Kingdom Hearts 2 Data Bosses Guide

Kingdom Hearts II, at least in my humble opinion, is the strongest title in the series to date. Despite initially being released way back in the PS2 era, Kingdom Hearts II set a benchmark for the series, with high-octane gameplay, refined combat, striking visuals, new combat mechanics like Drive Forms and Action Commands, and best of all, the Gummi-ship missions actually provided fun arcade-like sections that didn’t bring the experience to a grinding halt.

It’s a seminal JRPG, and when the Final Mix edition of this game was released sometime after, it added quality of life improvements and added end-game content that catered to expert Keyblade-wielders and allowed them to squeeze a little more enjoyment out of this magical adventure. One such addition was the Cavern of Remembrance and the Organisation XIII Data Battles within. 

These data battles essentially served as the ultimate test of skill where this game was concerned and allowed players not only to battle against stronger versions of the Organisation members from the KH2 storyline, but also re-imagined versions of the Organisation battles that players may have missed in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

These battles aren’t geared toward the casual player, as those who want to witness this content will need to find the hidden area, solve some puzzles to get to new areas, upgrade their Drive Forms to access said areas, and will also need to deal with the abundance of very strong Nobodies hanging around too.

However, if you are someone that loves a challenge, or perhaps someone that played Kingdom Hearts 2 back in the day and didn’t know this added content existed, then this is your lucky day! In this guide, I intend to guide you through the Cavern of Remembrance, and then help you defeat all the incredibly tricky data battles hidden within. So without further delay, here is my Kingdom Hearts 2 Data Bosses Guide! 

What Are Data Battles in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Data Battles in Kingdom Hearts 2

The data battles in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix are a collection of in-game boss battles where the player can reload replica data and fight digital versions of fallen Organisation XIII members. The only member not present when all have been unlocked is Xion. These encounters are accessed in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Gardens in an area called the Garden of Assemblage, found at the end of the Cavern of Remembrance. These battles are much stronger versions of enemies that you have previously fought in the main story of KH2, or altered battles in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories which allow players to fight these Organisation Members without that pesky card system. 

How To Find The Cavern of Remembrance

Players who have played KH2 Final Mix may be familiar with the Cavern of Remembrance, as this area appears in Radiant Gardens after the events of the Heartless invasion. However, unless you know how to navigate this area, it may have just seemed like a pointless area. Well, if the player upgrades all of their Drive Forms (Wisdom, Valor, Limit, Master, and Final Form) to level three, then they will be able to use the special abilities to access new areas of the Cavern. The entrance to this area can be found in the Postern, near the area where you first encounter Sephiroth. 

Okay, so you’ve managed to find the place, that’s a start, but it’s only going to get tougher from here. You’ll have some platforming puzzles to solve here, and you’ll also have some high-level enemies to contend with too. However, you aren’t on your own! I’ll do my best to guide you through each section. Check it out below: 

Depths and Mineshaft Area

Depths and Mineshaft Area

This is the first area of the Cavern and one that players can access right away regardless of Drive Form levels, but to proceed onward, you will need to have access to the Aerial Dodge or High Jump skills. The first open area is pretty straightforward and will simply ask you to climb to the top of the room using a series of platforms, so climb these and deal with any enemies that pop up and you will find a door to the Mine shaft area. This is where Drive Forms become mandatory. 

You will eventually come across an area with a series of running pipes. There is a gap you will have to cross, but you can’t jump across or up; you’ll need to run on air. Seems illogical, but thanks to the Wisdom Form and the Quick Run ability, this is a piece of cake. So activate this Drive form and zoom across the gap. This will grant you access to an area where you will need to attack a series of valves to get them working and opens up the next area of the Cavern.

The Mining Area

The machines you just activated will get platforms moving in the next room, The Mining Area. To navigate this room, simply use these moving platforms along with the various ‘Ride the Wind’ pickups around the room to gain height. You’ll be able to pick up a couple of chest items along the way, and at the top of the area, you’ll find a door that takes you into a new area of the Mine-shaft. 

Mineshaft 2

This is an area that looks similar to the last Mineshaft, where you had to utilize your Wisdom Form. However, to navigate this part, you will need to use the Master Drive Form. Activate this Drive Form and then drop down below the pipes directly over the gap. Then immediately activate your glide/ride the wind ability to boost back up and clear the gap. Then head through the door to the next area.

