Starfield Best Quests to Do First – Don’t Get Overwhelmed by the Cosmos

The idea of stepping into a world with hundreds of planets to explore and large cities with people needing help can feel overwhelming. That’s the sort of experience that Starfield offers. When you first step off the Frontier and land in New Atlantis, you’re immediately bombarded with this mission and that mission.

You have all the time in the world to go through your to-do list and complete them all, but sometimes, a bit of organization and prioritizing can set you up for success. It can earn you tons of credits early in the game or even score you a new ship.

So, what quests are worth doing early in Starfield?

Let’s take a look so you don’t miss out.

starfield quest

Selection Criteria

Tons of quests come at you early in Starfield. To make sense of them all and have some standards, here are the criteria to determine the best quests to do first.

  • Quests occur within Act I.
  • No more than one main quest.
  • Quests must provide a significant reward that other early quests do not.

10 Best Starfield Quests To Do First

1. Keeping the Peace

keeping the peace keycard Starfield Best Quests
A keycard for me to steal. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Misc
  • Faction: United Colonists
  • Quest Giver: Sergeant Yumi
  • Quest Location: Spaceport District/New Atlantis

New Atlantis is the first major city you visit in Starfield. As the hub of civilization in the United Colonies, a lot is happening here. With so many conversations around you and new buildings to explore, it’s easy to miss this mission. In fact, you have to either wander in yourself or have some sharp eyes even to notice this quest.

Keeping the Peace is the first part of a series of UCSEC quests. After passing a straightforward interview, Sergeant Yumi will accept you into the ranks and give you your first task. Now, at this point, you’re more than welcome to help out the UCSEC, but there’s one vital reason why this quest is worth your time.

You can go into the back of the UCSEC station without them becoming angry at you.  And why should you do this? Well, there’s a handy keycard waiting for you in the locker room that you can steal. It’s a security keycard that you can use to access some areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Take the job, get the keycard, and set yourself up for easy break-ins in the future.

2. Distilling Confidence

distilled confidence nyssa Starfield Best Quests
Nyssa asking for aid. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Misc
  • Faction: None
  • Quest Giver: Nyssa Marcano
  • Quest Location: The Viewport/New Atlantis

Another stop you should make after landing in New Atlantis for the first time is The Viewport. The bar’s owner could become a powerful ally if you help her with a problem.

Nyssa Marcano owns the establishment and needs help breaking out some ingredients she ordered from UCSEC storage. Helping her begins the Distilling Confidence quest. It’s a straightforward fetch quest, but its reward makes this mission worth doing first.

She gives you free drinks, and since drinks can give you unique buffs like boosted oxygen or increased persuasion skills, it’s an excellent way to stock up on consumables that can buff you later in the game. A bit of liquid courage could be just what you need to complete more challenging missions down the line.

Visit Nyssa at The Viewport and give her a hand to set yourself up with free alcohol.

3. Deliver a Terrrabrew Cappucino to Donna Rain

coffee donna rain Starfield Best Quests
An ever-exhausted Donna Rain. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Activity
  • Faction: None
  • Quest Giver: Donna Rain
  • Quest Location: MAST District/New Atlantis

While some missions are easy to miss based on their location, others are easy to miss because they require you to speak with an NPC of your own volition. But ignoring a conversation with Donna Rain could make you miss out on some easy rewards early in Starfield.

You’ll find Donna cleaning the floor just outside the NAT terminal in the MAST district of New Atlantis. Speaking with her will give you a repeatable Activity mission to bring her some coffee. After buying her coffee from TerraBrew, Donna will give you credits, XP, and a free item. So, why is this quest worth doing early?

It’s a simple way to farm credits, and experience points daily. The fact that she also gives you a free item means you can also stock up on some goodies. Visiting her from day one means you can amass a large number of credits, XP, and items in a short amount of time.

Stop by Donna and quickly accumulate credits, experience, and items with little effort.

4. The Old Neighborhood

one small step artifacts Starfield Best Quests
Watching the artifacts get groovy. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Main
  • Faction: Constellation
  • Quest Giver: Sarah Morgan
  • Quest Location: The Lodge/New Atlantis

If I have to include one main mission on this list, it must be The Old Neighborhood. This is the second main mission you receive in Starfield, and it’s basically the jumping-off point for the rest of the game.

Sarah Morgan tasks you with finding a new artifact, which opens up the rest of the galaxy. While you can explore the broader galaxy without doing this main quest first, it’s better to get it over with. You can take care of some other side quests while completing this one.

It’s also worth doing right away because it gives you a free place to stay. You have your own bedroom, a bar to enjoy, and new friends to make. Those friends can offer even more side quests down the line.

Follow the main story up to this point to really get things started in Starfield.

5. Supra et Ultra

supra et ultra exhbition room Starfield Best Quests
Learning about lore! Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Faction
  • Faction: United Colonies
  • Quest Giver: John Tuala
  • Quest Location: MAST District/New Atlantis

There are several factions in Starfield, and you’ll have a chance to work with all of them if you want. One faction you can join almost immediately is the Vanguard branch of the United Colonies’ military.

While joining up with the Vanguard can lead you down several quests, the first quest, Supra et Ultra, is worth doing for one specific reason. It introduces the lore of the world to you. So, if you’re feeling confused about the different factions and history of the galaxy, this mission is worth doing first.

You’ll find the mission inside the MAST building on New Atlantis. After applying for a Vanguard position, you can enter a museum that explains the history of the game’s world. If you’re keen on roleplaying or playing immersively, visiting the exhibits is definitely worth your time. They introduce the lore in an enjoyable and personal way.

Head over to MAST, join Vanguard, and take a little trip to the museum.

