Alfred Bloodborne Guide

Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods, is a member of the Executioners, a covenant with heavy connections to the Healing Church, and is a summonable NPC in Bloodborne. In this guide, we’ll be talking about Alfred’s lore, his locations, summon locations, questlines, and everything you need to know about him! Lore A Mentor And His Idea of …

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Dark Souls Gwynevere Guide

Gwynevere is the loveliest lady in Dark Souls. Occupying gigantic size and projecting blinding motherly warmth, this Freudian caricature is the comfort character of our desolate Dark Souls journey. In this Dark Souls Gwynevere guide, I’ll be detailing how to find, serve, and worship the lady of sunlight. As a bonus, I’ll go over how …

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Priscilla Dark Souls Guide

Pricilla is a strange boss. Boasting a lizard tail with a fluffy coat, this humanoid snow queen is one of the more dangerous yet peaceful bosses throughout Dark Souls. In this Priscilla Dark Souls Guide, I’ll be going over the complicated process of finding and defeating Pricilla. As a bonus, I’ll detail my theory regarding …

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Sekrio Dragonrot Guide

Death is something that players have gotten accustomed to in Fromsoftware games, and many of us welcome the idea of learning from these deaths. Across the many different titles that they have released, dying repeatedly is something to be expected. These deaths are frustrating and demoralizing, and it can be hard to find the silver …

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Dark Souls 3 Hollowing Guide

FromSoftware’s Dark Souls III stands as the finale to the original Dark Souls Trilogy, attempting to wrap up the story in totality. The player character, this time titled the Ashen One, was given life to return the Lords of Cinder to their thrones and link the First Flame. The medieval aesthetic, sword-and-sorcery fantasy elements, and immersive worldbuilding …

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