Engine Chamber

Now we have the Engine Chamber, an area that can be quite irritating due to the number of enemies around, the running conveyor belt, and the constant steam you have to avoid. To navigate this room, try to clear enemies as you encounter them, use the glide ability to stay off the ground and the conveyor belt, and try to time your glides to avoid any environmental damage caused by the steam from pipes. If you don’t have the glide ability, you can also use the Final Drive Form, which offers this ability. 

Mineshaft 3

Then We have the last Drive Form puzzle, where the player will have to use their Final Form. To clear this gap, you will need to use your Glide ability and stick as close to the roof of the Cavern as you follow the path around, passing through gaps in the pipes as you go. This one is fairly simple, provided you don’t bounce off the roof at the start and glide too low. Then take the door to the penultimate area. 

Transport to Remembrance 

Then we have Transport to Remembrance, an area that has three very strong waves of Nobody enemies. Thankfully, there are no more puzzles to contend with, so if you want to zoom through here and ignore them, you can. However, this is a really good area to grind for levels, as you will want to be level ninety-nine before you take on the Data Organisation members. At the end of these halls that resemble those found in Castle Oblivion, you will find the Garden of Assemblage. 

Breaking Down The Data Battles

Data Battles
Kingdom Hearts Wiki – Fandom

You made it; good for you! Enjoy this small victory as the pain and hardship is only just beginning. In the Garden of Assemblage, what awaits you are thirteen of the hardest battles in the entire game. Each will test your combat skill to the very limit, and without adequate preparation, you’ll get your ass handed to you. Thankfully though, each boss has a strategy that works against them, and I’ll be your guide to taking down these elite Nobodies! Before we begin, here are some things I would recommend you do before even beginning your assault on the Data Replica XIII: 

  • Make sure Sora is already Level 99
  • Have a strong weapon. The Ultima Weapon is the ideal choice 
  • Upgrade all essential magic such as Cure and Reflect
  • Get good at blocking, as this will help a lot with particular fights
  • Stock up on Potions and Elixirs

Okay, enough preamble, it’s time to get stuck into the KH2 Data battles! 

#1 – Xemnas


How to Unlock: Complete Main Story

Battle Location: Memory’s Contortion

Reward: Power Boost

We kick things off with the big boss man himself, the Organisation XIII leader, Xemnas. This battle is a tougher version of the final battle in the main story. In truth, the vast majority of this fight isn’t any harder, but the opening stage of this fight, where you battle Xemnas in his human form, and the end phase, where you battle him alongside Riku in his black and white coat, is much tougher. The strategies remain largely the same as the end battle, but here is a quick list of tips to keep you alive during this lengthy fight: 

  • Use Reflega and Sliding Dash with Combo Master equipped to stun Xemnas in the opening battle scene, allowing you to get some nice combos going
  • Favor Ethers/Elixirs over the cute feature in this fight, as Riku heals Sora often provided, he has MP to do so
  • Always use the Reaction Commands as they are OP in this battle
  • Use the Session Limit as an invincibility buffer when Xemnas does strong attacks

#2 – Xigbar


How to Unlock: Complete Main Story

Battle Location: Empty Hall of Melodies

Reward: Defense Boost

Next, we have the sharpshooter, Xigbar. This fight can be a tricky one because there are so many projectiles in play, and Xigbar’s alternative phase, where he transports you to the tiny platform, can get out of hand very easily if you get hit even once. However, if you make use of Drive Forms, certain magic spells, and keep mobile throughout this fight, Xigbar actually goes down pretty easily. It may take you a few tries to learn his attack pattern and map out his arrows, but when you have that locked down, you’ll be fine. Here is a quick list of best practices when taking him on: 

  • Reflega is your friend in this fight. With so many projectiles right from the word go, being able to block and return some damage is incredibly helpful
  • You’ll want to use your Final Form in this fight. This allows you to glide in the air and close the distance between you and Xigbar. This means you can keep him stun-locked and melt his health bar. 
  • When he transports you to the small platform for the bullet-hell section, hug the outer edge and glide counter-clockwise away from his arrows.

