Sekiro Snap Seed Guide

Intro Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice is no stranger to challenge. In your journey to protect The Divine Heir of Ashina, you will face tasks that test your skills to the highest degrees measurable. Throughout your experience as the lone shinobi Wolf, you’ll face foes of this realm and a higher power. Players will cross swords …

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Tartarus Outer Worlds Guide: Prison Amongst the Stars

Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds is a first-person RPG that allows players to explore a colonial solar system controlled by massive corporations. One of the biggest appeals of the game is its whip-smart writing, amusing dialogue, and environments that all show a world where unfettered capitalism went too far. One of my favorite locations in that …

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Sekiro Mask Fragment Guide

An essential part of what makes Fromsoftware games special is their replayability. While we will never forget our first playthrough of each title, the new game cycles can give the player a greater understanding of the lore, boss and level design, and much more. One of the most significant aspects of replayability is allowing players …

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Lautrec Dark Souls Guide

Dark Souls‘ Lautrec is the poster boy for suspicious-looking characters. Boasting a golden set of armor, a maniacal laugh, and a penchant for ruining your Dark Souls run, this evil knight is best killed on sight. In this Dark Souls Lautrec guide, I’ll be going over the universally loathed golden knight and how to complete …

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Sekiro DLC Guide

Intro Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a game that kept on giving. Before FromSoftware shifted production to Elden Ring, they gave us a few nifty DLCs to add more life to Sekiro and further encourage replayability. While, unfortunately, they did not give us additional story DLC or a new campaign like they have with entries …

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