Sekrio Dragonrot Guide

Death is something that players have gotten accustomed to in Fromsoftware games, and many of us welcome the idea of learning from these deaths. Across the many different titles that they have released, dying repeatedly is something to be expected. These deaths are frustrating and demoralizing, and it can be hard to find the silver …

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Sekiro Headless Guide

Sekiro features a multitude of different mini-boss encounters scattered across Ashina and beyond, and they all serve as skill checkpoints for the player, looking to ensure that you are ready for the bosses that lie ahead. In my opinion, however, one mini-boss breaks this mold, serving as a nightmare for players of any skill level. …

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Sekiro Gourd Seed Locations

After The insanely successful universes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne FromSoftware provided an unorthodox take on the Souls genre while still retaining its essence. Set in Sengoku Japan, with a more linear experience than its predecessors, the beautifully crafted world of Sekiro is filled with mythical monsters, deep lore, and secrets waiting to be discovered. …

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Sekiro Demon Bell Guide

The Demon Bell in Sekrio offers players the chance to take advantage of a bittersweet mechanic that will reward those that have mastered Sekiro’s punishing, sword-clashing combat. Demon Bell Mechanic As mentioned above, ringing the Demon Bell is not recommended for beginners to Sekiros combat. By ringing the bell, all the enemies in the game …

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Sekiro Endings Explained

The award-winning Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a classic modern game from the iconic developers at FromSoftware and game directors Hidetaka Miyazaki and Kazuhiro Hamatani. FromSoftware game titles are known for their challenging difficulty and unique style, and Sekiro is no exception. One of the hallmarks of FromSoftware titles is having multiple endings, and Sekiro …

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Sekiro NG+ Explained

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is another quality, smash-hit game from the talented developers at FromSoftware and game directors Hidetaka Miyazaki and Kazuhiro Hamatani. If, perchance, you’ve already been able to beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice the first time around, it’s now time to look at the game’s New Game+ experience. I’m going to give you …

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