#3 – Xaldin 


How to Unlock: Available upon accessing Garden of Assemblage

Battle Location: Bridge (Beast’s Castle)

Reward: Defense Boost

Xaldin is one of the first true boss battles in Kingdom Hearts II, mostly because Demyx is a bit of a joke, and the Data version of this spear-wielder is a tough customer too. It can be a strange battle for newcomers as this battle relies heavily on reaction commands, as Xaldin will be invulnerable throughout the fight while you build up chain commands. However, when you understand the mechanics of this fight, which you will having beaten the real Xaldin before, then this one is one of the easier Data Battles. Here are some tips on how to knock the sideburns off of Xaldin: 

  • Don’t fight aggressively. You want to watch his moves, block his attacks and collect Jump Reaction Commands, allowing you to stun him and land strong combos
  • Don’t get greedy with combos; cut them short if you need to, to avoid getting hit with a combo of his own
  • Use the Wisdom Form to zip around the arena, use the quick run ability to utilize its invincibility frames, and use the projectiles to land attacks from range if needed
  • Three Refelgas back to back will defend against his Wind Cannon attack
  • Gliding around constantly is key to avoiding his flurry of attacks in his desperation stage

#4 – Vexen 


How to Unlock: Defeat Their Absent Silhouette

Battle Location: The Old Mansion (Castle Oblivion Floor 11)

Reward: Lost Illusion

Next, we have Vexen, who is a much tougher foe than you might remember him when encountered in Chain of Memories. That’s mostly because there are new layers of pain added to this Data fight. Players will have to deal with Vexen’s ice attacks, but they will also have to try and avoid summoning a Data Anti-Form Sora to further complicate things. The best way to attack this one is to use fire attacks, as this is his biggest weakness, and remain mobile. Gliding around the place means that the Data Anti-Sora can’t charge and appear, and believe me, that’s a good thing. Here is a list of things to do to take down this boss: 

  • Firaga is essential here. You will want to stock up on Elixirs and spam the fire attacks throughout this fight. This will keep him stun-locked for the most part and stop him from attacking with icicle projectiles
  • Keep moving, and ideally, keep gliding. The longer you spend on the ground, the more chance there is of Anti-form Sora from joining the battle. If this does happen, turn your attention to him and get rid of them fast
  • Using final form will really boost your fire attack power, and it will allow you to keep close to Vexen throughout the fight without touching the ground

#5 – Lexaeus


How to Unlock: Defeat Their Absent Silhouette

Battle Location: Station of Remembrance 

Reward: Lost Illusion

Now we have Lexaeus; another Castle Oblivion encounter you may remember. This battle is a little gimmicky, and if you rely on Donald and Goofy, you may find that this battle gets much longer and tougher than it could be. This battle is all about staying close to Lexaeus to avoid him charging his power meter, avoiding attacks, and then using reaction commands to grant you windows to combo him. However, if you go in too aggressive, this battle can get crazy difficult. So play this one with your head, and it will end much faster. Here are a few tips that will serve you well: 

  • Summon Genie immediately. This gets rid of Donald and Goofy, who are liabilities throughout, and keeps your HP topped up too
  • Use Decisive Pumpkin for this battle as this allows for more combo damage, which is key for those short windows of opportunity
  • Stay close and don’t attack him unless it is straight after a ‘Block’ reaction command
  • If he does power up to over 40,000, you’ll want to use Reflega a lot

#6 – Zexion


How to Unlock: Defeat Their Absent Silhouette

Battle Location: Seashore (3rd Basement: Castle Oblivion)

Reward: Lost Illusion

Next up, we have the Gerard Way looking bookworm, Zexion. This is a boss battle that relies on a handful of mini-games within to keep things interesting, and for the most part, it does a good job. Zexion is a weak enemy, but his book-related trickery makes it tough to ever get near him. You need to work out how to solve his puzzles fast, as the faster you do, the bigger the window to get a lengthy combo in, and as you would expect, Donald and Goofy are practically no help here, so just assume they aren’t there. Here are some tips to take down Zexion:

  • When he changes your menu to a book, the words you want to look out for are ‘Regain,’ ‘Escape,’ and ‘Sneak Away.’ 
  • When transported to the area with the series of flying books, glide around and look for the book that isn’t following the flock
  • Use Decisive Pumpkin to get the most out of your combos

#7 – Siax


How to Unlock: Complete Main Story

Battle Location: Addled Impasse

Reward: Defense Boost

Now we move on to Xemna’s right-hand man, Siax. This is another battle that doesn’t really change too much from the standard version within the main game. However, Siax has a tonne more health, and he hits much harder. So there is still plenty to be worried about here. The goal is to manage his Berserk meter accordingly, and when he reaches full capacity, you need to keep out of his way, because he is really dangerous. Here are a few tips for managing this fight:

  • In the Berserk stages, it’s best to run or glide around the arena at all times. It can also be useful to use the Wisdom Drive Form to take pop shots and avoid attacks with the Quick Run ability
  • Blocking is key to this fight, so don’t rely exclusively on Reflega. Time your parries and then go to town on him
  • When you block, get to his weapon fast and chain reaction commands. If he gets there first, his cycle begins again.

