Sean OBrien

Sean has been playing video games ever since he was a little kid, with devices like the Nintendo DS, Wii, and Gameboy Advance jump-starting his love for video games as a whole. Today, his favorite games include all of the Soulsborne titles, the Last of Us franchise, Cuphead, Hollow Knight, and many more. His favorite genre is a toss-up between Action RPGs and story-driven games, but he is open to playing any game that catches his eye. The game that truly made Sean fall in love with video games was Bloodborne, as he had never experienced a feeling quite like the one Yharnam had on him. Sean is relatively new to writing, but hopes that everyone can gain something from whatever he puts out for the reader.

Elden Ring Malenia Guide

Oh boy.  Throughout the Soulsborne games, the difficulty has been a staple in each installment. That brutal punishment became somewhat of a drug to players, as the feeling one gets after overcoming an insane boss is unmatched in most games. This punishing, brutal combat is pushed to the next level with some of the endgame …

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Doll Bloodborne Guide

“Welcome home, good hunter. What is it you desire?” Doll Overview Throughout your journey in Bloodborne, you will seldom come across friendly characters. While there are a few, Yharnam and beyond are filled with beasts and abominations eagerly waiting for their chance to destroy you. One of the most notable friendly NPCs you will encounter …

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Sekiro Mask Fragment Guide

An essential part of what makes Fromsoftware games special is their replayability. While we will never forget our first playthrough of each title, the new game cycles can give the player a greater understanding of the lore, boss and level design, and much more. One of the most significant aspects of replayability is allowing players …

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Sekrio Dragonrot Guide

Death is something that players have gotten accustomed to in Fromsoftware games, and many of us welcome the idea of learning from these deaths. Across the many different titles that they have released, dying repeatedly is something to be expected. These deaths are frustrating and demoralizing, and it can be hard to find the silver …

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