Elden Ring Godfrey Guide

Godfrey is a behemoth of a man. Standing nearly the size of a house and possessing the unstoppable force of a freight train, the first Elden lord is a terrifying sight to behold and our leading contender for the throne.

In this Elden Ring Godfrey Guide, I’ll review the arduous process of locating and defeating Godfrey. As a bonus, I’ll detail the epic rewards for defeating Godfrey and the first Elden Lord’s sordid past.

  • Quest Locations: Leyndell Royal CapitalLeyndell Ashen Capital
  • Quest Giver: None
  • Requirements: 2 Great Runes
  • Length of Quest: 7-10 Hours
  • Difficulty: Hard

Godfrey – The First Elden Lord

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Fearsome, indomitable, and regal, Godfrey earns his title of Elden Lord through sheer might. Although he was initially Hoarah Loux, chieftain of the badlands, Godfrey abandoned his savage ways to become the consort of Queen Marika. However, after besting his last worthy opponent and losing the will to fight, Godfrey was exiled by Marika and forced to wander the wastes. However, after we open access to the Erdtree, Godfrey returns to challenge us and reclaim his throne.

Equipment and Rewards


    • Axe of Godfrey – A potent colossal weapon with a hefty 42 strength requirement, the axe of Godfrey is a godsend for melee builds. With its regal roar skill that increases your attack damage while sending out a ground-shaking shockwave, this weapon enables us to play as the feral first Elden Lord. We can obtain this ferocious weapon after trading Godfrey’s remembrance to Enia.
Axe of Godfrey
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    • Elden Lord Armor – Strong, loose-fitting medium armor with decent physical protection. Besides cosplaying as a barbarian, Elden Lord Armor functions as a decent compromise between players looking for protective armor without exceeding their equip load. We can buy the Elden Lord Armor from Enia after defeating Godfrey in Leyndell, Capital of Ash.
Elden Lord Armour
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Ash of War

    • Ash of War: Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker – Slam your hands into the ground, generating two massive shockwaves, scattering foes in all directions. While the long windup can make this ash of war fairly useless in fastmoving PvE, in PvP, this ash of war poise breaks foes, enabling your allies to go in for a critical attack. We can obtain this ash of war through trading in the Remembrance of Hoarah Loux to Enia.
Ash of War
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    • Remembrance of Hoarah Loux – Can be traded with Enia at the Roundtable for Godfrey’s unique ash of war, special axe, or consumed for 30000 runes. This remembrance also details some special lore regarding Godfrey’s exile.
Remembrance of Hoarah Loux
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    • Talisman Pouch – Allows you to carry one more talisman. Talismans can increase your carry weight, spell attack power, or give you other powerful buffs.
Talisman Pouch
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Godfrey’s Quest

Step One: Ramparts and Rooftops

Upon defeating the Draconic Tree Sentinel guarding the city’s entrance or taking a portal from a root-infested region beneath, we arrive at Leyndell. Towards the second-highest precipice guarding the antechamber to the throne rests the spirit of Godfrey. To reach this apparition, we’ll have to brave several strange foes, jump across the rooftops, and run atop a massive dragon and tree.

Reaching the Destination
Reaching the destination. Photo by JT Hussey.

*Note: Great Runes:

If we neglect to collect at least two great runes from defeated shard bearers, the two fingers will refuse us entrance into the city. To earn the two-finger’s respect, we must slay two of these shardbearers in any of the regions we’ve previously traversed. I recommend going after Godrick the Grafted in Limgrave and Rennala Queen of the Full Moon in Liurnia. These two bosses are easy to access, die quickly, and reward the best rune and the ability to respec.

Beginning from the Castle rampart Grace, we progress through a small entrance and take the elevator up. I recommend spending any leftover runes you acquired from the Draconic Tree Sentinel. While this first section lacks enemies, a few bottomless pits lie in wait.

Photo by JT Hussey.

Following that small, peaceful section, we arrive at a dilapidated castle area displaying a full view of the Erdtree. After basking in its glory, continue through the rightward passage, light the grace, and continue into the city’s heart.

Erdtree View
View of the Erdtree. Photo by JT Hussey.

Now head leftwards, running past the white bulbous enemies bearing strange musical instruments. While this next section is quite dangerous, most enemies deal absurd amounts of damage; we can evade their attacks as long as we stay moving.

Evading Damage
Stay moving during this section. Photo by JT Hussey.

