down for a final toast thanking us for our friendship and saying a kind word for Yhorm. Sadly this is the end for Siegward. Once we leave this room, Siegward passes on, leaving his armor for us to carry on his legacy in his stead. Though it was bittersweet to lose a friend at the end of our long journey, at least we got to make some nice memories along the way.

Siegward Quest Rewards:

  • Spell: Emit Force
  • Titanite Slab
  • Siegbräu x3
  • Catarina Armor Set


  • Zweihander
  • Storm Ruler
  • Pierce Shield


  • Toast
  • Sleep
  • Rejoice

Patches’ Quest:

Midway through his questline, Patches steals Siegward’s armor! Purchasing Siegward’s armor and failing to give it back to Siegward before Greirat’s sent to pillage the Irithyll Dungeon will prevent Patches from saving Greirat.

Greirat’s Quest:

Siegward saves Greirat if he’s sent to pillage the Irithyll Dungeon and you’ve returned Siegward’s armor. Alternatively, Patches rescues Greirat if he still possesses the Catarina armor set.

Memorable Quotes

After getting trapped in a well: “I’m in quite a pickle indeed.”

Post-toast: “Well, I’m going to have myself a nap. The only thing to do, after a nice toast.”

Solving Puzzles: “I’ve got to use my head. And think.”

Deep in thought: “Hmm… Mmm…”

Toast: “Long may the sunshine!”

Key Relationships

Yhorm the Giant

(Platonic Friendship) An old comrade Siegward swore to save should he ever turn hollow, Yhorm the Giant is the driving purpose behind Siegward’s quest. While Siegward eventually kills Yhorm with your help, it is a merciful execution rather than one born of malicious intent.

Patches the Unbreakable

(Foe) A malicious foe that steals Siegward’s armor and throws him down a well, Patches is responsible for much of Siegward’s difficulties during his quest. Although Siegward does not bear a grudge against him, I sure do.

Greirat of the Undead Settlement

(Incidental Friendship) A one-time friend, Siegward saves Greirat’s life in Irithyll’s dungeon. With Greirat’s good-natured, mischievous personality alongside Siegward’s cheery optimism, I’m confident the two would have become good friends if there had there been more time for bonding.


Congratulations, we’ve done it! We broke Siegward out of prison, saved him from Patches’ nefarious schemes, and helped him keep a promise to a dear friend. While Siegward, may be gone, we can still wear his onion armor and make jolly gestures to keep his spirit alive.  Who knows, perhaps we’ll encounter a jolly successor to uphold the mantle of Onion Knight in Souls games to the game. Long may the sunshine!


Question: Why can’t I find Siegward?

Answer: If you progress too far without completing sections of Siegward’s quest, ie killing Aldritch before Yhorm, Siegward disappears, and you’ll be unable to finish his quest.

Question: Can I save Siegward at the end of his quest?

Answer: No, Siegward’s death is scripted to occur after completing his quest.

Question: How can I get Catarina armor?

Answer: Finishing Siegward’s questline, killing Siegward, buying it off of Patches, or killing Patches will give you Siegward’s armor and weapons. Beware, killing Siegward prevents you from obtaining his quest rewards, primarily the titanite slab.

Question: Is Siegward related to Siegmeyer?

Answer: No, Siegward is not the descendent of Siegmeyer; however they do share the same voice actor, personality, and armor. Siegward can be considered a spiritual successor to Siegmeyer.

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