#8 – Axel


How to Unlock: Available upon accessing Garden of Assemblage

Battle Location: Old Mansion Basement

Reward: Magic Boost

Over halfway now, and this time it’s Axel; got it memorized? This battle is a re-imagining of the scene with Roxas and Axel in the game’s long tutorial opening. However, the ‘floor is lava’ gimmick is much more important this time around, and this battle becomes a race against time more than anything else. However, the short nature of this battle means if you learn his limited assortment of attacks, then you can have this one wrapped up in mere minutes. Here are a few tips to get things done and dusted:

  • Block as soon as the battle begins and then use an air combo, followed by a reaction command to eliminate the flames on the ground. 
  • Be aggressive throughout this entire fight. Never back off Axel throughout
  • When Axel escapes through the wall of flames, run around in a circle and be ready for a reaction command 

#9 – Demyx


How to Unlock: Available upon accessing Garden of Assemblage

Battle Location: Castle Gate (Hollow Bastion)

Reward: AP Boost

Remember when I said Demyx was a joke in the main game. Well, that does not apply to the data version, as his added timer gimmick makes this one a real pain to take care of. In terms of the fight itself with Demyx, it plays out much the same as the main game’s version, and while he hits hard, he isn’t any match for a skilled KH player. However, when he breaks into his Water Nobodies stage and plays his Sitar, you begin to see exactly why this battle is so frustrating. You have to take out all his water cronies in a very tight time window, or you lose the fight. With a little practice, and the tips below, you will have him on his knees: 

  • During his standard stages, you will want to use Thundaga a lot throughout. It can be tough to carve out combo opportunities, so magic is usually the best option
  • In terms of setup, Magnet Burst, no air combos, and Fenrir are the way to go. Also, have Donald set up with just Fire magic for the Water Clones section
  • To beat his Water Clones in time, you will need to use the Wisdom Drive form and spam the Firaga attack, as this has the widest range and will help you clear them the fastest

#10 – Luxord


How to Unlock: Complete Main Story

Battle Location: Havoc’s Divide

Reward: AP Boost

Luxord is perhaps my least favorite boss in the entire KH franchise, as this battle is gimmicky and dull in equal measure. To win this fight, you simply need to master a series of mini-games that incorporate fast menuing, guesswork, and matching. It’s tedious and doesn’t require any combat ability to complete. This may appeal to some players, but in my eyes, this is a really weak battle. However, we need to beat them all, so here are some tips to get this battle over with: 

  • To win the ‘A Challenge, is it?’ mini game, select the O from the menu
  • To win the ‘Watch Closely’ mini-game, simply tilt your camera to look around the cards to reveal Luxord’s position
  • To win his desperation mini-game, gather either four X’s or O’s from the cards on the field, time your inputs carefully
  • Work fast, and don’t let your timer run out 

#11 – Marluxia


How to Unlock: Defeat Their Absent Silhouette

Battle Location: Station of Oblivion

Reward: Lost Illusion

Now from what was my least favorite to the battle, which was my personal favorite, Marluxia. The flower-power rebel of Castle Oblivion offers one hell of a fight that requires sharp reactions, perfect timing, and lots of dodges and blocks to succeed. The gimmick of this battle is that Sora can only be hit 88 times, and upon Marluxia’s 89th hit, Sora will die regardless of whether you have health or not. So you have to be able to land hits while avoiding all of his, and believe me when I say, Marluxia has some awesome moves that are near-impossible to avoid. However, with these tips below, you just might manage to win this encounter: 

  • When Marluxia Warps to close the gap, don’t block or use Reflega; just get out of there fast by gliding 
  • Reflega is a huge help in this battle, so if you don’t want to rely on tight parry windows with the block ability, bring lots of Ethers, and use the Ultima Weapon for its MP Hastaga ability
  • During the Reaper attack, glide around, and then when he attempts a Scythe attack, spam Reflega