Instead of heading through the corridor up ahead, take a right at the path’s end and jump onto the rooftops below. Although we’ve escaped the reach of those strange trumpet enemies and that violent tenor sax, several stone gremlins awake to give us an aggressive welcome.

Jumping on Rooftops
Jump onto the yellow rooftops. Photo by JT Hussey.

Head right, taking care to run past these foes and stick to the rooftops. Continue until we reach the central street below and head right towards a small courtyard containing a shortcut on the right and the intended path on the left. After opening the shortcut, head back and take an elevator to an ash-covered commune.

A Shortcut
Take a shortcut. Photo by JT Hussey.

Following a brief jump down, stick to the sewer’s ramparts and take the ladder up to head into a small building containing a grace and lionel’s set. Despite its heavy equip load, this armor is excellent for players with the endurance to spare. 

Use Ladders
Go towarrds the ladder. Photo by JT Hussey.

Step Two: Sewers and Dragons

After resting at the last grace, head back towards the sewer and jump into the muck. Unfortunately, rats and giant hands have infested this once tranquil waste disposal system and are out for our blood.

Rest Spot
Rest spot in game. Photo by JT Hussey.

Run past these critters until the tunnel dead-ends with a crippled gargoyle to our right. Put the gargoyle out of their misery and fall into an enclosed room. Now climb up the nearby ladder into a new area and out of the sewage. 

Crippled Gargoyle
Continue past the gargoyle. Photo by JT Hussey.

We ascend to find ourselves toe-to-toe with the corpse of a giant dragon. To progress, we’ll have to run up this massive creature’s wing and jump into a ruined castle wall. take care to stay up

Dragon Corpse
Climb the dragon’s wing. Photo by JT Hussey.

After entering the room, head up the ladder, and run past a golden knight to reach a grace at our left. This grace is the final rest spot before we fight Godfrey, so ensure you properly allocate your flasks or spend any remaining runes before progressing. 

Final Grace
Reach the grace. Photo by JT Hussey.

Following that last grace, head forwards until a massive Erdtree branch comes into sight. Run up this branch, taking care to avoid enemies that could push you off. After passing several plant-infested foes, we’ll reach a stone building that spawns Godfrey’s ghost to protect the erdtree.

Stone Building
Stone building will spawn Godfrey’s ghost. Photo by JT Hussey.

Fight: Godfrey the First Elden Lord

Rather than facing Godfrey himself, the erdtree spawns its remembrance of Godfrey to protect itself from you. The boss’s ghost-like qualities render it immune to special effects like bleed, poison, scarlet rot, or frostbite. Luckily, there are several tactics we can employ to trivialize the fight.

Godfrey's Ghost
Facing Godfrey’s ghost. Photo by JT Hussey.
  • Stay Close – Godfrey employs several moves to obliterate you from afar. His stomp attack generates a midrange shockwave; anytime you are too far away, Godfrey can leap in the air and throw his ax at your location. Staying close lets you dodge his brutal stomp moves and avoids him ever throwing his ax.
  • Mimic Summon – Easily the best summon in the game, the mimic tear conjures an identical version of you with extended health to aid in any boss encounter. Mimic tears succeed in aggro-ing Godfrey away from you, enabling us to land some much-needed hits to his backside. We can acquire a mimic summon from a chest in the city of Nokron after beating Starscourge Radahn.
  • Melee over Ranged – Unless you can summon multiple players or summon several sturdy spirit ash to assist, ranged are going to struggle defeating Godfrey. I recommend equipping some melee spells like the Carian Greatsword or Carian Slicer to combat Godfrey or talking with Rennala to respec. Choosing to respec requires beating Rennala’s boss version and the possession of at least one larval tear.
  • My Ideal Weapon: Godslayer’s Greatsword – Easily one of the most potent weapons of Elden Ring, the Godslayer’s Greatsword is an excellent choice for fighting Godfrey. The weapon’s black flames, high DPS weapon art, and our mimic’s mimicry of the weapon art turns boss encounters into trivial affairs. Bewarned that obtaining this weapon requires fighting a godskin apostle and a strength/dexterity/faith build.

After besting the apparition, the game rewards us with several runes and a talisman pouch. Unfortunately, our subsequent encounter with Godfrey lies four to eight hours ahead of us. So head up the nearby tree branch and kill Morgott; it’s going to be a while.

Great Enemy Felled
The death of Morgott. Photo by JT Hussey.