6. Visit Parents

visit parents quest Starfield
Space moms are the best. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Activity
  • Faction: None
  • Quest Giver: Player’s Parents
  • Quest Location: Pioneer Tower/New Atlantis

Now, you’ll need a specific trait to do this quest. It’s called the Kid Stuff trait, and it gives you parents whom you can visit in their swanky, new, apartment whenever you want. They’ll update you on their lives and smother you with love each time you visit.

Early in the game and on one of your visits, your father will tell you he won at gambling. With those earnings, he bought you a brand new ship.

And this is why it’s important to visit your parents in Starfield as early as possible. You get a free ship from them. The ship you receive from your father is better than the Frontier. In fact, it’s better than many starter ships you can buy due to its improved firepower and hull health.

Take a trip to speak with your folks first thing in Starfield and enjoy the new ship they give you.

7. Due in Full

due in full Starfield Best Quests
GalBank in New Atlantis. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Misc
  • Faction: None
  • Quest Giver: Landry Hollifeld
  • Quest Location: Commercial District/New Atlantis

Who wants to visit a bank in a video game? Well, not visiting GalBank in New Atlantis could cause you to miss scoring a good amount of credits early in Starfield. While you can’t interact too much with the bank, one NPC could use your help.

Landry Hollifeld needs some help collecting debts. If you choose to help him, he’ll send you to different parts of the galaxy to lean on debtors and make them pay back their loans. You’re hired muscle, basically. But the good news is that Landry is willing to pay—a lot.

Early in Starfield, you’re short on credits and need them to buy better weapons, spacesuits, and ships. Doing business for Landry allows you to score a good chunk of credits for relatively easy and quick work.

If you’re looking for a mission early in the game that can fatten your wallet, then speak with Landry at GalBank to pick up the Due in Full mission.

8. Overdesigned

overdesigned Starfield Best Quests
Designing a ship. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Misc
  • Faction: Constellation
  • Quest Giver: Walter Stroud
  • Quest Location: The Lodge/New Atlantis

If you don’t have the Kids Stuff trait, that’s okay; there’s still a way to get an incredible, free, ship. This ship is one of the best mid-tier ships in Starfield, too. You can also pick up the mission relatively early in the game.

After completing the first six main missions, Walter Stroud will mention wanting your help designing a new ship for his company. You travel to Neon, where his team is struggling with two different design concepts.

You can push the team to design either the Kepler S or Kepler R starship. The Kepler R is one of the best free ships you can own early in Starfield. But you’ll need to convince one of the members to expand the budget to make it or fund the project yourself.

However you handle the situation, Walter will give you the ship at the end of the mission. It provides far better firepower than the Frontier and has more hull health.

Push through the main missions to get to this one early and score an incredible, free, ship from Walter.

9. The Bounty That Got Away

the bounty that got away Starfield Best Quests
The bounty hunter looking to offer work. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Misc
  • Faction: None
  • Quest Giver: Tracker Alliance Agent
  • Quest Location: Cydonia

No space game is complete without bounties and bounty hunters. If you want to give this lifestyle to your character in Starfield, you’ll want to head to Cydonia as soon as possible.

While visiting Cydonia, you’ll notice a woman standing on the left side of the hall when you first enter the underground city. She’s a representative of the Tracker Alliance, and she can introduce you to bounty hunting.

So, why is this worth doing early in the game?

For one, it introduces you to the Tracker Alliance, an important faction if you want your character to be a bounty hunter. You can also have the agent remove the bounty on your head if you selected the Wanted trait during character creation and discovered that you don’t care for it.

Secondly, she gives the The Bounty That Got Away mission. The quest requires you to use your boost pack to reach certain levels within a tower to plant a signal booster. It’s an excellent tutorial to learn how to use the pack effectively.

If you want to be a bounty hunter or learn how to use the boost pack, then head to Cydonia first and pick up this quest.

10. Run the Red Mile

run red mile Starfield Best Quests
The dreaded Red Mile bar. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Mission Type: Misc
  • Faction: Freestar Collective
  • Quest Giver: Mei Devine
  • Quest Location: The Red Mile/Porrima III

The last mission you should consider doing first in Starfield requires you to travel to a lonely planet called Porrima III. You can go there at any point after landing in New Atlantis at the start of the game. And you should if you plan on being a smuggler in the game.

Porrima III is home to The Red Mile, a club that runs a Hunger Games-like competition. Competitors must run the red mile, being shot at and attacked left and right, to turn on a beacon and then make it back. Now, that might sound very difficult for beginners, but it’s possible to pull it off at the start of the game. You need to run and run fast.

But why be this risky early in the game?

The rewards you receive can set you up for the rest of the game. You acquire the Brute Force shotgun, which can carry you up to the game’s later stages. You also have access to certain ship upgrades that can make smuggling much easier.

If you want to make combat easier or work as a smuggler, visit the Red Mile and take on the challenge to set yourself up for success early.

Questions and Answers

Question: How do you find quests in Starfield?

Answer: You can pick up quests by speaking with faction leaders, talking to NPCs scattered throughout the cities, and by exploring planets in Starfield.

Question: What is the easiest side quest in Starfield?

Answer: Of those listed, giving Donna coffee is the easiest side quest in Starfield. You just need to bring her coffee.

Question: Are there missable quests in Starfield?

Answer: Yes, there are easy-to-miss quests in Starfield. Pay attention to what people are saying, start a conversation with some NPCs, and listen to the news to ensure you get all the missions.

Explore the Stars Stronger than Ever

starfield exploring the stars

You may arrive on New Atlantis poor and without excellent gear, but completing some missions first can make you much richer. You may even depart on a brand-new ship. Keep your eyes peeled for these missions, and you’ll end up in a strong place right at the start of the game.

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