#12 – Larxene 


How to Unlock: Defeat Their Absent Silhouette

Battle Location: Station of Remembrance

Reward: Lost Illusion

Our penultimate entry is Larxene, the only lady within the group if you exclude Xion. She’s a pretty tough battle because she is fast, can hit hard from range and up-close, plus she can clone herself, meaning there isn’t just one dangerous foe to worry about here. This battle is about staying mobile, blocking at the right time, knowing when to heal/recover, and getting any reaction commands that you can. Here are a few tips that should help you take her down:

  • She will separate herself quite a lot in this fight. If you land combos on both Larxenes, you can use a Merge reaction command and merge them back together, opening them up for a combo opportunity. 
  • Larxene will use a lot of Thunder Magic, so Thunder resistance items can be a real blessing in this fight
  • When Larxene hits you with Lightning attacks, these go on for a long time. So don’t aerial recover. Just let her pummel you until this attack sequence is over, then heal
  • Reflega is once again an essential tool in this battle

#13 – Roxas


How to Unlock: Complete Main Story

Battle Location: Station of Awakening 

Reward: Magic Boost

Then lastly, we have Sora’s Nobody, Roxas. I would say that Roxas is the hardest of all the data battles listed here, and that is simply because he is so fast. He hits hard, much like the rest of the Data Replicas, but he has some staggeringly fast combos, and if your timing is even slightly off, that can spell the end. Even the standard story battle with Roxas is pretty tricky, so imagine that but with even more hoops to jump through. Here are a few tips to beat Roxas and wrap up these Data Battles once and for all. 

  • Reflega works in a pinch during this fight, but due to the fast and never-ending nature of his attacks, you want to get good at standard blocks, as this will lead to combo opportunities.
  • Reaction Commands are key in this fight. When you get the ‘The End’ command, use your menu, and this will allow you to steal Roxas Keyblades, which will make the home stretch of this fight a breeze
  • Gliding around the outer perimeter of the battle arena is usually the best way to avoid Roxas‘ laser attacks 

XIII, Unlucky for Some!

So there you have it, an in-depth guide to the Data Battles within Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Thirteen may be unlucky for some, but with these handy guides to each battle, you should make short work of the Organisation, even with their new stronger forms, and you’ll get some pretty cool rewards for your troubles too! The key to success here is to have a clear strategy in mind, to have a strong level and equipment setup going in, and most importantly, just have fun with these fights because they are some of the best examples of boss design within the medium of gaming. We wish you luck taking on the digital Organisation XIII and as always, thank you for reading RPG Informer!

FAQ Section

Question: Is This a Speed Run Category?

Answer: Yes, it is; there is a whole category that is dedicated to defeating all of the data battles within this game on Critical Mode. Then to add a little bit of added spice, the player doing this run will also have to beat these bosses with a level one Sora. I can only imagine how anger-inducing that run must be. The best example of this run is probably where Bl00dyBizkitz manages to beat all of these bosses in just under twenty-six minutes. Simply staggering! 
You can check out that run here.

Question: What Order Should I Fight Them In?

Answer: This will vary from person to person, as some players will opt to fight the hardest first, whereas other players might want to start easy and work their way up. I personally fall into the latter category and like to work my way up through the gears. Try perception of which Data Battles are hardest vary from player to player as well, but this is the order that I would suggest if you want to approach things my way: 
 • #1 – Xemnas (Just because it’s the longest, it’s nice to get it out of the way)
 • #2 – Axel
 • #3 – Xigbar
 • #4 – Luxord
 • #5 – Demyx
 • #6 – Zexion
 • #7 – Siax 
 • #8 – Vexen
 • #9 – Xaldin
 • #10 – Lexaeus
 • #11 – Larxene
 • #12 – Marluxia 
 • #13 – Roxas 

Question: What is The Hardest KH2 Battle?

Answer: Unbelievably, after fighting all of these battles listed in this article, you still won’t have encountered the hardest boss battle in Kingdom Hearts. This battle can only be encountered after you complete the main story and is accessed in the area where you find the Cornerstone of Light. We are, of course, talking about the Lingering Will or Terra if you know your stuff. Now, it’s worth saying that with the use of Comet and Negative Combo/Fenrir, you can stun-lock Lingering Will and cheese this fight. However, if you fight fair, this is easily the most challenging fight in the game, and perhaps the entire series. 

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