Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Nioh 2 Will Cross Over in DLC Addition

Koei Tecmo has shared a new teaser promoting a coming crossover between its Souls-like action RPG Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and Nioh 2, which is also a Souls-like action RPG from Koei Tecmo. Though it didn’t specify when the crossover will take place, Koei Tecmo emphasized that it is “coming soon.”

Koei Tecmo shared a teaser trailer for the Wo Long x Nioh 2 crossover via its official social media accounts:

The teaser trailer is something of a “deep cut” for fans of Nioh 2. The extremely brief, seven-second teaser shows a Wo Long character dying, as one tends to do in Wo Long‘s death-heavy gameplay.

However, unlike a “standard” death in Wo Long, this player dies in a distinctive monochrome burst, the telltale death animation used in 2020’s Nioh 2. Thus, for players familiar with both games, the implication is clear that Nioh 2‘s energy is making its way into Wo Long‘s world.

If other crossover events for Wo Long are anything to go by, players can expect cosmetic additions and weapons themed after popular Nioh 2 characters or concepts.

New enemies and challenges patterned after Nioh 2‘s bestiary may also be in the offing. Previous collaborations include martial arts battle royal title Naraka: Bladepoint and the steampunk Souls-like action RPG Lies of P.

Nioh 2
Nioh 2 screenshot courtesy Koei Tecmo.

What’s the Difference between Wo Long and Nioh 2?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Nioh 2 share common ancestry: Both games were developed by Ninja Gaiden studio Team Ninja.

Both games also share an emphasis on Souls-like structure, using repeated deaths and looping to challenge players to master both combat and geography. However, Wo Long and Nioh 2 are separated by a small sea in terms of both themes and details.

Wo Long is a dark interpretation of ancient China during the Three Kingdoms period (circa 184 AD). There the Han Dynasty is menaced by deadly, supernatural armies and left on the verge of collapse. Players take control of a nameless militia soldier, and in the course of their fight for survival, find great power and triumph over titanic foes.

Nioh 2, meanwhile, casts players into Sengoku-era Japan (around the late 16th century), to tackle powerful warlords and samurai, while utilizing and fighting against supernatural Yokai. Players can use a new Yokai shift ability to adopt alternative forms and awaken new abilities.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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