Starfield A Parting Gift Walkthrough

Chivalry isn’t dead in Starfield, and you have a chance to prove it when you encounter Zawadi in New Atlantis. The quest is a simple delivery mission, but the writing for this particular mission is packed full of heart. It’s also easy to miss if you’re not in the habit of speaking with random NPCs.

Whether you’re just in it for the credits (which are easy to make) or want to genuinely help an old lady, the Parting Gift is a mission to pay attention to. Let’s take a look at how to complete it and ensure you don’t miss its secret ending.

Quest Details Up Front

  • Quest Location: New Atlantis – Cydonia
  • Quest Length: 15 Minutes
  • Quest Difficulty: Easy
  • Rewards: 100 XP, 2,000 Credits, being a good person

A Parting Gift Synopsis – Help An Old Lady in Need

zawadi Starfield
Meeting Zawadi. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Starfield continues Bethesda’s focus on optimism and hope in the face of conflict and hardship. The Parting Gift is a perfect example of the studio’s theme. While wandering New Atlantis, you may encounter an older woman named Zawadi. Having a conversation with her can provide some insights into the aging process and the choice of embracing one’s inevitable death with a feeling of completion rather than dread.

The quest sends you to Cydonia to deliver a letter to Zawadi’s friend. It’s a pretty straightforward quest, so it takes little time to finish, provided you don’t get distracted along the way. Since Cydonia is in the Sol system, it’s also rare to find yourself drawn into space battles.

Because both the Sol and Alpha Centauri systems are safe, you can quickly travel between the two systems with little difficulty. The mission doesn’t require fighting anyone, so it’s a very easy quest.

While the quest technically finishes after you deliver the letter to Haddie, there is a secret ending. You’ll need to head back to New Atlantis, and Zawadi, to find it.

Brief Walkthrough – Literally a Quick Trip

where is the mining colony of cydonia Starfield
Heading to Cydonia. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Step 1: Find Zawadi in New Atlantis (Residential District) and speak to her.
  • Step 2: Travel to Cydonia
  • Step 3: Find Haddie and give her the letter.

A Parting Gift Full Walkthrough – Taking Care of a Dying Woman’s Last Wish

haddie Starfield
Meeting Haddie. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The Parting Gift is an easy mission that can earn you some credits. It’s one of those missions where the story is the most important reward. This is one mission you’ll enjoy for players who like to roleplay or immerse themselves.

As a dying woman, Zawadi has a final request for someone to deliver her letter to her pen pal, Haddie, in Cydonia. A cynic might walk away from the quest, but if you have a heart of gold, helping her out can make you feel good. Let’s see how to take care of her last wish.

Have a Good Talk with Zawadi in New Atlantis

meeting zanadi wade Starfield
Meeting Zawadi in New Atlantis. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

To begin the Parting Gift quest, you must find her strolling along in New Atlantis. She tends to hang out in the Residential District near the park. You might hear her mumbling about the weather or the scenery around her.

Have a talk with her, and she’ll reveal some wisdom about what it means to grow old. She has some interesting insights, and unless your heart is made of coal, it’s difficult not to like her from the start.

You’ll eventually learn through the conversation that she has a pen pal in Cydonia. While she doesn’t mention anything about dying, she does press the importance of delivering the letter to her friend. She’ll even give you 1,000 credits upfront to secure your help.

Accept the quest and credits, then make your way to the Starport.

Travel to Cydonia and Find the Community Center

community center haddies Starfield
The bustling community center. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

It’s time to board your ship and head to the Sol system. A few other quests take you to Cydonia, so this is a great time to take care of your other business, too. If you’re focusing on The Parting Gift, you’ll find that this quest only takes around 10 minutes to finish.

The Sol system is also close to the Alpha Centauri system, so you’ll have enough fuel to reach it without stopping halfway through. After entering the Sol system, land on Mars, and travel to the mining city of Cydonia. If this is your first time coming here, Cydonia is the only major city on Mars.

Enter the city and head down the hall to the end. You’ll know you’re in the right area once you reach a balcony overlooking the miners below. There’s an orange door on the left side of the hall just before you step out onto the balcony. It should say ‘Stairs’ above the door.

These stairs will take you to the Residential district, where you’ll be able to find Haddie.

Find Haddie and Deliver the Letter

speaking to haddie Starfield
Talking with Haddie. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

After entering the Residential district, you’ll need to find Haddie. She spends most of her time in the community center, which is usually bustling with activity. Sometimes, you’ll discover Haddie lifting weights at the bench press. Other times, she may be conversing with one of the leaders of the community center. She might also just be walking around.

You can spot her by her blond hair and orange sweater. She also sometimes mentions having a pen pal or friend in New Atlantis.

Approach her and speak with her about the letter from Zawadi. She’ll make a joke, then read the letter to discover that Zawadi is dying. Haddie plans on traveling to New Atlantis to be with Zawadi, but you don’t have the option of helping her get there.

Technically, the quest ends here, and you receive your rewards. But it’s worth returning to New Atlantis if you want to see the real ending to this mission.

Catch Up with the Women in New Atlantis

parting gift quest Starfield
Two friends reuniting. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Head back to New Atlantis when you can and find them in the area where you first met Zawadi. You’ll discover that Haddie has chosen to leave Cydonia to care for Zawadi in her final years. Haddie is also surprised since she thinks Zawadi looks good for her age.

If you speak to Zawadi, however, then you learn that her doctors diagnosed her with a disease that’s going to kill her relatively soon. She appreciates that you took the time to deliver the letter. She also talks about how she feels content in life, which makes her less frightened about dying.

Since the mission doesn’t bring you here, it’s easy to miss this conclusion to Zawadi’s story. But if you’re concerned for her, head to New Atlantis and check in with her to see how she and Haddie are doing.

A Parting Gift Rewards – Easy Money for Easy Work

rewards from haddie gustavsson Starfield
Receiving rewards from Haddie. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • 100 XP
  • 1,000 Credits
  • Bonus Rewards: 1,000 Credits

Zawadi rewards you immediately by giving you 1,000 credits upfront to deliver her letter. When you finish the mission, Haddie also gives you another 1,000 credits for taking the time to help Zawadi. The mission also gives you 100 XP, so it’s an easy way to earn credits and experience without doing much.

While visiting the two friends on New Atlantis doesn’t give you an additional reward, I like to think it still provides an emotional reward. You helped an older woman reunite with her friend before she passes away. That should make you feel good! And that’s a reward all its own.

The Parting Gift Is Really About You

It’s easy to overlook or skip through A Parting Gift, but this would be a travesty. The mission isn’t really about the letter. You, the player, can take Zawadi’s words of wisdom to heart. Everyone will face death in some capacity. If we’re lucky, it will be a long time coming, but it will come all the same.

Zawadi’s approach to aging and death is a gift she imparts to us all. It offers a different perspective on what might be a frightening prospect to many. Pick up A Parting Gift and enjoy an intimate mission that adds just a bit more humanity to the world of Starfield.


Question: Do you have to deliver Zawadi’s letter in Starfield?

Answer: Yes, if you want to complete A Parting Gift, you must deliver the handwritten letter to Haddie in Cydonia. That said, this mission does not have a time limit, so you can do other things before delivering the letter.

Question: Where is Zawadi in Starfield?

Answer: You’ll find Zawadi in the Residential district of New Atlantis. She is often sitting on a bench in the park near some balls.

Question: Does Zawadi die in Starfield?

Answer: Although Zawadi says she’s dying, you don’t see her die in Starfield.

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