Step Three: Return of the King

After besting Morgot, setting the Erdtree aflame, and stealing the rune of destined death from Maliketh, we return to an ash-covered Leyndell to challenge Godfrey and claim the Elden Throne. Starting from a grace amidst the ash-covered city, start heading back to the original hall where we fought Godfrey. 

Entetering Leyndell, Ashen capital. Photo by JT Hussey.

Luckily, Leyndell is almost entirely devoid of enemies, and the ash provides a shortcut to the antechamber where we fought Godfrey. However, instead of Godfrey, Sir Gideon appears to praise our unshakable determination and promptly fight us to the death.

Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing
Facing Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing. Photo by JT Hussey.

Fight: Sir Gideon Ofnir

Despite his grand introduction in the game’s opening cinematic, Gideon is a relatively easy boss. Gideon’s low health, pathetic poise, and susceptibility to all status effects make him a laughingstock compared to the hell we’ve endured to get here. Be warned, though, Gideon’s vast arsenal of miracles can make him a challenging foe for ranged players. I recommend staying close and staggering him into submission to end the fight quickly.

Sir Gideon
Fighting Sir Gideon. Photo by JT Hussey.

After besting Gideon and taking the same pathway to the Elden throne as before, we find Godfrey cradling his dead son Morgott. With a somber declaration, Godfrey puts his son at peace and commends our bravery and persistence to make it this far. 

Godfrey Returns
Godfrey returns. Photo by JT Hussey.

Then, bearing a monolithic battleax and a fierce glare, Godfrey state’s that he, the first Elden Lord, has returned to reclaim his Throne. Raising his axe and letting his spirit lion roar, Godfrey charges against us in battle.

Godfrey Fight

Stage One: Regal Hulk Hogan

In this first section, Godfrey employs the same moves we used against him in the previous shade fight. While we should use the same strategies as the last fight, Godfrey’s brought a few new tricks to keep us on our toes.

Godfrey is ready for a fight. Photo by JT Hussey.
  • Avoid the Glowing Line: Occasionally, in the fight, Godfrey will leap into the air and slam his axe into the ground, creating a glowing line stretching the breadth of the area. If you’re standing on the line, quickly get out of the way or prepare to die. There is no counter for this move.
  • Beware the Stomp: After bringing Godfrey down to three quarter’s of his health, he will raise his leg for two prolonged stomps. This stomp’s shockwave reaches every corner of the area, so try your best to dodgeroll when the shockwave occurs. Alternatively, if we bring him down to half health, Godfrey will stop stomping as he transitions into his next phase.
  • Stick even Closer – The closer you are to Godfrey, the easier it is to avoid some of his more punishing ranged attacks that target the entire battlefield. If you’re worried about Godfrey hitting you, prioritize sticking to his backside to avoid his axe swings.

Stage Two: More Beast Than Man

After bringing Godfrey down to half his health, the monarch slays his lion spirit Serosh and transforms into his primal form of Hoarah Loux, chieftain of the badlands. Now, covered in blood, Godfrey abandons his axe to beat us down with his bare hands.

Godfrey Transform
Image from Wiki Fandom
  • Back Away: Hoarah Loux is a dangerous foe in close-quarters combat. His attacks rely on beating us into submission and making us panic. However, if we seize the opportunity to lay on some hits after his attacks, we can safely attack him without risking his wrath.
  • Avoid his Charges: When Hoarah Loux charges us with his hands outstretched, run! If the chieftain manages to reach us, he’ll lift us into the air and slam us into the ground for a punishing blow. Hoarah Loux is immune to damage during this phase so heal up or apply a weapon buff if you’re not the unfortunate soul getting pummeled.
  • Bring a Friend: Having a friend or a sturdy spirit ash with you is a good way to distract Godfrey and avoid his instant-kill moves. I recommend summoning a friend specializing in bleed damage or a mimic tear summon if other players are unavailable.


After slaying Hoarah Loux, Godfrey returns to congratulate us on our victory and assure us that we will make a fine Elden Lord. As he vanishes into mist, the fog door guarding access to the Erdtree opens, and we can finally claim our Throne. While our time with the first Elden Lord has reached its end, we’ll never forget the Monarch who tested our mettle and prepared us for the trial ahead.

Godfrey Falls
Godfrey has fallen. Photo by JT Hussey.

Godfrey Quest Rewards

  • Weapons: 
    • Axe of Godfrey 
  • Armor:
    • Elden Lord Armor
  • Ash of War:
    • Ash of War: Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker
  • Remembrance 
    • Remembrance of Hoarah Loux
  • Misc
    • Talisman Pouch

Gideon’s Quest: Throughout Elden Ring, Gideon tasks us with locating the remaining demigods and supplying him with their whereabouts. After discovering the final missing demigod and finishing his quest, we can fight Gideon in the prelude to Godfrey’s fight to conclude his story.

Main Quests: Each ending of Elden Ring, be it the Age of Fracture, Duskborn, Order, Despair, Frienzied Flame, or Stars require you to defeat Godfrey to enter the Erdtree. While each ending is drastically different from the last, they all need you to defeat Godfrey to progress their quests.

Key Relationships

Queen Marika the Eternal (consort)

Queen Marika
Image from Wiki Fandom

The supreme monarch of the Lands Between, Queen Marika is a mysterious figure who bestows the title of Elden Lord on her consorts. Whether their relationship was born of necessity or love, Marika relied on Godfrey’s strength and might to forge her empire on the battlefields and beyond. However, once Godfrey’s determination faded, Marika exiled the estranged monarch to wander the lands beyond. We fight Marika, specifically her other half Radagon, as the game’s final boss.

Godwyn the Golden (Son)

Godwyn the Golden
Image from Wiki Fandom

The firstborn son of Godfrey and Queen Marika, Godwyn’s death spelled the beginning of the end. His assassination on the night of black knives wracked Queen Marika with grief, compelling her to shatter the Elden Ring. Although his death likely pained Godfrey, it also prompted the first Elden Lord to return for his Throne. We see Godwyn’s unnatural corpse scattered throughout Elden Ring, such as beneath Stormveil castle and Leyndell.

Morgott (Son)

Image from Wiki Fandom

A cursed twin born from Godfrey was Marika, Morgott is an ill-natured foe that constantly reappears to halt our progress. We face Morgot several times, once at the entrance to Stormveil Castle as Margit, another time in Leyndell’s outskirts, and finally at the Elden Throne. After killing Morgott, Godfrey cradles his son and sets him to rest.

Mohg (Son)

Image from Wiki Fandom

The other cursed twin of Godfrey was Marika; Mogh, the Lord of Blood, is an eccentric foe that reigns with his stepbrother Miquella in Mohgwyn Palace. Although Godfrey makes no mention of his monstrous son, we can assume he harbors some feelings for his son, given his suppressed rage at Morgot’s passing. We can challenge Mohg at the height of Mohgwyn Palace. 

Memorable Quotes

  • When Encountering: “Long and hard didst thou fight.”
  • Bemoaning his Marriage: “Alas I am returned. To be granted audience once more!”
  • Getting Angry: “I’ve given thee courtesy enough.”
  • BEASTMODE ACTIVATE:  “Rrraaargh! Now I fight as Hoarah Loux! Warrior!”
  • When Killed: “Brave Tarnished…Thy strength befits a crown


Well done, brave tarnished. You’ve beaten the first Elden Lord and cemented your claim to the Throne. Although Godfrey lies dead at our hands, I’m sure he appreciated dying to a worthy foe. So let’s keep Godfrey’s spirit alive and roleplay as a regal barbarian! Marika doesn’t stand a chance against this noble savage!

You can now claim the throne. Photo by JT Hussey.


Question: Who is Godfrey?

Answer: Godfrey, originally Hoarah Loux Chieftan of the Badlands, is the first Elden Lord. After losing the will to fight, Godfrey was exiled and became tarnished like us.

Question: Why do I fight Godfrey Twice?

Answer: The first Godfrey we fight is the Erdtree’s remembrance of him, summoned to protect the Erdtree from us. The second Godfrey we encounter is the real ex-monarch, who has returned to claim his Throne.

Question: Why does Godfrey kill his Lion?

Answer: Godfrey’s spirit lion Serosh serves as an inhibitor of his bloodlust. Killing Serosh enables Godfrey to fight at his full power at the cost of his civility. Queen Marika likely installed this spirit lion to keep Godfrey in check.

Question: Who are Godfrey’s kids?

Answer: Godfrey’s kids are Godwyn the Golden, Morgott the Omen King, and Mohg the Lord of Blood. Marika’s other children, like Malenia, Miquella, and Radahn, are either partially related or considered stepbrothers and stepsisters. 

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